[Top 10] League Of Legends Best Assassins 13.24 (Ranked)

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What is an Assassin Champion? What Can It Do to an Enemy?

An assassin in League of Legends is a champion type specialized in quickly locating and eliminating key targets, usually the enemy team's squishier, high-damage characters. They excel in burst damage, mobility, and elusive tactics, making them fearsome predators on the battlefield. An assassin's primary role is to dive into the enemy backline, take out high-value targets, and escape before they can be retaliated against.

Having defined the traits of an assassin, we're set to delve into the top 10 assassins of Patch 13.24, known for their game-changing prowess.


10. Fizz (Mid-Lane)

Every Game Is WINNABLE When I Play FIZZ!(High Elo Fizz Gameplay)

Known in the Rift as the Tidal Trickster, Fizz is a master of evasion and explosive burst damage. In the mid lane, his role as an assassin is underscored by his proficiency in ambushing fragile enemies, using his agile and threatening arsenal to disrupt and dismantle the opposing ranks.  Fizz's prowess in Patch 13.24 lies in his exceptional ability to sidestep pivotal abilities with his E, Playful/Trickster, and his potent burst damage output. His ultimate, Chum the Waters, is a game-changer in team fights, often decisively shifting the momentum in his favor. The design of Fizz’s abilities makes him adept at singling out and quickly dispatching key targets, ensuring he remains a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Fizz's prowess in Patch 13.24 lies in his exceptional ability to sidestep pivotal abilities with his E, Playful/Trickster, and his potent burst damage output. His ultimate, Chum the Waters, is a game-changer in team fights, often decisively shifting the momentum in his favor. The design of Fizz’s abilities makes him adept at singling out and quickly dispatching key targets, ensuring he remains a formidable presence on the battlefield.

What Makes Fizz a Deadly Assassin:

  • Evasive Maneuvers: Fizz's E, Playful/Trickster, not only allows him to avoid damage but also positions him to strike back effectively.
  • High Burst Damage: His Q, Urchin Strike, combined with W, Seastone Trident, delivers a powerful one-two punch, often decimating opponents before they can react.
  • Game-Changing Ultimate: Chum the Waters can catch out enemies from a distance, setting up kills or swinging team fights.

Pick Fizz If…

  • You Enjoy Outplay Potential: Opt for Fizz if you revel in the art of outmaneuvering opponents and flipping the script on dire situations. His toolkit is perfect for players who love the thrill of narrowly dodging lethal abilities with Playful/Trickster (E) and then striking back with precision and surprise.
  • You Prefer High Mobility: Whether it's weaving through enemy lines, hopping over walls, or closing in on a fleeing target, Fizz offers an engaging, high-mobility playstyle. His ability to dash around the battlefield with Playful/Trickster (E), coupled with the gap-closing Urchin Strike (Q), allows for dynamic positioning and escape routes.
  • You Aim to Solo Carry: For those who thrive on taking the reins and steering their team to victory single-handedly, Fizz is an excellent choice. His ability to identify and eliminate crucial enemy targets is unparalleled. With Fizz, you can dismantle key threats, particularly squishy carries, and create significant advantages for your team.


9. Talon (Mid-Lane)

Talon, the Blade's Shadow, is an assassin… literally. In League of Legends, he epitomizes the role of a shadowy predator, known for striking quickly and vanishing into thin air. As a master of stealth and burst damage, Talon terrorizes the mid lane, relentlessly hunting down vulnerable targets.

In Patch 13.24, Talon's lethal prowess is more pronounced than ever, not just due to his inherent skill set but also because of recent enhancements to his abilities. A significant Quality of Life change has been made to his Q ability, Noxian Diplomacy. When cast at range, it will now reset Talon's attack timer, aligning its functionality with the melee range cast. This update greatly improves the fluidity and efficiency of his combo execution, allowing him to seamlessly integrate auto-attacks with his Q for more consistent and rapid damage output. Coupled with his already formidable Rake (W) and Shadow Assault (R), Talon's ability to rapidly eliminate foes with precision and agility is substantially augmented, solidifying his position as a fearsome assassin.

