[Top 10] LOL Best Damage Support That Wreck Hard!

LOL Best Damage Support
Swain support prepares for the 1v2!

10. Brand

Brand is in many ways an amazing damage support. His lack of need for items, hard CC, and ability to fight in skirmishes and teamfights make him an incredible weapon for any bottom lane duo. His percent health damage allows him to deal high base damage early game, while still remaining relevant with his area of effect spells in the late game after he becomes essentially another mid laner and dominates team fights. 

What makes Brand a great damage support?

  • Brand’s stun allows him to both be aggressive in lane trades and peel for his carry against more aggressive lanes. This versatility makes him a great pick into any lane.
  • Brand doesn’t need items in the early game to do a lot of damage. This allows him to take control of the lane by zoning enemy champions with his Pillar of Flame (W) and Sear (Q).
  • Brand scales hard into the late game, providing his team with tons of damage, even when he has to sink an item slot into his warding item. 
  • Brand’s crowd control on his Sear (Q) allows him to gank mid lane or help with jungle fights in the early game, a crucial role for any support looking to take control. 

Here's an awesome Brand montage that will show you the destructive power of this champion!

9. Pantheon

A relatively new addition to the bot lane, Pantheon has found a home as an aggressive, high damage early game support who dominates the lane with his easy to hit crowd control, long-range poke, and defensive utility. This versatile kit allows him to win fights early and often bot lane, snowballing out of control and dealing tons of damage on the way to a win.

Pantheon’s power in the bottom lane: 

  • Pantheon is able to build lethality, which is easy to get very early and helps AD champions do tons of damage. This combined with his high base damages make him a serious threat for a kill early game. 
  • Pantheon’s Aegis Assault (E) is an incredible defensive ability. This allows him to not only protect his carry but also run a non-defensive summoner spell such as ignite to help snowball the lane. 
  • Pantheon can support his jungler and mid laner with his Grand Starfall (R) in the mid game, an excellent ganking and map control ability. 
  • Pantheon can peel for his carry with a slow on his Comet Spear (Q) and a stun on his Shield Vault (W). This is very helpful in late-game team fights and helps keep Pantheon relevant in the late-game, as he can protect his carry from assassins with ease. 

Here's a great Pantheon Support gameplay that can show you how to play in every facet of the game!

8. Swain

Swain is a mage support who excels in crowd controlling enemy champions, dealing solid damage, and being very hard to kill. An obnoxious champion to play against, Swain’s ability to zone enemy lanes off of the minion wave and be relevant without gold makes him a top candidate for great damage supports. 

Swain Support: What makes it work?

  • Swain’s passive allows him to pull champions who are crowd controlled towards him, further endangering them and getting kills for his team. This allows him to synergize well with carries that have crowd control, such as Caitlyn, Jhin, and Xayah. 
  • Swain’s Vision of Empire (W) deals damage and provides sight at an incredible range. This not only allows him to zone enemy carries off the wave but allows him to scout out the fog of war. Providing vision is essentially for any good support, and this allows Swain to do it more often and more safely. 
  • Swain scales well into late game teamfights, even if he doesn’t have the income of a mid laner or top laner. This is because the new Liandry’s Torment synergizes extremely well with Swain’s damage and tankiness, allowing just one item to keep him relevant permanently.

Watch this Swain Montage and see how high his damage can get as the game goes on!

7. Xerath

Xerath is among the best damage supports in the game at the moment. This is mostly due to his ability to deal heavy damage at insane range. This lets him poke enemy bot lanes, win 2v2 fights with his slows, stuns, and damage, and safely push in the enemy to make them lose minions under the tower. These combined with Xerath’s very strong poke late game make him a force to be reckoned with in the support role. 

How to play effective Xerath support: 

  • Xerath can abuse his range to poke his enemies safely. Make sure to stand as far back as you can while still being able to hit your enemies and gather experience from minions.
  • Xerath’s stun and slow allow him the utility to support as a damage-focused mage. Use these to peel for your carry or lock down enemies for your team, if you can do it safely. 
  • Xerath’s range and damage allow him to force enemies away from areas he may want to scout or ward. 
  • Xerath can help his carry chip away at towers by using his excellent siege and poke skills to force his enemy away from defending the tower. 

Watch Bizzleberry's gameplay as Xerath Support

6. Zyra

Zyra is an excellent damage based support because of her reliable crowd control, great poke, and solid zone control both in the lane and in team fights. These elements make it hard for enemy damage carries and assassins to kill her carry and help her support her entire team in a variety of late-game situations. 

Playing Zyra Support:

  • Make sure to hit Zyra’s seeds with her abilities in order to spawn plants. You can put new seeds down by casting Rampant Growth (W). These plants will zone the enemy for you.
  • Zyra’s ultimate, Stranglethorns (R), is incredible in team fights, especially in the late game. Use it to ward off enemies when being engaged on, and try to hit as many enemies as you can in the event of your team engaging. 
  • Zyra has a knock-up and a snare. This much hard crowd control allows her to play aggressively in the lane, as well as create pick plays for her team in the mid and late game. These are great qualities for high damage supports, as they allow a support to play with some agency and take control. 

