[Top 10] LOL Most Difficult Champions

LOL Most Difficult Champions
"The depths of the ocean will help me take over the world!"

Hey guys, how are you? Frankenstein here in the area bringing yet another completely obscure story, full of mysteries and with lots of news for all of you. This time it will be about a Top 10 of the most difficult champions to be used in League of Legends, be it in the use of skill combos, in the use of them in routes, farm, and even in team fights.

By the hatred of the seven seas, I hope your champion is on the list!

Let's go!



10- Katarina


About Katarina:

Katarina comes here at the beginning of our list with incredibly difficult and complex mechanics to play.

This champion, although many think it is easy to play and make combos, it is not.

The player needs to have very accurate game mechanics and know the skills CD well, know the passive skill and the main thing, know the champion well.

Katarina is very complex to play and you will need to practice a lot before starting to get along with her.

Why do we say that Katarina is such a difficult character?

  • Mechanics in using your skills.
  • Items.
  • Speed to perform skill combos.
  • The main thing, knowing the right time to join a team fight.


9- Bardo

Bard Support vs Leona


About Bardo:

Bardo, the king of the bells. Bardo enters this article in position 9 because he is an extremely complex champion to play.

You will use the champion kit that will set the course of the game in your favor or that will lead your team to defeat.

The Bard is extremely complete and, if played well, can wreak havoc in a match on all routes.

To dominate this champion well, it is necessary to play several matches.

His Ultimate skill and, above all, the use of tunnels place him in this category of champions that is more difficult to play.

Why do we say that Bardo is such a difficult character?

  • Know how to use the tunnels.
  • Know how to use the Ultimate.
  • Get to collect the bells.
  • Skills mechanics.


8- Kalista

Kalista Montage


About Kalista:

Kalista is a unique champion in League of Legends. This character enters our list here as one of the most difficult ADCs to play.

Kalista is a character who, when using a basic attack on the enemy, advances or retreats.

Kalista presents a "build-up" of spears each time he attacks the enemy, and the craziest thing is that there is no limit to the build-up and with each spear added, the ability gets stronger when reused.

You must have a large number of games with a champion to master your playing style and techniques.

Why do we say that Kalista is such a difficult character?

  • Control the character's advance and retreat when attacking.
  • You must know how and when to use your Ultimate.
  • You must know how to build your equipment.
  • Control the build-up of spears so you can do more damage.


7- Draven

Draven vs Kai'Sa


About Draven:

Here in position 7, the most fearsome and untamed, Draven, the lord of the axes.

Draven is an extremely powerful character, with a very strong start to the game and very difficult game mechanics.

The person playing Draven must have a full sense of mastery over the rotation of their axes, that is, complete control of their "Q" ability and their "W" ability that completely restarts the "CD" of magic upon picking axes that will fall to the ground.

Draven is a character that needs a lot of concentration and skill with the mouse.

Why do we say that Draven is such a difficult character?

  • You must know how to master the use of axes. (Depending on the user experience, up to 3 axes can be used at the same time).
  • You must have excellent control over the champion's basic attacks.
  • You must have control over restarting the "W" skill cooldown.


6- Riven

Riven vs Fiora


About Riven:

Here at position 6, let's talk about her, Riven. Riven is an incredibly strong character and extremely difficult to play. Some professionals play with her every day and still can't master her combination of skills and the usability of the champion herself.

One of the main difficulties of the character is to use his skill combos in the shortest possible time, controlling the character's execution time of skills.

Riven is very complicated to play, however, if played well, she can take her team to victory alone.

Why do we say that Riven is such a difficult character?

  • You must have attack and defense control with this character.
  • You should know how to use your skills, respecting the usage of animation and the skills CD.
  • You will have to control your advances and escapes with your skill kit.


5- Ivern

Ivern vs Ekko


About Ivern:

Ivern is one of the strangest and most complicated characters to be played on the jungle route, created by RIOT.

Ivern cannot attack or receive attacks by non-epic jungle monsters. To carry out the jungle, he exchanges a certain amount of life to absorb the soul of the enemies, receiving all his experience and gold after completing the ritual and collecting the soul. Epic monsters can be attacked by Ivern.

His style of play is in Jungle, which makes him an atypical champion, as you will have to create other types of strategies to play with him.

For you to play with this champion, you will need to practice a lot to master the different techniques and styles of play.

Why do we say that Ivern is such a difficult character?

  • You must master this character's playing style.
  • You should know how the skills work.
  • You should know what strategies to perform during the game.


4- Qiyana

Qiyana vs Gragas


About Qiyana:

We are arriving here in our Top 4, with another very complex champion who requires a lot of attention when playing with her, Qiyana.

Qiyana is a very interesting character that was created by RIOT to change the whole style of game and "ganks".

Although Qiyana is a character created to play in Jungle, many players use her in the middle route, which means that this champion has received and will continue to receive many nerfs.

The combo of completely different skills that you have to keep in mind when collecting the different elements is what makes Qiyana an extremely difficult character to play, since you should always think and have a strategy ready, for each type of element that you collect.

Why do we say that Qiyana is such a difficult character?

  • You must master the elements that are collected.
  • You will need to understand how to perform skill combos.
  • You must have a sense of how to carry out attacks against your opponent, concerning the element collected.


3- Aurelion Sol

Faker Tries Aurelion Sol


About Aurelion Sol:

Aurelion Sol is a champion focused on making excellent control of the map and pressure of the routes. He is a sure champion for the first few levels of the game due to the wide range of his spells, which makes him a very good, but difficult choice.

Their playing style and skills compared to other champions are quite different, which makes us develop a different style of play and strategies.

Why do we say that Aurelion Sol is such a difficult character?

  • The greater the distance traveled with its "stellar oscillation Q", the greater the size of the stunning area. The spell can be the diameter of a route, making it very difficult for enemies to dodge it
  • You must know when to use "R - a voice of light" Ultimate, as it is a complex spell to invoke and the player must have full control over how to use it.
  • You should have difficulty using your skill combos, due to the complexity of your playing style.


2- Azir

Azir vs Orianna


About Azir:

Here in our Top 2, fitting in with one of the most complex and complete characters to play, our powerful pharaoh Azir.

Azir has several different skills, including passive, which makes him a little-used champion for anyone who has no idea what to do.

Azir's degree of difficulty is reflected in his different way of using skills, in the way of starting a fight or even escaping from it.

There are many buttons to press, almost at the same time, showing how difficult it is to play with this champion.

Why do we say that Azir is such a difficult character?

  • One of the main difficulties you will encounter when playing Azir is in controlling your sand soldiers.
  • You will find it difficult to create the items.
  • You will have a hard time adapting to the champion's style of play.
  • You will have a hard time using your skill combos along with your ultimate all at once.


1- Gangplank

Gangplank vs Gnar!


About Gangplank:

Here in our Top 1, there is one champion that is widely used by everyone and fits into our list here quite precisely, our mighty Gangplank.

This character is extremely complex to play, with numerous types of combos, escapes, and short and long-range attacks.

Gangplank comes in the Top 1 because of his complex combination in blowing up barrels, in creating his equipment, and even in how to start or escape a battle, whether in a group or solo.

The classic Gangplank feature, however, the most difficult, is to get a handle on exploding the powder keg while simultaneously using another nearby keg so that both can explore together. All this in a lapse of seconds.


Why do we say that Gangplank is such a difficult character?

  • You should know how to control the use of the barrels, the activation time of the barrels, and how to combine several barrels.
  • You should know how to use your skill to farm more gold.
  • You should know how to create the right items to make your combos more powerful and accurate

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