[Top 10] League of Legends Best Crowd Control Champions 13.24


Crowd Control (CC) in League of Legends refers to abilities that limit or dictate an opponent's actions, such as stuns, slows, roots, and knock-ups. These abilities are crucial in team fights, ganks, and skirmishes, offering strategic advantages by disrupting enemy formations, peeling for teammates, or securing kills. Effective use of CC can turn the tide of a battle, making it an essential concept for players to understand, and properly execute.

In League of Legends, mastering the art of crowd control can be the difference between victory and defeat. This article delves into the top ten champions who excel in this vital aspect, each bringing a unique blend of skills to control, disrupt, and dominate the Rift.

10. Leona (Support)

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In the realm of supports, Leona “The Radiant Dawn” is a crowd control powerhouse. She can use her abilities not just to start skirmishes, but to control how they unfold. Whether it's locking down a key target with her stuns or creating zones where enemies dare not tread, Leona can dictate the flow of the fight, which can make her an essential piece to any team.

Leona was buffed in patch 13.24. These updates enhanced her all-in capabilities, recognizing the commitment required in her engages compared to other supports. Targeted improvements to her W and R specifically aimed to empower her presence in the later stages of the game, ensuring she remains a dominant force in team compositions geared towards crowd control and engagement.

What Makes Leona Good for Crowd Control In Patch 13.24:

  • Initiation and Target Lockdown: Leona's Zenith Blade is her primary tool for engaging. When she casts Zenith Blade, she dashes to the last enemy hit, allowing her to close gaps quickly. Following up immediately with Shield of Daybreak, she can stun her target. This combo is crucial for catching out-of-position enemies or initiating team fights.
  • Eclipse (W) Improvements: Eclipse has always provided Leona with durability in skirmishes. Now, with increased bonus armor and magic resistance, her W ability allows her to sustain even better through engagements while exerting control. The improved resistances from Eclipse make her tankier and more threatening, especially in late-game scenarios.
  • Solar Flare ® Improvements: Her ultimate, Solar Flare, gains an even greater impact with increased damage. This area-of-effect stun can change the course of team fights by incapacitating multiple enemies. Useful both defensively and offensively, the buff to Solar Flare’s damage means that it’s not just a crowd control tool but also a significant damage threat, enhancing her overall impact in skirmishes and team fights.

Pick Leona if…

  • If You Enjoy an Aggressive Playstyle That Allows for Initiating Team Fights: Leona is ideal for players who thrive in the role of a primary initiator. Her ability to start team fights with a combination of Zenith Blade and Solar Flare positions her as a champion for those who like to dictate the pace and flow of the game.
  • If Your Team Composition Benefits From a Tanky Support With Strong Engage and Peeling Capabilities:Leona fits well in team compositions that lack frontline tankiness or need a reliable engager. Her ability to soak up damage and create openings is invaluable in balanced team setups. Apart from engaging, Leona can effectively peel for her team's carries. Her stuns and slows are crucial for protecting more vulnerable teammates from enemy divers and assassins.
  • If You Aim to Control the Battlefield by Locking Down Key Targets and Setting Up Kills for Your Team: Leona excels in scenarios where controlling or neutralizing specific enemy champions is crucial. Her targeted stuns and slows allow her to single out high-priority targets, making her effective against highly mobile or high-damage opponents.


9. Nautilus (Top/Support)

Challenger support shows how to carry with NAUTILUS SUPPORT in any ELO | 13.20 League Of Legends

Nautilus, The Titan of the Depths, is a colossus in the world of crowd control. Remarkably, 100% of his active abilities incorporate some form of crowd control, a testament to his unparalleled capacity to dictate the flow of engagements. Whether anchoring down foes in the top lane or safeguarding allies as a support, Nautilus's ability to apply consistent and varied forms of CC makes him a strategic choice in any lineup.

In top lane, his CC allows for dominant lane control, while in a support role, he excels in setting up kills and shielding his carry. This versatility is a key aspect of his gameplay, enabling him to adapt seamlessly between aggressive engagement and defensive protection.

