[Top 10] LoL Most Aggressive Champions (2022 Edition)

League of Legends Most Aggressive Champions!
These champions really show their teeth when it comes to being aggressive.

Let me start off this list with a question. Have you ever lost a lane so hard that you asked and questioned your sanity and your game sense? If you have that's because the enemy played aggressive champions and played to their strengths.

Today you'll learn about some of those champions and probably learn how to play that way. If you don’t intend on playing aggressively or even trying to play to the champion’s strengths then this list my friend isn’t for you at all. You can read some of my other articles that might suit your playstyle! Anyways enough about me blabbering around let’s get into the champions.

10. Pantheon

"Pick up your weapon and fight! Don't give up!"

First up on the list we have Pantheon “The Unbreakable Spear”t”. Once upon a time Pantheon used to be the great top laner everyone feared but as the game got updated he fell off and now he's in the support role. He brought the terror with him down to bot lane.

The main point of Pantheon is making sure that your ADC lives and the enemy is so afraid of you that they refuse to even CS. Don't worry this isn't hard to do as you simply have to do the basic combo which is W>Q>AA>E. I mean if you can't do that you might as well give up on playing champions and just play Yuumi. But if you don't have the chance to get close to your enemies you can always use your Q as a long-range poke.

You'll always have this ability up so make sure that you use it as much as possible. Oh and don't worry about going all in your E blocks all damage that's coming from the front. But if they get behind you well then your ass is theirs and that seems like a problem, not your ADC's.

What makes Pantheon Most Aggressive: 

  • He's able to go all in and give his all as soon he hits level 3. 
  • Able to block all incoming damage from the front with his E. 
  • Doesn't care about your well-being all he wants is blood on his spear. 
  • His spear is restless ;). 

9. Brand

"I will set the world on fire!"

Ah, Brand is probably one of my favorite supports to play simply because he can deal damage even if he's 0-10. A quick fact for you guys is that Brand used to be a mid laner until the AP mage support meta was born. Now Brand is stuck down as support with no way of playing him anywhere else.

Brand's personality is like his gameplay. He's a ruthless aggressive guy with daddy issues who wants to set the world on fire. When Brand gets in the range of his enemies you can expect him to roast you up some nice kills. Brand's aggressive playstyle is what makes him unique and a terror on the bot lane.

Same as with Pantheon you need to use all 3 of your abilities to your advantage. His combo goes like this E>Q>AA>W. Once you use all three abilities from your kit Brand will set his enemies on a ticking timer. Once the timer goes down they explode in a fiery blaze. You do the same thing in a team fight except you can use his R. The higher the level of this ability the more bounces it will do, the more bounces it does the more roasted kills for you and your team hopefully. 

What makes Brand Most Aggressive: 

  • Brand can start being aggressive as soon as he levels up his W. 
  • Hitting three abilities onto your enemies sets them on a ticking timer before they explode.
  • Brand's ultimate is known to break relationships apart by exploding them one by one. 
  • Fireman with daddy issues.

8.  Rakan

"I will do anything for the love of my life!"

Now we have Rakan, the ultimate playboy of League of Legends. Rakan is somewhat of a Mr. Steal your girl type of guy even though he’s in a relationship with Xayah but he doesn’t care. He’s a real chad. When it comes down to playing Rakan it’s quite relaxing.

At one moment you’ll be chilling and relaxing in your lane the next moment you’ll be jumping in and knocking out your enemy cold with your W. Rakan also has a huge dash ability from his E and he can heal his ADC with his Q. So you’d want to play Rakan aggressively to poke the enemy and heal your ADC in the process if they took any damage during the fight.

When you want to go in with Rakan make sure that you hit your W and then press your R key to charm them with your beauty while making sure that your ADC has no problem surviving on their own for a bit. 

What makes Rakan Most Aggressive:

  • Pretty relaxing to play while also being aggressive during the laning phase. 
  • Can charm anyone and everything that exists on the rift with his beauty by pressing a simple button. 
  • Knocks up people with his tail knocking them out cold. 
  • Able to heal his ADC while damaging the enemy. 

7. Garen

"Demacia I will not give up!"

Here we are at a champion so bland but aggressive during the lane. Garen is one of the easiest champions you could learn in League of Legends and get good with him in no time. All you have to do during the laning phase is press Q, bonk your enemies and then press E to spin like a helicopter while standing on top of them.

That’s all you have to do with Garen. Even your grandma could do it if you taught her the right way of Garen. You can spice up that combo a bit when you get to level 6 and that’s by pressing your R key that summons a giant sword in the sky that executes your opponents and gives you a cool screen effect. 

What makes Garen Most Aggressive: 

  • Your main ability will be your Q, to either last hit or bonk your enemy. 
  • Once they’re close to you, spin on them with your E. 
  • Spice up your gameplay a bit by pressing the R key when the enemy is low HP.

6. Jayce

"Strenght through progress."

Now we have the creator of hextech Jayce himself. This guy was OP in the show for no reason but he’s more broken in the game. Why’s he broken? Well, he has 6 abilities to harass you during the laning phase.

As Jayce, your main point is getting all of your 6 abilities available to you which is doable when you hit level 3. At level 3 you have two options either play as a ranged champion or play as a melee. If you’re playing as a ranged you can poke them from a long distance but if you’re melee they’ll also be evaporated and turned into dust.

