[Top 10] League of Legends Best Waveclear Champions!

League of Legends Best Waveclear Champions!
Please clear out your waves and at the same time your room. Stinky gamers!

Pushing potential, mastering the art of wave clearing, and holding your enemies against the towers is one specialty these champions succeed at. Wave clearing is useful when pushing against your opponents or when trying to defend your base when all your inhibitors have fallen.

Every team needs at least one champion that can clear a wave fast and if you’re the last pick and they haven’t picked that certain champion well you can fill in the gap. That’s what today’s article is all about. You’ll learn about the best champions that can clear a wave in no time!

10. Jinx

Harley Quinn of League of Legends!

Let’s start our list off with a crackhead called Jinx an ADC champion. Not only is she the star of the upcoming League of Legends anime show “Arcane” but she’s also the star when it comes to pushing waves.

What makes her so special at wave clearing is all thanks to “Fishbones” her rocket launcher. Once she switches to “Fishbones” she deals AoE attack damage but at the cost of losing mana each shot. Fishbones deals a decent amount of damage to minions and champions.

He’s really useful when there’s a huge wave that needs to be cleared so you can quickly push the wave or when your opponents are looking to dive you under the tower and you need to get those pesky minions off your back. Jinx doesn’t care if the minions have a family she will shoot them down regardless of that so watch yourself when you’re playing against her!

What makes her great for Waveclearing:

  • AoE attack damage thanks to “Fishbones”
  • In the late game, she has crazy auto-attack speed which means your opponents won’t have a fun time trying to push you
  • Fishbones doesn’t take a lot of mana to use 
  • Watch the upcoming show Arcane Jinx is the main star 

See Jinx Waveclear:

9. Tristana

The bomb has been planted!

Here we have Tristana “the Yordle Gunner” another ADC champion. The reason why Tristana is a tiny bit better than our crackhead Jinx is that Tristana can easily escape unwanted situations with her W “Rocket Jump” that can be reset upon getting a kill or fully detonating your E “Explosive Charge” on a champion.

This E ability is also why Tristana is good at wave clearing. A single “Explosive Charge” can clear out a whole wave of minions. You can even roleplay that you’re playing CS: GO and yell “Bomb has been planted” with this champion. In the late game, this ability can shred through anything and yes that includes champions who have over 3k HP.

The best part is that this ability doesn’t use up a lot of mana! So you can be planting your bombs anywhere you want. 

What makes her great for Waveclearing:

  • One E “Explosive Charge” can clear out a huge wave alone
  • Rocket Jump allows her to escape unwanted situations which you can use to clear out waves in the late game without worrying that you’ll die!
  • A midget champion which means she has a smaller hitbox ;)

See Tristana Waveclear:

8. Ahri

Spirit blossom Ahri!

If you’ve ever played mid-lane you must have gone up against Ahri “the Nine-Tailed Fox”. She’s the mythical nine-tailed creature but a hot one and yes she does eat people to survive. She ate her boyfriend once and now she regrets it for the rest of eternity. She’s not only good at being hot she’s also really good at clearing waves.

This is especially useful once you come back from roaming and helping your team since most of the time you’ll have a huge wave under your tower that’s ready to be farmed. Ahri has two abilities in her kit that help her clear out waves. Those are Q “Orb of Deception” and W “Fox-Fire”. Both of these abilities clear out waves quickly and get you those shiny clicking shekels. 

What makes her great for Waveclearing: 

  • Has two abilities in her kit that help her clear out a wave 
  • She’s an AP champion which helps her out in the long run against the big tank minions after an inhibitor was destroyed 
  • Hard to catch up to because of her ultimate ability 
  • Hot dommy mommy 

See Ahri Waveclear:

7. Singed

Smell his fart that he leaves behind!

If you’ve heard about Singed “the Mad Chemist” then you should know that he’s outdated and everyone ints with this champion nowadays. But even though he’s outdated he’s still really good at wave clearing even as early as level 1 thanks to his Q “Poison Trail”. As the ability name suggests Signed leaves a trail of farts behind him damaging everyone and everything that’s in it. If you pair this ability up with an item called “Rylai’s Scepter” sure enough you’ll clear out a whole wave in no time.

