[Top 15] LoL Best Support Players In The World

[Top 15] LoL Best Support Players In The World
I will save my team no matter the cost!

Are you a support player who enjoys healing his teammates or jumping in front of all the danger to tank all the damage while your bois do all the damage? But, for whatever reason, you are unable to improve in the game, or perhaps you are simply curious as to who the best support players in the world are at the moment. If you have, you've come to the right place because I will list the best support players in the world in this article. I will rank these players based on their abilities and performance in the major tournaments.

There may even be one or two retired players who have become legends and cemented their place in the League of Legends professional scene through their incredible displays of skill during major tournaments. This list will show you what it takes to be a professional player, particularly a support player. If someone tells you that the support role isn't important, show them one of these players and you'll win the argument. Now, let's get started on this list!

15. Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black

“I will tank everything.” 

Our first player on the list is Zaqueri Black, also known as aphromoo. He's currently looking for a new team because his contract with his previous one expired. He may accept the contract with the same team he was with for a year, or he may not. "FlyQuest" was his previous team. This player not only plays support, which is his primary role, but he can also be seen occasionally playing as the ADC. He easily handled both roles in the bot lane. When it comes to his support playstyle, he prefers tank supports that can withstand a lot of damage and enjoys being on the front lines of battle protecting everyone.

Some of his favorite champions to play are Blitzcrank and Leona. Which are both excellent champions for ambushing and roaming. Yes, if your ADC is capable of handling himself, roaming is a great solution to support your whole team. If you enjoy playing champions similar to this player, you should watch him to improve your game. Because of his affinity for Leona and Blitzcrank, this player enjoys assisting players who enjoy playing Draven, Tristana, or any champion capable of dealing massive damage in a split second. Which is understandable.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • NA LCS SUMMER 2018 - 4th place (20,000$).
  • NA LCS SPRING 2016 - 1st place (50,000$).

Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black Highlights (Video By Solo Carry):

Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black Twitter: 


14. Edward “Edward” Abgaryan

“Music makes you feel alive.”

This player began his professional career in 2011 and is one of the longest-running players in the professional league. His debut was in 2011 with a team called "Team Empire," and he later switched to a team called "Moscow Five" later that year. This player has racked up numerous assists and assisted numerous teammates during his professional career. Sona is one of his favorite champions to play. He even considers Sona to be the ideal support due to her damage, healing, movement speed and stuns. 

The player is also known for using Nunu as a support during a major tournament, which resulted in him and his team winning. It came as quite a surprise when he chose an off-role champion during a match. But once Thresh the Champion was released, he became known as the "Thresh Prince." When it comes to this player's playstyle, he enjoys staying behind his team, supporting them with Sona, and possibly dealing damage with her kit, but when he's playing someone else, such as Thresh, he enjoys setting up ambushes.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • LCL Summer 2019 - 1st place (31,051$).
  • LCL Summer 2018 - 1st place (29,305$).

Edward “Edward” Abgaryan Highlights (Video By Gal Bence):

Edward “Edward” Abgaryan Twitter:


13. Raymong “kaSing” Tsang

“Rooted and can’t move!”

The next player on our list is a relative unknown. However, thanks to his incredible abilities, he is becoming increasingly popular. He is currently a member of the team "X7 Esports." The player began his professional career in 2012 and has loved it ever since. The player's performance has improved game after game, and his fans have enjoyed watching him improve. The player enjoys playing champions such as Morgana, Zilean, and Nami. All of these champions have one thing in common: they have enough CC to stun an entire team in place. That is also his playing style. 

For this player, the most satisfying thing is to stun someone and then watch them lose. He also roams on occasion, and if you play any of those champions, you should as well, but first, learn why and when he roams. Can you believe the player speaks three languages? Cantonese, Mandarin, and English are among them. This guy enjoys playing Zilean and used to do so exclusively before joining the professional scene. He will now be seen hovering over Zilean before every match, even if he is not going to pick him.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • Iberian Cup 2021 - 1st place (9,098$).
  • Rift Rivals 2018: NA vs EU - 1st place (20,000$).

Raymond “kaSing” Tsang Highlights (Video By HyperX):

Raymond “kaSing” Tsang Twitter:


12. Bora “Yell0wStaR” Kim

“My legacy lives on.”

This is the first retired player on our list, and boy has he left his mark on the League of Legends professional scene. This player began his professional career in 2010 with a team called "against All Authority." Throughout his career, he has been a member of many teams, played many roles, and mastered them all. These two roles were ADC and support, but the player has also coached a team for a few years. During his professional career, he enjoyed playing a variety of champions, including Leona, Nautilus, and Thresh.