Jayce is aggressive during his ranged form as the enemy has no real chance of getting close to him without a dash or using their flash, but even if they do he can kick them away from him with one of his melee abilities. 

What makes Jayce Most Aggressive: 

  • Has two forms to use during the laning phase, either ranged or melee. 
  • Ranged is used to poke an enemy who’s far away and then close the gap with your melee form to eliminate them. 
  • If the enemy gets too close you can kick them off your neck by blasting them away with your huge hammer and then mowing them down with your blaster. 

5. Talon

"Live and die by the blade!"

Now we have an assassin mid laner turned jungler for no apparent reason because of Riot saying why not. They might think it’s some kind of funny joke or meme to do this to us poor ADC mains.

I hope they’re laughing in their chair at the moment because they created a monster. If you ever played assassin’s creed you’ll know how to play Talon and that’s by jumping over walls and punishing any enemy laner that overextended.

You’ll be their terror in their nightmares when they go to sleep. The enemy will never know peace while you roam the map searching for their blood. The way to be aggressive with Talon is to always have the enemy team on edge. Not knowing when you’ll strike or when you’ll appear over a wall sends shivers down their spines. 

What makes Talon Most Aggressive: 

  • The unknown factor when you’ll strike brings fear to your opponents. 
  • Talon can jump over walls anytime he wishes, no matter which one it is as long as it’s a hard surface. 
  • Can make his opponents bleed out to death if Talon successfully strikes the target 3 times in a row. With either abilities or auto-attacks. 

4. Hecarim

"Stampede over them!"

The main character of “My Little Pony” Hecarim the terror of the shadow isles. He was once a normal human being then he decided to drug himself and he turned into a horse that chases lost souls. Hecarim is another jungler champion whose main point is to be fast and to stop over your helpless body as he drains your soul.

As Hecarim you’ll primarily be using your Q to spin it over your head and slice anyone that’s around you into pieces. Not to mention that it’s relatively easy to gank with Hecarim. You get a running start from your river, gain a lot of movement speed, and then run over anyone that’s over-extending from the enemy team. If the bush isn’t warded you’re going to guarantee yourself a kill 99% of the time.  

What makes Hecarim Most Aggressive: 

  • He’s a fast little pony that runs over the enemy and then slices them up with his Q. 
  • The more movement speed you have the more damage you’ll deal. 
  • The pure anger that comes out of Hecarim while he’s charging up to run at the speed of light makes him a perfect candidate for this list. 

3. Kha’Zix

"Prey, evolve and hunt them all down!"

Ah yes, the grasshopper Kha’Zix. Another bug that comes from the jungle but he can hop and jump around like a grasshopper. You see playing Kha’Zix doesn’t require some serious brainpower. You just need a basic understanding of how assassins work and how to deal with being one-shotted. Once you have that sorted out and in check, you’ll be good.

Being aggressive when playing this bug is simply waiting in a bush until some poor soul comes so you can kill them. Another way of being an aggressive player with Kha’Zix is putting some serious pressure on other lanes. There’s something unique about Kha’Zix and that’s the fact he can evolve any of his abilities into something more powerful. You get an evolve point each time you hit levels 6,11, and 18. 

What makes Kha’Zix Most Aggressive: 

  • Able to hop under an enemy turret, assassinate a poor lost soul and hop out again like nothing ever happened. 
  • Gets an evolve point on levels 6,11 and 18 which makes his abilities stronger. 
  • Finding isolated enemies is your main priority as you deal extra damage to them. 
  • Hippity hoppity you’re his property. 

2. Wukong

"Monkey business!"

Wukong is the king of all monkeys. You’ve seen this character a thousand times in other games but never quite like this. Even in his real-life mythology Wukong is known to be a bit of a nuisance and an aggressive monkey that wants his bananas back and he’s like that in League of Legends.

Wukong is primarily played on top-lane but rarely can sometimes be seen monkeying around the mid-lane. As soon as you spawn in the game you’ll want to establish dominance over your enemies with your Q. As that ability is an empowered auto-attack that deals extra spicy damage.

For his other abilities, Wukong can dash to an enemy or he can spawn a clone that can hit targets while the real Wukong is invisible somewhere around. With his ultimate ability Wukong starts spinning his staff around knocking everyone up. 

What makes Wukong Most Aggressive: 

  • Has an empowered attack and slaps you with his massive stick. 
  • Dashes towards you with 3 other monkeys in his group. 
  • Spawns a clone that slaps people if they’re in its range while the real Wukong is somewhere invisible. 

1. Vex

"Hah imagine dying normie!"

Now we have the depressing champion most of the League of Legends community can relate to and that’s Vex. No matter what Vex does she will always be unhappy with her life and nothing can fulfill the empty void that’s in her heart and soul.

As Vex you need to assert your dominance over the enemy by being more aggressive than them. That’s fairly simple to do as Vex is the number one counter pick for any mobile champion in the game. Anything that has a dash or a hop gets countered by Vex. She can also fear people when her passive meter fills up, which is useful if the enemy gets close or if you want to catch someone off guard.

Vex also has a long rage dash from her ultimate ability in which she launches her shadow at an enemy, once the enemy has been marked Vex dashes towards them killing them and calling them a normie for dying. 

What makes Vex Most Aggressive: 

  • Counters any mobile champion in the game. 
  • Vex can fear people with her abilities. 
  • Long ranged dash from her ultimate ability. 
  • Call you a normie for dying. 

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