[Top 25] Mobile Legends Best Avatars That Are Awesome

An avatar is an alter-ego representation of the user.


There are seemingly limitless customized avatars used in Mobile Legends to represent the user. Take a look at the Top 25 Avatars used in Mobile Legends.

25. Layla

Depicting Marksman Hero Layla, this avatar aims to portray an angry rebellious soul that turns anger into justice. This goes in line with the in-game storyline of Layla who rebelled against her father and ran away from home to carry out her heart's desires. 


24. Miya

The avatar depicting Marksman Hero Miya presents her charm in battle combined with strength, courage, and faith. Showing no mercy, while being fearless in knowing that the fight for justice comes at all costs.


23. Estes

Representing Support Hero Estes, this avatar aims to capture a serious and sincere personality of great power. For those who are simply serious and dedicated to the cause.


22. Freya

Showcasing the personality of Fighter Hero Freya, this avatar portrays courage and strength. Similar to Freya’s in-game ability and storyline. It best projects a symbol of heroism and determination.


21. Sun

Smiling with enthusiasm in the face of the adversary and determined to come out victorious, this avatar captures the hero Sun, in association with his storyline. 


20. Ruby

Inspired by Ruby the Fighter/Tank Hero, this avatar shows innocence masked with pain and a fighting spirit. A simple yet complex representation of Little Red Riding Hood seeking the wolf for vengeance. 


19. Saber

Depicting Assassin Hero Saber, this avatar represents bravery and the courage to smile in the face of battle. Ready and calm, trained and skilled to overcome what lies ahead. This ultimately matches the in-game storyline of Saber.


18. Hayabusa

Representing Assassin Hero Hayabusa, the avatar portrays skill and craft. Trained and dedicated to a ninja code, it captures the essence of perfect execution in style and precision.


17. Yi Sun-Shin

Resembling Marksman Hero Yi Sun-Shin, the avatar portrays a willingness to fight. It showcases courage in the face of war and the strength to pursue justice. A powerful representation of courage.


16. Zilong

Named after Fighter Hero Zilong, the avatar is simple in depicting a strong fighter, ready and willing to fight without fear or favor. Most possibly one of the simplest avatars used in ML.


15. Franco

This avatar represents Tank Hero Franco and appeals to both male and female players. It portrays an alter ego of self-pride and a fearless fighting spirit, much in line with the Vikings. This is the general hype going into each battle and most new users opt to use this avatar.


14. Akai

Representing Tank Hero Akai, this avatar is also gender-neutral and generally just awesome. A panda that is friendly and adorable but the eyes show no fear. Topped off with face painting, which many may fail to recognize at first glance, this avatar captures the essence of a good heart and bravery which are folklore traits and characteristics of those going into battle.


13. Chou

Resembling fighter hero Chou, the avatar is straightforward in depicting a tough fighting spirit. Easily one of the most simply depicted avatars that everyone can relate to.


12. Eudora

Showcasing Mage Hero Eudora, this avatar captures the essence of knowledge and power wherewith great power comes great responsibility. A master of her craft who is ready to defend her beliefs. The avatar gives a perception of strength in the unknown.


11. Alice

Representing Mage/Tank Hero Alice, the avatar depicts light and darkness. Masked as a villain with good intentions, it certainly radiates that bad girl image many can relate to.


10. Natalia

Based on Assassin Hero Natalia, this avatar transcends light in a fun yet dangerous way knowing that the expression could change to reveal something dark. A sound representation of an orphan whose innermost beliefs are a mystery that only she can reveal in action.


9. Nana

One of the cutest avatars in ML representing Mage Hero Nana, the avatar resonates well with those who are familiar with the game where Nana is cheerful and happy but can deal huge damage and cause destruction when provoked.


8. Wanwan (Nurse)

This is a special avatar representing Marksman Hero Wanwan. It showcases her outspoken personality and eagerness to go into battle. Certainly a favorite amongst female players with that You Go Girl attitude.


7. Lesley (Nurse)

Representing Marksman/Assassin Hero Lesley, this is also a special avatar that captures the responsibility behind her character. As a master of her craft, it showcases her knowing persona with hidden beauty and dedication to her fight.


6.  Guinevere (Nurse) 

Representing Fighter Hero Guinevere, the avatar is straightforward in depicting beauty, wisdom, and prestige. Easily one of the top ten avatars for females with a Queen Boss Mentality.


5. Rafaela (Nurse)

Representing Support Hero Rafaela, this avatar is one of the most adorable and it goes to show the love, compassion, and healing associated with her. A class choice avatar for females who consider themselves soft with a Queens’s touch.


4. Nana (Nurse)

Simple and cute, Nana depicted here is one of the cutest avatars in ML. Nana being fun yet deadly at the same time appeals to both genders. Seeing that she is one of the main heroes used by newbies, many find a resemblance to her as cute, friendly but deadly when provoked.


3. Guison (Custom)

Representing Assassin Hero Guison, this avatar is custom designed and popular amongst users which gives a lover boy feeling mixed in with a typical bad boy feel. Perfect fit for those with a cheeky sense of humor and a love for the game.


2. Fanny (Custom)

Representing Assassin Hero Fanny, it straight up depicts the rebel that Fanny is. Rebel yet elegant, the colors are perfect and match her storyline personality to go along with it. It captures beauty in the end which is why it is a top custom avatar.


1. Guison & Lesley (Custom)

The lovers portrayed in this custom avatar carry a deadly and classic combination to capturing style and precision in both heroes as deadly assassins. Like a match made in heaven, this is easily a number one avatar used by ML users when getting into the spirit of the game. 

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