All of these champions were tanks, and he enjoyed jumping into battle to take some damage and give his enemies brain damage. Back in the day, that was also his primary playstyle. He's also one of the few players in history to have qualified for five world championships. This player made it 5 times because not everyone can. That is an incredible accomplishment to achieve during your professional career. Furthermore, in April 2016, he became the first player in LCS history to qualify for seven LCS finals. This player worked hard and it showed.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • European Masters Spring 2020 - 1st place (43,882$).
  • LFL Summer 2019 - 1st place (16,737$).

Bora “Yell0wStaR” Kim Highlights (Video By DeoNade):

Bora “Yell0wStaR” Kim Twitter:


11. Alfonso “mithy” Rodrigez

“I will bash their heads in with my stuns.” 

This player began his professional League career in 2012 with a team called "Giants Gaming." He has always been a champion in the support role, and he decided to become a coach in 2019. He began his coaching career with "Fnatic" and is now the head coach of "Cloud9." He enjoyed playing Alistar and Blitzcrank in League of Legends as a support professional. Which are both excellent supports for roaming the map and even ganking other lanes if his teammates require it.

That was his preferred play style, and he relished it. His main inspiration for improving his game was a retired player known as "MadLife," who was also a support player. That, in my opinion, is quite nice. In his early days of World of Warcraft, the player was known as "Mythic." After that, he simply shortened it to "mithy," and that is how it remains today. He has won numerous tournaments and matches in his professional career as a support player and as a head coach. It's all because of his insane abilities.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • LCS Spring 2022 - 2nd place (50,000$).
  • LCS Spring 2021 - 1st place (100,000$).

Alfonso “mithy” Rodrigez Highlights (Video By DutchMash):

Alfonso “mithy” Rodrigez Twitter:


10. Hu “SwordArT” Shuo-Chieh

“I’m gonna eat yaa with my champion.”

If you're an anime connoisseur like myself and this player, you'll understand where his nickname comes from. It's from the anime "Sword Art Online," which I think is great, but Kirito isn't the correct black swordsman Guts is. When it comes to the player, he began his career in 2012 with the team "ahq Amateur" but now plays as a support for "Weibo Gaming." Before turning professional, the player used to play mid-lane and was a big fan of Cassiopeia, earning him the nickname She She, which means "snake." He also went to the same high school as two other professional players. "Maple" and "Karsa" are the names. 

While he is an excellent support player, he is best known for his champion Tahm Kench. An off-role champion who is typically found in the top lane. Why would he use such a champion? The champion, you see, can be tanky and can eat his teammates or opponents and throw them anywhere he wants. After losing some HP, the champion can also shield itself. If Tahm Kench is banned, he can be seen playing Leona or Nautilus. The player's playstyle is quite passive, which suits the champions he plays. However, when the time comes, the player will engage in a team fight first, as those champions permit. 

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • 2020 World Championship - 2nd place (389,375$).
  • LMS Summer 2018 - 1st place (48,790$).

Hu “SwordArT” Shuo-Chieh Highlights (Video By GWP):

Hu “SwordArT” Shuo-Chieh Twitter:


9. Tian “Meiko” Ye

“I love hooking people.”

This player is not only a professional support player but also the team captain. Whatever he does, his team listens to him. How badass is that? The player has only been in two teams so far. In 2014, he made his debut with "Rayunion." Later that year, however, he joined a new team called "EDward Gaming," which he is still a part of after 8 years. During his professional career, the player has amassed over 7000 assists, becoming the first player in the LPL scene to do so in July 2022. He also managed to reach over 600 played games in the LPL and he was the second person to do that. 

But a more badass fact is that the player managed to win every major tournament in the LPL. The player has participated in numerous tournaments, all of which he has won. The player is best known for his Thresh and hooks. This guy knows how to set up an ambush and start a fight that his team will win. As previously stated, the player is also a team captain, so whatever he does, his team does with him. I didn't realize it until now, but his nickname "Meiko" is derived from "Honma Meiko," an anime character in "Anohana." 

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • 2021 World Championship - 1st place (489,500$).
  • LPL Summer 2021 - 1st place (309,682$).

Tian “Meiko” Ye Highlights (Video By RexCHNNZ):

Tian “Meiko” Ye Huya (The player does not own any major social media):


8. Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming

“I’m gonna catch ya.”

