[TOP 5] LOL Best Junglers That Wreck Hard

LOL Best Junglers
Get to know how to carry your team as a Jungler

Who Are The Best LoL Jungler Champs?

Jungler has a very different role in the world of League of Legends. He dwells in the forests of summoners rift between the main lanes. He fights the monsters within the jungle and roams around the map in order to give help where needed. 

The junger has many responsibilities:

  • Ensure his gold income and leveling by killing the natural monsters within the Summoner rifts jungle
  • Making  sure that he helps his allies by ganking their opponents and with mutual help-killing them or making them go back to their base
  • Counter attacking the enemy jungler and making sure you know his movements and being able to stop him from harming your allies
  • Getting the buffs from dragons, rift herald and Baron Nashor from his team without them being stolen by the enemy team
  • In general, helping your laners to get ahead and by doing that- ensuring the victory of your team

5. Lee Sin

 God Fist Lee Sin

One of the Leagues most popular junglers, Lee Sin makes the list of the Best Champs that wreck hard. His jungling abilities are extremely good and make him one of the best junglers out there. Although very strong, his kit is certanly not easy. With many combos, flashy plays and skill shots, he is definitely one of the hardest junglers to master

What makes Lee Sin a Great Junger:

  • Extremely strong PvE champion. With low cooldowns and his passive attack speed buff Lee Sins jungleing is fast and efficient
  • His OP early game is where Lee takes initiative and gives his team the necessary advantage
  • Very good at securing and stealing the Dragons and Baron Nashor with escape possibilities

How to play Lee Sin effectively and win games:

  • You  must be aware that Lee Sin is one of the strongest early game champions and should take advantage of that. Early ganks and counter jungleing is where he shines
  • Make sure that you get your allies ahead and not only yourself because his damage falls off as the game goes on
  • Your job (besides getting Dragons and Baron) is to kill or make sure that your team kills the enemy carries by setting up kills. There are many combos to do that but the main goal is to R (kick) the enemy carries into  your team. You can do that by landing Q+Q and then do the Insec (ward behind them+w+r) or the easy flash + R
  • You can build Lee Sin full damage if you feel confident enough that you can solo carry games, but I highly recomend  to building tanky AD items that make sure you survive after engaging for your team to follow up
  • Winning with Lee Sin is sometimes hard, but mastering Lee Sin gives you the necessary edge to take the game into your own hands. He takes a lot of practice to be played at high level, but when you do it-it is definitely worth it

Video guide on how to Pro Jungle with Lee Sin:

4. Kha Zix

A vicious Assassin

Kha Zix, is a jungler assassin capable of single handedly carrying the whole game by executing opponents in a blink of an eye. His easy jungling gives him an edge in fast productivity around the map. By getting a little bit ahead you can easily solo carry your team into victory.

What makes Kha Zix a Great Jungler:

  • Because of his isolation damage on his Q and heal on his W , Kha Zix has no problem in clearing the jungle camps
  • Catching enemies 1v1 is the Kha zix special. By counter jungling you can put a lot of preassure on the enemy jungler and easily get yourself ahead
  • His kit gives him the ability to gank early but also scale rapidly in the mid and late game, giving him the needed edge to carry your team

How to play Kha Zix as a jungler and effectively win Games:

  • You want to start your game by clearing the camps, making sure you use your Q isolation damage as often as possible
  • After clearing the camps you want to be proactive around the map. After getting a few kills or assists you become strong and should try to counter jungle and catch your enemy off guard
  • In the latest patch the best ability to evolve at lvl 6 is your R. It gives you longer stealth, more stealth stacks and by that-bigger damage by your passive and easier dodge opportunities
  • After getting a few kills you want to take the game into your own hands. Catching the enemy carries and quickly wiping them with R+E+Q+AA+W combo puts you so ahead that you will be able to kill anyone with ease
  • At lvl 11 you evolve your E (jump) and get bigger jump range and reset on kills and assists. That makes you a killing machine and gives you the real power to carry. Of course the build is full lethality+electrocute

Video guide on how to Pro Jungle with Kha Zix:

Video Guide on How to win more Games with Kha Zix

3. Nunu and Willump

Workshop Nunu & Willump

Nunu and Willump, a couple of winter friends but a tank  monsters that push the frontline and CC the entire enemy team while taking little damage themselves. Easy jungle clearing and a kit to gank early and put your allies ahead makes Nunu and Willump an extremely strong jungler(s).

