[Top 10] League of Legends Best Starting Champions That Are Powerful

[Top 10] League of Legends Best Starting Champions That Are Powerful
You can't beat these champions alone. Trust me I tried.

It’s been a long time frens but we are finally back with another League of Legends article. What better way to come back into League than to list the best starting champions for the newest meta. Yes right here will be listed the top 10 champions that are powerful and great for people who are starting to play the game.

Between you and me this game was never more popular than before. The player base will go up even more once the tournaments start or better yet when Riot Games decides to stop being a greedy corporation and release something fun and enjoyable to play. It’s been way too long since we’ve had a nice event. Most of the events are just battle passes that give you skins and nothing else. But that’s a story for a different article. 

10. Singed

“To shake or not to shake”

Where better to start than with our dear Singed. The best proxy champion in the whole game. What’s a “proxy” you might be asking yourself now? Well, proxying is when you go behind your enemy's lane, farm his wave and then run away and hide until a new wave starts.

That’s all you do. Plus if they do find you they won’t be able to chase you. As Singed leaves a huge green trail of green farts behind him that deal poison damage over time. With Singed you’re getting a strong top lane champion that will help you learn the fundamentals of top and how to play your lane correctly.

The point of Singed is to run into the enemy team head first and deal as much AoE damage as you can. Every single Singed player ints their ass off but they win in the end. Why? Because their champion is a strong independent tank who takes damage for his dear team. 

What makes Singed great for a starting champion:

  • Will help you learn the fundamentals of the top lane. 
  • Best proxy champion in the whole game. 
  • Even if you’re inting you’re most likely doing a good job of dealing AoE damage. 
  • You can flip people like burgers. 

Singed details:


See Singed In Action (video by SirhcezFan):

9. Ashe

“All of the world on one arrow”

Now that you learned the fundamentals of the top lane with Singed you’ll learn the fundamentals of the bot lane with Ashe. Ashe is a simple ADC champion that is strong for her role. She has everything a champion would need. She’s got a CC ability thanks to her ultimate, an ability that slows people, and an ability that gives her vision once she casts it.

Ashe also has a passive that allows her to shoot arrows fast like from a gatling gun by simply auto-attacking someone or something 3 times in a row. After you’ve done that simply press Q and you’ll be shooting out so many arrows you won’t even know where they’re coming from. 

What makes Ashe great for a starting champion:

  • Easiest ADC to play and learn. 
  • Has lots of CC in her kit. 
  • With her E she can reveal locations on the map. 
  • Attack speed is key for this champion. 

Ashe details:


See Ashe In Action (video by Vapora Dark):

8. Leona

“The sun strikes you down”

What’s better than playing an ADC? Tanky support who can stun the whole enemy team. Let me tell you being tanky while also knowing that nobody can do anything to you feels amazing. Even better when I got a Penta with Ivern.

That didn’t happen but it would be cool if it did. Oh yes, Leona. She's a tanky supporter who only cares about getting her ward score high as the Eiffel tower while making sure her ADC and team are surviving well. You can also reduce the amount of damage that Leona takes at the cost of losing some movement speed.

Leona can also CC the enemy with an auto-attack or if there are more than 2 people she can use her ultimate to CC multiple people. What’s better than giving 1 guy brain damage? Giving the whole enemy team brain damage! Leona is a great starting support for people who just got into the game. 

What makes Leona great for a starting champion:

  • She’s a tank, it's impossible to die with her. 
  • Will get you to learn the basics of the supporting role. 
  • Protects her whole team at any cost no matter what. 
  • Easy to play and get into. 

Leona details: 


See Leona In Action (video by Gour):

7. Malphite

“Hard as a rock”

Here we have a menace to a society called Malphite. On the surface, he might seem like a normal league champion but there’s much more to it. You can build him as a tank where he will just keep getting bigger and bigger or you can build him as an AP champion and one-shot everyone who you dislike.

Yes, you really can do that if you build him as a full AP champion. What’s even better is that his skills are really easy to get into and he only has one skill shot in his kit and that’s his ultimate. But during that laning phase, nobody can bully you. If anyone gets close to your Q range you can just press it and it will deal damage. Malphite is as simple as a rock. 

What makes Malphite great for a starting champion: 

  • Has the ability to one-shot people when you’re going full AP. 
  • Building him as a tank makes him bigger and stronger. 
  • Malphite can go in 3 different lanes. 
  • Pretty good at bullying people in a lane. 

Malphite details:


See Malphite In Action (video by TC Zwag):

6. Master Yi

“I live by the Wuju I die by the Wuju”

Master Yi is a jungler but don’t let that turn you away from playing him. We’ve all seen the memes where people just press Q and R and get a Penta kill. You might think it’s not like that but uh how do I say this. It is that simple.

After you have pressed those two keys all you have to worry about is slapping people and making sure that you don’t get CC’d so you can’t do anything with your life. Other than that Master Yi can heal himself if he takes too much damage while clearing out the jungle. Master Yi is the perfect jungle champion to start playing and he is easy as people make it seem. 

What makes Master Yi great for a starting champion:

  • Best starting champion to play if you’re learning the jungle role. 
  • Easy to get into and learn to play. 
  • Pressing Q makes you invincible for a short period. 
  • W can heal you at any point in the game. 

