[Top 10] LOL Best Champions For PentaKill

league of legends best pentakill champ
Some say the sound of "Pentakill" is better than your imaginary lover's voice!

In this article, you will know which champions can easily get you that sweet sound of a Pentakill! No one denies that it’s a powerful feeling and that’s why you should follow this article because it will also walk you through each strength point for each champion on the list to help you score that Pentakill!


Now let’s get to the fun part. Here is a list of the Top 10 LOL Best Champions For PentaKill:


10. Samira:

Toss a coin and before it hits the ground Samira will score a Pentakill!

Samira is one of the most aggressive champions in LOL. It can be fun to play her if you know your limits and play around it. She’s also extremely attractive so that can bring more joy into the game.

Samira Montage - Pentakill

What makes Samira great for Pentakills:

  • Her Ultimate "Inferno Trigger". She shoots all enemies around her for a couple of seconds dealing a lot of damage which mostly guarantees a kill and the potential of a Pentakill. 
  • Her E "Wild Rush". It doesn't only give her a lot of damage and the ability to slice through her enemies but it's also a great escape method to dodge damage. This ability helps get your chances of having a Pentakill up. 
  • Her W "Blade Whirl". It's an AOE ability in which you can damage all enemies while destroying any enemy missiles. 
  • Her passive "Daredevil Impulse". You can pin down enemies and deal more damage as Samira's attacks against enemies affected by Immobilizing effects will dash her to her attack range. If the enemy is Knocked Up, she also keeps them Knocked Up briefly.



9. Master Yi:

Master Yi will literally get you a Pentakill with one key!

Master Yi is basic but fun! You can have the power of just pressing Q to win the game and score a satisfying yet annoying -to the enemy team- Pentakill.

Master Yi Montage - God Pentakill

What makes Master Yi great for Pentakills:

  • His passive "Double Strike". Every few consecutive Auto Attacks, Master Yi strikes twice. This will give you extra damage in a small time which will help you kill enemies easier. 
  • His Q "Alpha Strike". His famous ability as you will be untargetable while dealing a lot of damage to all enemies around you as you strike them all with just one Q. 
  • His E "Wuju Style". With this ability being active you'll deal True Damage with each attack you land on an enemy for 5 seconds. 
  • His Ultimate "Highlander". When it's active you gain Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Immunity to slows for 7 seconds. This will give you a great boost that will potentially end with a Pentakill as champion takedowns extends the duration of your ultimate for another 7 seconds.



8. Katarina:

Redhead girls aren't just good looking, they can play well too!

If you want to feel slippery, damage god, and how it is to be the carry then you should surely play Katarina. Not only can you dominate the game but you will also have the potential of scoring a Pentakill during your games with Katarina.

Katarina - 1v5 Katarina Pentakill

What makes Katarina great for Pentakills:

  • Her passive "Voracity". Whenever you pick up daggers with Katarina you deal magic damage to all nearby enemies by slashing them. 
  • Her Q "Bouncing Blade". Whenever you have your Q up you'll be able to damage 3 enemies, the targeted one and 2 nearby enemies. 
  • Her E "Shunpo". You can dash to an ally, enemy, or on the ground dagger. This ability deals a decent amount of damage and whenever you pick up a dagger with it the cooldown will be reduced, in the late game you'll mostly have your E up which means a lot of damage and being slippery. 
  • Her Ultimate "Death Lotus". Katarina spins and shoots blades, each blade deals magic damage, physical damage, and applies 60% Grievous Wound for 3 seconds to the nearest 3 enemies. This ability can finish off enemies and guarantees a Pentakill if done properly.



7. Talon:

Jump around the map, deal lethal damage, and score a Pentakill! Easy right?

Talon is one of the most slippery champions in LOL. You can literally be all around the map using Talon’s unique ability to skip through terrains.You also deal a lot of damage which will all lead to a Pentakill eventually.

