[Top 10] LOL Most Damage Champions That Wreck Hard!

 LOL Most Damage Champions That Wreck Hard!
These people will wreck your ELO for sure.

We have talked about balanced champions in my previous article so how about we kick it up a notch and we talk about the most damage dealers in this game right about now. Most of the damage dealers now are ADCs as they should be but there are a few different ones. Like from the top lane or mid as well.

Thank god for this new League patch that balanced most of the issues that the game had. Assassins can’t build a full tank now and deal damage that’s gone. Which is simply terrific knowing that I won’t be one-shotted from an assassin that went full tank. Instead, it will be a fair 1v1. Some people are mad about that but you know what, screw those guys this new League patch made me like the game more and for that, I thank you Riot Games.

10. Brand

“I want to set the world on fire.”

For our first damage dealer, we have support. Now you might be asking yourself a support that deals damage. How is that possible? Well, it’s simple really. He’s not a normal support and Brand used to be a mid laner until he got placed into the bot lane as a support.

But his damage remained; they never removed it. After a few items, you’ll be sure to kill people as Brand. I did it last night. I got myself a quadra with Brand. He’s a good boy. With Brand’s Q you can stun people if they’re set on fire by either your W or E.

Your W summons a pillar of flame from underneath the enemy and your E sets them on fire by simply clicking on them. Your ultimate ability is a ball that bounces from enemy to enemy. If someone gets hit by 3 different abilities they will be set ablaze and they will explode. 

What’s Great About Brand:

  • He’s a support that deals damage. 
  • His ultimate ability is great in a team fight. 
  • He can CC people if they are on fire. 
  • You can set people on fire with your E.

9. Draven

“It’s all about Draven!”

This champion has the biggest ego out of everyone in League of Legends and his name is Draven. He’s a gladiator for Noxus and he likes having the spotlight set on him. Your main priority with Draven is catching axes.

The more axes you catch the more money you’ll get when you kill someone. And also you deal a massive amount of damage by shuffling your axes. Your W gives you a movement speed boost and with your E you throw your axes shoving everyone to the side.

Your ultimate ability is global so have fun killing people across the whole map. Because they won’t have any fun getting killed from across the map that’s for sure. Nobody does. That’s Draven the psychopath brother of Darius. He’s a simple ADC yet a very powerful one. 

What’s Great About Draven:

  • Deals a massive amount of damage with his Q, even in the early game. 
  • Your W gives you a movement speed buff and your W resets each time you catch an axe. 
  • Your E shoves people to the side and slows them down. 
  • Your R is global. 

8. Twitch

“I smell cheese.”

Ah yes, one of my favorite champions to play in League of Legends and that’s Twitch. You could say that I’m a one-trick Twitch player by the number of points I have on this champion. The best part you can do with Twitch is going invisible and juking the enemy team.

Being right under their noses and they don’t have a single clue on what’s going on. That’s your Q ability by the way. Your W throws Twitch’s piss on the ground that deals damage, your E deals damage to anyone that has poison stacked on them, and your R extends your attack range and gives you extra attack damage.

Remember that Twitch is a hyper-carry and the most fun you’ll have with him is in the late game. During the early and mid-game you’ll be farming for your items as you won’t have any damage. You can also build him an AP, that’s pretty fun I recommend that you try it out. 

What’s Great About Twitch:

  • He can go invisible with his Q. 
  • Twitch can build full AP and still deal a massive amount of damage.
  • His W can slow people down. 
  • He gets extra AD and attack range when using his ultimate ability. 

7. Ekko

“The boy who shattered time.”

Here we have the boy who broke time by building a time machine out of scraps. He’s a pretty smart boy who’s in love with a crazy girl named Jinx. I’ll talk about her in another article. Ekko’s whole kit revolves around his stopwatch and time.

With his Q he throws out his stopwatch that slows people, his W stops time in a bubble AoE area and only Ekko can move in that bubble, his E is a dash where Ekko launches himself at the enemy to attack them and with his R he goes back in time where he gets back all of his health.

You can dive under the turret to kill the enemy and then press R to go back in time when you were full HP. Also, Ekko is an AP assassin. Have fun playing against him. 

What’s Great About Ekko:

  • Ekko can stop time in an AoE area where only he can move. 
  • The dash on his E has a pretty long range. 
  • He can go back in time with his R. Diving people has never been easier. 

6. Diana

“May the moon guide my path!”

Even though she might be obsessed with the moon she’s a real menace on the Summoner’s Rift. Once it starts going down you know that Diana will be at the front ready to take the battle to the next level. She doesn’t stop until the last person stops breathing even if it’s her team.

When it comes to playing Diana her Q is a skill shot that curves to the left. It looks like a moon. Her W gives her a shield and with E she can dash to people. Her best ability is her R where she summons the whole moon to fall and deal damage to people. It’s great in team fights or when you’re fighting someone in a 1v1 situation. You can never go wrong by using this ability. 