What Makes Nautilus Good for Crowd Control In Patch 13.24:

  • Dredge Line (Q): A prime initiation tool, Dredge Line not only hooks and pulls an enemy but also stuns them briefly upon impact. This ability is pivotal in catching out-of-position foes and serves as a reliable engage in team fights.
  • Titan’s Wrath (W): While primarily a defensive ability, Titan’s Wrath’s empowered auto-attacks also apply a slow, contributing to Nautilus's comprehensive CC toolkit. This adds an extra layer of utility, making him formidable in trades and skirmishes.
  • Riptide (E): Emitting shockwaves that slow all enemies around him, Riptide is a key AoE CC ability. It's especially effective for area control in team fights and offers significant peeling potential, further enhancing his support capabilities.
  • Depth Charge (R): Depth Charge stands out as a targeted, unavoidable CC ability that knocks up all enemies in its path before reaching its primary target. This ultimate is instrumental in disrupting enemy formations and singling out key targets in crucial battles.

Pick Nautilus if…

  • You Value a Champion Whose Kit is Centered Around Crowd Control: Nautilus is ideal for players who prioritize consistent and reliable CC in their gameplay. His ability to apply various forms of crowd control with every active skill sets him apart as a control-oriented champion.
  • Your Team Requires a Versatile Frontliner with Strong Engage and Peeling Capabilities: With his comprehensive CC abilities, Nautilus fits perfectly in compositions that need a robust frontliner capable of both engaging adversaries and safeguarding allies.
  • You Thrive in Disrupting Enemy Plans and Securing Objectives: Nautilus is an excellent pick for players who enjoy thwarting enemy strategies and securing key objectives. His ability to disrupt enemy positioning and interrupt key abilities with his crowd control can be crucial in moments like contesting Baron or Dragon, defending or assaulting turrets, and in jungle skirmishes. His crowd control can turn the tide of a battle around objectives, making him a pivotal champion in these crucial moments of the game.


8. Amumu (Jungle/Support)


Amumu, the Sad Mummy, is a champion synonymous with heart-wrenching crowd control and team fight influence. Primarily played in the jungle, but also viable as a support, Amumu's ability to impact the game with his AOE crowd control skills makes him a formidable pick in team-oriented compositions. His melancholic lore belies a champion capable of dramatically turning the tides in team engagements with well-timed abilities.

Amumu’s kit is designed to synergize with team fights, where his area-of-effect crowd control can create significant advantages for his team. His presence in a game means that the enemy team must always be wary of grouped engagements, as Amumu can capitalize on these situations with devastating effect.

What Makes Amumu Good for Crowd Control In Patch 13.24:

  • Bandage Toss (Q): A key engage tool, Bandage Toss allows Amumu to stun and close in on enemies, setting the stage for his other abilities and team follow-ups.
  • Despair (W) with Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Amumu's Despair inflicts continuous area-of-effect damage, and when combined with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, it becomes a persistent source of slowing, significantly hindering enemy movement and enhancing crowd control.
  • Tantrum (E): Providing both passive damage reduction and active area damage, Tantrum is an essential tool for Amumu to sustain in fights and deal with surrounding enemies.
  • Curse of the Sad Mummy (R): His ultimate is a centerpiece in team fights, rooting and damaging all nearby enemies. This powerful crowd control ability can decisively swing team fights in your favor.

Pick Amumu if…

  • You Want to Make High-Impact Plays in Team Fights: Amumu excels in turning the tides of team fights with his ultimate and enhanced crowd control abilities, making him a top pick for players looking to make game-changing plays.
  • Your Team Composition Lacks AOE Crowd Control: Amumu fills the role of an AOE crowd control specialist, synergizing well with champions that can capitalize on his ability to immobilize groups of enemies.
  • You Value a Champion with Strong Zone Control in Team Fights: Amumu is a superb choice for players who focus on controlling key areas during team fights. His combination of area-of-effect abilities, particularly his ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy, creates a zone of threat that can deter enemies from advancing or contesting crucial objectives. This zone control is especially effective in tight spaces like the jungle or during sieges, where Amumu can maximize the impact of his crowd control.


