LoL Best Sona Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Sona Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Sona Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Sona Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
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Believe it or not, after you’ve been looking at the same champion for hundreds of hours you’re going to get bored of the same old look. So why not spice it up and change that look? Bring something new and fresh to the table. Today we’ll be helping out Sona players and listing the best skins you can acquire for the champion. I will list all the champion’s skins from the worst to the best ones so let’s get into the list! 

13. Original Sona (Ok)

Let’s start with the basic skin for Sona. Everyone knows what our favorite mute champion looks like. Also, a fun fact is that Sona is the only mute champion in the whole game and only the player can hear her. Everybody else only hears her music. Her basic skin has a unique look. Her blue dress has a lot of detail on it which is surprising because she was one of the earliest champions released for the game. So having that much detail on her basic skin is quite impressive, good job Rito. 

How To Get Original Sona:

You can acquire this skin by buying the champion for 3150 BE or 790 RP or 7$. 

12. Guqin Sona (Ok)

For the first skin on this list, we have the Guqin Sona that was released during the lunar event period. This is a cute skin but sadly the dress that she wears is big and can throw you off when dodging abilities. It does come with different chromas, new voice lines, and new VFX. The major difference between the Guqin and the original Sona is that now she wears a red dress. 

How To Get Guqin Sona: 

You can buy this skin for 975 RP or 8$ in the League of Legends store. 

11. Arcade Sona (Ok)

If you’ve read my previous articles on skins you’d know that I usually put Arcade skins at a high spot but sadly I can’t do that with Sona. The sound and VFX sound weird and overall the skin isn’t that good. The skin gives off the vibe that it was made quickly just because she’s a popular champion. This is sad because the other arcade skins turned out well. But the skin does come with some new animations and colors. So it might be your vibe to give it a shot. 

How To Get Arcade Sona:

You can buy this skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the skin shop. 

10.  Silent Night Sona (Ok)

One of the classic skins for Sona that was released for the Christmas period. This skin was released silently in 2010 and it was a hit among Sona players. They loved this skin and it’s even being used today. It does not come with anything new or revolutionary but the esthetics of the skin just bring joy to people which is more than enough for it to be an amazing skin.  

How To Get Silent Night Sona:

You can only get this skin during the Christmas period for 520 RP or 5$. If you don’t want to wait that long you can always try your luck gambling. 

9. Muse Sona (Ok)

Since Sona is all about inspiration and stuff, how about we turn her into a Greek Goddess? And that’s what Riot Games did. It was not a bad choice to do that and I quite enjoy using this skin from time to time. I have no idea which Greek Goddess she’s supposed to be but she is one. When it comes to the skin it doesn’t come with anything unique except the fact that she wears a white dress. It does suit her character. 

How To Get Muse Sona:

You can only get this skin from chests since it’s a legacy. 

8. Sweetheart Sona (Average)

As you might have guessed this skin was released for Valentine's Day for all of us who play League of Legends during the love season. This skin comes with everything brand new. New quotes, animations, hell Riot Games even went out of their way to add a new recall animation. The whole vibe of the skin is meant to portray love and it does its job. Sona wears a pink dress with heart details. The artwork of the skin is phenomenal and stunning. The only thing that it lacks is a smaller model to give you that advantage over the enemies. 

How To Get Sweetheart Sona:

You can obtain this skin for 975 RP or 8$ during Valentine's Day only. 

7. Crystal Rose Sona (Average)

This is a stunning skin they have released for the champion, the only downside to it is that it’s on mobile. The purple hair with the white dress and gold details is amazing. I hope one day Riot Games ports the skin over to League on PC, but I don’t have high hopes for that. The skin does have a smaller model than the original and it can give you a bit of an advantage on your phone. Sometimes people will underestimate you while using this skin and miss their shot completely allowing you to escape and call your homies to help you out. 

How To Get Crystal Rose Sona:

You can get this skin in the store for League of Legends Wild Rift for 12$. 

6. Pentakill Sona (Average)

This was a huge surprise when it got released. Nobody expected Sona to be rocking on with one of the most metal bands in the League of Legends universe. It was quite the change for the champion and everyone loved it. Once you equip this skin there is no turning back. You’ll open up a whole new world for yourself. You will never see Sona the same way as you did before. This skin turns Sona from a loving and inspirational champion into someone who loves pain and suffering. I am completely for it! 

How To Get Pentakill Sona:

You can buy this skin right now for 975 RP or 8$ in the League of Legends skin store.

5. Star Guardian Sona (Good)

The newly released skin for Sona and I am not a fan of it. This whole new Star Guardian look has failed. It is way too anime for its own good. League of Legends is not an anime game so stop forcing it Riot. The skin looks amazing and the effects can blind you to how good they are. The thing that this skin is lacking is sounds. There is no power behind her abilities. Whenever you are casting an ability it sounds like you’re punching a teddy bear. Does that sound powerful to you? Exactly it doesn’t. 

How To Get Star Guardian Sona:

You can obtain this skin in the League of Legends skin shop for 1350 RP or 10$. 

4. Odyssey Sona (Good)

If you want a skin that shows power then Odyssey Sona is for you. I mean with this skin Sona is holding the whole universe inside of her hands. What more do you want? The quality of this skin will deceive you. The skin came out way back in 2018 but it doesn’t seem like that when you’re using it. The animations, auto-attacks everything seems so perfect and smooth. The only downside is the effects that extend outwards. Sometimes it can throw you off because it certainly throws me off. 

How To Get Odyssey Sona:

Go get yourself this skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the League of Legends skin shop. 

3. Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona (Excellent)

As you may know, Pentakill has three chapters. In the first chapter, Sona wasn’t sure if she belonged there but in chapter 3 she fully embraces it. The dark make-up, the dress, her voice everything is so well put together. I am happy that Riot Games went this way for the champion and fully realized the metal vibe. They didn’t turn her into an anime character. This skin comes with brand new animations, SFX, new songs, and different chromas so you never get bored of this skin. 

How To Get Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Sona:

You can get this skin in the League of Legends skin shop for 1350 RP or 10$ if you have spare cash laying around. 

2. PsyOps Sona (Excellent)

Having been rescued by her teammates, Sona realizes what she must become to save the world. This is the special ops skin-line. Their whole mission is to neutralize the enemies. Nobody knew that Sona would be this powerful until she turned up her bass. This is the only legendary skin that the champion has and it comes with different and unique effects. The skin comes with different transformation phases which are always unique and cool to look at. 

How To Get PsyOps Sona:

Make your way to the League of Legends skin store and buy the skin for 1820 RP or 15$. 

1. DJ Sona (Best)

My all-time favorite skin has to be the DJ Sona. She was blessed by Riot Games and has been given ultimate skin. Champions who get ultimate skins are completely changed. They feel like brand new champions. That is the case with Sona as well. This skin changes everything. Every single thing that you can imagine about her has changed. Yes, that includes even her floating animation. The best part of this skin is that you can play music for your teammates. Of course, if they don’t disable that is. This skin also comes in three different forms which are; Ethereal, Kinetic, and Concussive. All of these forms have their unique music and animations. No form is alike. 

How To Get DJ Sona:

To acquire the best Sona skin you’ll need to make your way to the League of Legends skin shop and spend 3250 RP or 25$. 

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