What Makes Talon a Deadly Assassin:

  • Unmatched Burst Damage: Talon's kit allows him to unleash devastating attacks in quick succession, often leaving no time for enemies to react.
  • Exceptional Map Mobility: His E, Assassin's Path, grants him the ability to leap over walls and obstacles, making him one of the most mobile champions, perfect for surprise attacks or escapes.
  • Early Game Dominance: Talon can set a commanding pace for the game due to his high early damage output. His potential to secure kills at the start of the match can translate into total domination later in the game.

Pick Talon If…

  • Early Aggression is Your Style: If you thrive on asserting dominance in your lane from the very beginning, Talon is the champion for you. His kit is designed for early-game aggression, allowing you to apply pressure on your lane opponent right from the start. By securing early kills or forcing the enemy to play defensively, you not only establish control over your lane but also create opportunities to roam and impact other parts of the map. This proactive playstyle can lead to a cascade of advantages, such as securing crucial objectives, aiding other lanes, and hindering the enemy jungler's effectiveness.
  • You Enjoy Roaming: Talon is the ideal champion for players who have a natural inclination towards a dynamic, roaming playstyle. His kit, particularly his E ability, Assassin's Path, allows him to traverse the map rapidly, bypassing traditional paths with his unique ability to leap over walls and obstacles. This mobility enables you to extend your influence beyond the mid lane, turning you into a roaming threat that can appear in other lanes almost unexpectedly.
  • Stealth Appeals to You: If you value the strategic benefits of stealth in League of Legends, Talon is an exemplary choice for your playstyle. Stealth abilities, like Talon's ultimate, Shadow Assault, are crucial for gaining tactical advantages on the Rift. These abilities allow Talon to approach or disengage from battles unseen, providing opportunities for surprise attacks or escapes that can turn the tide of engagements.


8. Kayn (Jungle)

In patch 13.24, Kayn’s transformation into the Shadow Assassin aligns seamlessly with the capabilities of the item Eclipse. The unique passive of Eclipse—dealing bonus physical damage after hitting an enemy with two separate attacks or abilities—complements Kayn’s rapid attack and ability rotation. This synergy not only boosts his damage output significantly but also provides a burst of mobility and a defensive shield, enhancing both his chasing and escaping potential.

What Makes Kayn a Deadly Assassin:

  • Turret Diving Capabilities: Opponents that are low health can find no solace from Kayn even behind tower. His ultimate, Umbral Trespass, enables him to execute bold plays and avoid turret damage, making him a relentless pursuer even in typically safe zones.
  • High Mobility and Engage: With increased movement speed and wall-phasing abilities, Shadow Assassin Kayn can navigate the battlefield and catch enemies off-guard.
  • Substantial Burst Damage: In his assassin form, Kayn delivers powerful burst damage, making him capable of quickly taking down priority targets.

Pick Kayn If…

  • You Enjoy Ambush Tactics: Kayn is the ultimate champion for players who thrive on the element of surprise. His unique ability to move through walls with his Shadow Step (E) in either form offers unparalleled opportunities for ambushes. You can navigate the map in unexpected ways, bypassing traditional wards and catching enemies off guard.
  • You Enjoy Experimenting With Multiple Build Paths: Kayn's effectiveness is significantly amplified by strategic item choices, which cater to both of his forms. When you opt for the Shadow Assassin, items like Youmuu’s Ghostblade or Duskblade enhance your burst damage and lethality, making you a formidable force in taking down squishy targets. Conversely, as Rhaast, items such as Black Cleaver or Sterak's Gage augment your tankiness and sustain, enabling you to endure longer in fights and deal with tankier opponents. The ability to tailor your build based on your form and the game’s progression provides a deep level of strategic depth.
  • You Value Flexibility in Gameplay: Select Kayn if you’re drawn to a playstyle that’s not just dynamic, but also highly adaptable to varying game situations. With Kayn, you have the unique ability to choose between the Shadow Assassin and Rhaast forms, allowing you to tailor your approach to what your team needs most at any given moment. As the Shadow Assassin, you can excel in eliminating key targets with burst damage, while Rhaast provides sustained damage and survivability against tankier foes. This flexibility to shift roles—from a backline threat to a frontline bruiser—gives you the advantage of adapting your strategy to counter enemy compositions and to address the evolving demands of each match.