7. Rell (Jungle/Support)


Rell, the Iron Maiden, emerges as a multifaceted powerhouse in the evolving landscape of League of Legends. Renowned for her crowd control and tankiness, recent updates to her abilities have unlocked a new potential in the jungle. This shift has seen Rell transform from a primarily support-focused champion into a dynamic jungler, capable of exerting formidable influence across the map. Her unique blend of mobility, alongside her innate tankiness and crowd control, makes her an unpredictable and versatile pick in various team compositions.

In the jungle, Rell excels with her enhanced abilities, enabling rapid camp clearings and effective ganks. Her ability to traverse the battlefield swiftly, coupled with her crowd control skills, allows her to ambush unsuspecting lanes, turning the tide of engagements in her team's favor. As a jungler, Rell not only ensures efficient control of jungle resources but also emerges as a constant threat to enemy laners, with her presence alone exerting pressure and demanding attention.

What Makes Rell Good for Crowd Control In Patch 13.24:

  • Shattering Strike (Q): This ability is a cornerstone of Rell's crowd control arsenal. It not only stuns targets, making it effective for interrupting enemy actions but also destroys shields, giving it additional utility in countering shield-heavy champions.
  • Ferromancy - Crash Down/Mount Up (W): Rell's W ability offers versatile crowd control options. Crash Down is a powerful tool for initiating fights with its knock-up effect, disrupting enemy formations. In contrast, Mount Up provides Rell with enhanced mobility to reposition or chase down opponents, further enhancing her control over the battlefield.
  • Full Tilt (E): Full Tilt adds to Rell’s crowd control capabilities by allowing her to rapidly close in on enemies, enhancing her ability to initiate or follow up on engagements. The explosion effect from her next attack or Shattering Strike further adds to her area control, making her a continuous threat in skirmishes.
  • Magnet Storm (R): A pivotal ability in Rell’s kit, Magnet Storm serves as a potent crowd control tool in team fights. It forcibly pulls enemies towards Rell, massively disrupting their positioning and making it easier for allies to capitalize on clustered

Pick Rell if…

  • You Value a Flexible Champion with Diverse Roles: Rell's ability to perform effectively as both a jungler and a support caters to players who enjoy versatility in their champion pool. Her updated kit allows for diverse strategic approaches, whether it's in the jungle or aiding allies in the lane.
  • Your Team Needs a Strong Initiator with Crowd Control: Rell's crowd control abilities, particularly her W and R, make her an excellent initiator. In the jungle, this translates to potent ganks, while in the support role, it means effective peeling and engagement in team fights.
  • You Prefer a Champion Capable of Impacting Various Game Phases: With her balanced mix of crowd control, tankiness, and mobility, Rell is well-equipped to impact the game at all stages. From early jungle pressure and lane ganks to late-game team fight presence, she remains a valuable asset throughout the match.


6. Morgana (Support/Mid)


Morgana, the Fallen, is a champion revered for her potent crowd control and protective abilities. Primarily played as a support but also viable in the mid lane, Morgana's proficiency in locking down opponents with her Dark Binding (Q) and stunning multiple enemies with Soul Shackles (R) makes her a formidable presence on the Rift.

Her role in the game centers around zoning control and team fight influence. Morgana's ability to alter the course of skirmishes and protect her allies with Black Shield (E) adds layers of strategic depth to her gameplay.

What Makes Morgana Good for Crowd Control In Patch 13.24:

  • Dark Binding (Q): Morgana's Q is notorious for its lengthy root duration, capable of immobilizing an enemy for up to three seconds. This ability is crucial for catching out-of-position opponents and setting up plays, making Morgana a threat in lane and during team engagements.
  • Soul Shackles (R): Her ultimate, Soul Shackles, is a game-changer in team fights. Upon activation, it latches onto nearby enemies, slowing them initially. If they remain in range, they are subsequently stunned, allowing Morgana and her team to capitalize on this massive crowd control effect. This ability is particularly effective against clustered enemies, making Morgana a key asset in objective control and team fights.
  • Tormented Shadow (W): While primarily used for damage and wave clear, Tormented Shadow synergizes well with her Q and R. Enemies rooted or slowed by her abilities become easy targets for this damaging area-of-effect spell. This is also another spell that becomes greatly augmented by Rylai's Crystal Scepter, which adds a slowing effect and further impedes enemy movement
  • Black Shield (E): A unique ability in her kit, Black Shield provides spell immunity to herself or an ally, preventing crowd control effects and absorbing magic damage. This not only protects her team but also ensures that her crowd control abilities remain unimpeded by enemy counters.