Signed is an AP tank. He can tank a lot of damage while also dealing a lot of damage simply because he’s AP. Yes, even if you have magic resists it won’t help you. The main point of this champion is to deny the enemy top laner as much cs as possible by constantly pushing the wave into his turret while leaving a huge trail of farts behind you. You can also proxy with this champion which means farming behind enemy lines.

What makes him great for Waveclearing:

  • Fast clear waves as early as level 1 
  • Deals AP damage no counterplay 
  • Combined with “Rylai’s Scepter” deal devastating damage to minions with your mustard gas
  • Has the ability to proxy and tilt everyone 
  • Flip your opponents like burgers with your E “Fling”

See Signed Waveclear:

6. Anivia

I like birbs do you like birbs?

Now we’re at Anivia “the Cryophoneix” or as I like to call her ice chicken. Anivia’s wave clear potential rises up once she’s level 6. Once you hit level six you get your ultimate ability “Glacial Storm” which you can cast and recast as many times as you wish as long as you have the mana to do so.

The way Anivia can wave clear is simple. You press R once and it summons a huge area of an ice storm that deals AoE AP damage. The area of her ability is also huge keep in mind and once combined with her W “Crystallize” which summons a huge wall of ice to keep your opponents and minions from escaping their imminent death.

Also, Anivia has a CC ability in her kit called “Flash Frost” in which Anivia chucks an icicle at her target’s head. Is there anything this birb can’t do? 

What makes her great for Waveclearing: 

  • Huge AoE AP damage 
  • Chucks an icicle at a target stunning them in place 
  • Ability to summon a wall of ice to keep your targets in place while your ultimate does the job for you 
  • Ice birb 

See Anivia Waveclear:

5. Xerath

Arcanopulse will hit you in your bed!

Now we’re nearing the end of this list of the top 5 champions for wave clear. All the champions that are found in this list will greatly help you push waves or defend your base from a huge incoming wave. So why not mention our imprisoned but free guy Xerath “the Magnus Ascendant”.

This guy used to be locked up in Shurima but later was freed because some kind of experiment went wrong. Now that’s he’s free he’s a menace to waves. This guy clears them out without a sweat.

He has two abilities that help him with that. His Q “Arcanopulse” and his W “Eye of Destruction”. In the mid, to late game Xerath can clear out a single wave with his Q if he has enough AP. If he doesn’t have enough AP a single Q and a single W will do the trick every time. Not only that but while clearing out a wave during the laning phase you can also poke your opponent if you desire since your Q has a pretty long range. In the late game, a good Xerath player will constantly barrage the lanes with his abilities to clear them out and put pressure on the enemy team.

So please try to be that type of Xerath player? Thanks!

What makes him great for Waveclearing:

  • Two abilities in his kit that help him out with clearing out a wave
  • If he has enough AP damage a single “Arcanopulse” will do the trick 
  • During the laning phase, “Arcanopulse” can be used as a poking and pushing tool. Talk about multitasking 
  • Sadly he’s a bit of a hard champion to learn :<

See Xerath Waveclear:

4. Gangplank

Mmmmm tasty oranga!

Now we have a stinky pirate named Gangplank “the Saltwater Scourge”. This guy ain’t no simp for a girl that looks nice oh no. He shot Miss Fortune’s parents in cold blood for no good reason and then went to simp for a muscular lady called Illaoi. Not only could Illaoi break him in half but she’s much bigger and stronger than him.

But we’re not here to discuss his preference in women or judge him we’re here to talk about his wave clear potential. His wave clear is simple. Place a “Powder Keg” with E and explode it with your Q or auto-attack dealing damage to everyone who was in the area of the explosion. He does not mess around as in the late game this ability can deal up to 1.5k damage.

This is scary to think about since some of the champions in the game have that much HP in the late game. Also, he has a free get out of jail card or get out of any CC card by eating an orange with W. I mean never in my life have I seen someone get out of a bad situation by eating an orange but here we are with Gangplank. 

