[Top 5] LOL Gamemode Events That Players Love

[Top 5] LOL Gamemode Events That Players Love
Bring these back Rito!

Since the dawn of time and the creation of League of Legends there were multiple ways you could enjoy it. Everyone could either hop into a normal match or go into ranked or maybe into a custom game mode event if it was live. As time passed Rito Games became even larger and we got even bigger events with great skins!

Since then everyone expects from Riot Games to give us great and unique game mode events that we love. Just a few weeks back they announced a brand new game mode event that’s going to be coming out in summer. I am really excited about that one. But until that game mode event comes out let’s take a look at the past and reminisce about the good old days. And what better way to do that than to list them! With that let’s get into the article!


5. Dark Star: Singularity Of The Dark Star Event

See Dark Star: Singularity In Action (Video By Redmercy): 

Just reminiscing about this event makes me want to make a time machine and turn the time when you could play it. This game mode event was quite amazing and a fun way to pass the time quickly. In this event everyone played Thresh. The matches didn’t last long and all you had to do was yeet the enemy team into the black hole that was in the center of the map. That was the only way to score points. 

The way that you could yeet people was simple really. You either hook them with the Q “Death Sentence” or push them in with E “Flay”. As simple as it sounds it was quite hard to do and that’s where the fun came from. There was 0 gravity so everyone would be thrown around like a tennis ball. The gamemode event even came with a brand new map called the “Cosmic Ruins”. Riot Games please bring this one back so we can yeet each other into a black hole once again!


4. One For All Of The Anima Squad Event

See One For All In Action (Video By Protatomonster):

I damn love this game mode event and so should you. What’s not fun about having everyone play the exact same champion in your team and maybe in the enemy team if they pick it? Just think of how much mindless fun you’ll have! When it comes to the “One For All” gamemode event everyone plays the exact same champion. 

There are also debuffs and buffs to some champions so that everyone is more or less at the exact same strength level but let’s be real we’re talking about Riot Games here. Of course some champions are going to be stronger than the rest. Just imagine what you can do if everyone in your team goes a full tank Mundo against a team of tiny ADCs. They can’t even put a dent into your health bar! And the best part about this gamemode event is that it comes back around each year. 


3. Ultimate Spellbook Of Steel Valkyries Event

See Ultimate Spellbook In Action (Video By Sara LoL):

The guy who designed this masterpiece of an event should definitely get a raise! The last time that I truly had a fun time playing League of Legends with my choombas was when they re-introduced this game mode to League. The gamemode is really simple to understand. Every time  you spawn into the match you’ll be presented with an option to choose between one of four ultimate abilities. 

Now depending on your champion and your luck you can either get a bad combination or you can get something really crazy. Like Yasuo with Malphite’s ultimate ability. And the best part of that crazy combination is just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless combinations that you can make with different champions and no match will ever feel the same. Riot Games also made sure that the event is taken lightly and not seriously so every match lasts around 20 minutes. 


2. Nexus Blitz Of Spirit Blossom Event 2020

See Nexus Blitz In Action (Video By TC Zwag):

Riot Games may have taken away “Twisted Treeline” from us but they gave us a better version of it, with many changes and mini events that can take place while playing. Some of those mini events consist of King Of The Hill, Push The Cart, Prize Fight, Scuttle Racing and so on. And by winning the random mini event the winning team would get a random buff that would allow them to stomp the enemy team quicker. 

Alongside those buffs both teams would also get their cooldowns heavily reduced and have their base mana regeneration buffed. As you can tell this gamemode event was packed to the brim with exciting new content that many players and myself enjoyed a lot. The game mode also introduced a new map that resembles the face of the bomber Ziggs, which just perfectly describes it. The only bad part about this gamemode event is that it ended and nobody has had a chance to play it again since 2020.  


1. Ultra Rapid Fire Of The Spirit Blossom 2020 Event

See Ultra Rapid Fire In Action (Video By League Of Fails):

And for the best gamemode event in League of Legends that’s currently live and available to play is URF or ultra rapid fire. I have no idea why you’re still reading this while this gamemode event is live. If somebody asked you what it means to turn off your brain and play on auto-pilot you just have to introduce them to URF and they will understand everything. While playing a match of URF the only thing that you have to worry about is making sure that the keys from your keyboard don’t fly off because of the amount of clicking you’ll be doing. 

Since every champion has reduced cooldowns and an unlimited mana pool you already know things are going to get wild as URF was never meant to be fair or balanced. It's all about creating the most broken build and having fun with your friends. The gamemode event is played on the standard Summoner’s Rift map that was just colored golden. But if for a second you thought that there were any rules in URF you’d be dead wrong as the only rule here is that there are no rules. Its just mindless fun!


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