[Top 10] LoL Most Fun Champions (2022 Edition)

League of Legends Most Fun Champions!
This will bring the fun back into League of Legends.

After I’ve let all my hatred out in the previous articles “LoL Most Hated Champions” time to do a 180 and say who are the most fun champions in this game. If you’re getting bored of the game this list might help you and bring back that spark in you to play it again.

Of course, the newest season just started and we got a brand new champion, and boy oh boy let me tell you is she fun to play, I highly encourage you to try playing her on PBE right now. I’ll be including her in this list so how about you stick around and see which spot she got?

Of course, some champions will be getting a full rework like Udyr and Ahri but we’ll have to be patient and see how they turn out in the end. Enough about me rambling let’s get into the champions!

10. Bard

"Beep boop beep."

At our first spot, we have our dear Bard “The Wandering Caretaker”. Have you ever played this champion full AP or played him at all? If you haven’t you’re missing out. The amount of fun you can get from his dumb roams and the amount of damage this guy can dish out if he’s full AP will leave you wanting more and more.

During the laning phase, you’ll just leave your lane to collect your children and pop up on the mid lane to throw them at the enemy scoring your team a kill. And that’s not considered trolling, that's actually how you play this guy. Bard can also summon a huge tunnel where anyone is allowed to travel through them and if the enemy does it they’re in for a world of hurt!

Setting up ambushes with Bard will never get old. While collecting your children might seem boring at times don’t worry Bard has some strange and stupid noises he makes while walking around so your fun is secured and assured! 

What makes Bard Fun:

  • You don’t have to play the typical support of staying on the lane, you can just wander off and do your own thing. 
  • You can spawn a tunnel anywhere on the map so you can travel through it. 
  • Throw the children you collected at the enemy so your team can get a kill. 
  • His ultimate ability turns everyone into gold which makes the assassins on the enemy team baby rage. 

9. Gangplank 

"With my sword and my shot I'll take my island back"

Do watchu want because a pirate is free, you are a pirate! Yar har fiddle dee dee being a pirate is always free because you are Gangplank “The Saltwater Scourge”. This pirate is in meta right now and oh boy can he do some insane things with his abilities.

Such as one-shotting ADCs and supports. But when you hit level 13 that’s when the enemy team starts shaking in their boots. Because they know you’ll be spawning barrels left, right, and center. No matter where they go they’re going to be in a world of hurt. Gangplank can be played either mid-lane or top lane. But no matter where you are you can always score yourself an assist with your ultimate ability because it’s global.

Even if you’re in spawn being AFK you can score yourself assists and potentially kills.  Just make sure during the early game you get yourself a sheen so you can smash a whole cannonball with your Q through someone’s head and watch them cry about how broken your champion is. 

What makes Gangplank Fun:

  • Gangplank can score kills and assists from anywhere on the map, no matter the distance. 
  • Once you get sheen your Q will deal insane damage. 
  • At level 13 your enemies won’t be able to dodge your barrels. 
  • Gangplank can one-shot almost any ADC or any squishy support in the game!

8. Singed

"Mix, mix and swirl, ah I made a potion to turn a normal human into a rat"

Ah yes, Singed “The Mad Chemist” better known as the best proxy champion in the whole game. The best part about Singed is going behind enemy lines using your Q and farming the whole wave. Who is going to stop you?

Well, let me tell you nobody will. Because nobody cares about the top lane and you can do pretty much whatever you wish to the enemy top laner. It’s all free real estate from that point. But if someone does decide to come to you and ruin your fun you can just flip them like a hamburger and be done with it. Out of mind out of sight as they say.

But that’s not all the fun to be had with Singed, you can also make the enemy run after you while you spray fart into their face. Especially when you get your ultimate ability you get a huge boost of movement speed and energy to run after them. 

What makes Singed Fun:

  • Best proxy champion in the whole game. 
  • You can flip people like hamburgers.
  • Spray liquid green farts in their faces.

7. Shaco

"How about a magic trick?"

Here we are at the juicy part with Shaco “The Demon Jester”. You thought it couldn’t get more fun than proxying a lane with Singed? Well, let me tell you that it can with Shaco. As this little demon, you’ll be able to sneak behind enemies 99% of the time. The only time you won’t be able to do that is when they’re sitting behind their turret.

As Shaco your main priority is trolling the enemy team with your invisibility and to play mind games with the enemy with your clone from your ultimate ability. There’s a lot of fun potential to be had with Shaco. You just need to have a basic understanding of tricking people. Shaco also does double damage when he’s hitting them from behind. 

What makes Shaco Fun:

  • Most of the time you’ll spend being invisible and tricking the enemy team. 
  • You can play mind games on them with your clone from your ultimate ability. 
  • You do double damage when hitting an enemy from behind. 
  • Able to spawn your little “jack in a box” boxes to scare them. 

6. Riven

"What's been broken can't be fixed"

Riven “The Exile” has to be the most mobile champion for top-lane and probably the hardest champion to master. The fun part of playing Riven comes after you learn how to play her. At first, you’ll wish for death multiple times but after you get the gist of her abilities and you master the art of jumping around you’ll have fun in every match I guarantee you that.

