[Guide] All Mobile Legends Roles And How To Master Each One

Do you know your role?

Each role in Mobile Legends impacts how a battle pans out. Each hero makes a specific contribution through their role in a team's goals and strategies, which ultimately determines the outcome of battle. To prevent toxic behavior, it is advised that each new player learn at least three roles and be able integrate and adjust within a team selection.

Check out the different roles that are available in Mobile Legends and how you may effectively conquer these positions in game-play. Keep in mind that ML is a team sport that relies on teamwork to achieve goals.


6. Tank

Tanks are the most durable heroes in Mobile Legends. They are often equipped with skills and specialties that can confront the front-lines of battle. Tanks are well-known for Crowd Control and in soaking damage along the battle fronts. They are generally responsible for initiating team fights and protecting allied damage dealers. 

Keep in mind that you have minimal attack damage when playing the tank role since tanks are built with defensive items. Your primary objective should be endurance and sustaining damage through strength and durability, which will eventually open the door for your team's damage dealers to capitalize and launch an assault. Tanks are also preferred for roaming since they can survive attacks while revealing map hacks and disrupting opponent gameplay.

How to play Tank.

  • Support Team Damage Dealers 

One of the key duties of the tank is to aid damage dealers. This requires safeguarding them while ensuring they have enough time and flexibility to deal damage to rivals. This is a major aspect of playing Tank where teaming up with damage dealers must be a strategy involved in your gameplay. Through proper assessment, you may support marksmen, assassins or mages.

  • Initiate and Poke Front Lines

Tanks are useful in the front lines of combat due to their endurance and high survival rate, which can be used to instigate team clashes. This improves battlefield possession, an essential aspect of gameplay, as well.

  • Roam

Tanks are able to roam, moving across the battlefield to assist when needed and reveal enemy positions. By being able to initiate and poke in team engagements, they can gank lanes while roaming.


5. Support

This is a support position. Support Heroes have abilities and qualities to encourage cooperation. This involves supporting teammates through crowd control, HP regeneration, and various kinds of buffs that reinforce their teammates capabilities. Since you might not have the damage output to mount a team fight or advance, playing support is an effort that requires patience and team coordination.


Be mindful that you are a team enforcer through this role, which requires you to identify who, why and how to support. Through proper coordination, this should be determined in the selection phase of battle. A support may be paired alongside all roles in battle, depending on their abilities and compatibility. As a utility, it requires serving your teammates  to carry the battle for you.

How to play Support.

  • Choose the right hero

Pairing for team composition and effectively countering opponents should be in mind when selecting a support hero. Each hero brings uniqueness and creativity in gameplay to each game. Selecting heroes based on their abilities is crucial in understanding what they offer to the uniqueness of each battle.

  • Provide Strategy

Ensure your team gets a good start. Assess key areas where your capabilities may enhance team gold amongst other objectives such as pushing lanes, ganking and successful team fights. As a support, it is your role to find strategic ways to successfully aid team damage dealers and front-liners.

  • Assist in Map Awareness

Communication and coordination is crucial as a team support. Secure team objectives and offer rotational support to have an impact on a range of facets during battle. Strategies stem from your ability to integrate teamwork into gameplay, resulting in unique advantages or disadvantages.

  • Teamwork

As a support, it is up to you to facilitate and promote teamwork. With the flexibility and versatility that you carry as a support, assistance is a major aspect of this role. Strategic decisions span from your ability to read gameplay and back up in gameplay.


4. Fighter

Heroes with a solid combination of offense and defense serve as fighters. They are durable and possess a respectable damage potential. Fighters typically possess a combination of offensive and defensive skills and thrive in close- range combat. They frequently engage enemies and interfere with the formation of the opposing squad. They are best suited in the Express Lane.

Recognize that in addition to being durable, fighters are versatile, flexible and adaptable. Depending on how the gameplay is set up, they may adopt a variety of roles and strategies. The best-known characteristic of fighters is their speed in pushing lanes. They are effective in a variety of scenarios due to their ability to both deal and absorb damage. 

How to play Fighter.

  • Farm & Engage

Farming is an integral aspect when playing Fighter since your abilities are also subject to team gold when engaging in other roles such as pushing lanes and taking on opponents. Fighters should ensure the team has a positive team gold count leading into battle.

  • Sustain & Survive

Fighters have a higher survival rate with the ability to deal damage on top of this. They can maintain the battlefronts for longer periods which may pave the way for team support. Taking on sustained damage is a trait that is unique to fighters since other durable heroes lack the ability to deal damage. 

  • Disrupt Opponent Team Formation

Through split push and controlling lanes, Fighters have enough strength and power to apply pressure and create opportunities. This comes with their remarkable speed and endurance in creativity and versatility. Disrupting opponent formations leads to other successful team goals.

  • Time and Position

Timing and positioning is essential when engaging in strategic gameplay. With versatility through abilities and capabilities, learn how to time and position yourself to create strategies that you may successfully engage in.


