League of Legends 6.18 Patch Update

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League of Legends was released in October 2009 by Riot Games as a new MMO batteling game. Over the years since its release it has grown into a comanding game, gaining ever more popularity and membership subscriptions.

Recently Riot announced the patch update 6.18 before the World tournament event. This article will simply put the changes implemented by Riot on the current Champions in the game.


Why do we have a patch update now?

Well, it has been over a year since the “clash” of SK Telecom T1 and ROXTigers, so an update for League of Legends was inevitable really. Their aim is to try and create an equal, balanced, yet still challenging environment for the upcoming World tournament.


What are the changes?

Some champions have been given a huge nerf, whilst others have been offered a much needed upgrade and fine tuning. 

Take a look below and find out for yourself!


  • Increased cooldown on “Hop”
  • Passive damage move dropped by 5 at every rank


  • Cooldown on “Volley” increased at the lower ranks, but only by 1 at rank 5


  • Lower base attack damage (55 > 59)


  • “Threaded Volley” (dealing 50% damage to minions) has been removed
  • “Unraveled Earth” damage reduced by 10 at level 1, and by 30 at level 5


  • Base Armour reduced from 28.3 to 24
  • Armour Growth stat reduced from 3.75 to 3.4


  • Passive Base Sheild lowered to 50-101 
  • His “Twilight Assault” move has been reduced


  • General Base Attack Speed increased from .657 > .670
  • Attack Speed Growth Stat reduced to 2.5%, from 3.2%
  • “Last Breath” bonus armor penetration can only be applicable to his critical strikes


  • “Transfusion” reduced to 30-200
  • “Tides of Blood” cooldown increased, but now costs 8% of base health, not 10%
  • Base HP reduced from 550 > 525

Miss Fortune:

  • Her Passive “Love Trap” now does 100% damage to turrets, up from 50%


  • Her Health Growth Stat has been pushed down to 75 from 84


  • “Unspeakable Horror” terrify duration has been increased


  • “Lucent Singularity” slow move has been increased

Some of the most famous and popular League of Legends Champions engaged in battle!


Now you know

So now that you understand how Riot plans to change the Champions in patch update 6.18, and how it will affect the overall game play, some Champions like Gnar have been hit hard with nerfs, and some like Taliyah have even had moves removed. 

For those of you with a keen eye, you’ve probably noticed not all Champions appear on this list, this is because they have not been nerfed or buffed, but simply fine tuned (bug fixed). For example; Lulu’s move “Glitterlance” now will last the full 2 second duration that was intended to be implemented in patch 6.13. This is all for the intended purpose to give an even spread across the playing field.


For more information regarding the updates in patch 6.18, visit the below link:
League of Legends Patch 6.18


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