[Top 10] League of Legends Best Top Lane Champions!

League of Legends Best Top Lane Champions!
Top lane champions. Leave these players alone they are used to it!

Have you ever felt like being alone and you don’t want anyone bothering you at all? Well if you have the top lane is for you. Here in this article, you’ll find the best champions for this lane that are able to carry games like no other.

Some champions will be easy while others will be hard to play. But in the end, it all comes down to your preference so I’ll try to include some of everything to spice up the champion pool.

When it comes to the top lane your priority is getting objectives and pushing the lanes and getting that chicken dinner winner! 

10. Sion

Champions is made for inting and feeding!

At here we have the champion that helped the one and only Bausffs reach rank 1 in EUW. Yes, this champion that you’re looking at right now helped him reach rank 1 in the top lane. Now how did he do it? Well, it’s simple. He inted his games and once his opponent had a huge shutdown he took it and gained a huge lead and by also building lethality on him.

Sion is a special case where once he dies he respawns in his undead form being squishy af but also deals a lot of damage and that damage is amplified if he has lethality items.

Sion’s abilities go as follows: his Q is a charge-up ability that knocks people up and deals damage once fully charged, with W he gives himself a shield that can explode, with E he can either kick air or a minion slowing anyone that gets hit by it. With his ultimate ability, Sion starts yelling and running at a fast pace leaving everyone in the dust while drifting behind a corner.

That’s Sion ladies and gentlemen. 

What makes him great for Top:

  • He’s able to take a beating and survive
  • Has a second life if he died in the first one 
  •  Can’t be stunned, CC’d or knocked up while he’s using his R ability

See Sion Own Top: 

9. Shen

Be nice to these guys and they will save you!

Here we have the tanky ninja called Shen. Let me get the bad things out of the way about this champion. The only bad thing about Shen is that he’s not being played a lot. That’s it really! I can’t think of a single thing that’s bad about him. Everything about his kit is really good and can benefit the team a lot.

The reason why people don’t play him is that his kit is kinda boring compared to other champions and he’s more of a support than a carry. So if you have a friend who likes playing Shen you two will climb ranked in no time.

Let’s take a quick glance at his abilities. Starting off with his Q Shen pulls his spirit sword towards him, if the sword passes through any opponents they’ll be slowed and take a bit of damage.The W spawns an AoE area around his sword and if anyone is outside of that area they’ll miss their auto-attacks. Thanks to E Shen is able to dash around and with his ultimate ability, Shen can target an ally that’s low HP or full HP giving them a huge shield and saving them from imminent death.

So make sure to be nice to your Shen players or they will not save you :). 

What makes him great at Top:

  • Plays the role of a support top laner 
  • His W can be used to win trades 
  • Able to save your sorry butt from death after you tried diving under their damn home base 
  • Be nice to Shen and Shen will be nice to you :D 

See Shen Own Top:

8. Ornn

You're looking at a peak male performance right here!

Oh, boy do I have something to say about our good ol’ pal Ornn. First of all Ornn players have been begging Riot to release a new skin for him but they never did. Once Riot has had enough of the cry babies they released the skin which you can see in the splash art and they earned a major profit on it. They even Tweeted about it and how surprised they were.

But not only does our favorite ram have two skins in the game (other champions have over 15+ skins) he’s also pretty useful for his team. Playing Ornn means you rely a lot on your team which is a big no no in some situations.

His abilities are simple. With Q he smashes the ground and a rock pops out, with W he spits out fire from his mouth. With E he headbutts everything around him. Ornn with his ultimate ability summons a bigger ram that he can headbutt and send in a different direction. That’s all we have for today about our dear ram simple easy and fun to play. 

What makes him great at Top:

  • He can upgrade any mythic item in the game for his teammates 
  • Headbutts everything with his big ram horns 
  • Can summon random rocks around the map 

See Ornn Own Top:

7. Irelia

All men gather here at this picture.

Here we have the queen of booty. X marks the spot and it marked Irelia. Like are we looking at the same picture or what? Irelia comes straight from Ionia the land that was demolished by Noxus and the faction she hates the most. She thinks of Noxians as a small fly and only wishes the worst upon them.

When it comes to playing Irelia she’s a bit complicated and it will take you some time to get used to her. I can’t play this champion if my life depended on it that’s how bad I am at Irelia.

Her abilities are as follows. Irelia’s Q allows her to dash to minions or champions, if she kills someone with it the ability is reset and she can dash again. W makes her sword spin around her reducing incoming damage and with E she can CC her opponents. Irelia’s R ability fires swords in front of her in the shape of a cone damaging and slowing anyone that gets hit by it. Now after reading that you might think so what’s hard about this?

Well, the hard thing is combining this into a deadly combo while trying to stay alive enough to get some kills. I can never do that and I always end up dying in a funny way. 

What makes her great at Top:

  • Potential to get first blood as soon as she gets into the lane. 
  • Ability to CC multiple people with her E
  • W reduces all incoming damage onto Irelia 
  • Bootylicious champion

See Irelia Own Top:

6. Wukong

The king of all monkis.

Wukong is a monkey. He’s a monkey. Yup. The king of all monkeys in fact! Wukong is kind of a weird champion. He’s not played a lot but he can be scary when in the right hands.

His abilities are also weird like him. So with his Q he slaps you with a stick, with the W he dashes in a direction leaving a clone behind him but with his E he dashes at you but summons 3 clones that smack your butt and with the R he spins around knocking everyone up into the air if they’re around him.