Pick Morgana if…

  • You Want a Champion Capable of Prolonged Crowd Control: Morgana is an excellent choice for players who excel in controlling opponents with prolonged roots and stuns. Her Dark Binding is one of the longest single-target crowd control abilities in the game, making her a constant threat.
  • Your Team Requires a Support with Versatile Crowd Control and Protection: Morgana's ability to lock down targets while simultaneously offering protection with Black Shield makes her a valuable pick in team compositions that require both engagement and defensive capabilities.
  • You Prefer a Champion Who Can Influence Team Fights and Objectives: With her ultimate, Morgana can turn the tide in team fights, especially around tight spaces like the Dragon or Baron pit. Her presence demands careful positioning from the enemy team and can be pivotal in securing objectives and winning large-scale engagements.


5. Lux (Mid/Support)

LUX MID is the ONE-SHOT QUEEN (1 Combo always kills when fed)

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, is a beacon of strategic play in League of Legends. While she shares some similarities with champions like Morgana, particularly in her ability to control the battlefield with long-range crowd control, Lux carves out her own niche with her distinctive blend of burst damage, utility, and supportive capabilities.

What Makes Lux Good for Crowd Control In Patch 13.24:

  • Light Binding (Q): Much like Morgana's Dark Binding, Lux’s Q is a formidable crowd control tool. It roots the first two enemies hit for up to two seconds, making it essential for catching out opponents and setting up successful engagements or defensive retreats.
  • Lucent Singularity (E): This ability offers excellent area control. It slows enemies within its radius, providing Lux with the opportunity to either set up for her Light Binding or help her team engage or disengage effectively.
  • Final Spark (R): Lux's ultimate, while not a crowd control ability, is a key aspect of her kit. It delivers substantial area-of-effect damage over a long range, ideal for finishing off low-health targets or adding burst damage in team fights. When an enemy is locked down by Light Binding, this ability is a sure hit.

Pick Lux if…

  • You Enjoy a Champion with Long-Range Engagement and Burst Damage: Lux is perfect for players who appreciate the ability to control engagements from a distance with precision and deliver high burst damage.
  • Your Team Needs Versatile Utility and Crowd Control: With a skill set that balances crowd control and supportive abilities, Lux is well-suited for teams that require a champion capable of influencing fights from the backline.
  • You Prefer a Champion Who Can Impact Fights with Skillful Ability Use: Players adept at skill shots and timing will find Lux's kit particularly rewarding. Her capacity for area control, combined with her burst damage potential, makes her a constant threat in various game scenarios.


4. Malphite (Top/Jungle)


Malphite, the Shard of the Monolith, stands as a titan in League of Legends, known for his robust tankiness and exceptional crowd control. Dominating primarily in the top lane and also viable as a jungler, Malphite's kit revolves around initiating team fights and disrupting enemy formations with his hard-hitting abilities.

His presence in a game is a constant threat to enemy teams, especially during large-scale engagements where his ability to absorb damage and control the battlefield can turn the tide of battle.

What Makes Malphite Good for Crowd Control In Patch 13.24:

  • Unstoppable Force (R): Malphite's ultimate is the centerpiece of his crowd control arsenal. This high-impact ability allows Malphite to dash to a location, knocking up all enemies in the area. It's perfect for initiating team fights, disrupting enemy formations, and setting up his team for follow-up attacks.
  • Seismic Shard (Q): While this ability primarily serves as a poking and chasing tool, it also slows the target, providing Malphite with a form of crowd control that aids in both engaging enemies and preventing their escape.
  • Thunderclap (W) and Ground Slam (E) Augmented with Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Both Thunderclap and Ground Slam gain additional utility when paired with Rylai's Crystal Scepter. While Thunderclap enhances Malphite’s basic attacks with extra area-of-effect damage, integrating Rylai's ensures that his attacks also apply a slowing effect. Similarly, Ground Slam, which deals damage and reduces enemy attack speed, becomes more potent with Rylai's, as it not only weakens the enemy's offensive capabilities but also hampers their movement. This synergy enhances Malphite's role as a frontline bruiser, making him even more formidable in controlling enemy positions and dictating the pace in close-quarters combat and team fights.