Talon Montage Season 11 Insane

What makes Talon great for Pentakills:

  • His passive "Blade's End". You basically make anyone with 3 stacks of wound on them bleed for a lot of damage over time. This makes you win extended fights, guarantees a kill, and eventually a Pentakill. 
  • His Q "Noxian Diplomacy". You leap to a target and deal a good amount of physical damage and if the enemy is in melee range you deal more damage and critically strike. Whenever you land a kill with this ability you gain health and the cooldown on this ability gets lowered by 50%, which gives you more potential to getting a Pentakill. 
  • His W "Rake". Talon throws blades that damage enemies and upon their return to Talon's location they deal more damage and slow enemies. This ability helps you poke enemies while also slowing them which can help you deal more damage later and get that sweet Pentakill. 
  •  His Ultimate "Shadow Assault". It deals a lot of damage with the first thrown blades while giving you movement speed and also invisibility, it also deals damage as the blades return to Talon or a target. This makes Talon even more slippery while dealing a lot of damage. 
  • His E "Assassin's Path". This is the signature for Talon's kit as it makes him slippery and most of the time untouchable which gives you a higher chance of dealing damage to all enemies and even chasing them too.



6. Akali:

Don't be fooled by her looks. She can snatch your team and score a Pentakill while you're still charmed by her beauty.

Akali is so satisfying to play as you can deal much damage, one shot people, and still receive less damage thanks to Akali’s Shroud as it can help you escape tough situations.

Chovy LCK Penta Kill on Akali

What makes Akali great for Pentakills:

  • Her passive "Assassin's Mark". If you attack an enemy that creates a ring of energy around them. Exiting that ring empowers Akali's next autoattack with bonus range and damage which can boost your chances of getting a kill. 
  • Her Q "Five Point Strike". You deal both magic damage and physical damage in an arc while also slowing enemies. Perfect skill right? 
  • Her E "Shuriken Flip". Akali flips backward and deals both magic and physical damage. Upon recast, you can dash to the marked target by the first cast and deal extra damage. That skill can help you snatch specific targets in team fights.
  • Her Ultimate "Perfect Execution". It's literally what it's called. Akali vaults to an enemy target and deals both magic and physical damage to all enemies on the way. Upon recast Akali dashes and deals more physical and magic damage based on the enemy's missing health. This can delete squishy enemies guaranteeing that you turn the fight and score that Pentakill.



5. Fiddlesticks:

Fiddlesticks being Fiddlesticks by scaring the whole enemy team and eventually killing them all.

Fiddlesticks can surprise enemies with his ultimate, Q, and his W combo. This combo can drain enemies and score a really fast but satisfying Pentakill.


What makes Fiddlesticks great for Pentakills:

  • His Q "Terrify". Basically, it fears enemies and whenever an enemy is feared he receives more damage from Fiddlesticks, if that enemy was recently feared by Fiddlesticks he receives even more damage. 
  • His W "Bountiful Harvest". Not only do you deal magic damage plus magic damage based on missing health to nearby enemies but you also heal for a percentage of the damage done. You can get kills while also staying healthy to complete the Pentakill. 
  • His E "Reap". This ability deals magic damage and slows enemies. Enemies in the center get silenced as a bonus. This can help you catch your enemies easily and score a kill.
  • His Ultimate "Crowstorm". After channeling for 1. 5 seconds Fiddlesticks deals a ton of magic damage to all nearby wherever he lands for 5 seconds. This can surprise your enemies and land you a quick Pentakill if done properly.



4. Irelia:

Once you master her, you will get used to hearing the Pentakill sound!

Playing Irelia can be mechanically demanding but eventually it can be so rewarding that scoring a Pentakill will be more frequent than you expect.

Irelia Montage - 1v5 Pentakill

What makes Irelia great for Pentakills:

  • Her Q "Bladesurge". This ability makes Irelia so slippery and on top of that it deals a lot of damage while also healing you for a percentage of the damage dealt. 
  • Her W "Defiant Dance". This one will make you tanky while you charge it as you take less damage during that time and upon release you deal both magic and physical damage which might guarantee a kill but it'll also keep you alive during the fight to finish your Pentakill. 
  • Her E "Flawless Duet". Not only does it deal good damage but it'll also stun enemies which can help you deal more damage during that stun period. 
  • Her Ultimate "Vanguard'S Edge". This ability is all about pure magic damage but it also slows your enemies by 90% which is a big deal if you want to score that Pentakill and chase your enemies.