7. Evelynn (Jungle)

Evelynn, the Agony's Embrace, is a champion who embodies the essence of a stealthy assassin in League of Legends. Her kit, highlighted by a unique charm ability and a powerful execute, allows her to stalk and then decisively take down her targets.

In Patch 13.24, Evelynn's role as a stealth-based assassin is more crucial than ever. Her permanent camouflage post-level 6, granted by her passive, Shadow Walk, allows her to navigate the map unseen, setting up deadly ganks and picking off isolated targets. Evelynn's strength lies in her ability to exert pressure without even being visible, as the enemy will always have to worry about where she is on the map.

What Makes Evelynn a Deadly Assassin:

  • Invisibility and Map Control: Evelynn's stealth is a key tool for controlling the map and creating ambush opportunities.
  • High Burst Potential: Her combination of Hate Spike (Q), Allure (W), and Whiplash (E) can rapidly deplete an enemy's health bar, making her lethal in 1v1 situations.
  • Ultimate as an Execute or Escape: Last Caress (R) not only deals significant damage but also allows Evelynn to escape from risky situations, making it a versatile tool in her kit.

Pick Evelynn If…

  • You Prefer Assassins with High Burst Damage: If your playstyle leans towards dealing rapid, high damage in a short span, Evelynn is your go-to assassin. Her combination of  Allure (W), Whiplash (E), and Hate Spike (Q), ending with her devastating ultimate, Last Caress, allows you to execute a lethal burst combo.
  • You Enjoy Stealth: Opt for Evelynn if you’re drawn to a playstyle that revolves around stealth and surprise. Her passive, Shadow Walk, grants her invisibility, allowing you to navigate the map undetected and catch enemies off guard. This element of stealth is not just a tool for evasion; it's a strategic advantage that lets you position yourself for the perfect ambush.
  • You Want to Control the Psychological Game: Evelynn is an ideal choice for players who thrive on creating psychological pressure. Her ability to remain hidden creates a persistent threat that forces opponents to play more cautiously. This unseen presence can lead to enemies over-investing in vision control or hesitating to commit to objectives and team fights. As Evelynn, you manipulate the enemy's decision-making, using fear and unpredictability to control the game's tempo and make the Rift your hunting ground.


6. Akali (Mid/Top-Lane)

Akali, the Rogue Assassin, is a formidable presence in both the mid and top lanes of League of Legends. Known for her elusive playstyle and high burst damage, Akali specializes in weaving in and out of combat, executing her targets with precision. Her ability to dominate lanes and outplay opponents with her agile movements makes her a favorite among players who enjoy a challenging yet rewarding assassin.

In Patch 13.24, Akali continues to excel as a high-skill-cap assassin. Her kit, which includes the shroud of Twilight Shroud (W) and the mobility from Shuriken Flip (E) and Perfect Execution (R), allows her to effectively navigate fights while dealing significant damage. Akali excels in isolating and rapidly dispatching priority targets, then vanishing as swiftly as she appeared.

What Makes Akali a Deadly Assassin:

  • Elusive Combat Style: Akali's Twilight Shroud provides temporary invisibility and increases her mobility, making her difficult to pin down in skirmishes.
  • High Burst Damage: Her ability to chain together her skills, especially when executing the combo of Five Point Strike (Q), Shuriken Flip, and Perfect Execution, results in devastating bursts of damage.
  • Strong Lane Presence: With her aggressive playstyle, Akali can dominate her lane, securing early advantages that she can leverage throughout the game.

Pick Akali If…

  • You Enjoy a High Skill Ceiling: Opt for Akali if you relish the challenge of mastering a complex champion. She demands precise execution of her abilities and strategic decision-making in combat. Excelling with Akali requires a blend of quick reflexes, tactical thinking, and a deep understanding of her kit, making her a rewarding choice for players who enjoy pushing their limits and honing their skills to perfection.
  • You Like Outplaying Opponents: Akali is the ideal champion for players who thrive on the thrill of outmaneuvering their foes. Her kit offers a dynamic playstyle focused on agility and deception. Utilizing her Twilight Shroud for stealth, coupled with the mobility from Shuriken Flip and Perfect Execution, you can evade enemy abilities, close in for the kill, or escape from tight situations. Akali's playstyle is about creating and exploiting opportunities, making quick decisions, and turning the tide of battles with well-timed moves.
  • You Want to Leverage the Energy System: If you prefer a champion that operates on an energy system instead of mana, Akali offers that alternative. Her energy-based resource management means you have to be mindful of your ability usage, balancing aggression with conservation. Unlike mana however, energy regenerates quickly, allowing for a more aggressive and sustained presence in lane without worrying about depleting a mana pool. This aspect of her gameplay appeals to players who enjoy managing a different kind of resource system, one that encourages a more aggressive, continuous playstyle while still demanding strategic energy management.