Riven is a special case at top-lane where she can defeat almost every top laner she’s against but also gets defeated by every top laner she’s against. Playing Riven is like using a sword with two blades on each end. Sometimes it’s fun. You'll want to knock yourself out so you don’t have to play this game anymore. But don’t worry, at least you can jump over walls with your Q ability and evade almost every skill shot that’s being sent your way with her skills. 

What makes Riven Fun:

  • She has lots of mobility at her disposal and can use it at any given moment and time. 
  • She can jump over walls and evade skill shots with ease. 
  • The most fun part about Riven is mastering her abilities and her playstyle. You’ll get satisfaction from it anytime you play Riven. 

5. Malphite

"Hard as a rock"

Hard as a rock as Malphite “The Shard Of Monolith” would say. Malphite is a top lane tank but can also be played as an AP top laner or better yet as an AP support. Why would that work you might be asking yourself? Well, every time Malphite presses his Q ability it locks onto a target like a homing missile dealing damage to them.

The more AP you have the more damage this ability will do. You’ll slowly chip away at the enemy’s team sanity by using your Q on them every time you cast it. But that’s not all the fun this champion can bring. With his ultimate ability, you launch your whole humongous body at them one-shotting everyone lucky enough to be caught in the blast. Malphite isn’t someone you’d want to mess around with especially when he has his ultimate ability up. 

What makes Malphite Fun:

  • You chip away at the enemy’s team sanity 1 Q at a time. 
  • With your ultimate ability, you launch your whole body at the enemy team and anyone who gets caught in the radius dies. 
  •  The more AP you build on Malphite the more damage you will do. 
  • You will slowly drive the enemy team insane. 

4. Katarina

"Turn around so I can stab you in the back!"

Here we have our queen of the mid-lane Katarina “The Sinister Blade”. I love playing this champion so much and she’s so fun to play. Especially during the mid to late game when she starts popping off. The real fun of this champion is jumping around and getting kills left right and center, combine that with her passive ability which resets her skills each time she gets a kill.

You got yourself, someone, to spam abilities with. You might break a few fingers in the process or even your keyboard but trust me it is worth it. In the end, you will feel satisfied and fulfilled that you managed to pull off something crazy with Katarina. 

What makes Katarina Fun:

  • Her abilities reset once she gets a kill. 
  • Able to jump around multiple times as long as you keep landing on your daggers or keep getting bodies under your belt. 
  • Has the ability to get a Penta kill if you land her ultimate correctly. 

3. Sylas

"What's yours is mine"

At our number three spot, we have Sylas “The Unshackled”. What’s more fun than stealing something that belonged to someone else. Well, with Sylas you’ll be doing a lot of that. As his ultimate ability steals other people’s ultimates and he uses it against them. But you’ll only be doing that when you’re level 6. Before level 6 you’ll be using your E and your W to smash your opponents through their monitor.

No matter what you do to Sylas he will return that but 3x stronger. As his W heals his whole HP bar in a matter of seconds and his E is a dash on the first cast and the second he hooks onto you with his chains and pummels you into the ground. Sylas also has the best dance in the world. He dances like a stripper. 

What makes Sylas Fun:

  • Steals other people’s ultimate abilities and uses their ultimate ability against them. 
  • Can heal his whole HP bar in a matter of seconds. 
  • Hooks onto you with the chains he has on his hands. 
  • Dances like a stripper. 

2. LeBlanc

"The Black Rose commands you to stop!"

Now we have LeBlanc “The Deceiver”. As her epithet says she will deceive anyone and everyone that crosses her path. No matter if you’re God she will deceive you and manipulate you as she’s doing with Swain and other important Noxus generals.

Also, her gameplay is really fun. Once LeBlanc gets low HP she will summon a clone that looks exactly like her and that clone will run in the opposite direction. Of course, you might have to use a bit of brainpower so the enemy doesn’t target you but you don’t have to worry about that. You’re stuck in low ELO anyways.

When it comes to her abilities they’re fun if you know how to use them correctly. Your Q will always empower your next ability. So make sure that you use Q first and then you use your W. With your W you jump on top of them dealing a lot of damage or maybe you’re going to be able to one-shot them. Which never gets old no matter what champion you’re playing. 

What makes LeBlanc Fun:

  • Spawns a clone of herself once she gets low hp so you can play mind trick on your enemy. 
  • Able to kill someone by simply jumping on top of them. 
  • You’ll never get bored of one-shotting someone from a bush that you were sitting in for the past 10 minutes. 

1. Zeri

"Zaun's with me every fight this time is no different"

Here we have the newest champion of them all Zeri “The Spark Of Zaun”. Oh boy, you must play this champion in PBE if you have an account there. That is simply a must. She’s unbelievably fun to play and for once in their lives, Riot Games did something innovative with a champion. We haven’t seen this in years.

When you’re playing Zeri your right-click will empower your next ability. The way you auto-attack someone is with your Q and let me tell you her auto-attacks feel satisfying to use. With her E you’re able to jump over walls or even skate on the wall till the end of the map. Zeri will be the next big thing in League of Legends and Riot Games did a pretty good job on creating her. 

What makes Zeri Fun:

  • She’s the newest champion so you know she will be broken at launch. 
  • Her auto-attacks feel satisfying to use, no other champion can achieve this. 
  • She’s able to skate walls and ride those walls until the end. 
  • With W she zaps :P. 

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