[Top 10] LoL Most Evil Champions That Are Merciless!

League of Legends Most Evil Champions That Are Merciless!
This is so evil I might cut myself with the edge some of these champions have.

Ah yes, being evil is fun in almost every game especially in RPG games that give you multiple choices. That’s the beauty of video games, you can be evil with no real-life consequences, and it’s the same for League of Legends. You might not have different choices to pick from but what you do have is champions who are so evil they have slaughtered countless people for fun.

When you’re reading some of the lore of these champions they can be so brutal you might question yourself if they have been sent from the Warhammer 40K universe. Enough chit-chat let us list some of the evilest champions League of Legends can offer. 

10. Ahri

"Let me close summoner I won't do anything bad"

Ahri “The Nine-Tailed Fox” might seem all cute and innocent at a first glance and might even act friendly towards you but deep inside she wants to suck the soul out of your body. That’s who she is and she can’t control that.

In her lore, it states that she killed and ate her boyfriend which she loved dearly because she couldn’t control her inner emotions. Ahri will do that to everyone who comes even close to her smelling distance.

I mean every Ahri main looks and acts like they’re dead all the time and that’s probably because they’ve had their soul sucked out of them by Ahri and they’re forced to play her for all eternity. Because let’s be honest, who enjoys playing Ahri more than 5 games a day? 

What makes Ahri Merciless: 

  •  Killed and ate her own boyfriend because she couldn’t control her inner emotions. 
  • She can survive on eating normal food but chooses not to because humans are more delicious. 
  • Every Ahri main is dead inside. 

9. Twitch

"Crack-addicted rat!"

This is Twitch “The Plague Rat”. As his epiphytes says he carries the plague with him.  But that’s not all Twitch is also a psychopathic serial killer who murders people for fun and likes to take their money even though he has no use for it.

His main source of food is cheese but not any kind of cheese but moldy cheese that has been in the sun for days. The type of cheese that would give a normal human a heart attack. And the way Twitch murders people is by shooting them with his crossbow. The bolts of that crossbow melt any skin that comes in contact with it because the bolts have been infused with some kind of poison.

The poison is probably his piss let’s be real. Twitch is known to murder a whole fleet of poor workers for fun and then if anyone survives his crossbow he will throw his poison on them and watch them melt, one by one. 

What makes Twitch Merciless: 

  • Murders people for fun and steals their sweet shekels in the process. 
  • His crossbow bolts are infused with poison that melts any skin on impact. 
  • People who survive his crossbow get a face full of his piss thrown on them. 
  • He’s in love with moldy cheese. 

8. Warwick

"I can smell you"

Here we have an angry pouch called Warwick “The Blood Hunter” or better known as “The Hound Of The Underground”. Why is he the hound you might ask? Well, watch the first act of the arcane series and you’ll find out, I don’t want to spoil the series for you. What makes this puppy so merciless and evil is that he will kill anyone that’s bleeding.

No matter if that person is good or bad he will murder them in cold blood because he has no control over himself at all. Not only will he murder that poor person because they were bleeding oh no no no the way he kills people is just pure evil.

He will maul them to death and make them bleed out before he snaps their necks after they’ve suffered enough. The worst part about this is that Warwick thinks he’s doing a good deed for Zaun except he’s doing the complete opposite of helping. 

What makes Warwick Merciless:

  • A puppy who’s angry at the world. 
  • Maul people to death before snapping their necks. 
  • His enemies will suffer a horrible and painful death. 
  • He can’t control himself when he smells blood. 

7. Renekton

"All will suffer as I have!"

At a first glance, this might just seem like an angry crocodile but he’s much more than that. He’s the butcher of the sands who woke up from his sleep after his brother betrayed him. After waking up from his deep slumber Renekton “The Butcher Of The Sands” has only one thing on his mind and that’s revenge. Nothing will stop him from getting what he wants and wishes.

If anybody dares to even step in front of him they will be sliced and diced into tiny bite-sized pieces that Renekton will happily eat. At first, he was a normal ascended God but after he was imprisoned he went mad and now only follows Xerath as his one and true savior. 

What makes Renekton Merciless:

  • Will make the whole river blood red and filled with corpses if need be. 
  • Nothing can stop him from reaching his final goal. 
  • Wants to murder his brother for betraying him. 
  • The only thing on his mind is revenge. 

6. Viego

"I will destroy the whole world to find her!"

Now we have the guy who pretty much almost destroyed the whole world because his wife wouldn’t accept him. That guy is Viego “The Ruined King”. He simped for his wife so much that at the end of it all she just denied him. Now Viego sad and ruined roams the realm of the Shadow Isles searching for someone or something to love.