5. Zed (Mid-Lane)

Zed, the Master of Shadows, is a quintessential assassin in League of Legends, revered for his ability to deal massive burst damage and outmaneuver opponents. As a mid laner, he's known for his shadow mechanics and lethal precision, capable of single-handedly eliminating key targets and dominating the laning phase with his aggressive playstyle.

In Patch 13.24, Zed remains a formidable assassin, particularly favored for his high outplay potential. His signature ability, Living Shadow (W), combined with the lethal burst of his Death Mark (R), allows him to dive into enemy ranks, execute his target, and escape unscathed. Zed's kit is perfectly suited for players who excel in quick decision-making and precise execution, making him a constant threat to squishy champions.

What Makes Zed a Deadly Assassin:

  • Shadow Manipulation: Zed's unique shadow mechanics grant him increased reach and mobility, enabling complex and unpredictable plays.
  • Explosive Burst Damage: His Death Mark ability, when combined with his other skills, can deliver devastating bursts of damage, often leaving enemies little chance to respond.
  • Dominant Lane Control: Zed's ability to harass and pressure opponents in lane sets him up for success, allowing him to gain an early advantage and snowball into the mid and late game.

Pick Zed If…

  • You Aim to Dominate the Laning Phase: If establishing and maintaining control over your lane is your primary objective, Zed’s aggressive playstyle is perfectly suited for you. His ability to harass, zone, and all-in with lethal efficiency makes him a formidable laner. From the very beginning, Zed can exert pressure on his opponent, forcing them to play defensively or risk being taken down. This dominance, when leveraged correctly, can be transitioned into a significant advantage during the mid-game, allowing you to extend your influence to other parts of the map, secure objectives, and dictate the pace of the game.
  • You Relish Mechanical Complexity: Opt for Zed if you are passionate about engaging with a champion that demands finesse and intricacy in its mechanics. Mastering Zed is not just about learning his abilities, but about understanding the nuances of positioning, shadow management, and timing. Each of his moves, from the placement of Living Shadow to the execution of Death Mark, offers high skill expression.
  • You Thrive on Power Spikes and Nuking Enemies: Choose Zed if you find immense satisfaction in experiencing the potent power spikes of an assassin and the ability to delete enemies. Zed is notorious for his significant burst damage, especially post-level 6 when he acquires his ultimate, Death Mark. This power spike turns him into a fearsome adversary capable of quickly eliminating key targets. Executing a perfectly timed combo to 'nuke' an enemy not only showcases Zed's raw power but also provides a deeply satisfying experience.


4. Kassadin (Mid-Lane)

In Patch 13.24, Kassadin is a significant threat, particularly in the later stages of the game. His unique kit, which includes Nether Blade (W) and the mobility from Riftwalk (R), allows him to engage and disengage effectively while dealing substantial damage. Kassadin shines in his ability to chase down fleeing enemies, burst down squishy targets, or escape from ambushes and bad positioning with his ultimate.

What Makes Kassadin a Deadly Assassin:

  • Exceptional Anti-Mage Capabilities: Kassadin’s kit is designed to counter mages, making him a formidable pick in magic-heavy matchups.
  • Unparalleled Mobility with Riftwalk: His R, Riftwalk, provides unmatched mobility, allowing for rapid repositioning and escape, as well as chase potential.
  • Devastating Late-Game Power Spike: Kassadin becomes increasingly powerful as the game goes on, turning into a burst damage dealer that can change the course of team fights with well-timed engages.

