LoL Best Senna Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome (All Senna Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

Senna LoL cinematic extract

Are you having trouble deciding how to spend your RP? I got your back. Worry no more because I’m bringing just what you need.

Senna the Sentinel was introduced in the League of Legends Universe back in 2013 as Lucian's wife. According to her story, she was cursed by the mist which brought terror to her life. She is a fierce character who was killed by the wraith Thresh and absorbed into his lantern. Her soul survived the darkness inside the lantern and learned how to use the mist in her favor. Lucian fought to bring her back and so it happened, she was reborn with all of the knowledge and power collected during her death. She now is the Redeemer, who sets free the souls corrupted by the mist.

It's been almost three years since she was released on the summoner's rift as one of the strongest supports the game has. She has proven to be an excellent heroine to pick up as a main. Have no doubts you’ll be able to carry a whole game with the mighty Senna. If you were already thinking about it, here's a list of all her skins for you to shine in the summoner's rift with her best outfits.


6. Lunar Eclipse

Skin spotlight: 

This is an Epic skin that was released on the 28th of April, 2022 with a Prestige Edition and 8 chromas.

Although it's not a bad skin, it looks a little bit off.  The concept itself is not particularly good for Senna. The animations seem to have been done in a rush. Passive feels weird. Especially if we consider this skin was released after High Noon and it costs the same as True Damage which are by far better. Her model looks dope anyways, but not True damage dope. Also, the splash art could be better.

How to get Lunar Eclipse Senna: it's available in the game clients' store for 1350 RP.

Vayne vibes?


5. Lunar Eclipse Prestige Edition

Skin Spotlight: 

Released on the 27th of April, 2022, this second Prestige skin for Senna has some interesting facts. First of all, it is the first time Riot has decided to change the entire splash art for a Prestige skin and not only the colors in it. Secondly, it was only available for two weeks during the Eclipse event. Quite unfair for those who liked this one. And last but not least, the animation effects look much similar to True Damage Prestige Edition.

This one is a great skin, I would recommend you to buy it if you can.


How to get Lunar Eclipse Senna Prestige Edition: As every Prestige skin, it's no longer available in the game mythic store, all you can do is just wait for it to be brought up again. It was available for 125 mythic essence.

Purple is always good.


4. True Damage Senna

Skin spotlight: 

This skin was released in November 2019, together with Senna itself. It's her very first skin and although it's the worst from the true damage set, it's still a very cool skin, especially for her voice lines. My favorite one is from her recall which goes like this: "Thresh Records only had soul when it had mine". Visual and sound effects are quite nice. If you liked Giants by True Damage you'll probably enjoy this skin. It is a fact that, as the lead singer of the band, we all expected a better-designed skin, this one seems effortless in comparison with the rest of the group. But it pays with the Prestige Edition. For collection purposes, I'll definitely buy it. 


How to get True Damage Senna: it's available in the game client's store for 944 RP with the -30% of discount. The regular price is 1350 RP as every Epic skin.

I love how the hands illustration.


3. PROJECT: Senna

Skin spotlight: 

One of the favorite skin lines of League of Legends players, it was released on the 27th of May, 2021. 

Project Senna is purple. Project Senna has white hair. Project Senna is in a robotic suit and a great splash art.

The gameplay feels smooth, her abilities look decent and the auto attack is comfortable. For an epic skin, it's worth its price. The only thing that could be considered an issue is that after spamming the skin it might be a little bit boring. But overall it gives the futuristic overwatch vibes.

Have you tried playing it with PROJECT: Vayne or PROJECT: Lucian? If not, you should! It's a holly experience.


How to get PROJECT: Senna: it is available in the game client's store for 1350 RP.



2. True Damage Prestige Edition

Skin Spotlight: 

She does get cool skins that suit her cool walking, we can't argue that.

Released on the 4th of February of 2020, this exceptionally beautiful skin offers an amazing experience for those who love Senna, everything it's just perfect. Her outfit is stunning- called the "Loui Vuitton" version of True Damage among the community, it does give that fancy feeling. Her gun with the golden color palette it's a dream, and oh my, the visual and sound effects are so smooth and luxurious. No complaints about this one. It's just perfect.

If you're willing to wait for it, it's totally worth it, you will feel the prestige in it I can assure you that.


How to get True Damage Prestige Edition: it's no longer available in the game's store. If you want it you'll have to wait for it to be in the mythic store rotations. It'll probably cost around 150-125 mythic essence. 

This is the definition of fancy.


1. High Noon

Skin spotlight: 

Starting from the killer splash art with the easter egg of Lucian's hat shadow, the skin is marvelous. It was released on July 18th of 2020, this one is a badass masterpiece.

Fitting with Senna's essence, it brought the greatest of the High Noon's outfits; her gun turns into a horse, the hat, and the mysterious aura she's wrapped with. The visual and sound effects are absolutely powerful. All of her voice lines are changed, as well as recall and animations. When she fires her R, a ghost horse runs in the middle leaving fire footsteps behind.

You can't get enough of this skin because the more you look at it the better it gets. The darkness in it fits perfectly with the original Senna. It also mentions Lucian, alluding to the demon he became. Just imagine playing Lucian and Senna High Noon in the bot lane. It can't get more infernal than that. Unless you have High Noon Thresh in the enemy team, of course. 

The last two mentioned skins are just a matter of personal taste, if you like a darker style you'll totally love High Noon. On the other hand, if you prefer a more stylish fashionable look then go for True Damage Prestige Edition. Both are the greatest skins Senna has and you'll feel like a badass in both of them. What is your choice?


How to get High Noon Senna: it's available in the game client's store for 1820 as a legendary skin.

Can you see Lucian's shadow in the lower right corner?

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