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"Hello amigo" 

Well, gamers, these days we have talked a lot about Paladins but when well it never hurts, right? And today we’re gonna take a look at the best Front Lines of Paladins: Champions of The Realm. 

The Front Lines are responsible for taking the front line (oh, you sure?) while countering all damage, protecting the payload and the Supporters, and not just this, they are assigned to be up front of everything else as well. So now we’re gonna take a look at the best five of them, Champs.

5. Ash

"Are we gonna dance or not?" 

Ash is a Frontline champion who wields a flak cannon that is effective up to medium range. She specializes in point control through heavy crowd control and damage reduction with her skills. Her cannon projectiles prematurely explode after traveling a certain distance, making Ash unique in her ability to damage enemies around corners or under ledges with only her primary weapon attack.

She is my favorite Front Line but the easiest to counter because she is very passive. Her abilities are slow and her damage is meaningless without cauterizing. Her Ultimate is the most useful part of her kit but it charges too slow in my opinion considering how easy it is to counter but you can use it to be very aggressive.

Also, to say Ash is good because she can counter champions people keep using is misleading. Of course, a champion is going to be useful if people keep using champions that get countered by them. Ash can work around single fire champions like Cassie, Lian, Willo, etc. but she can't survive a sustained DPS composition especially without Battering Ram unless the rest of her team are carrying her.

  • The name of this champion, Ash, says a lot of skills because she can take her enemies into ashes. 

4. Inara

Mother of Nature

Inara is a Frontline Champion with a great amount of sustainability with Earthen Guard and is capable of hard point fights. Her weapon can deal great damage up to medium distance. Unlike other frontlines she does not have a shield, she deploys a wall instead. With Warder's Field (which slows enemies), she can deal a considerable amount of damage at extremely close range.

Inara is almost the perfect tank. She has good damage at close range, damage reduction to stay tanky, a great wall to zone people out or use as a defence. She works well if the Supporters are watching her back and she positions herself well and manages her cooldowns wisely otherwise it's easy for anyone to burst her down because she is so slow, so that’s why she’s in this position.

  • Inara in Arabic name means ‘Shining Light’ which is great for a Frontline Inara, radiantly killing her enemies and she can also take their light with her stone wall. 

3. Barik

"Well, guys, look at my new clothes."

Barik is a front line champion who wields a blunderbuss that fires pellets with a large spread. Barik specializes in area control by deploying up to two turrets that automatically fire at nearby enemies and a concave shield wall that provides cover. 

Barik is a quite good champion, as a Front Line he can take almost every hit or damage. Barik's body hitbox is small for a tank, so he can hide behind objects like the payload or some objects on the map, so he avoids damage in situations where most other tanks take damage. His turrets are more trouble than it seems for any other champion, making them confused about which they will shoot, him or his turrets. As such, Barik has incredible abilities in the competitive arena, and has enough life to stand up in combat. After the nerf on Inara, Barik takes back his more than decent Frontline position.

  • Barik can be confused with Barrier which is a quite good meaning for the champ.

2. Fernando

"I am the Fernando of War" 

Fernando is a front line champion with formidable defenses thanks to his massive health pool and his Shield skill, which provides cover against enemy fire for himself and allies behind him. He carries a Flame Lance which acts much like a flamethrower, projecting a stream of fire in an area in front of him. He can also shoot a Fireball that deals damage to all enemies it hits. Fernando can use his Charge skill to dash forward a short distance, which allows him to quickly reposition himself and damage any enemies he goes through. His Ultimate skill, Immortal, grants him and nearby allies immunity to death for a short duration.

He was the top tier tank and no one could compare to his defensive capabilities. His shield is only about four times as strong as anyone else's. Seriously, if you don't have Fernando as a Frontline you don't have the best setup. But he’s not the top one anymore because of someone that we're gonna meet now. 

  • Doing a brief research on the name of this character, the origin of his name comes from Spain and its meaning would be: “Adventurous” which matches a lot with the personality of the champ. Also, some say Fernando is in Spanish while playing with him. "I will not die, not yet, amigo!"

1. Atlas

"Where's my kibidango?" 

The future man, Atlas. This champion has returned directly from a distorted, corrupted and destroyed future by the Magistrate. His fight against the dark forces remains in his battle spirit, and the flames of his powers have never been so powerful. 

Atlas is a somewhat new character to Paladins, but even with his new arrival he has managed to shake up the entire community with his extreme strength and out-of-the-blue abilities. With his time barrier, Atlas can undo any attack, even powerful enemies with their best attacks are shocked to have their spells undone, or rather, out of time. After all, he’s the best Front Line to play nowadays with. 

  • The meaning of Atlas after a basic research, that's what I found: "a Titan who for his part in the Titans' revolt against the gods is forced by Zeus to support the heavens on his shoulders". 

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