Pick Kassadin If…

  • You Prefer Late-Game Dominance: Opt for Kassadin if you savor the role of a late-game titan, where your power crescendos as the match progresses. Kassadin is renowned for his exponential scaling into the late game, evolving into an almost unstoppable force. This scaling allows him to dominate team fights, swiftly eliminating key targets with his burst damage. Playing Kassadin requires patience and strategic planning early on, but as the game reaches its later stages, you’ll find yourself in a position to dictate the outcome of clashes, often single-handedly swaying the momentum in your team's favor.
  • You Enjoy Countering Mages: Kassadin is the quintessential anti-mage champion, perfect for players who enjoy neutralizing and outplaying magic-based opponents. His passive, which reduces magic damage, and his Q ability, which interrupts spellcasting and provides a magic shield, make him exceptionally effective against mages. This specialization not only allows you to survive and thrive in lane against magic users but also makes you a crucial asset in team fights where negating the enemy mage’s impact can be game-changing.
  • You Value Mobility and Burst Damage: Choose Kassadin if high mobility coupled with significant burst damage aligns with your preferred playstyle. His Riftwalk (R) ability is key, offering unparalleled mobility that allows you to navigate fights, chase down fleeing enemies, or escape dangerous situations. This mobility, combined with his potent burst damage from abilities like Force Pulse (E) and Nether Blade (W), enables you to engage on your terms – diving into the fray to unleash havoc and retreating before the enemy can effectively retaliate.


3. Katarina (Mid-Lane)

In Patch 13.24, Katarina remains a significant threat due to her potential to rapidly snowball. Her kit, centered around Bouncing Blade (Q), Preparation (W), and her ultimate, Death Lotus (R), allows her to chain kills effectively, especially in skirmishes and team fights. Katarina’s playstyle is about finding the right moment to jump in, unleash her combo, and use the resets from her passive, Voracity, to continue her assault.

What Makes Katarina a Deadly Assassin:

  • Reset-Based Killing Spree: Katarina's passive enables her to reset her cooldowns on kills and assists, allowing her to chain multiple kills in quick succession.
  • Unpredictable Engagements: Her Shunpo (E) provides high mobility, enabling her to dart in and out of combat, making her a slippery and unpredictable target.
  • Incredible Burst Damage: Her combination of abilities, particularly when executed in quick, precise succession, can deal massive damage in a very short timeframe.

Pick Katarina If…

  • You Aim for Multi-Kill Potential: If the idea of chaining kills in rapid succession excites you, Katarina is your ideal champion. Her unique reset mechanic, triggered by kills and assists, allows her to immediately refresh her abilities, creating opportunities for extended killing sprees. This makes her especially dangerous in team fights, where a single kill can snowball into a devastating multi-kill sequence.
  • You Prefer High Risk, High Reward Gameplay: Katarina is designed for players who are drawn to a high-risk, high-reward style of play. She excels when diving into the thick of battle, relying on precise execution of her abilities to inflict maximum damage. This approach is risky; misjudging your engage or failing to secure a kill can leave Katarina vulnerable. However, the potential rewards are immense—successful execution of her combo can decimate entire teams.
  • You Thrive on Fast-Paced Combat: Katarina is the perfect choice for players who relish a dynamic and rapid playstyle. Her success hinges on swift reflexes and the ability to make split-second decisions. This involves quickly assessing the battlefield, knowing when to strike with her deadly combo, and escaping before retaliation. Mastering Katarina requires not just mechanical skill but also a strategic understanding of timing and positioning. Her high-speed, high-stakes combat style is exhilarating, rewarding players who can keep pace with her relentless tempo and capitalize on fleeting opportunities during skirmishes and team fights.


2. Kha Zix (Jungle)

In Patch 13.24, Kha'Zix secures his position as a top-tier jungler, renowned for his prowess in controlling the jungle and significantly influencing lane dynamics. His evolution mechanic is a core aspect of his gameplay, allowing him to adapt his abilities for different situations. 

Particularly noteworthy is his evolved Taste Their Fear (Q), which dramatically increases his burst potential against isolated targets, making him lethal in one-on-one encounters. Kha'Zix's Leap (E) is equally crucial; when evolved, it not only facilitates remarkable mobility for initiating attacks but also becomes a tool for chaining kills or making strategic retreats, thanks to its cooldown reset on champion takedowns. Alongside Void Assault (R), which provides stealth and additional repositioning options, Kha'Zix is equipped to execute precise ambushes and navigate fights with agility and cunning.