Pick Malphite if…

  • You Prefer a Champion with Strong Engage and Disruption Abilities: Malphite is an excellent choice for players who enjoy initiating team fights and causing chaos among enemy ranks. His ultimate, in particular, is renowned for its ability to decisively engage and turn the course of battles.
  • Your Team Needs a Tanky Frontliner with Area Control: In team compositions that require a robust and reliable frontliner, Malphite shines. His ability to control areas with Ground Slam and initiate with Unstoppable Force makes him a solid pick for teams needing a champion who can soak up damage while controlling enemy movements.
  • You Value a Champion Capable of Making Game-Changing Plays: Malphite’s potential to impact the game with his Unstoppable Force, especially in coordinated team fights or objective contests, makes him a valuable asset. Players who can capitalize on his initiation and area control can often sway the outcome of the game in their favor.


3. Zac (Jungle/Top)


Zac, the Secret Weapon, is renowned in League of Legends for his extraordinary long-range engage and versatile crowd control abilities. Primarily a jungler but also effective in the top lane, Zac's unique skill set allows him to initiate fights from great distances and disrupt enemy formations with his elastic and impactful abilities.

Zac's presence in a game is marked by his ability to surprise enemies with sudden engages and his capacity to sustain through skirmishes, making him a constant threat on the battlefield.

What Makes Zac Good for Engage and Crowd Control In Patch 13.24:

  • Stretching Strikes (Q): This ability allows Zac to grab an enemy, followed by another grab on a different enemy or a piece of terrain, slamming them together. It's a versatile tool for crowd control, capable of disrupting enemy positions and setups.
  • Elastic Slingshot (E): Zac's signature ability, Elastic Slingshot, epitomizes his long-range engage potential. He can launch himself from a significant distance, surprising enemies with a sudden knock-up. This ability is key in initiating ganks or starting team fights, offering Zac the ability to engage from unexpected angles and over terrain.
  • Let's Bounce! (R): Zac's ultimate further enhances his crowd control capabilities. He can bounce around the battlefield, knocking up and displacing enemies multiple times. This ability is particularly effective in chaotic team fights, allowing Zac to disrupt enemy formations and protect his allies.
  • Unstable Matter (W) with Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Zac's W, primarily used for dealing area-of-effect damage, becomes a potent crowd control ability with Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Each use of Unstable Matter applies Rylai's slow, significantly hindering enemy movement and making it easier for Zac and his team to secure kills or continue engaging.

Pick Zac if…

  • You Prefer a Champion with Long-Range Engagement and Crowd Control: Zac is perfect for players who enjoy surprising their enemies with sudden, long-range initiations and sustained crowd control in fights.
  • Your Team Needs a Tanky Initiator with Enhanced Crowd Control: With his natural tankiness and the addition of Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Zac becomes even more formidable, able to slow and control enemies consistently, making him an ideal choice for teams needing a reliable frontliner.
  • You Value a Champion Capable of Disrupting Enemy Formations: Zac’s ability to jump into the fray and slow down enemies with his enhanced W makes him a significant threat in team fights, capable of breaking enemy lines and creating opportunities for his team.


2. Maokai (Top/Support/Jungle)

Maokai Jungle is basically a CHEAT CODE

Maokai, the Twisted Treant, stands as a bastion of crowd control and sustainability in League of 

Legends. Equally effective in the top lane, as a support, or even in the jungle, Maokai's abilities allow him to dominate through area control, engage, and peel. His natural tankiness combined with his crowd control skills makes him a formidable presence in any team composition.

Maokai's kit is centered around disrupting enemy strategies, protecting allies, and setting up advantageous engagements with his versatile abilities.

