[TOP 10] LOL Best Late Game Champions That Wreck Hard

LOL Best Late Game Champions
Jinx is about to... get excited!

10. Jinx

Jinx is a late-game hyper-carry that makes her home in the bottom lane. In the early game she’s a bit weak, but once she purchases her 3rd item, Jinx is all systems go. Her area of effect teamfight damage and ability to shred tanks, towers, objectives, and anything else with an HP bar with massive attack speed boosts and critical strikes can carry any team through the late game if she’s protected well. 

So what makes Jinx so good in the late game?

  • Jinx can solo-win teamfights with her giant area of effect damage an ultimate, as well as her bonus movement speed on kills. This allows one kill to multiply her ability to both kite and secure kills, so as the teamfight goes on she becomes significantly more dangerous. 
  • Jinx Shreds objectives like dragon, baron, and towers once she gets a few items. This allows her team to take them quickly and safely, piling up a lead without ever having to fight. Be sure to use the pow-pow minigun when taking objectives. 
  • Jinx is solid in tower siege situations, which come up often late game. She’s no Caitlyn, but with her extended auto range on her fishbones rocket launcher, as well as a Rapid Fire Cannon auto-attack here and there, she can attack towers from relative safety, whittling down the enemies base until they’re forced to fight. 

Jinx in action:

9. Nasus

The Curator of the Sands

Nasus is a top lane tank and fighter who can scale infinitely into the late game. This is because of his ability to stack the damage of his Siphoning Strike (Q) infinitely. This empowered auto attack allows Nasus to chunk his enemies, take towers with ease, and crush minion waves only further increasing its damage. This makes him a deadly, permanently scaling snowball ball of death that can single-handedly win games.

What makes Nasus’s late-game great?

  • Siphoning Strike (Q) allows Nasus awesome one-vs-one potential, but can also one or two-shot squishy champions of Nasus is allowed to farm uninhibited. This makes him a solid, though not incredible team fighter on top of being an amazing duelist, allowing him a versatile and multi-faceted play style into the late game, especially when combined with unsealed spellbook.
  • Nasus’s Siphoning Strike (Q) pushes down towers very quickly. This allows Nasus to push side lanes in the late game very quickly, applying major pressure by threatening objectives. In the late game, this pressure can be used to force far away objectives such as opposite lane inhibitors, baron, and dragon, which can help force a win.
  • Nasus doesn’t need to build any more than one damage item (a sheen item) to keep his damage relevant in the late game. This allows him to become exceptionally hard to kill using his ultimate as well as tank items. This tankiness allows Nasus to get multiple Siphoning Strikes (Q) off to damage down enemies and keep himself alive utilizing his passive life steal. 

Godzu’s Nasus crushing enemies: 

8. Twitch

Twitch is a late-game team fighting hypercarry that excels when positioned safely but effectively to pump out massive damage. He can also, using his Ambush (Q) to come out of invisibility and assassinate targets in a few quick auto attacks, giving him another late-game playstyle and advantage. 

How to put Twitch to good use late game

  • Twitch’s late-game greatness comes mostly from his ultimate, Spray and Pray. This ability allows Twitch to be among the highest DPS champions in the game once he gets a few items. This is because of his passive poison, Contaminate (E), and critical strikes that can all hit multiple targets. 
  • Twitch’s invisibility via his Ambush (Q) is invaluable in the late game. It allows him to position safely and angle himself properly to hit multiple enemies or to disappear from fights going poorly and live to fight another day. With the long death timers late game, the latter can save a game that’s otherwise doomed.
  • Twitch can build items like Blade of the Ruined King and Muramana, which scale extremely well into the late game, as well as a more standard critical strike and attack speed build. This versatility allows Twitch to itemize properly in any late-game situation, molding himself to properly fit the current game state and stay effective at all times. 

Famous Twitch Player RatIRL’s video montage: 

7. Cassiopeia 

Cassiopeia is a control mage and hypercarry who is played in the mid-lane. She is exceptional in the late game for a number of reasons. Her damage, crowd control, and utility all scale well into the late game, due to their relevance in team fights and the ability to help her teammates as well. 

How to utilize Cassiopeia’s late-game, and why it’s good. 