Watch this awesome compilation of Zyra Support plays

5. Seraphine

Seraphine has both the poke and burst to be an effective damage support. She can force the issue in the lane, win fights and snowball, and stay relevant late game with utility and damage as well. 

So what makes Seraphine a great damage support?

  • Seraphine’s High Note (Q) and passive allow her to make quick, high damage trades in the lane, out damaging the enemy with high burst and retreating back to safety. 
  • Seraphine’s ability to slow, root, and charm the enemy makes her damage reliable and easy to hit. This is especially true in late game teamfights, when the enemy may be more focused on top laners, mid laners, junglers, and carries. 
  • Although Seraphine’s damage does not scale extremely well into the late game (unless she builds a Lich Bane and other damage), she remains relevant due to crowd control, shields, and other utility. 

Check out LoLProTV's Seraphine montage to see some awesome Seraphine play!

4. Vel’koz

Vel’koz is similar to Xerath in that his strength comes from his ability to deal high damage at a high range. His base damages are very high, partially due to his true damage passive, which allows him to quickly dispatch enemy laners early game, and entire teams late game with his massive teamfight damage. 

Vel’koz as a support: 

  • Vel’koz’s unique poke ability, Plasma Fission (Q), splits at its max range at a 90-degree angle. This allows him to circumnavigate minion waves to poke enemy carries and supports away from the wave. 
  • Vel’koz’s ultimate, Life Form Disintegration Ray (R), is an insane teamfight damage ability. Its high base damage combined with Vel’koz’s true damage passive allows him to shred enemy teams while having a cheap support build. 
  • Although it’s hard to hit, Vel’koz’s Tectonic Disruption (E) can help peel for his carries or set up his teams follow up crowd control and damage. This ability is crucial in helping Vel’koz support his team effectively. 

Here's Vel'koz one trick Azzap's support gameplay!

3. Pyke

Pyke is one of the best damage supports in the game, and he’s very unique to boot. Where most damage based supports are poke mages, Pyke functions as an assassin support. This allows him to completely hard carry games if he gets ahead, and be a monster in teamfights while still protecting his teammates and crowd controlling his enemies. 

Playing Pyke Support: 

  • Pyke scales exceptionally well into the late game because of his ultimate, Death from Below, which allows him to take control of teamfights using its reset and execute. Make sure to secure kills with this to share gold amongst your team, and kill multiple enemies in mere seconds. 
  • Pyke is also a hook support, which allows him to put a ton of pressure on enemies in the early lane, as well as in the fog of war in the mid and late game. His damage allows him to finish off enemies he hooks as well. This makes him devastating late game, as the long death timers make getting picked very detrimental.
  • Pyke’s Bone Skewer (Q) and Phantom Undertow (E) provide the crowd control he needs to protect his carry in team fights, while not sacrificing damage because he only needs his ultimate on that front. This allows him to do both jobs very well, keeping him strong and relevant in every stage of the game as a high damage support. 

Watch RayLOL's awesome Pyke montage!

2. Lux

Lux is a classic example of a high damage support. This comes from her high burst and long-range poke, as well as her reliable crowd control in the form of a slow and a snare. These qualities allow Lux to help with damage and protect her carry simultaneously at every stage in the game. 

Playing Lux in the bottom lane: 

  • Lux’s Light Binding (Q) is a very reliable snare that can hit two enemies. This is perfect for the bottom lane because not only can you snare through the minion wave, but a really good shot can hit both members of the lane, essentially guaranteeing huge damage, a won trade, and perhaps even a double kill. 
  • Lux’s cooldowns are very low once she gets some ability haste. This allows her to constantly pressure enemy bot lanes, and keep her damage consistent in teamfights, even as a support (seeing as support items have ability haste for very cheap). 
  • Lux’s long-range on her abilities allows her to keep her enemy at bay while she trades in the lane. This keeps her lane partner very safe while they farm. 
  • Lux’s shield can hit multiple allies, allowing her full AP build to provide utility as a support for her team.

Check out this great Lux Support Full AP montage!


Senna is a great high damage support who uses her auto attacks and long-range poke to whittle down enemy champions in the early game lane phase, as well as in late-game team fights. Her ability to scale using her souls without farming allows her to deal very high damage (and build an expensive build, providing that damage) without taking her carry’s farm. 

What makes senna Support great?

  • Senna’s Piercing Darkness (Q) can poke enemies and heal allies simultaneously. This allows her to deal damage and support her team at the same time, making her status as a high damage support not harm her team by making her spend less time on the support aspect of that role. 
  • Senna’s Glacial Augment rune build adds a slow to her kit, allowing her to guarantee her damage and help her hit her Last Embrace (W). This combination of crowd control helps Senna’s utility and allows her to not only deal damage, but also support her team. 
  • Senna’s ultimate, Dawning Shadow (R), is the very definition of a damage-support ability. Not only does it deal damage in a wide area across the map, but also shields any allies it hits. This can turn fights very quickly, and is crucial to hit in order to land all of Senna’s damage and utility, a combination which is crucial for damage supports to have. 

Check out this awesome Senna support montage to see how it's done!


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