What Makes Kha'Zix a Deadly Assassin:

  • Adaptive Evolution: Kha'Zix can evolve his abilities as the game progresses, enhancing his ganking, dueling, or team-fighting capabilities.
  • Exceptional Isolation Damage: He excels at dealing increased damage to isolated targets, making him a formidable predator in one-on-one encounters.
  • Stealth and Mobility: His ability to become invisible and leap great distances allows for unpredictable ganks and quick repositioning in fights.

Pick Kha'Zix If…

  • You Excel in Target Isolation: If you have a knack for singling out and eliminating isolated targets, Kha'Zix is your go-to champion. His playstyle revolves around finding and exploiting enemies who stray from the safety of their team. With his evolved Taste Their Fear (Q), he can unleash devastating damage on these isolated targets, often resulting in quick takedowns.
  • You Value Flexibility in Your Playstyle: Kha'Zix is the ideal choice for those who take pride in adapting to the dynamic nature of each game. His unique evolution mechanic allows you to customize his abilities mid-match, offering a range of strategic options. Whether you need to enhance your assassination potential, improve your crowd control, or increase your mobility, Kha'Zix's evolutions can be tailored to suit the evolving demands of the
  • You Enjoy Stealth-Based Gameplay: For those who relish the art of stealth and surprise in their gameplay, Kha'Zix offers a highly rewarding experience. His Evolved Ultimate Void Assault (R) provides the opportunity for sustained stealth, making it possible for him to navigate around teamfights and avoid damage.


1. Rengar (Jungle)

In Patch 13.24, Rengar remains a top pick for players seeking a hunter-like assassin. His ability to leap from brushes and deal massive damage, especially when his ferocity is at its peak, makes him a terror in the jungle. Rengar's ultimate enhances his natural predatory instincts, allowing him to stalk and close in on his prey unseen. His kit is designed for players who enjoy the thrill of the hunt, tracking down and dispatching enemies before they even realize the danger they're in.

What Makes Rengar a Deadly Assassin:

  • Potent Single-Target Burst: Rengar's capacity for delivering enormous damage to individual targets is a key aspect of his lethality. When he unleashes a full ferocity double Q combo, it can rapidly obliterate an opponent's health, often resulting in near-instantaneous takedowns.
  • Ultimate for Stalking and Ambushing: Thrill of the Hunt, his ultimate, cloaks Rengar in stealth and increases his vision of nearby enemies, setting the stage for precise and deadly ambushes.
  • Bush Leap Mechanic: His unique ability to leap from bushes provides a strategic element of surprise, allowing for sudden and unexpected engagements.

Pick Rengar If…

  • You Enjoy a Predator-Style Gameplay: Opt for Rengar if the thrill of hunting and ambushing resonates with you. His playstyle embodies the essence of a predator, where stealth and surprise are key tools. Utilizing Rengar’s unique abilities, you can stalk your prey from the shadows, planning your attack with precision. His leap from bushes, coupled with the stealth provided by his ultimate, allows for sudden, unexpected strikes, making him a terror for unsuspecting enemies. This playstyle is perfect for players who relish the psychological aspect of instilling fear and uncertainty in their opponents, striking when they least expect it.
  • You Prefer High Burst Damage Engagements: Rengar is the go-to champion for players who favor explosive, high-stakes combat. Specializing in high burst damage, he excels in rapidly closing in on a target and unleashing a devastating sequence of attacks that can decimate foes in mere moments. His ferocity system enhances this ability, allowing for a powerful execution of abilities. If you enjoy the intensity of diving into combat and swiftly eliminating key opponents, Rengar provides a deeply satisfying and impactful playstyle.
  • You Want to Control the Jungle: Rengar is a very strong counter-jungler. Choosing Rengar means more than just playing as an assassin; it’s about exerting dominance over both sides of the jungle. His capabilities as a jungler are not limited to efficient camp clearing and ganking but extend to controlling the flow of the game. Rengar can pressure lanes, secure objectives, and maintain vision control, leveraging his predatory nature to keep the enemy team on their toes.



This list of the top assassins in League of Legends showcases champions who excel in delivering high-impact, targeted damage and exemplify the thrilling playstyle that assassin mains crave. From the shadows of the jungle to the hidden corners of the mid-lane, these champions are designed for players who relish the art of the “surprise attack” and the satisfaction of outmaneuvering their opponents.

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