  • Cassiopeia’s damage is out of this world after she gets some items. This is due to her kit, as her poisons reset the cooldown of her Twin Fang (E). This reset allows the high damage spell to function as an AD carry’s auto-attack would, shredding enemy tanks and squishies alike. This is only helped by her build, which includes items that improve over time like Seraph’s Embrace and Rod of Ages. 
  • Cassiopeia’s build includes an extra damage item, providing an extra item’s worth of damage stats, providing an extra bump of damage to her in the late game. This is because she can not build boots (because snakes have no legs; get it?) An extra damage item can help a lot in late-game teamfights, especially once the enemy has built their magic resist items to counter you.
  • Cassiopeia has an area of effect stun and slow as an ultimate, as well as her Miasma (W) which stops movement abilities that enemy champions cast. This utility keeps Cassiopeia and her teammates safe in crucial late-game teamfights, and the sizes of her area of effect abilities are perfect for tight chokepoints like dragon and baron pit. 

A great quick example of Cass’s late-game damage: 

6. Veigar

The Tiny Master of Evil

Veigar is a control mage who makes his home in the mid lane, infinitely scaling his AP and using his massive burst to one-shot his enemies. His area of effect crowd control, long-range, and insane burst make him a perfect candidate for players looking for a great late-game mage to take to the rift. 

Veigar’s late-game in a nutshell

  • Veigar’s Baleful Strike (Q) increases his ability power by a set amount every time he kills a minion. This infinitely scaling mechanic allows Veigar to carry his damage very effectively into the late game, and eventually be able to burst down any target if the game goes on long enough. 
  • Veigar can catch enemies out and peel for himself and allies with his Event Horizon (E), an area of effect ability that stuns along its edges. This crowd control is invaluable to a bursty champion like Veigar, as an enemy is stunned for even a moment all of his damage can land, instantly evaporating their health bar, turning a teamfight into a 4v5 immediately. 
  • Veigar’s ultimate, Primordial Burst (R), has both an extremely high AP ratio as well as an execute function, dealing more damage to low health enemies. This ability essentially functions as a kill button, and after stacking enough Baleful Strikes (Q) can be a one-button win condition for any teamfight. 
  • Veigar’s abilities are all of moderate to high range, meaning he is able to zone enemies off of towers his team is sieging, or dragons and barons his team means to take. 

ProTV’s Veigar one-shot compilation: 

5. Vayne 

The Night Hunter 

Vayne is a hypercarry marksman who deals percent health true damage on her auto attacks, allowing her to quickly dispatch enemy tanks, assassins, and carries with ease in both teamfights and in duels. As one of the highest single-target DPS champions in the game, it’s easy to see why Vayne is so strong when the late game comes around. 

Vayne Tips and Tricks

  • Vayne’s Silver Bolts (W) do percent maximum HP true damage, and her Tumble (Q) reset her auto-attack timer and increases her damage. When you add a Guinsoo’s Rageblade on top of this to increase the frequency of her on-hit effects, the damage stacks up very quickly. 
  • Cast Condemn (E) and then flash to change your angle. This will make it more difficult for your opponents to avoid it. If you flash directly after the cast, but before the projectile hits the enemy, you’ll be able to push enemies into walls they don’t expect to be pushed into, stunning them and killing them before they can react. 
  • This is a niche tip, but use terrain your team creates, such as Taliyah ultimate, Jarvan IV ultimate, and Anivia wall to get free stuns on your enemies. You can do this with enemy created terrain as well, and although this is harder, it’s also twice as fun!
  • Play team fight’s “front to back.” This means to deal with tanks and bruisers upfront before taking on enemies in the back. It might seem fun to Tumble (Q) through the enemy team using the invisibility to focus down squishies and rack up kills, but you will often die doing this. It is one of the most common mistakes Vayne players make and even has a nickname (Vayne-spotting!)

Another Godzu Video, this time showing off his Vayne play: 

4. Ornn 

The Fire Below the Mountain

Ornn is a mega-tank who’s durability, crowd control, surprisingly high damage, and special items make him an absolute force to be reckoned with once the game goes late. His presence in teamfights is without question as he not only affects his enemies directly with all of his own abilities but can help his allies with bonus items as well.

What makes Ornn so good late game?

