[Top 10] LoL Best Solo Carry Champions

LoL Best Solo Carry

Sometimes it can be hard to play a game of League. We all know there are some players that whatever they do, they just can't seem to get better at the game. Or they just try some reckless stuff and feed the enemy. What can you do then, right?

Well, fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of characters in the game that you can use to carry the game on your own. These champs increase your chances of winning by some degree. So without wasting time, here are the Top 10 League of Legends Champions that can carry the game solo.

10. Master Yi

This champion is seen as the 'Noob Hero' by many. Yes, it is easy to learn and control Master Yi but it is not that easy to carry a game by yourself. Yi's skills are mainly focused around clearing so it is fairly easy to push a lane.

Why Master Yi is awesome for carrying the game solo:  Yi is a fairly mobile champion. He is fast and agile, meaning he has quite good potential for junglers but he can be seen in the top lane sometimes as well. His Q makes him untargetable while hitting all the enemies in the range so he is good at clearing and his E makes his basic attacks deal true damage. And he can heal himself with his W so he can stay in the lane longer. His ultimate is the deal breaker for the enemies though. He becomes incomparably fast and gains slow immunity and bonus attack speed.

  • High damage
  • High sustain
  • Self heal
  • Slow immunity with ultimate
  • Untargetable with Q

9. Qiyana 

With Qiyana's appearance in the League scene, river, bushes and the general terrain gained new meanings in the game. She can gain bonuses according to the element she holds and that is determined by the river, bushes or earth (general terrain of the map).

Why Qiyana is awesome for carrying the game solo:  She is an assassin that can reset her cooldown of passive and Q and deal tons of damage to the enemy. Her passive deals extra damage to the enemies by the way so it can be considered OP. She is a combo champion so it is hard to learn her and if you follow the win rates, don't let that fool you. She can also get invisibility with her Q and stun the enemies with her ultimate. She is hard to counter that's for sure.

  • AoE stun with ultimate
  • High mobility and invisibility
  • High burst damage

8. Illaoi 

Illaoi is a pain in solo lane. She is flexible, meaning she can change from tanking to damaging, or she can go off-tank. Her passive makes it challenging to push the lane to her enemies so she can push relatively safely.

Why Illaoi is awesome for carrying solo:  She can play the damaging role even when she is tanking and her passive heals her for 5% of her max HP whenever it hits and enemy champ. She can slow the enemy by a lot and her burst when in team fight situations is a sight to behold. Even if the team is crumbling, Illaoi can hold them with her tentacles.

  • High burst damage with ultimate
  • Heal on hit with her passive therefore high survivability
  • Can go tank, damaging or off-tank builds depending on the situation.

7. Veigar 

What do you get when you corrupt a Yordle's head? Veigar is the answer. This little fur ball of evil (don't tell him I said little) is insane! And that is also true for his power. This little guy (again, don't tell him please) can decimate his enemies in the name of evil!

Why Veigar is awesome for carrying solo:  Veigar's AP can become something that can be mind boggling. His Q lets him stack bonus AP with every kill, double for big monsters and he gets a stack for every champion hit with skill and 5 for every champion kill! The ratio of AP and stacks are 1:1 mind you so it is not impossible to see a Veigar with over 2000 AP. He also has an AoE stun to trap his enemies and his ultimate just one shots everyone! And, his W's cooldown can be essentially 0 seconds according to his passive stacks. 0 second skill cooldown!

  • AP stacking
  • AoE stun
  • A mind blowingly powerful ultimate
  • A ridiculously short cooldown

6. Ekko 

Ekko is, handful… He is hard to catch and can pack a punch. And throw that punch across time and hit you when you least expect it! Okay the champion cannot control the time to that extent but it is cool to think it like so.

Why Ekko is awesome for carrying solo: His high mobility makes him able to engage easier. His basic attacks also deals additional damage every third basic attack and deal bonus damage according to the enemy's max HP. His stun is AoE and it also grants him a huge shield, making his survivability high. His ultimate rewinds him back to his 4 seconds ago, just him, and heals him, giving him almost another life!

