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Is your favorite player on this list? 

League of Legends, or as many people know it, League of Salt, is a very popular MOBA which has attracted the attention of over 30 million gamers wolrdwide. But while the LCS and MSI tournaments (Yes, it’s considered a sport)  are a big reflection of its growth and popularity, many people are also drawn to this game due to famous streamers, some of which are Pro players, and others who have taken advantage of this massive trend to gain fame. Here are some of the most popular League of Legends players.

10) Aphromoo (Zaqueri Black)

(“Support is so easy dudeee”)

Half-time starter support in the CLG roster, half-time twitch streamer. Mainly known for his Thresh and Morgana games, Aphromoo has quickly climbed the ladder in most viewed channels mostly due to his gracious and friendly personality. He’s sure to bring a smile to your face if you watch one of his streams or videos given his tendency to crack some good jokes (and laughs) every once in a while.

Watch Aphromoo save his ADC time and time again!

9) BunnyFuFuu (Michael Kurylo), also known as “Noodle Arms” 

("Bungasm!" My favorite streamer, being that I’m a Thresh main too)

Back in the day he was a support superstar of team Gravity. Now he’s a famous streamer and youtuber mostly known for his Thresh plays. Bunny dedicates his

time to entertaining and teaching his subscribers how to play mid laners in support roles with help from his editor to beautify his boosted gameplay. Thank him each time you get one-shot by either a Veigar or Aurelion Sol support :).

So much one-shots…

8) Dyrus (Marcus Hill)


Delta Fox all-time grand player Dyroni likes to eat Waffles, take care of his pets, and burn houses, yes, he almost burned down the TSM gaming house not once, not thrice, but twice. This pyromaniac is the top laner for the “God-tier team” Delta Fox, as he and the other players from the team call themselves.

If you tune on to his stream, you’ll get an aura of relaxation from him as he is typically known for being calm and cold-minded.

The flames are your ally! 

7) Gosu (Hi I’m Gosu)



Molded by the dark times in his life as he has admitted in streams, Gosu if one of the most proficiently mechanic Vayne players out there.

He livestreamed for two and a half years without talking until he finally spoke up and now he’s one of the most viewed channels in this niche. Honestly, although he doesn’t speak much during his streams, you’ll be astounded about what he has to say and the irony reflected in his gameplay.  

Chill streams here.

6) Gripex (Jesper Terkildsen)

(GodSin “I’m a god”)​

This main Lee Sin Danish player is a jungle substitute for Splyce. What’ll intrigue you most about this guy is the fact that he so into his role as a main Lee Sin player that he even has a tattoo of Muay Tai Lee Sin in his chest and he plans of getting another one of the new skin “God Fist” soon! It is obvious to expect him to make plays each time you tune into his stream and though he is sometimes bothered by his viewers (you know, ghosting) he is very kind to his audience as he always tries to keep in touch with the community.

He is arguably one of the best Lee Sin players in the world. While you are watching this man get a good GRIP to your chair! (Okay, probably not my best one…)

Your site to see plays.

5) LL Stylish

(Ain’t nothing stylish about that pose boy)

He sure knows what he does as a Zed one-trick, however, besides also playing Yassuo and Vel’Koz most of the time he plays another champion it results in a free win for the enemy team. A common case with this type of players.

His way of expressing himself is quite the thing, he goes from humble, to believing he’s the most valuable person in the world. I believe he is worth watching because of his “unique” personality and his humor as an entertainer. He has been gaining a lot of momentum lately as he increases his viewer base.

Watch LL Stylish Style in-game!

4) LolTyler1 (Tyler SteinKamp)

(I wish he'd stop stuttering... Honestly c'mon man)

As you can see from the image above this man is no joke! Previously being a football player, (which by the way, if you research on him you’ll find that he was notorious) He entered the world of streaming as a total amateur and rapidly gained popularity for his Draven plays and his aggressive yet laughable personality.

The way Tyler connects with his viewers is unique in my opinion, as he makes them feel as close friends of him, also “great” giving advice to others as you’ll more often than not see people in his streams asking him for help in day-to-day situations. He is currently banned from the game due to his toxic behavior, however, little by little, he is reforming himself.

Be hyped!

3) Tobias Fate

(“Quite unfortunate really”) ​

Not much is known about this Gangplank main, except of course his ability with the champion and his high temperament. He is known for his “friendly roasts” towards other LOL youtubers and streamers and for carrying his teammates in late game. 

He recently got a 14-day suspension from the game, so now he is trying to be a little more respectful towards other “boosted” players. And, as he struggles to not say anything about the 0/14/0 teammates most of us usually get, he is constantly filling his stream with dark humor, which his viewers seem to enjoy really well.

Enjoy the roasts…

2) RedMercy (Dmitry Garanin)


(“My teammates are boosted man”)​

An average League of Legends player who makes mostly educational videos for other players and his own “Road to Masters” series. Having lost most of his money on his “1v1” series (in which he plays against other known streamers and the loser pays 100 bucks), Dmitry strives to reach masters along with his community.

His main champions are Zed and Twitch. The most amazing thing about this guy is the way you identify yourself with him, you could say he is the “common perspective” of the game.

Watch DmiTRY to reach masters!

1) Imaqtpie (Michael Santana)



Delta Fox superstar Michael Santana, being an AD carry for the team, he’s said to fulfil his role quite well as he puts the team on his back. You’ll remember him not only for his plays with almost every champion in the game and his Urgot playstyle, but for his persona! He’s sure to get a laugh from you every time you enter his stream.

He was not awarded the “best streamer of the year award” from Domino’s for nothing. “The legend himself” as he prefers to be called, mostly will fool around with his fellow streamers and continuously “burn” them. If this man is not a vivid representation of a free spirit I really don’t know who might be one...

Watch him carry his teammates!



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