LoL Best Katarina Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Katarina Skins Ranked Worst To Best)

LoL Best Katarina Skins That Look Freakin’ Awesome (All Katarina Skins Ranked Worst To Best)
I am the master of death! FEAR ME!

Ah yes, one of the best AP assassins in the game. She’s also one of the most mobile assassins as well. That’s mainly because of her passive ability that resets her cooldowns and lowers her ultimate ability by 15 seconds.

But today we are not talking about Katarina and how good she is at eliminating people and ending their sad miserable existence. We are going to talk about her skins and those go way back to 2009 because she was one of the first champions added to the game.

Her abilities did get a bit of a rework but nothing major, she will always be the best AP assassin in the game. But enough about that let’s get into the skins!

15. Original Katarina (Ok)

To start this list off we have the basic skin for Katarina. This skin has existed since her creation and it hasn’t changed much. It did get an upgrade after the overhaul of League of Legends graphics but that’s about it. The quality of the animations stayed the same so there’s nothing special about it. It's not bad skin but it can be better as you’ll see later on. 

How To Get Original Katarina: 

Head to the champion shop in League of Legends and buy the champion named Katarina. It will cost you 3150 blue essence or 880 RP but it’s not worth it buying it with RP when you can get it for free basically. 

14. Mercenary Katarina (Ok)

Next up we have a skin where Katarina dyes her hair gray and wears a leather jacket. There is nothing special about this skin so that’s why it's at number 14. But when it came out it was one of the best skins for Kata. This skin came out when the champion did and that’s way back in 2009 so it’s understandable why it is so bland. 

How To Get Mercenary Katarina:

You’ll have to open up your League client and go to the skin shop. Search for the skin and pay 520 RP or 5$ in total. It is a very cheap skin. 

13. Sandstorm Katarina (Ok)

Next up we have better skin for Katarina and that’s Sandstorm. Not to be confused with the song by Darude “Sandstorm” even though it's funny. This skin came out in 2012 so that’s the reason why it’s much better quality than the last one. One fun fact to know about this skin is that it's part of the “Guardian of the Sands” collection. 

How To get Sandstorm Katarina:

Same as every other skin you’ll have to go to the League of Legends skin shop and get it for 975 RP or 8$. 

12. Bilgewater Katarina (Ok)

For our next skin we have Katarina but as a pirate. That’s pretty much what this skin is. Now the cool thing about this skin is that Katarina wears an eye patch so she’s the next Big Boss. If you know you know. There is nothing special about this skin but I do tend to use it from time to time. I just wish Riot Games would update some of the old skins for this champion because some of her themes are cool. 

How To Get Bilgewater Katarina:

The only way you can acquire this skin today is from the chest. The reason for that is because it is a legacy skin, otherwise you are out of luck. 

11.  High Command Katarina (Ok)

This skin is similar in appearance to Bilgewater so if you want to use it you can compensate with this one. When it comes to this skin Katarina is a general in the Noxus army right after her father died in a mission. But if it's between you and me I think her father is still alive but he is planning something from the shadows. This skin does not have anything special about it but it is cheap so it is worth it. 

How To Get High Command Katarina:

You can make your way to the League of Legends shop and buy the skin for 750 RP or 6$. 

10. Project Katarina (Ok)

Here we have a famous skin line called Project but sadly Riot missed the mark with Katarina. This was one of the first skins I owned for the champion so I have fond memories of it but when it comes to gameplay I preferred the original skin over this one. But this skin does come with new animations, sound effects, and a new voice filter which was unique when it came out. 

How To Get Project Katarina:

Go to League’s skin shop and buy the skin for 1350 RP or 10$. 

9. Warring Kingdoms Katarina (Ok)

Here we have a less famous skin line called the Warring Kingdoms but it’s better than Project. Unlike the previous skin, I love using this one. I always find myself switching to this skin in most matches. There is also a cheese strategy with this skin and it has to do with the recall animation. You see, Riot Games made the way Katarina throws her Q and recalls the same animations. It is a nice way to play mind tricks against your opponent. It can give you a bit of an edge while playing. 

How To Get Warring Kingdoms Katarina:

You can obtain the skin in the League of Legends skin shop for 975 RP or 8$. 