What makes Nunu and Willump Great Jungler(s):

  • The jungle clear is very easy with the Q ability that deals tones of damage to natural monsters and healing back a big chunk of health
  • The mobility with W makes great ganks that enemies have low chance of dodgeing because of the massive hitbox
  • They have no problem in securing dragons and Baron Nashor with the Q+Smite combo that gives the enemies no chance in stealing them

How to play Nunu and Willump and effectively win Games:

  • Starting with Q makes your first jungle clear very fast and gives you chance to gank before your opponent
  • Make sure to get your allies ahead and build tank according to the enemy team damage (armour if mostly AD and Magic resist if AP)
  • Be Frontline. Nunu and Willump are incredibly tanky (especially with aftershock rune) and they make the enemy team suffer with lots of CC and a suprising amount of damage even if builded full tank
  • You are the  Dragon and Baron securer. Make sure to pair the true damage from your Q with Smite to 100% secure any jungle buff without your opponent having the chance to steal it
  • Try to stick to the enemy carries and make sure they dont have a chance to get past you and damage your team (stick with them by engaging with W and then slowing them with E+R)

Video guide on How to Pro Jungle with Nunu & Willump:

Video Guide on How to Play Nunu & Willump like a Pro

2. Ekko

The boy who shattered time

Being featured on „Worlds Picks To Watch 2019“ Ekko takes one of the top junglers in the latest patches. His incredible dive potential and massive damage puts Ekko on top of the League charts. With interesting mechanics, flashy plays and fun  gameplay Ekko might just be your next LP gain champion.

What makes Ekko a Great Jungler:

  • Getting buffs on his W Ekkos jungle clear is now more efficient and easier
  • With great ganking  potential and moveability  he can put his allies and himself ahead of the enemy team and take the game into his own hands
  • His damage is extremely good for a jungler and building full AP can make your enemies tremble before you

How to play Ekko jungle and effectively win Games:

  • Ekko is a very good jungler because he can gank early and late game. When ganking early game you want to throw your W where you think your opponent will run (or even flash) dont be afraid you will miss it
  • Dont be afraid to fight with Ekko. Build the Runic Echoes as fast as you can because that is where he gets his powerspike
  • At lvl 6 is where he as a jungler shines. You want to set up dives. If the enemy is half or lower HP you can easily dive in coordination with your laner. Throw W and go in(make sure you take the tower aggro first because it resets when you use your R) and make sure you R as late as possible because you get more of your health back
  • Building full AP makes Ekko extremely strong. You can kill enemy carries with only E+Q+AA (that procs your passive) and they are dead or close to being dead
  • Again, dont be afraid to go in with Ekko. By building Zohnyas Hourglass you are incredibly hard to kill but you deal imense amounts of damage. Go in, set up your W the best you can, stun the enemies, use Zohnyas then you can R and explode the opponents if they stand on top of you or just get back out of the fight


How to pro Jungle with Ekko:

Watch Broxah on how to play Ekko jungle Like a Pro

1. Jax

God Staff Jax

Everyone knows Jax, whether as a toplaner or a jungler he has always been one of the strongest champions to solo carry games if played correctly.

His kit is made for early ganks, but in late game he is one of the best duelists and splitpushers in the game.

What makes Jax a great jungler:

  • Easy jungle clears (Monsters cant AA you when you are using your E, AA reset on your W)
  • Very good early ganks with your Q+E
  • He is extremely good at counter jungling and as an opponent jungler, Jax is a champion to fear

How to play Jax jungle and effectively win Games:

  • You want to gank early (come from behind and start your E but dont use your Q imediately if you can walk up to them because if they use any gap closer you can follow them with Q)
  • If you dont know what to do after you cleared your jungle side-go counter jungle. You are an excelent duelist and not many junglers stand a chance against you with the power of your E ability
  • You want to scale, by building Trinity Force and Spear of Shojin you become a menace. With incredibly low cooldowns because of the Spear you can solo win the game with little to no help from your allies
  • If you get ahead you can build attack speed, damage and  burst items (sometimes even AP like Hextech gunblade) but if you fall behind make sure you build more tanky items (like Steraks and Randuins if the enemies crit a lot)
  • After you gain enough power – feel free to jump on the enemy  carries with your E+Q and then AA + W resets. Hitting them after your R procs your Spear of Shojin and makes your cooldowns incredibly low so you can fight as long as you want. If you learn to play Jax you will have no  problem in climbing elo and becoming a master player

How to pro jungle with Jax:

Video Guide on how to play Jax like a Korean Pro


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