Shi Sen-Ming, better known in the professional scene as "Ming," is currently a support player for the team "Royal Never Give Up." His debut was in 2015 with "Marvelous GB," then after a year he switched to "Young Miracles," and after another year he switched to his current team, where he has been for six years. Since his debut, the player has amassed 4000 assists in the LPL, coming in third place behind "meiko" and “Pyl” in July 2021. Ming is known for using a variety of support champions, but his favorites are Thresh, Bard, and, if he wants to spice things up, Gragas.

How could that champion be a support now? I mean, he's got everything from stuns to damage. The champion's ultimate ability allows him to push people around, making him ideal for roaming and taking people down under a turret. That is also the focus of his playstyle. It's mostly ganking and killing people who aren't expecting him to show up. He believes in being stealthy. All he has to do is ult them, and they will flee. During his professional career, the player won numerous tournaments and finished first with the team "Royal Never Give Up."

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2022 - 1st place (75,000$).
  • LPL Spring 2022 - 1st place (302,087$).

Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming Highlights (Video By Solo Carry):

Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming Huya (The player does not own a Twitter account):


7. Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle

“I’m coming for ya.”

This player made his professional debut in 2014 with the team "Bottled Water," before joining "Excel Esports" in January 2022. This player has switched teams numerous times, but each time he improved. Because the more time passed, the better he got at the game. The player is also well-liked by fans, and he occasionally appears on LS streams. He has mostly played support since the beginning of his professional career, but he is known for his Rakan, Bard, and Thresh. But he's best known for his Rakan because of the great engagements and charms he can perform with the champion.

The player is a hero among his teammates, and this is reflected in his playstyle. It is all about saving people. Sometimes he can even turn the tide of battle in his team's favor. He used to play a lot of games before becoming a professional player, but the most important ones he spent a lot of time on were "World of Warcraft II, Wizards 101, and World of Warcraft III." Those are some good games, even today. If you haven't played them yet, I highly recommend them. Especially if you can find a friend to join you.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • LEC Summer 2020 - 1st place (94,723$).
  • LEC Spring 2020 - 1st place (86,863$).

Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle Highlights (Video By Solo Carry):

Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle Twitter:


6. Lou “Missing” Yunfeng

“I can never be found.”

The next player on our list is from China, and he currently plays for "JD Gaming," where he plays as their support. This is a fairly new player on the scene, having made his debut in 2018 with the team "Mighty Eagle." He was only with that team for three months before moving on to another called "Team WE," but after three years with them, he joined "JD Gaming," where he is now. The player primarily plays enchantress supports such as Lulu and Janna, but he has been seen playing Rell as well.

There is no information on why he was given the nickname "Missing," but my best guess is that he is never seen on the lane because he is always helping others. That's also the focus of his playstyle. It's mostly going around and assisting anyone who needs it. The player began his professional career relatively recently, so he hasn't played many tournaments, but he has managed to win a number of them and solidify his place in the professional scene.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • LPL Summer 2022 - 1st place (289,482$).
  • NEST 2021 - 2nd place (23,490$).

Lou “Missing” Yunfeng Highlights (Video By Today on Twitch):

Lou “Missing” Yunfeng Douyu (The player does not own a Twitter account):


5. Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong

“I am the leader now.” 

It appears that the majority of professional support players have either become head captains or coaches. Cho Se-hyeong, or Mata to his fans, began his professional career in 2012 and continued until 2019 when he became a coach for "Royal Never Give Up." This player has only played the support role, but he has become well-known for his Zyra, Blitzcrank, and Thresh. His playstyle is primarily defensive, with a focus on defending his ADC during the laning phase. 

Later in the game, he will either focus on fighting or trying to catch someone from the opposing team off guard. His nickname "Mata" was derived from his favorite football or soccer player, "Juan Mata." The player is also well-known for his Thresh performances, with many comparing him to "MadLife," and some even remarking that if "MadLife" is God at Thresh, then "Mata" is Buddha. Mata has the distinction of being the only support player in League of Legends history to be named MVP during a World Championship.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • LCK Summer 2019 - 1st place (93,798$).
  • LCK Spring 2019 - 1st place (93,798$).

Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong Highlights (Video By Solo Carry):

Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong Instagram (The player does not own a Twitter account):


4. Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan

“I have solidified my career.” 