What Makes Maokai Good for Crowd Control In Patch 13.24:

  • Bramble Smash (Q): This ability knocks back and slows enemies, making it a useful tool for peeling or disrupting enemy advances. Its ability to clear waves also allows Maokai to maintain lane pressure.
  • Twisted Advance (W): Maokai's W is a targeted ability that roots an enemy champion, making it perfect for initiating ganks or catching out-of-position foes. This reliable form of crowd control is crucial in team fights and skirmishes.
  • Sapling Toss (E): While primarily used for vision and area denial, the saplings also slow enemies upon detonation. This makes them excellent for zoning control in team fights, objective control, and for setting traps in the jungle or bushes.
  • Nature's Grasp (R): Maokai's ultimate is a wide-ranging ability that sends forth a wave of brambles, rooting all enemies hit. It's ideal for initiating team fights, cutting off escape routes, or controlling the battlefield during engagements.

Pick Maokai if…

  • You Prefer a Champion with Versatile Crowd Control and Sustain: Maokai is an excellent choice for players who value a tanky champion capable of initiating fights, peeling for allies, and controlling zones with his crowd control abilities.
  • Your Team Needs a Reliable Initiator with Area Control: Maokai's ability to engage with Twisted Advance and control large areas with his ultimate makes him a solid pick for teams requiring a champion who can dictate the flow of team fights.
  • You Value a Champion Who Can Impact Fights in Multiple Roles: Maokai's versatility in the top lane, as a support, or in the jungle, coupled with his crowd control abilities, allows him to significantly impact the game from various positions, making him a valuable and adaptable pick in diverse team compositions.


1. Sejuani (Jungle/Top)


Sejuani, the Winter's Wrath, reigns supreme in the realm of crowd control in League of Legends. As a formidable jungler and a viable top laner, she embodies the essence of a tank with unparalleled engage capabilities. Sejuani's kit is designed to dominate team fights, lock down key targets, and disrupt enemy strategies with her powerful crowd control abilities.

Sejuani's command over the battlefield is accentuated by her summoner's understanding of when to initiate and when to hold back, making her an indispensable asset in any team composition. Her presence alone can deter enemies from engaging, while her ability to charge into the heart of the battle and unleash her crowd control capabilities strikes fear into the hearts of her adversaries.

What Makes Sejuani the Top Champion for Crowd Control In Patch 13.24:

  • Arctic Assault (Q): A versatile charging ability that can be used to initiate fights, escape danger, or interrupt key enemy abilities. The knock-up effect is crucial for disrupting enemy positioning and setups.
  • Winter's Wrath (W): This two-part ability not only deals substantial damage but also applies a slow to all enemies hit. It's instrumental in Sejuani’s ability to control the pace in skirmishes and reduce the enemy's ability to retaliate or flee.
  • Permafrost (E): After stacking Frost with her basic attacks and abilities, Sejuani can activate Permafrost to stun her target. This targeted stun is incredibly effective for neutralizing high-threat enemies or securing picks.
  • Glacial Prison (R): Sejuani's ultimate is a game-changer. The long-range frost bomb stuns the first enemy champion hit and creates an area that slows and damages others. This ability is perfect for initiating team fights, securing objectives, or turning the tide in close battles.

Pick Sejuani if…

  • You Enjoy a Playstyle Centered Around Strong Engagements and Control: Sejuani is ideal for players who thrive on controlling the battlefield with powerful initiations and consistent crowd control.
  • Your Team Composition Requires a Resilient Frontliner with Crowd Control: Sejuani's natural tankiness, combined with her crowd control abilities, makes her a perfect fit for compositions that need a champion capable of leading the charge and soaking up damage.
  • You Value a Champion with Impactful Presence Throughout the Game: With her strong early-game ganking potential and scaling into a formidable force in late-game team fights, Sejuani is a champion who can assert dominance throughout all phases of the game, making her a consistent and reliable choice for various playstyles and team strategies.



In the ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends, understanding and mastering champions with powerful crowd control abilities is crucial for any player looking to make a significant impact in their games. Remember, it's not just about the damage dealt but also about the moments created and controlled. Embrace these champions, hone your skills, and you may just find yourself controlling the outcome of every fight you engage in.

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