[Top 10] Badass Champions From League of Legends Lore

[Top 10] Badass Champions From League of Legends Lore
Why is he so cool in the lore but so weak in-game :(?

Riot Games might have crafted a beautiful game that we all love to spend our free time on but alongside this game they also put a lot of effort into its lore. The world that the company has built and that continues to expand on is one of the best in videogame history. 

So why don’t we take a time off today and just appreciate how beautiful some of the lore in the game can be! Today I’ll be listing some of the most badass champions from the game’s lore. I won’t be focusing on their power in the game or how broken they are while carrying certain items. Oh no, today is a chill day all about lore. So with that let’s get into the article!


10. Urgot

“My machines only make me stronger!”

At a first glance, you wonder how this abomination can have badass lore? Well before he was turned into this thing that he calls a body he used to be a normal human being that worked for Noxus. Everything was well until he got aspirations to become the right hand of the Noxian leader.

That was his first mistake because there were many others that also wanted to become the right hand man and others had strings they could pull to eliminate the competition while Urgot had none. Not long after he was sent to Zaun on a secret mission only to find out that the comrades that went with him were sent there to kill him.

After falling off a bridge and breaking almost every single bone in his body a gang leader found him and fixed him up so he could work for him. After a while Urgot got tired of working for him and killed his boss. With that first kill he got a taste of what he can be so he formed his own organization and started taking down the mob bosses that didn’t obey him. Shortly after Urgot started replacing his body parts with machinery and turned himself into the abomination he is today!


9. Udyr

“I tamed my spirits!”

Before becoming the badass dad that he is known today Udyr used to be a normal guy who could often hear spirits talking but he didn’t know it at that time. He would brush it off as someone talking in the distance or that it was just his brain playing tricks on him. Shortly after Udyr realized that these voices were becoming louder and louder that he couldn’t take them anymore so he set off on an adventure to tame these voices. 

He found his way to Ioania and that’s when he met Lee sin who helped him with his issues. After years of training he was able to finally summon those spirits to aid him in battle and shortly after became a master himself. After he became a master Udyr returned to his home of Freljord and aided his own tribe in their battles and demolished the enemies that wanted to harm anyone that he loved!


8. Illaoi

“I have the kraken at my side. What you got?”

Her whole life is dedicated to the sea and the great forgotten God Nagakabouros. She has the special ability of sensing incoming danger toward her small society and its sacred place. Before that danger can manifest into a reality Illaoi goes over herself to deal with it. Her whole life has been shrouded in mystery and protecting the Serpent Isles where she’s from.

Alongside eliminating the danger that can threaten her society she also battles the undead as her god considers them abominations as they threaten the whole flow of life. Not long ago the “Ruination” event took place and it was slowly approaching Bilgewater,

It was about to consume it but thankfully Illaoi was there to defend it and make sure that the city sees at least another day. After the hard fought battle a lot of people wanted to join her cause and for what she fights for and decided to build a few temples to her God Nagakabouros making him known once again. 


7. Zed

“I command the shadows!”

The first time that you start reading the story of Zed and how he came to be you might start thinking that he’s an edgy kid but please do yourself a favor and read through his whole story as it’s quite touching. Before becoming the master of shadows that he is today Zed was an orphan who was taken in by the Kinkou Order. Since that day he has been training to be a professional assassin.

After a few years when Zed grew older, he alongside others was tasked with capturing Jhin as he was a serial killer who considered killing people was an art. As Zed was about to deal a fatal blow to Jhin his master stopped him saying that they must capture him and show mercy even to those who don’t deserve it sometimes.

Since that day Zed has been growing hatred towards his elders and masters as he considered mercy to be a weakness. After realizing that he won’t be able to do anything in his current state, Zed sought the power of the shadows. He found the sought power and became stronger than ever which shortly after resulted in a massacre of the entire Kinkou Order and the establishment of the “Order Of The Shadows”. 


6. Gangplank 

“The forgotten pirate king.”

Gangplank used to be one of the fiercest pirates of Bilgewater and everyone trembled just at the mere sights of him but he made a crucial mistake of not killing a child that he had made an orphan. Thinking nothing much of it he left the child alone and threw her the weapons which he killed her parents with that they crafted for Gangplank.

Skip ahead a few years, and that child grew into the famous bounty hunter named “Miss Fortune” who would seek to end him. In a huge battle on the open sea Gangplank would take a fatal wound to the chest by Miss Fortune and everyone would see him sink to the bottom of the ocean. While slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean his ex-girlfriend Illaoi would deem the old pirate still worthy.

Because his mission on Runeterra wasn’t over just yet so she took care of him until he could get up on his feet once more. After a long time of laying down and healing, Gangplank would finally get up on his feet and go back to Bilgewater only to find out that everything that he owned now belonged to Miss Fortune the bounty hunter. Knowing that Gangplank decided that it was time to become the demon that everyone thought of him.