Master Yi details:


See Master Yi In Action (video by LOL TIME):

5. Miss Fortune

“I shot you down bang bang, you hit the ground bang bang.” 

So you learned how to play the ADC role with Ashe but she’s just not cutting it anymore. Do you want someone better and stronger? Well, that’s why it’s a top 10 list after all. Here we have Miss Fortune. One of my favorite ADCs to play whenever I’m bored of the game.

Why is she my go-to champion? Well, because of two big reasons. The two big pistols she carries around of course. But on a serious note, it’s because of her ultimate ability and the fact that she can almost one-shot Lux players with a single Q.

Miss Fortune also has lots of movement speed to support all of that damage. She can also use her ultimate ability to mow down a whole team of people coming straight at you. You can build Miss Fortune as an assassin or as a normal ADC. The choice is yours. 

What makes Miss Fortune great for a starting champion:

  • Can kill a whole team of people with her ultimate ability. 
  • Her Q can be a great poking tool during the laning phase. 
  • Can build her as an assassin or as a normal ADC. 

Miss Fortune details:


See Miss Fortune In Action (video by League Of Legends PROTV):

4. Mordekaiser

“I will build an iron kingdom and rule over Runterra once again!”

Here we have the one and only great ruler of Runterra and his name is Mordekaiser. You see when he died he didn’t shrivel into dust and became nothing. He took Death by its balls and decided to own it. He became his new version of death.

Now that he’s the ruler of the underworld he can do pretty much whatever his heart desires. And that thing is going back to the land of the living and dominating. Just what he does on the summoner's rift. Even though Mordekaiser is in 4th place let me tell you that he’s the manliest champion you can play on that lane.

With Mordekaiser with the press of 1 button, you can send people to Brazil to never be seen again. And you get to bonk people with tons of damage. Don’t worry about losing your HP because you can recover it all with the press of W. 

What makes Mordekaiser great for a starting champion: 

  • He’s an AP Tank. 
  • Has the ability to fully heal back his HP. 
  • Can send people to Brazil. 
  • Manliest champion for the top lane. 

Mordekaiser details:


See Mordekaiser In Action (video by LOL TIME):

3. Tryndamere

“My right arm is much stronger than my left arm.”

Now here we have Tryndamere, the guy who can’t die because he’s screaming angrily. He can also dive under turret at level 6 and beat you up every single time his ultimate ability is up. Why is something like that a thing in this game? Who knows? Riot made it so we have to deal with it.

This barbarian can only be countered by 1 champion so find out who it is by looking at the number two spot. But while playing Tryndamere your main point is having your rage meter fill up and then later consume it to heal yourself. But also the more the meter fills up the more damage you’ll deal and a higher crit % chance you’ll have.

You can also spin with your E to deal damage or simply dash out of the way and make way for your jungler. The most important ability of Tryndamere is his ultimate ability which makes him invincible for 6 seconds. It’s the perfect kit for someone who likes to throw themselves into danger for no apparent reason. 

What makes Tryndamere great for a starting champion:

  • He literally can’t die thanks to his ultimate ability. 
  • Has a hotwife called Ashe. 
  • The higher his rage meter is, the more damage he deals. 
  • Tryndamere can consume the rage to heal himself. 

Tryndamere details:


See Tryndamere In Action (video by KosiorLoLs):

2. Jax

“I only have three fingers.”

Here we have the only guy who’s capable of completely countering Tryndamere and that’s Jax. The guy who uses a damn lamp as a weapon and only has three fingers. Do you think his wife likes it? Don’t think we will ever find that one out.

But let’s get to the reasons why he can counter Tryndamere. Well first of all he has an ability that allows him to jump away from people. So whenever Tryndamere gets close Jax can simply hop away from him and he’s safe. If hopping away isn’t an option then Jax can press his E to spin his lamp like a helicopter.

During the phase where he’s spinning his lamp, every single auto-attack will result in a miss. Jax can also use the ultimate ability that gives him bonus armor and magic resistance. Perfect against any opponent Jax's faces and perfect for a starting champion. 

What makes Jax great for a starting champion:

  • Easiest champion to climb the ELO ladder with. 
  • Perfectly counters 99% of top laners. 
  • His ultimate ability gives him a free bonus of 100 armor and magic resistance. 
  • Easy to get into and play. 

Jax details:


See Jax In Action (video by LOL TIME):

1. Annie

“I’m just a homicidal baby.”

Now, this champion might have come out of nowhere and it could feel like I just slapped you. But then again this article is about the best starting champions. Annie is the best mid-lane starting champion you could play. She’s simple and has the highest attack range out of any mid laner. If someone is trying to CC you can just give them your mosquito bites and shoo them off.

At first, they might not go anywhere but if you throw a few spells on them they are going to run off. When playing Annie you can last hit with your Q and each time you kill a minion the mana for your Q is refunded fully. Annie can also spawn her satan teddy bear Tibers with the press of 1 button. Which will result in Tibbers being consumed by mad rage and killing everyone who touched Annie. 

What makes Annie great for a starting champion:

  • Easiest and best mid-lane champion to play. 
  • Nobody can even come close to you because of your auto-attack range. 
  • Spawning Tibbers will solve most of your issues. 
  • Annie can nuke people at will. 

Annie details:


See Annie In Action (video by League Of Legends PROTV):

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