The second retired player on this list is Lee Jae-wan, also known as Wolf by many of his fans. He no longer plays professional League of Legends due to health issues. Fortunately for his fans, he decided to start streaming for his team T1, which he still does today. The player only switched teams three times before signing with T1 and remaining with them until his retirement. During his time, he has demonstrated to the world that he is an incredible player who should not be underestimated, and anyone who stands in his way will be destroyed.

Nami, Tahm Kench, and even Alistar are the champions he uses to accomplish this. But, for the most part, his playstyle revolves entirely around the ADC and his team. He'll follow whatever they do. Wolf managed to win World Championships as well as any other tournament that he and his team competed in during his professional career. Even today, they are a force to be reckoned with. Wolf also managed to rack up 445 assists in just one split. It just goes to show how good he is at the part.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • Mid-Season Invitational 2017 - 1st place (676,000$).
  • LCK Spring 2017 - 1st place (89,571$).

Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan Highlights (Video By Be Challenger):

Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan Twitter:


3. Son “Lehends” Si-woo

“The spider is my queen.” 

This is a fascinating professional player who has made a name for himself. He began his professional career in 2015 with a team called "Busan," but before that, he was a T1 trainee. I'm not sure why that didn't work out for him, as he's quite good at the game. The player also enjoys playing off-role champions such as Shen, Singed, and, most importantly, Elise. Why is she the most significant? In season 6, he managed to reach rank 1 with Elise while playing her as a support.

Isn't that amazing? He currently plays for "KT Rolster" and has had a lot of fun with them. This guy's playstyle is quite different from everyone else's, and he's usually unpredictable in terms of what he'll pick next and what he'll do next. That is what distinguishes his playing style. He not only ranked first in season 6 but also rank 1 in season 8 with Singed and Shen when he popularized using the "Unsealed Spellbook" on Singed. If you were wondering where Singed's build came from, now you know.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • LCK Summer 2022 - 1st place (147,623$).
  • LCK Spring 2022 - 2nd place (81,829$).

Son “Lehends” Si-woo Highlights (Video By LOL66):

Son “Lehends” Si-woo Twitter:


2. Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee

“Nobody will be able to hurt my team.”

Let me state right away that this player will not allow anyone to touch his team while he is still alive. He enjoys stuns and blocking all incoming damage so that his team is not harmed. He does it straightforwardly with Pantheon, who is one of his signature champions. That's how he also plays. He is quite aggressive, which suits him. Not only that, but the player enjoys roaming and has incorporated that into his play style. He enjoys playing Pyke and exploring the map when no one can see him. Pyke is a professional assassin, especially in the hands of BeryL.

This player is also so badass that he does not play League of Legends for 8 hours or more per day, instead preferring to learn by watching replay videos. The majority of his time is spent playing a fun little game called "Genshin Impact." BeryL is also one of the players who has made the most appearances at the World Championships, alongside Faker, Bang, and Wolf. This is quite a feat for someone who only plays support, and it's understandable given how good this player is at his position. As a result, he is ranked second on this list.

Major Tournament Achievements:

  • 2022 World Championship - 1st place (489,500$).
  • LCK Summer 2021 - 1st place (172,575$).

Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee Highlights (Video By GWP):

Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee AfreecaTV (The player does not own a Twitter account):


1. Ryu “Keria” Min-seok

“I’m the best around here.” 

Ryu Min-seok, or Keria as most people know him, is the best support in the world right now. During the 2022 World Championship, he quickly ascended the ranks as the best support player in the professional scene. Sure, he and his team did not win the tournament, but he did demonstrate what it meant to be the best support on the scene and quickly became a fan favorite. Mata is his main source of inspiration for being such an excellent support player. And, despite being his inspiration, Keria has outdone him in every aspect of support. Even before his professional debut, he was regarded as one of Korea's best support players.

And, since his debut in 2017, he has demonstrated that he has what it takes to prove to people that he’s the best around. This player excels at Pyke, Braum, and Renata, one of the most difficult champions to master at the moment. His playstyle varies from match to match. He will adapt to both his team and the opposing team so that he is always one step ahead. He will save his team in the middle of a battle while also stunning other people and allowing his team to deal with the damage. Keria is a mastermind on the Summoner's Rift, and he's playing 3D chess out there.

Major Tournament Achievements: 

  • 2022 World Championship - 2nd place (333,750$).
  • LCK Spring 2022 - 1st place (163,659$).

Ryu “Keria” Min-seok Highlights (Video By Solo Carry):

Ryu “Keria “Min-seok Twitter:


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