5. Sion

“Nobody can kill me!”

This badass monstrosity used to be one of the first founders and leaders of Noxus. When he was still alive Sion was one of the most feared people across the whole continent. Everyone knew his name and everyone kneeled down to him. He was so badass that he choked a Demacian king with his own bare hands, killing him on the spot. Shortly after Sion died too and had a huge burial set for him. 

After a few years had passed an unknown shadowy group in Noxus decided to resurrect him but due to his decomposition his lower jaw was missing. So instead of taking his old jaw and taping it on they decided to use the crown of the Demacian king he choked to death as his lower jaw.

Just after being resurrected they let him out of the prison to cause havoc and to see what this madman could do. Everyone watched horrified as Sion went on to raze the whole city to the ground leaving nothing but rubble and destruction in his path. 


4. Master Yi

“Do not mistake my mercy as weakness.”

There once existed a hidden village in the deep mountain region of Ionia. The reason they were hiding from everyone was because of the knowledge they were possessing. If that knowledge had gotten into the wrong hands nobody would be able to stop them and it would doom everyone who didn’t obey that higher power. In that village there was a highly trained soldier called Yi who couldn’t just stand around and let Noxus demolish his country that he grew to love so much.

Instead of doing what his masters told him Yi snuck out and intercepted a whole Noxian army killing every single one of them. Simply badass. This got the attention of the Noxian general who then tracked Yi back to his village and massacred everyone. The only one who was left alive was Yi which made him the last person that knew of the sacred knowledge of his village and made him an appointed master by right.

Not long after, Master Yi was roaming around Ionia and stumbled upon a determined warrior who wanted to learn the wuju style. At first Master Yi had no intentions of teaching him the sacred ways of his village but after he saw the determination in his eyes and the willpower to learn Master Yi took him as one of his disciples. 


3. Jax

“I am the best fighter around!”

Unlike having a whole village razed by Noxus, this guy’s whole country was swallowed up by the void and that country was known as Icathia. After the war was over Jax had no home so he decided to roam the continent of Runeterra finding new and interesting things around the continent. While sitting on a bridge near a river eating his food he was remembering his country and how much he misses it.

One of the main reasons why Jax uses a lamp as his weapon is because he wants to give everyone else a chance against him, as he is that strong and skilled.  Suddenly his lunch break was rudely interrupted by a Demacian army that demanded that Jax fight them. Without a problem Jax beat them up with his trustworthy lamp and decided to sit down and finish his lunch.

Before he could even take a bite of his food another person came up to him and demanded that they fight. Being a little bit annoyed that he can’t enjoy his food in peace he looked at the person who wanted to fight him and it was none other than the grand duelist Fiora. Realizing that this person might actually put up a fight, Jax smiled underneath his mask saying “This will be fun.” 


2. Aatrox

“The rivers shall run red!”

Let me tell you the badass story of Aatrox the fallen angel. His story starts way back when Icathia was invaded by the forces of the void and that’s when humanity created an army of the Darkin which Aatrox was a part of. Once the war was over and they won, humanity didn’t know what to do with the Darkin and fearing for their own safety they decided to slaughter the weaker Darkin and those who were stronger they decided to imprison them.

After years of being imprisoned Aatrox broke free by absorbing the first body that touched the huge sword where Aatrox was imprisoned. The only way to stay alive for Aatrox is to slaughter more people. Additionally, while being imprisoned he grew a huge hatred toward the Gods of Runeterra, setting himself on a mission to kill every single one of them like the true badass he is. 


1. Pantheon

“I am no God, I am a man!”

And for the most badass champion in the League of Legends lore we have Pantheon or better known by his mortal name Atreus. Even though he wields weapons that give him power and enhance his strength he is still a mortal who has a huge hatred toward the aspects and Gods. Because whenhe was just a normal guy with no special powers Atreus wanted to climb on top of Mount Targon to become something. 

While climbing with his friend, Atreus was starting to fall behind but his homie never gave up on him. In fact his friend died so he could make it. Once he made it to the top the aspect of war came down but instead of giving him the power it took his body and controlled it. Pantheon the Aspect Of War then went out to battle Aatrox to death. 

Aatrox plunged his huge sword inside of the body of Aetriusknocking him down to the ground and killing the Aspect Of War but suddenly the hands grabbed the huge sword that was inside of his chest and pulled it out. Aatrox being surprised by the power of Atreus and the willpower to survive left him alone saying they will fight once more.

In time Atreus was well again and learned to deal with his power as a mortal but not long before he was reborn as Pantheon that opposes the divines and cares about the people who can’t defend themselves and having his unbreakable will fuel the Aspects weapons. 


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