8. Red Card Katarina (Average)

Now, this is the most popular amongst tryhards. If you are going up against a Katarina that’s using this skin I recommend that you don’t show up to lane at all as you will get your feces pushed in. There is nothing special about this skin except for the fact that it makes Katarina’s model look smaller and thinner. If you do own this skin you should use it always as it will make your enemies think you are good at the champion. 

How To Get Red Card Katarina:

The only way to obtain this skin is from a chest since it is a legacy skin otherwise you are out of luck my friend. 

7. Battle Academia Katarina (Average)

Now I want to start off that the sequel for this skin is so damn well made but we’ll talk about it later so let’s focus on the first iteration of this skin line. It comes with a brand new unique look for Katarina with some cool look animations, sound effects, and VFX. This skin also has a cool recall animation that you can see anytime you wish oh and it also comes with some unique chromas that you can switch between if you are bored of the normal look. 

How To Get Battle Academia Katarina:

The only way to get this skin is to buy it from the League of Legends skin shop for 1350 RP or 10$. You can also get it from a chest if you are lucky. 

6. Slay Belle Katarina (Average)

Here we have a Christmas-themed skin for Katarina. As it is per tradition you are only allowed to use this skin during wintertime and with the map skin mod. Yes, mods are allowed for this game as long as they don’t give you an advantage. This skin came way back in 2012 and it was revolutionary because it included new sound effects, animations, and a recall animation never seen before. So many minds were blown away when it came out. 

How To Get Slay Belle Katarina:

This is probably one of the rarest skins for Katarina and it is hard to get as well. The only way to get it is from a chest otherwise you’re out of luck again. The drop rate is really low so if you do get it cherish it with your life. 

5. Blood Moon Katarina (Good)

Here is one Blood Moon skin that I like. Even though many people prefer Blood Moon skins they are not my style. When it comes to Katarina that’s a whole different story. You see when you use Blood Moon Katarina your model will look smaller and the animations will feel smoother, especially the throwing daggers animation from her Q. This skin comes with unique sound effects for her ultimate ability as well. 

How To Get Blood Moon Katarina:

You’ll have to go to your League of Legends shop and buy the skin for 1350 RP or 10$ or get it from a chest. 

4. Kitty Cat Katarina (Good)

Let’s be honest Riot Games knew what they were doing when they released this skin. This skin came out in 2010 and it's still one of the best today. Not because of the cat ears and the amount of armor she wears but because of its animations and the model. For whatever reason, this skin has such smooth animations when auto-attacking. I don't know why Riot Games just didn’t copy it to other skins. It would have made their lives much better. 

How To Get Kitty Cat Katarina:

This is another legacy skin for Katarina so that means the only way you can obtain it is from a chest or an orb. Oh, and you’ll need lots of luck on your side. 

3. Death Sworn Katarina (Excellent)

This skin ditches the normal color pallet for Katarina that we are used to and turns her completely blue. She must have eaten a poisonous mushroom from Teemo so that’s why she’s all blue. It also gives her a completely new running animation while also giving her a voice filter. When using this skin Katarina will have the thinnest model in the game so it can give you a visual advantage over the enemy team.

How To Get Death Sworn Katarina:

The only way you can acquire this skin is from a chest or an event called your shop.   

2. High Noon Katarina (Excellent)

Now we have a skin straight out of Red Dead Redemption 2 and she’s coming strapped to the Summoners Rift. This skin came out in May of 2022 so it is strapped with cool effects. So far this skin has the most effects out of any on this list but you won’t see any of them if your effects are set to low. So make sure to bump up your settings if you are using this skin. 

How To Get High Noon Katarina:

You can either buy the skin for 1350 RP or 10$ in the skin shop or get it for free from a chest if you are lucky. 

1. Battle Queen Katarina (Best)

This is the sequel to Battle Academia and in this version, Katarina has graduated from her battle high school. This is also the only legendary skin for this champion. While some other champions have either 2 or 3 legendaries Katarina has only one and it’s more than enough. It comes with 8 different styles that you can change while in a match and comes with a ton of chromas, new animations, new sound effects, and a heap of colors that you’ll get a seizure while playing. All in all, I’d say this is the greatest skin in the game right now and I can’t stop using it!

How To Get Battle Queen Katarina:

You’ll want to open up your League’s skin shop and get the skin for 1820 RP or 15$. The price might be high but it is worth it!

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