I told you his abilities were weird and people who play this champion are also weird. I met a Wukong player once… It wasn’t nice that’s all you have to know. 

What makes him great at Top:

  • Can be built as an assassin or as a bruiser it’s up to you 
  • Monke gaming 
  • Has two dashes in his kit allowing him to play around his enemies 
  • The ultimate ability can knock people up in an AoE range

See Wukong Own Top:

5. Fiora

French mommy melkors.

Ah yis lord. Here we have Fiora the greatest duelist in the game. I’ll tell you this do not 1v1 this girl. No matter how fed you are or how big of a lead you have she will devour you like you’re a big juicy piece of steak. That’s where she excels the most. At pushing lanes and winning 1v1’s. Platinum ELO is full of Fiora mains and it disgusts me to even write that ughhh.

I miss the good ol’ days of Fiora. When she looked better and her ultimate ability allowed her to attach to a target and deal damage until they were dead. That was a lot of fun to play. But even today Fiora is a scary champion to go up against.

Some of her abilities are like this. With her Q she pokes your booty and deals damage, her W parries everything in the game, the E empowers her next two auto-attacks and with the ultimate ability, she puts four vital points onto you that she has to try and hit. After she does that an AoE heal ability spawns on the ground healing everyone who stands in it from her team. She’s French so she has a hot French accent I love it. 

What makes her great at Top:

Best duelist in the entire game excels at 1v1’s 

  • Great at pushing lanes and doing objectives 
  • AoE heal for her entire team 
  • Hot French accent

See Fiora Own Top:

4. Poppy

Poppy takcleeeee! (best ability in the whole game)

The next two champions will be midgets so be prepared. But let’s start out with our first midget called Poppy. I have no fun playing against this champion. Not only does she counter every single dash in the game but she’s also very good at it.

Poppy smacks everyone with that hammer and can use the hammer to knock you upright to the home base. That’s her R ability. Her other abilities such as Q allowing her to smack the ground in which after a short while it explodes, the W cucks you from dashing towards her or away from her so good luck with that and with the E she tackles you but if she tackles you into a wall you get CC’d for a long time pretty much until you’re dead.

Also, I’d recommend every time you tackle someone with Poppy that you start yelling at the top of your lungs POPPY TACKLE. Heh, it’s funny. 

What makes her great at Top:

  • Cucks everyone who has a dash ability 
  • Smacks the ground with her hammer knocking you far far away from her
  • Tackles people into a wall beating their ankles up because she’s short and that’s how far she can reach 

See Poppy Own Top:

3. Teemo

Fly like a wasp sting like a bee!

Here we have the second midget called Teemo. Now, this little bugger is really broken right now because our dear friends at Riot Games thought it’d be funny to make him OP. And how funny it is I’m dying of laughter haha :). Riot what are you smoking? Share some with your community come on, don’t be stingy now.

But yeah they buffed almost everything about him so let’s go over his abilities. Teemo’s Q fires a used heroin syringe at opponents which blinds them and makes them miss their auto-attacks. His W speeds him up and his E is a passive that deals poison damage when he pecks you with his autos and with his ultimate ability he plants shrooms all around the rift so you can get high while dying to this devil.

Oh and also I mentioned this guy in another article of mine called Top 10 Most Hated Champions feel free to read more about Teemo on there if you’re so interested. 

What makes him great at Top:

  • Blinds people so they can’t damage him 
  • Can plant shrooms all around the rift so technically he can get a kill from the opposite side of the map 
  • Looks cute but a devil inside 
  • Everyone hates him 

See Teemo Own Top:

2. Tahm Kench

Big scary fishy fish. 

Now that we are done with midgets let’s talk about a fat fish who can’t stop eating. Tahm Kench is a demon that likes to gamble. Once he took apart a girl piece by piece because she had to repay him for a small debt so yeah talk about being a loan collector.

Not only that but this fish can eat you up for breakfast and if he doesn’t like how you taste he will spit you out . That’s his ultimate ability. For his other abilities, he can give you a quick lick with his Q, dive under you with his W and gain all of his lost HP as a shield with his E. Yup that’s Tahm Kench for you.

Not only can he deal a lot of damage but he’s also really really tanky so good luck trying to kill him! 

What makes him great at Top:

  • Tanky fish boi he can’t die so you won’t int your teammates 
  • Gobble gobble by that I mean he can eat up the enemies ADC taking them out of the fight 
  • W is good for engaging in team fights or trying to escape from a gank

See Tahm Kench Own Top:

1. Camille

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Camille with her knife legs!

Ah, here we are at the number one spot. At this spot sits our dear Camille. The best top laner to date, of course, that’s subject to change but for now, she sits here and she will continue sitting here for quite some time. So if you have the time and patience I’d recommend that you learn how to play her. She’s being played at the highest level currently and I think she was picked at worlds a few times but I’m not sure about that.

Camille’s abilities are quite spicy if I say so myself. Her Q is an empowered auto-attack that deals a lot of true damage, with the W she swipes the floors with her legs gaining back a bit of health that she lost. With the E she can escape or she can catch up to people. The way she does it is with her legs. She shoots out a wire that attaches her to a wall and she launches herself in the desired direction. The R ability summons a cage on the target that won’t let them leave until 1 person is dead.

That’s all there is about Camille the legs of Piltover. 

What makes her great at Top:

  • Easily catches up to people and smacks them with her legs
  • Cuts through tanks, bruisers, assassin’s, mages, ADC’s, supports like butter
  • Can sustain herself on lane with her W 
  • Still played at the highest level of League of Legends

See Camille Own Top:

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