  • Ornn can build special items that give extra bonuses. This allows Ornn and his allies alike a way to exceed the normal limits of their build paths. 
  • Ornn’s Ultimate, Call of the Forge God (R), can knock up multiple enemies in a wide line. This ability is devastating in teamfights, and a well-landed cast can turn a game around by letting Ornn’s allies follow up with their damage effectively. 
  • Ornn becomes unfathomably tanky towards the end of the game. This is because his damage stays relevant due to his innate percent health damage and his Sunfire Cape. This allows Ornn to build all tank items and stay relevant into the late game, making him extremely hard to kill once you’ve itemized properly against the enemy (and then made those tank items even better than every other tank in the game). 

A great compilation of Ornn plays: 

3. Zac 

The Secret Weapon

Zac is another mega-tank that uses his extreme durability, healing, and crowd control to dominate in skirmishes and teamfights, bouncing around and disrupting his enemies, peeling for his allies, and even dealing some damage along the way. 

How to take advantage of Zac’s late game

  • Build a Spirit Visage. Unless the enemy team composition has a ton of AD damage, a Spirit Visage is an absolute must. It gives both health and MR, both benefiting Zac greatly, and the healing amplification helps with his blob healing a great deal as well.
  • Engage from the fog of war. Zac’s range allows him to take the enemy team by surprise. By launching himself over walls from outside the enemy’s vision, you can disrupt them greatly with your crowd control, all the while they try to kill you even though your massive health bar barely budges. This is a crucial thing to master when playing Zac. 
  • Use Zac’s ultimate, his Stretching Strikes (Q), and his Elastic Slingshot (E), are all very disruptive. Keep a close eye on the game state to see if you should use these abilities to attack squishies, or to peel for your allies. Are you fed? Did you build some damage items? Is there a fed carry on your team or on the enemy team? Making proper split-second teamfight decisions will help you win many games in their final moments. 

A Zac one-trick showing off his stuff: 

2. Jax

Grandmaster at arms

Jax is a bruiser and duelist that scales very well into the late game based on his Blade of the Ruined King and Trinity Force build, his massive auto-attack damage, and his crowd control and utility. His versatility and multi-faceted playstyle give him a lot of opportunities to carry long games in a number of different ways, allowing for Jax players to find easy paths to victories where other champs might fail. 

Why is Jax such an amazing late-game champ?

  • Jax’s expensive build pays off big time as time ticks away. These items, such as Blade of the Ruined King and Trinity Force let Jax quietly gain high stats, eventually becoming a monster once his kit’s innate auto-attack damage is added on top of the on-hit effects of these items. 
  • Like Nasus, Jax is an excellent duelist and split-pusher, allowing him to apply a ton of pressure by downing towers, pushing waves, and crushing objectives quickly with his auto attacks, all without killing a single enemy champion (if Jax pleases). 
  • Jax is a great team fighter as well. His gap-closing Leap Strike (Q) and his auto attack dodging Counter Strike (E) as well as his Ultimate, Grandmaster’s Might, all allow Jax to get on top of and stick to an enemy carry, crush them quickly, and survive while doing it. 

Some great early into late-game Jax play from DragonProf:


The Rift Walker

Kassadin is a late-game hyper-carry assassin who has both extreme burst damage and extreme mobility, allowing him to dip in and out of fights and one-shotting damage with ease. A true hit 16 and win champion, Kassadin gives more late-game power than any other champion in the game. 

Kassadin’s late-game explained

  • Kassadin’s mobility comes from his ultimate, Riftwalk (R). This ability allows Kassadin to move around the map very quickly, which is important when crucial fights can break out at any moment in the late-game. 
  • Kassadin’s burst is ridiculous in the late game. His damage is exceptionally high, due to high AP ratios and a build conducive to dealing damage later in the game. 
  • Build Tear of the Goddess into Archangel’s Staff. This extra damage, extra mana, and shield allow Kassadin to keep spamming his Riftwalk (R) into the enemy team, deal his burst damage, and dip out of the fight quickly and safely, with the mana to do so. 
  • Kassadin’s Riftwalk (R) has a stacking mana cost and damage, so every cast doubles each of these. This double-edged sword allows properly itemized and skilled Kassadin players to crush enemy health bars with exponential damage spikes that no other champion has access to. 

League of Legends ProTV Kassadin Montage

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