[Top 15] LOL Best Late Game Champions That Wreck Hard!

Best Late Game Champions League of Legends, LoL Best Late Game Champs
Knowing which champions are late game monsters will help you in the long run.

Wondering who is the best champion for those pesky late games?

Games in League of Legends can vary depending on the game mode, the make up of the team and of course, how much you’re wrecking in lane or being destroyed in lane.

If the teams are made of meta picks and you have no trolls in the game (which sadly happens more than we want), you more than likely will reach late game.

Some champions have super strong early game kits while others destroy once the late game begins. So if you want to find out who are the best late-game champs, let’s jump into it!

15. Bard

Can it Carry: Full AP Bard Mid | Challenger tries Mid Bard 

While Bard is played as a support more than often, sometimes you’ll see him in a different position in the rift.

AP Bard Mid is a late game champ that relies on punishing any enemy that makes a mistake. If Bard is able to land his Q Cosmic Binding to stun two enemies, the rest of your team can pick them off. Bard works as a disruptor to the game. 

His ultimate Tempered Fate should be used to catch multiple enemies out, freeze them and allow your team to surround and conquer. Or divide and conquer.

One good Bard ultimate can change the whole team fight. 

Bard as a Late Game Champ:

  • Can roam earlier and quicker than his counterparts due to his E Magical Journey.
  • Can 1 v 1 squishy champs late game due to collecting his chimes.
  • Can CC the enemy jungler or other carries on the enemy team to disrupt their objectives such as Baron.

14. Azir

FAKER THE AZIR GOD IS BACK! - T1 Faker Plays Azir Mid vs Aurelion Sol!

Azir is regarded by many as the strongest late game in the whole roster of League of Legends, however, his difficulty stops many from ever reaching that peak potential.

Those that do master Azir are absolute terrors on the rift, especially in late game. His zoning of an area is undisputed due to the abilities using his Sand Soldiers. 

By level 13, Azir can max out his W Arise! and his Q Conquering Sands which allows Azir to attack, dealing tonnes of damage in a really short amount of time.

Azir as a Late Game Champ:

  • Can Shurima Shuffle (Q past target, E to Sand Soldiers, Ultimate target back to where you were) a target/targets into turret range or to split the team up. Ideally picking off the carry.
  • Prevents all in attacks with his mobility and Sand Soldiers. 
  • Can use his Passive Shurima’s Legacy to zone an area defensively or aggressively.

13. Fiora

Khan's Fiora is Just Insane!! - When Khan Picks Fiora Top!

Late game is where Fiora blossoms as a champion. She is able to put her third and final point into her ultimate Grand Challenge which really helps Fiora in team fights or 1 v 1s. 

Fiora can use her dueling abilities to pick off any lone enemies as long as she has farmed correctly or has significant gold and items (hence why late game is her area of expertise).

The AOE heal that Fiora gets from successfully ulting a champion can really help her and her teammates during a team fight.

Fiora as a Late Game Champ:

  • Can split push very effectively and pick off any enemies that come her way.
  • Can often carry a weaker team when the late game has been reached and Fiora has gold and items.
  • Once full build is very very strong in the late game.

12. Cho’Gath

Meet Season 11 CHO'GOD with 100% Win Ratio 

The Terror of the Void is always a monster, but more so late game. Any champion that relies on or features stacks in their kit is great in late game. More stacks is equivalent to a great late game. 

Cho’Gath can initiate team fights with his Q Rupture and pick off any enemies caught in it.

Cho’Gath can choose two different paths, depending on what his team needs. He can be unbelievably tanky in the late game or deal a hell of a lot of damage.

Cho’Gath as a Late Game Champ:

  • Can use his R Feast to execute and kill any straying enemies.
  • Can use his R to help secure objectives such as Baron or Elder Dragon which can turn the tide of a game.
  • Should stick with his team and use his threatening presence as a weapon.

11. Jinx


Jinx, when fed, is an absolute terror on the rift. If Jinx gains enough gold to get the correct item, the game is basically over. 

In the late game, it is important for Jinx to position herself well. If she roams alone, she is still squishy enough to be killed in a 1 v 1. However, if Jinx stays with her team towards the backline near the support, she can safely pick off enemy champions using her auto attacks, Q, W and then execute them with her R if needed. 

Jinx as a Late Game Champ:

  • Can kite the enemy team into non-existence.
  • Has self-peel potential after maxing out two abilities at level 13.
  • Activating her passive will help her destroy enemy teams tremendously.

10. Senna

Late Game Senna is Crazy... (950 Range Auto-Attacks)

Like others on this list, Senna’s passive stacks over time and the longer the game, the more stacks she has the potential to get.

If Senna is able to land her W Last Embrace on one or multiple targets, she can pick any squishy champs off within a number of hits. She’s undeniably strong late game if everything goes ok in early and mid.

Senna’s ultimate is global and very helpful in team fights as it deals a tonne of damage but also shields her teammates, which can turn the tide against the other team.

Senna as a Late Game Champ:

  • Can heal and shield her fellow teammates in team fights.
  • Can pick off champions with her incredible range.
  • Can CC targets and crush them.

9. Jax

THE NUMBER ONE JAX IN THE WORLD IS AMAZING!! - Challenger Top - League of Legends

Jax is a late game champion that thrives on the chaotic 1 v 5 whenever he hits his power spike. We don’t recommend that you 1 v 5, but if you prone to getting caught out, Jax is the best champion for the pick.

When Jax hits level 13, we can max out his Q Leap Strike to deal a huge amount of damage. As the game progresses, Jax can get more items and get his full build to reach his full potential.

Getting a defensive item on Jax is recommended as he needs to survive to deal the insane Damage Per Second (DPS). Imagine if he had a real weapon.