  • High mobility
  • High burst damage and single target damage
  • AoE stun
  • High survivability

5. Brand 

A top notch damage dealer. He even has a cool metal song made by a fan on the internet so check it out. Even though Brand is a good laner, his true colors shine in a team fight.

Why Brand is awesome for carrying solo:  Brand is built around DoT. His passive burns the enemies and makes them explode after stacking for 3 times. His skills also gain additional attributes and effects if they have a stack of Brand's passive. And the reason he shines in a team fight is his ultimate. It bounces around the enemies, wreaking havoc and reducing every single enemy to ashes.

  • High AoE AP damage
  • High burst
  • Average CC
  • Can chain his passive in a team fight

4. Yorick 

Yorick can take a punishment while dealing damage. His mist walkers annoy the enemy while he safely pushes the lane all the while he traps the enemy.

Why Yorick is awesome for carrying solo: Every time he kills something with his Q, he leaves a grave where he can summon mist walkers. These mist walkers help him push the lane and if Yorick enters a fight, these walkers help him deal with the enemy. His W can trap enemies after a second, while enabling allies to pass through the obstruction he made. His E deals damage and marks the enemy, making his summoned creatures dash towards them. His ultimate summons a more powerful creature to help him in both battle and lane pushing.

  • High damage with ghouls
  • High HP recovery with ultimate
  • Mobility restrain with E, combo with W after
  • Good lane push

3. Irelia 

As a blade dancer, Irelia jumps around the battlefield while damaging her enemies. Her skills helps her control the battlefield while dealing tremendous damage. Her controlling skills makes her prowess more dazzling.

Why Irelia is awesome for carrying solo: Her passive makes her attack speed increase with every ability hit. This stacks up to 6 times and at full stacks her basic attacks also deal bonus magic damage. Her Q makes her jump to enemies, refreshing the cooldown with a kill, be it a minion or an enemy champion.  Her W reduces incoming physical damage and her E stuns enemies in a line between two points. Her ultimate is the real deal though, as she launches her blades to the enemies, creating a spade shaped area while dealing damage. If enemies exit this area they are disarmed, meaning they can't use their basic attacks for a while.

  • High mobility
  • High burst with Q
  • High area CC with E and ultimate

2. Vayne 

Vayne is a super carry. Meaning she is really hard to stop in the late game. But if the game goes on for that long, that is. Other than that, she heavily relies on the snowball effect.

Why Vayne is awesome for carrying solo: Her Q makes dodging skill pretty easy while giving her a bonus physical damage based on her AD. Her W is a passive skill that makes Vayne's third basic attack deal bonus true damage based on the targets Max. HP. Her E also applies stacks to her W while pushing the target away from her, if the target hits a wall they are also stunned for 1.5 seconds. Her ultimate giver her bonus AD and enables her Q to have a lower cooldown while making her invisible for a duration after using it.

  • Bonus true damage, basically a tank destroyer
  • Easy to carry the team at the late game period.
  • Her passive makes her run to the visible enemies faster.
  • A good CC

1. Jax 

With his street lamp, Jax decimates his opponents while searching for a worthy opponent. His skills with weapons make him hard to hit as he makes his way through the ranks of his enemies.

Why Jax is awesome for carrying solo: As long as he attacks with his basic attack, he gains a stacking attack speed buff. He can jump to an enemy or friend, damaging the target if enemy, with his Q. His W makes his next basic attack or Q more powerful, dealing additional magic damage and his E gives him 'Evasion', making enemies miss him with basic attacks and he takes reduced damage from AoE skills. He can activate it again to end this state early or can wait it out, either way, he stuns enemies around him after he leaves the 'Evasion' state ends. His ultimate passively empowers his basic attacks, dealing extra damage with every third, every second if Guinsoo is fully stacked, and if activated, he receives bonus armor and MR for a duration.

  • Extreme attack speed
  • Tremendous damage
  • Armor and MR for a long while
  • Hybrid damage with skills (Q -> AD | W -> AP | E -> AD)

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