3. Mage

Mages may unleash potent spells and harm their targets using magic damage. They are able to govern the battlefield thanks to their crowd control abilities and have a wide variety of area-of-effect (AoE) capabilities as well. Mages are particularly important for assaulting opponents and advancing battlefield possession since they are superior damage dealers.

In the early stages of a battle, mages always opt for the middle lane. This is an essential element of their strategy, in which they are distinguished in poking and harassing rivals while supporting an early and effective lead in team gold tallies.They become increasingly useful in various gameplay mechanics and strategies as their damage and power rises.

  • Farm & Level-up

As the game proceeds, the beginning phases of battle determine the overall gold count. Mages should concentrate on leveling up by clearing lanes while dealing an immense amount of damage. In general, mages contribute to strong builds that may prove consequential in the mid-late phases of gameplay.

  • Poke & Harass

Most mages have range and damage, that includes AoE or CC. They ultimately disrupt opponent team compositions through their powerful damage dealing attributes when poking and harassing. This also helps in gaining possession of the battlefield.

  • Control & Envision Battleplay

Mages have burst damage with AoE and CC that can dictate the tempo of team engagement. They can then develop strategies and tactics that are motivated by teamwork as a result. Capitalizing on this requires map hack techniques, timing and positioning.

  • Deal Damage

Mages are a team's primary source of damage. They excel at dealing ranged damage that is capable of having a profound effect on a variety of heroes. They are distinguished from assassins and marksmen with magic damage that may cover large areas through AoE and CC.


2. Assassin

Assassins are the main core heroes that are utilized in the Jungle. These heroes are attributed with high damage and mobility, with the ability to target high priority damage dealers such as mages and marksmen. Assassins rely on surprise attacks, ganking team fights and assassinating vulnerable opponents.

Assassins rely on their team's gold and equipment to make a significant difference in combat. In order to take down heavy heroes like Tanks and Fighters, they rely on build and teamwork. Assassins are less versatile in the heat of battle, but they are superior in the jungle. When playing this position, it's important to pay close attention to the opposition's lineup so you can plan whom to harass and target as the game drags on.

How to play Assassin.

  • Farm & Level Up

As the first choice Jungler, an assassin should focus on leading in gold count. This may include disrupting opponent farm strategies and delaying their gold count. Assassins should clear out farming objectives before moving on to other tasks.

  • Roam & Gank

Given their attack speed and mobility, assassins are superior roamers and gankers, given their ability to utilize the element of surprise. Coordinating and communication with teammates is an important aspect in successful completion of targets.

  • Focus on Priority Targets

High damage dealers are the weakest amongst heroes. These are the primary targets of assassins, especially marksmen and mages. Targeting these heroes disrupts opponent formation and strategy. Teamwork may be necessary if opponents are well structured.

  • Push & Pressure

As gameplay drags on into the late phases, it is essential to rotate and maintain impact in different dimensions of battle. Assassins have the ability to clear lanes swiftly given their attack and mobility speed. Communicating and engaging in team fights is crucial at this stage and leads to the general outcome of battle.


1. Marksman

[Guide] All Mobile Legends Roles And How To Master Each OneMarksman, additionally referred to as "ADC" (Attack Damage Carry), are physical damage-dealing ranged heroes who are generally in command of continuous damage. Marksman heroes are late-game beacons due to their high assault damage, attack speed and in-demand priority. Marksmen require teammate protection to bring out the best of their abilities since they are squishy/soft as high damage dealers through ML default standards and settings.

Marksmen traditionally take on the gold lane alongside Tanks in the early stages of battle before rotating to offer support or take on other tasks and objectives. They require the need to strike a balance in positioning, farming and dealing successful damage as in-demand priority heroes. Wind of Nature is an active must-learn item for marksmen that increases their chances of survival and damage dealt.

How to play Marksman.

  • Farm & Push

Farming is essential in the early game as you strive to gain and maintain power over battle. Pushing lanes comes with the task of farming, as range allows you distance. Harassing and pushing lanes leads to essential gold count.

  • Positioning & Kiting

Positioning is important in securing yourself as a high value target. Maintaining safe distance alongside teammates or next to turrets when alone requires map reading and communication. Notify your team regarding missing enemies and potential positioning risks. Learn to kite, which is a technique in attacking while moving rapidly to keep a safe distance from opponents.

  • Protect & Secure Objectives

Rotation and team coordination falls on your shoulders as the versatile and flexible damage dealer in the team. Prioritize objectives to gain an advantage over the battlefield that may pave the way for you to impact the ending phases of battle alongside teammates.

  • Prioritize, Target & Communicate

Prioritize goals that inspire teamwork in pushing dominance over the battlefield. Marksmen carry weight over battle due to their range, and damage abilities alongside the fact that they best pair alongside other roles which makes them versatile and flexible in support. Communication is key to successful execution when playing this high priority role.


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