What makes him great for Waveclearing:

  • “Powder Keg” ability can clear out a wave in the blink of an eye in the late game. Removing them from existence as if they never existed in the first place 
  • The early game wave clear is pretty good with this champion if you were worried about that
  • Eats and orange and removes any debuffs or CC that was on him 
  • Has a big muscular GF Illaoi

See Gangplank Waveclear:

3. Sivir

The only mistress you'll need in your life!

Ah, here we are at the final three champions for wave clearing! At number three we have Sivir “the Battle Mistress”. You know this girl is the head of the house and she’s the dominant one in bed.

Sivir is an ADC champion that can block any incoming ability with “Spell Shield” which is her E ability and can push and clear waves in seconds with her Q “Boomerang Blade” and W “Richochet”. With these abilities combined, we get an unstoppable pushing machine on the bot lane. Ricochet is pretty useful against a huge wave of minions and for pushing a wave to the enemy turret quickly. As her blade bounces from target to target dealing damage.

Once you deal enough damage you can use your boomerang blade to kill any surviving minions or players for that matter. As for her ultimate ability, she gains a boost of movement speed where she runs over and steps on you.

She’s calling herself a mistress after all. 

What makes her great for Waveclearing:

  • Ricochet doesn’t take any mana 
  • Q “Boomerang Blade” is good for taking out any minions who survived during your final push 
  • Has a spell shield that blocks the first ability that was meant to hit you. Good for when you’re alone clearing a huge wave 
  • The ultimate ability gives you a movement speed boost

See Sivir Waveclear:

2. Jayce

The e-boy of League of Legends!

At the number two spot, we have Jayce “the Defender of Tomorrow”. This whole champion kit was made for wave clearing. Every ability of his can be used to clear out a wave efficiently and quickly. He has two forms a melee and a ranged form.

I’d recommend that you use your melee form for clearing out waves quickly since it deals the most amount of damage. His Q “Shock Blast” is the best tool for huge single waves that need to be hammered ;). But yes with the Q he smashes the ground with his hammer dealing damage in a small AoE area. With his E “Lighting Field” he deals an AoE damage to all targets around him while restoring mana per every auto-attack.

His ranged form is mostly used to poke the enemy and once they’re low enough HP to charge in head first pounding them down with his hammer :D. 

What makes him great for Waveclearing:

  • Hammer’s stance allows for a quick wave clear. Pushing the wave to the enemy turret in the top lane is important for denying them shiny shekels 
  • The ranged stance allows him to quickly poke the enemy opponent as much as you’d like and later to go in for the kill 
  • Builds lethality so you know what that means ;P.

See Jayce Waveclear:

1. Ziggs

Our cute friend Ziggy!

At our number uno spot, we have Ziggs “the Hexplosive Expert” or as I like to call him “the Midget Terrorist”. I’ve talked about this little fella so many times. But what can I do when he’s the best of the best when it comes to certain things. One of those things it’s wave clearing. You might have guessed that since every single ability of his revolves around explosives.

He’s the only champion on this list that every single ability is useful against minions. So if you accidentally missed your ultimate ability you can defend yourself by saying “I was aiming for the minions”. Ziggs is also really good against turrets as his W “Satchel Charge” can annihilate it if it’s low enough HP. This little guy can clear and push waves from level 1 to level 18.

At any point in the game, he’s really good and useful against any wave of minions. Each ability does something different so let’s explain them quickly. The Q “Bouncing Bomb” as the name suggests it’s a bomb that bounces and deals damage once it stops. I already explained his W but for his E “Hexplosive Minefield” again as the name suggests he plants a minefield and anything that walks over it is slowed and takes damage. For his R “Mega Inferno Bomb” he launches a huge nuke on an area like he’s roleplaying Russia back in the cold war era.

So there you have it. The best wave clear champion is a terrorist called Ziggs. Have fun playing him I recommend it! 

What makes him great for Waveclearing:

  • Every ability can be used to clear the wave 
  • W can also be used to annihilate turrets once they’re low HP 
  • R ability does massive AoE damage and has pretty decent range
  • Best champion for wave clear hands down

See Ziggs Waveclear:

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