[Top 10] LoL Best Syndra Players

The Dark Sovereign
Syndra-The Dark Sovereign

[Top 10] LoL Best Syndra Players

The best Syndra ownage plays by the best players in the world.

10. Meltdown by Faker


At 2:45 the Lucian tries going in on Syndra and takes a good chunk of health but then gets melted by Sydra’s true damage. 

What's great about it

  • This play got rid of Lucian’s ultimate move and quickly burst him down and get a tower plating as the Syndra was able to safely disengage, and reset at the fountain to get more items, health, and mana.

9. Tower Dive Gank by Caps


At 1:20 Kassadin is trying to hide under his turret for safety but the Syndra is able to burst and immediately stun him under the tower to give the Lee Sin a perfect opportunity to tower dive. 

What’s great about it

  • The stun is the best part of this play most players new to Syndra won’t be as aggressive with the wave and orb stun combo but Caps is an experienced player and confident enough to know he’ll hit the stun. With the true damage that Syndra is capable of she melted the Kassadin’s health enough to give the Lee Sin a way in and a way out so they both took the minimum amount of damage from the tower.

8. Baron Steal by PeXany


In this video at the 2:20 mark, PeXany winds up an attack and steals Baron before fighting the rest of the enemy team.

What’s great about it

  • While the Fiddlesticks is using his ultimate, PeXany waits until the right time and attacks the baron with a W, E combo stunning their jungle champion and securing the buff for the rest of the team as well as escaping with a sliver of health from the Fiddlesticks ultimate while killing him.

7. The Ol’Switcheroo by Spikey


This play at 2:40 in this video shows the Syndra getting chased with a sliver of health but Spikey is able to turn it around.

What’s great about it

  • Spikey’s entire team gets hit but the Orianna ultimate pulling them all in together, the entire team gets wiped out except for Spikey, Spikey gets away with a sliver of health but, oh no, starts getting chased by the Lee Sin and Oriana. Spikey turns around and gets a double stun blowing up the Lee Sin then taking out the Oriana all while being able to escape.

6. OOH Baby a Triple by RapTTure


Syndra comes in for a gank but it looks bad, but at 4:25 in this video RapTTure tuns the bad gank around for a triple kill on the enemy team.

What’s great about it

  • Syndra comes in for a gank but it’s starting to look bad as the Qiyana comes in on the gank but RapTTure is able to reposition and attack the Qiyana, the Teemo and Karma try to turn around to help but was too late to help and gave up kills to the Syndra.

5. The Duke by  i love u ok


Vi tries to gank a low health Syndra for what looks like an easy kill but Syndra has some moves and dukes the vi at the start of this video 

What’s great about it

  • The Vi tries to get what looks like an easy kill on a low health Syndra but she’s able to flash out of the way and hitting a true damage orb as well as a stun making the turret target the Vi, Syndra’s ultimate did enough damage so that the turret finishes the Vi off and earns a kill. 

4. Army of One by Sepekuu


Syndra comes down from the top lane to stop the enemy team from getting baron and things are going bad until Syndra gets involved at 2:15 of the video.

What’s great about it

  • Galio goes in a little too hard and gets overwhelmed by the enemy team but Syndra comes down and locks their team in while bursting and stunning them down so Ashe can come to finish Nunu and Wullump while Victor gets Blitzcrank as he’s running away.

3. The Turnaround by Chaki


Syndra tries to face check a bush and gets attacked by the enemy team but quickly turns it around at 2:50 of the video above.

What’s great about it

  • The Syndra face checks a bush and pays for it but is able to turn it around and stun Nautilus, as well as Ahri killing the Ahri right before the rest of the team, shows up to help, with Alistair’s crowd control Syndra is able to pick off the Nautilus for a double kill.

2. Denied by ShadownedByZed


Syndra is engaged in a team fight as Aphelios fires his ultimate move but Syndra cancels it out by killing him before it goes off.

What’s great about it

  • As Syndra engages in the team fight Aphelios tries to use his Ultimate move but it’s canceled by Syndra melting him and getting the kill before Aphelios could turn the fight around.

1. Blind Shot into a Bad Collapse by Nakkos


Syndra chases the Rumble as he tries to escape into the base but Syndra shoots a blind shot to kill just to get collapsed on by the rest of the enemy team at 3:30 of the video above.

What’s great about it

  • First Syndra gets the blind kill on the Rumble as he disappears into the enemy’s base then Syndra and Riven get collapsed on by the rest of the team but they survive the collapse as well as getting a Quadra kill on the enemy team pushing the Syndra ahead to victory.

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