Jax as a Late Game Champ:

  • Can split push and hopefully 1 v 1 an unsuspecting carry that’s farming in top or bot.
  • Can hide in the jungle and take down unsuspecting enemies.
  • Can basically duel any of the enemy team.

8. Cassiopeia 

FAKER BRINGS BACK HIS INSANE CASSIOPEIA! - T1 Faker Plays Cassiopeia Mid vs Syndra! 

In the late game phase, Cassiopeia’s main focus is to stay alive. If she is positioned correctly, she can continue to deal a huge amount of damage and try to get her ult Petrifying Gaze off on the entire enemy team. This one moment can win the game.

Cassiopeia needs to remain with her teammatesso she doesn’t get picked off. After reaching 13, she hits a power spike due to her Q Noxious Blast and her E Twin Fang both being maxed out.

Cassiopeia as a Late Game Champ:

  • Needs to stay safe to continue dealing damage.
  • Can change the game with a well-timed ultimate.
  • Has a huge power spike in the late game.

7. Veigar

In Late Game We Trust, Veigar! Fill to Diamond

Veigar’s Passive is the reason this champion wrecks in the late game phasing. The unlimited AP scaling allows Veigar to continuously increase his AP to absurd levels. So when the late game phase begins, Veigar can easily one shot squishy targets.

Team fights in tight areas are exactly what Veigar needs to destroy the enemy team. If he can stun with his E Event Horizon, he can quickly take down a number of targets using his Q Baleful Strike, W Dark Matter and R Primordial Burst.

Veigar as a Late Game Champ:

  • Is a great asset in team fights due to his stun capabilities.
  • Has insane damage based on his infinite scaling and items to boose this passive.
  • Can one shot squishy targets with his ultimate.

6. Master Yi

Master Yi 4v5 Late Game With My Wife! in Diamond

Master Yi is one of the biggest menaces in the game. His Q Alpha Strike coupled with his ultimate Highlander makes him almost unstoppable. When he focuses on the backline of the enemy team, he can devastate. He can even solo Baron.

Focusing on the carrries of the enemy team, Yi can take out any heavy hitters while the rest of the team distract any tanks.

As long as Yi can avoid CC or wait until the CC is down, he can go in and wreck hard.

Master Yi as a Late Game Champ:

  • Should use the fog of war to attack the carry.
  • Can chase down any escaping enemies with ease.
  • Becomes almost unstoppable when CC is down and he uses his Q and R combo.

5. Twitch

Ultimate Lategame Hypercarry - Diamond Twitch ADC Gameplay

This little sneaky rat is arguably one of the best hypercarries of the game. Twitch’s ability to deal insane amounts of damage is highly dependant on his items and his placement in the fight.

However, Twitch can easily be all in’ed. To counter this, Twitch can stay with the team and towards the backline. His R Spray and Pray can cause mayhem for the enemy team in team fights. 

Twitch’s Q Ambush and E Contaminate combo is very strong and can pick up many kills for the rat.

Twitch as a Late Game Champ:

  • Can go invisible using his Q.
  • Can slow using his W Venom Cask.
  • Can ult and E to take out multiple targets.

4. Nasus

Huni Insane Nasus Lategame vs Faker! - SKT T1 Huni SoloQ Playing Nasus Top!

Nasus is a farmer for the first two phases of the game. But if he farms his Q Siphoning Strike enough, he becomes a one hitting monster in the late game. With a short cooldown on his Q, Nasus can stomp out the entire enemy team.

Nasus is naturally tanky and can use his W Wither to single out an enemy carry and Q them to death.

Nasus as a Late Game Champ:

  • Can tank the enemy team and cause big damage.
  • W the enemy carry and pick them off.
  • Ult to stay alive and self-peel.

3. Kayle

Insane High Elo Kayle Game for the Ultimate Carry Lategame 

In the late game phasing, Kayle is one of those champions that the other team should target in order to initiate the team fight. With her alive, the chances of the other team winning the fight are significantly lower.

When Kayle reaches her ultimate form at level 16, she has a huge power spike that affects her abilities. Kayle can peel in team fights and use her ultimate on the ADC if they are doing well or herself if she is the carry.

Kayle as a Late Game Champ:

  • Deals a hell of a lot of damage so she needs to be in every team fight.
  • Her auto attacks are permanently at their highest damaging state.
  • Can save the carry with her ultimate.

2. Kassadin

Kassadin is a late game monster

Kassadin is one of the best late game champs in the game. Once he hits level 16, he can put the final point in his ultimate Riftwalk allowing him to use his ultimate with a very little cooldown timer.

He is a great champion for popping into the middle of team fights, bursting the enemy down and then quickly escaping the scene. Therefore, he is fantastic for late game team fights.

He deals a whole lot of damage when he’s fed and has full build.

Kassadin as a Late Game Champ:

  • Can abuse his ultimate mercilessly. 
  • Can gank enemies and escape with the kill.
  • Can flank the enemy team and before they even know he is there, they’re dead.

1. Vayne

Challenger Vayne shows how to carry difficult games

The monster hunter herself sits at the number one spot. Her Q Tumble and W Silver Bolts really help her secure kills in the late game phase. 

When Vayne hits 16 and can max out her ultimate Final Hour, the power spike is insane. She can annihilate the enemy team at this point with the right items. Her early game is very weak, so she should be played carefully until late game.

Vayne as a Late Game Champ:

  • Relies on her R to give her Q invisibility, increasing her chances of securing the kills.
  • Can carry the team if she reaches late game without messing up in the early phase.
  • Can use her mobility and positioning to kite the enemies down and win the team fight.

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