3. Annie:

A cute little girl that can kill your whole team.

Annie is so basic that high elo players recommend playing her if you want to gain free elo! But that doesn’t deny the fact that she’s fun to play and you can easily score a Pentakill with her.

Annie Montage Pro Players - Annie Main PentaKill | League of Legends

What makes Annie great for Pentakills:

  • Her passive "Pyromania". After every 4 spells, the next spell you cast will stun your target. This is considered her signature ability as you can pressure your enemies and pin them down easily. 
  • Her Q "Disintegrate". You deal a lot of magic damage but the sweet thing is whenever this ability kills the target your mana gets refunded and the cooldown gets reduced by 50%. This ability can be used to finish off enemies and it can keep you in the fight longer with the mana refund. 
  • Her W "Incinerate". You basically deal magic damage in a cone in front of you but the beauty of it is that you can use this ability to stun all enemies ahead using Annie's unique passive. 
  • Her Ultimate "Tibbers". This ability is scary for the enemy team as Tibbers burns nearby enemies each second for a decent magic damage while also dealing good magic damage each time he attacks an enemy upon your directions to him. This ability can stun all nearby enemies when casted while also guaranteeing your Pentakill even if you die as Tibbers gains attack speed and movement speed for 3 seconds after you die.



2. Riven:

A Riven main will tell you how hard it might be to learn how to play her, but he won't tell you how satisfying it is!

Some might say that Riven is only for the mechanically gifted people but that isn’t true! You can learn how to master Riven and eventually score more than one Pentakill using her kit and damage.


What makes Riven great for Pentakills:

  • Her passive “Runic Blade”. Each ability you cast charges Riven’s blade making her basic attacks deal more damage. This can be highly effective during team fights as you can deal more damage as the fight goes on.
  • Her Q “Broken Wings”. You basically have two dashes! Each dash deals a decent amount of damage which can surprise the enemy. The second recast (dash) will also knock up nearby enemies for 0.75 seconds which grants you the chance to deal some extra damage.
  • Her W “Ki Burst”. Upon activation, you deal more physical damage while also stunning your enemy for 0.75 seconds. Dealing damage and landing a stun? Doesn’t that sound like a Pentakill on the way?
  • Her Ultimate “Blade of the Exile”. When active Riven gains bonus attack damage and increased range on her damaging abilities. Upon recast Riven fires a wind slash that deals great damage while also dealing physical damage based on your enemy’s missing health. This can finish off many targets and grant you the sweet sound of a Pentakill.



1. Darius:

Dunk your enemies like a pro. Pentakill like Darius.

If you like basketball then you would love how Darius can dunk on his enemies and kill them one by one using his ultimate. If you can time your passive well then you can literally score a Pentakill using your ultimate only as a finishing ability.


What makes Darius great for Pentakills:

  • His passive “Hemorrhage”. Darius’s attacks and spells cause your enemies to bleed for physical damage for 5 seconds. Whenever you get 5 stacks on a target you gain massive attack damage against that target. No one dares to fight Darius with those stacks on them.
  • His Q “Decimate”. Darius spins his axe dealing damage to all enemies around him while also healing if any target gets hit with the axe’s edge. This ability deals a lot of damage to all enemies around you which can be great if you need to score a Pentakill.
  • His W “Crippling Strike”. Darius’s next attack deals a greater amount of physical damage and slows the target by 90% which can be beneficial if you are chasing an enemy and can be great to execute someone.
  • His E “Apprehend”. Its passive gives you armor penetration while if activated you pull your enemies towards you, knock them up, and slow them by 40%. This ability guarantees that no one escapes your axe.
  • His Ultimate “Noxian Guillotine”. Darius leaps to an enemy and deals a real lethal blow! And for each Hemorrhage stack, you deal even more damage. This ability is what makes Darius unique for Pentakills as whenever you get a kill using his Ultimate it resets and you can cast it again guaranteeing that you finish off all enemies.



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