What’s Great About Diana:

  • Diana can give herself a shield that can also damage people. That’s her W. 
  • Her R calls the whole moon to deal damage to people. 
  • She can dash with her E towards people and if they’re marked by her Q the E’s cooldown is reset. 

5. Irelia

“I hate Noxians!”

For our next champion, we have a Noxus hater and that’s Irelia. Irelia loves killing Noxians more than anything. If you are wondering why the grudge against them well, they killed her master and ruined her homeland. So she has a pretty good reason to be mad at them. Irelia is a monster when it comes to dealing damage.

She’s a bruiser that can withstand a few punches as well. You can keep spamming her Q as long as they’re marked or someone dies when Irelia uses it. Her W reduces incoming damage and she can stun people with her E. As long as she hits anyone that is.

Her ultimate ability summons swords from the sky and anyone that’s hit by the sword gets marked allowing Irelia to use her Q and get a free reset. She’s pretty easy to play but hard to master. It will take you a few games to get used to playing Irelia. 

What’s Great About Irelia:

  • She’s a bruiser that can deal damage and withstand a few punches herself. 
  • Her Q gets reset upon getting a kill with it or if you hit someone that’s marked. 
  • She can reduce incoming damage with her W. 

4. Lucian

“Give me back my wife, I give you back your life.”

Another guy that’s mad at the world but you see he also has a reason. Someone stole his wife and then she was trapped for a few years in a lantern. After Lucian broke the lantern his wife was rescued and he was happy again.

Until he realized that marriage brings a lot of pain with it. When it comes to Lucian he’s an ADC champion that can do drive-bys on people. Each time he uses an ability he can auto-attack someone two times in a row. His Q fires a laser, with W he fires a cross that deals damage to people and marks them.

If Lucian attacks a marked target he gains movement speed. With his E he can dash people and with his ultimate ability fires his two pistols quickly. Be careful in which direction you fire the pistols as you can’t change the direction later. This ability is great for clearing out huge waves of minions. 

What’s Great About Lucian:

  • Each time he uses an ability he can auto-attack two times. 
  • His Q goes through anything it doesn’t get blocked by terrain or targets. 
  • His ultimate ability is great for clearing out huge waves. 

3. Tryndamere 

“My right arm is way stronger than my left arm.”

Here we have Tryndamere, a champion that’s all about anger and channeling that anger onto the enemy team to beat them senseless. He’s not someone you should mess with as he is stronger than you. Especially when he gets to level 6 he’s unkillable for a few seconds.

After that, you can beat him up. As with his other abilities, they are simple and really easy to understand just like his ultimate. His Q fills up the more he attacks people, you can also consume his Q to heal yourself at a cost of losing damage.

His W slows people who are running away from him and with his E he spins around. Each time he critically hits someone the abilities cooldown goes down by 1 second. Tryndamere is so easy to play even my dog can play him and get a pentakill. 

What’s Great About Tryndamere:

  • Once he hits level 6 he becomes unkillable for a few seconds. 
  • Tryndamere Q’s gives him extra AD and crit chance. 
  • W is great when chasing people down. 

2. Vayne

“Night and silver my brother!”

For our second to the last champion, we have Vayne the latex-wearing champion. Vayne simply excels at killing enemies who have more HP than her. Because she deals true damage thanks to her W. Her Q allows her to dodge incoming damage and her E pushes people away.

Once Vayne uses her ultimate ability her other abilities get stronger and she becomes invisible once she uses Q. That’s Vayne there’s nothing else to tell you. You know everything pretty much now and that’s how Vayne operates. She’s great at dealing damage, especially true damage and she melts tanks in half. 

What’s Great About Vayne:

  • Vayne can melt tanks in half. 
  • Once she uses her ultimate ability she can become invisible when she uses her Q. 
  • Her W deals true damage and it’s a passive ability. 

1. Veigar

“I am evil and I will show you!”

For our number one damage dealer in League of Legends at this moment we have Veigar the midget. Even though he’s so small he’s packing heat. If you know what I’m saying. Veigar is an AP burst mage that loves stacking as much AP as possible.

The way you do that is by killing minions with your Q or W. You get 1 ability power per 1 minion kill, the max is 2. Yes, the stacking cap is infinite so technically you can keep stacking as long as the game isn’t over. His Q fires out a wave of dark magic that deals damage. With his W Veigar calls a dark star to fall on people and his E is a cage that traps people inside.

You can’t get outside of this wall unless you have a flash or some kind of CC resistance. With his R Veigar fires a dark huge cube at people that annihilates anyone that’s standing alive. Trust me once he uses this ability nobody will be left standing. 

What’s Great About Veigar:

  • Deals the most damage out of everyone in the whole game. 
  • His R can kill anyone even if they are full HP. 
  • Veigar doesn’t have a stacking cap. 
  • With his E he can trap anyone in a cage. 

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