LoL Best Diana Skins Revealed (All Diana Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Looking to buy an outfit for our Queen? Here I bring you a list with her best skin! 

10. Dark Valkyrie

Oh well... at least they did something.

Skin spotlight: 

I love the outfit she's wearing but it looks nothing like the splash art. Quite a disappointment. The hair texture feels like gum. Terrible.

The purple color is cute and it stands out in the middle of the team fight. Besides mentioned, there's nothing different from the original skin. I have to say that I prefer the original skin over this one. It looks very old too. For collection purposes, it's ok.

How to get Dark Valkyrie Diana: it's available in the game's store for 975 RP.


9. Dark Waters

I just wish they changed that ugly hat.

Skin spotlight: 

I hate the model design, it looks flat. I wish they had done a meticulous job with this because the concept is catching. It's not worth 1350 RP if we're honest. The watery visual and sound effects are there but it doesn't have many details. It doesn't feel like an Epic Skin to me. I felt uncomfortable while playing with it for too long. 

Not everything is bad though, the recall for instance is dope. Also, her ultimate has the effect of splashing water. 

There are better Epic Diana skins in my humble opinion.

How to get Dark Waters Diana: available for purchase in the game's store for 1350 RP.


8. Lunar Goddess

Can you guess in which culture is this skin inspired?

Skin spotlight: 

This could have been her Legendary skin but it's not even Epic tier. For an old regular skin, it looks better than some of her Epic skins. The lotus theme together with the dress gives her a delicate appearance. The pink color for the visual effects of the leaves falling is beautiful. This is the first skin where her ultimate is visually changed. The moon is now a lotus flower.

If you ask me I think this skin has a lot of potential but they invested no time or effort in it. The price is super fair. It is very cheap and you get a dainty version of Diana. It also has 7 chromas. Definitely worth it.

How to get Lunar Goddess Diana: it's available in the game's store for 975 RP.


7. Battle Queen

A very beautiful fan art. Sad she doesn't look exactly like that.

Skin spotlight: 

You might be wondering why this skin is not in second or first place. The truth is her outfit is extremely uncomfortable. I had a lot of issues while playing Battle Queen. Somehow the coat makes the design unstable and heavy. It reminds me of Saber from Fate. It looks inspired by anime characters which it's great but sadly not comfortable to play.

The visual effects are very well made. They look soft and subtle but I can't stop feeling weird with those clothes. If you don't get that feeling, I recommend buying it because this one has some of the best visual effects for her spells and basic attacks. 

How to get Battle Queen Diana: you can purchase it directly from the game's store for 1350 RP.


6. Infernal

I truly believe the VFX are a beauty for this one.

Skin spotlight: 

I'm surprised by how this skin isn't the favorite among Diana players. I believe it's particularly impressive. It might be not as good as the rest of Infernal skins but it's a total yes. There's this thing about Diana skins: most of them look like a chroma from the original. This one has that flaw too but it's worth it. It's simple but pretty cool. In-game it stands out a lot which helps you find yourself in the middle of a team fight.

How to get Infernal Diana: you can purchase it in the game's store for 1350 RP.


5. Blood Moon

I'm deeply in love with her hair.

Skin spotlight:

Another skin that was fitting for a Legendary tier. I think Blood Moon has so much potential for Diana, they could have done a breathtaking skin but they went for a simple design and VFX. I love playing with this skin when I want to feel like an invincible assassin. It gives the feeling of being bloody powerful. The mask and her hair are perfect on this skin.

How to get Blood Moon Diana: luckily available in the game's store for 1350 RP.


4. Firecracker

Oh my, the red chroma!

Skin spotlight: 

What I like about this skin is the sound effects for all her spells. Especially the R effect is really beautiful. We're used to getting these simple skins for Diana. Riot never puts a lot of effort into it. As her last skin released, is a bit of a disappointment. Another one with a whole lot of wasted potential. 

The model design is cute, not as cute as the splash art but still decent. 

How to get Firecracker Diana: as a Legacy skin released for a particular event (Lunar New Year) it will be available next year for the same event. It costs 1350 RP.


3. Sentinel

Amazing fan art

Skin spotlight: 

Sentinel Diana has an advantage because of the visibility of her spells. Her Q and E are hard for the enemies to follow because of the light color. For tactical purposes, I recommend this one. 

Sadly it doesn't look as good as in the splash art. This is a common issue with most champions, the splash art is extremely well made but the skin in-game doesn't look that good. Again, her hair looks flat and gummy. It's still one of her most beautiful designs and for sure a nice skin to play with.

How to get Sentinel Diana: it's available in the game's store for 1350 RP.


2. Dragonslayer

Look they did the same hairstyle for these two

Skin spotlight: 

This is my favorite skin. Is the one I usually use. There's something about dragonslayer that feels satisfying and smooth. The model design consists in a great armor that makes you feel like you're going to fight in the front line. The chromas are truly fantastic. The visual and sound effects are balanced between simple but garish. I had the best experience with this skin. I believe the gameplay is perfect on this armor. Recommended!

How to get Dragonslayer Diana: available in the game's store for 1350 RP.


1. Battle Queen Prestige Edition

Royalty for sure

Skin spotlight:

As usual with Prestige Edition skins, they just changed the colors and some details. This is her best skin. The amount of detail it has and the visual and sound effects are a total upgrade. We finally get a skin that looks like quality. I still have the same problem with the coat but that's a personal opinion. You can see that no other Diana skin looks this well done. 

Another issue I had with this is that they took away the idea of Diana being related to the moon. All the moon references except for her dialogues are not present in this skin. It's weird because usually her ultimate has this change on the phase of the moon according to the number of enemies caught in it. In this skin is replaced with pink gemstones. 

How to get Battle Queen Prestige Edition Diana: it will be available in the mythic store, just wait for it to come out. The cost might be around 135 and 150 mythic essence. 

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