While he was on his brutal rampage he turned many people into mindless souls that obey every single one of his orders and he murdered half of Runeterra for fun and giggles. Everywhere he want he was carrying the black mist that would poison people and slowly turn them into mindless zombies, but people who were stronger were taken in and turned into something bigger and stronger. Almost every soul has a purpose for him. 

What makes Viego Merciless:

  • Murdered half of Runeterra for his wife that left him in the end. 
  • Turned most people into mindless zombies that obeyed every single one of his commands. 
  • People who were stronger were taken in and experimented upon. 

5. Karthus

"So many souls await me"

This guy is the epitome of death. This is Karthus “The Deathsinger”. He will lead lost souls to their paradise if your type of paradise is eternal pain and suffering. He will take souls out of anyone who doesn’t have the will to live or who doesn’t have enough faith in something. He will manipulate your soul and use it against you.

He guides a whole army of lost souls who just want to be set free from their suffering but instead, Karthus laughs in their faces while he does anything he wants with those souls. The way he traps souls is by singing and his voice alone tricks you into thinking into going the right way but little do you know what awaits you in your dark tormented future. 

What makes Karthus Merciless:

  • Torments any soul for all eternity. 
  • Tricks poor people who have no will to live or no faith into following him. 
  • Commands and conquers lands with the tormented soul while taking any poor souls that come across him. 
  • Controls a whole army of lost and tormented souls with his voice. 

4. Evelynn

"I love it when they scream"

Evelynn “Agony’s Embrace” is the demon of lust and preys on people who are trying to cheat on their wife or they’re looking for a quick one-night stand. When a poor person falls for Evelynn she will skin them alive as soon as they’re out of the sight of people as she likes to do her business in complete darkness.

Evelynn can also shapeshift her whole appearance in the lore to even trick more people into lusting over her. Your gender, sexuality, and so on don’t matter to this demon. All she cares about is skinning you alive and eating you bit by bit. She loves it when you resist and try to run from her because she knows you won’t succeed. The more you run the more fun it is for her. 

What makes Evelynn Merciless:

  • Skins people alive and eats them bit by bit. 
  • Loves to torture and trick people into lusting over her. 
  • Evelynn can change her whole appearance to please her poor victims. 
  • Running away from her makes it more fun. 

3. Aatrox

"I will end every soul that exists!"

Aatrox “The Darkin Blade” was created to fight against the impending danger of void. And fight he did alongside humanity side by side, brothers in arms until they betrayed him. Cast him down with the powerful light from the heavens in hopes of murdering him and imprisoning him.

They managed to strip his body and evaporate it with heaven’s light but his soul was in the blade. After the blade found a new host Aatrox woke up again and this time he brought hell upon humanity and those who betrayed him. Now Aatrox roams the Runeterra slaughtering armies and gods wherever he goes searching for a new host that can fully utilize his powers. 

What makes Aatrox Merciless:

  • The strongest warrior humanity had until they tried to kill him. 
  • Slaughtered millions of people in the name of justice. 
  • Roams Runeterra is in the search of a new host so he can unleash true hell. 

2. Fiddlesticks

"It's haunt us, it knows what we are afraid of"

Fiddlesticks “The Harbinger Of Doom” might be made out of sticks and his bones might fiddle but he brings terror into people whenever someone mutters his name. He prays on the emotion of someone’s deepest fears and uses it against them.

Fiddlesticks also can consume a person fully and then mimic his or her last words in a distorted pitch like they’re being tortured. Fiddlesticks is also the oldest demon. He exited before Runeterra was even colonized by people. He is a mythical legend that’s only believed to exist in stories and fairy tales so parents can scare their kids and send them to sleep. 

What makes Fiddlesticks Merciless:

  • Doesn’t care about your emotions all he wants is to gobble you up fully to eat you. 
  • Prays on your deepest fears. 
  • Oldest demon on Runeterra. 
  • Mimics the last words from his prey.

1. Singed

"How about a drink?"

This is the evilest and most gruesome person in all of Runeterra. His name is Singed “The Mad Chemist”. Singed loves experimenting on people and slowly dissolving their bodies in acid to see how they will react to pain.

Singed single-handedly has demolished a whole army in Ionia with his toxic gas, he has ruined Zaun and created multiple creatures such as Twitch and Warwick that wreak havoc onto the city. Singed has also turned his daughter into a soulless robot because he could not have her die on him. That robot is now a champion called Orianna. 

What makes Singed Merciless:

  • Loves experimenting on people and torturing them to see how they react to pain. 
  • Created multiple creatures that roam the city alleyways of Zaun and bring terror to anyone unfortunate enough to meet them. 
  • His toxic gas eliminated a whole army in Ionia. 
  • Turned his daughter into a robot. 

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