[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Heroes To Buy

Rank up fast with these Top Heroes worth buying.

Tank, Assassin, Marksman, Fighter, Mage, and Support are the different types of Hero Roles that can be played in Mobile Legends. Players have the choice of selecting from one of the six distinct categories to aid their team to victory. Here are Top 10 Mobile Legends Best Heroes To Buy.

10. Tigreal

See Tigreal in action: 

Tigreal is one of the most basic, yet complex and in-game pacesetters as a Tank. He is highly durable and specializes in Crowd Control and AoE. He is the standard pick if you want to learn and master Tank and Support roles in Mobile Legends.

Tigreal is played in battle fronts, initiation, ganking and poking. He best sets the stage for high damage dealers to finish off, due to his durability, CC and AoE. He is easy to learn and his skills are best paired with flicker as his battle spell, and can be used in attack and offense.

Tigreal is essential to those serious about ranking up due to the fact that the Tank role is one of the least favored in Mobile Legends and so being able to adjust to a team's need with a basic, yet superior hero like Tigreal has better odds of victory. He costs 6500 Battle Points or 299 Tickets.

Why Tigreal is Great and Worth Buying.

  • Easy to master: Tigreal has complex skills but is easy to master.
  • Versatile: Tigreal is versatile as he can be played as a Support.
  • Durable: Tigreal is extremely durable with skills that aid in supporting his durability.


9. Alucard

See Alucard in action: 

Alucard is the King of Life Steal in Mobile Legends. As a dual role hero, he can be played as a Fighter and Assassin. He is best utilized in the Express Lane for his range and technical movement in pushing lanes and holding off enemy lines of attack.

Alucard is an early to late game hero, who has immense damage from the early stages of the game. He is weak against CC heroes but is mobile and versatile enough to gank and/or target opponents with high damage. His life-steal is his greatest asset and he can be utilized in a variety of impactful ways.

Alucard costs 15,000 Battle Points or 399 Tickets and is one of the most basic and oldest heroes in Mobile Legends. He is easy to master, durable and versatile and most certainly a must-have for those serious about ranking up in Mobile Legends.

Why Alucard is Great and Worth Buying.

  • Life Steal: Alucard is King of Life Steal in Mobile Legends
  • Early Game Hero: Alucard is durable with immense damage from early stages of battle
  • Easy to Master: Alucard is a basic hero who is complex with versatility


8. Zilong

See Zilong in action: 

Zilong is easy to master and as a basic hero, needs patience in executing his skills with precision and timing. He is a high damage dealer who is quite squishy, but dangerous as a ganker in roam mode or when cleaning up after team fights.

Zilong costs 15,000 Battle Points or 399 tickets, which is quite cheap for a versatile and fast hero. Zilong can be played as a core but is best utilized in the Exp Lane, until the late game when his speed in mobility and attack can be utilized in ganking and team fights.

Why Zilong is Great and Worth Buying.

  • Versatile: Zilong can take on a variety of in-game roles and adapt to situations
  • Speed: Zilong has great speed and burst in mobility and attack.
  • Damage: Zilong has an insane damage output during the late game


7. Eudora

See Eudora in action: 

Eudora is extremely simple and easy to master for a Mage with extremely high magic damage. She is the total package, with a stun as her second skill and an ultimate that summons a thunderstorm from above that demolishes opponents.

Eudora is a must buy since she is a top-tier hero with an extremely low price of 2000 Battle Points or 299 Tickets. She has tremendous burst and magic damage in her skills, and is much more durable than other high damage output mages.

Based on the fact that Eudora is priced low, she is an excellent choice for ranking up in lower ranks of the game, where players are not used to seeing such heroes being utilized. She can roam and gank lanes and is a game carrier.

Why Eudora is Great and Worth Buying.

  • High Burst in Magic Damage: Eudora deals immense magic damage
  • Low Price: Eudora only costs 2000 Battle Points, while heroes of her tier cost 32000 BP
  • Versatile: Eudora is versatile, as she can roam in support and gank lanes


6. Yin

See Yin in action: 

Yin is currently one of the most banned heroes in Mobile Legends, and has been since his recent release. He is the only hero with a unique ultimate skill that can teleport an opponent to a demonic dimension where he is immune and his damage increases.

As a Fighter, Yin is a Kung Fu artist stacked with multiple skills of combat, dashes and a stun. He is a compact hero, solid, durable, versatile and extremely deadly when mastered, which is not difficult, as Yin is a situational hero. He can even be utilized as a core or even tank.

Yin costs 32,000 Battle Points or  599 Diamonds and is a must have at this time when he is a most banned hero. There will come a time when other heroes will come along or be revamped and take the most banned spot, so now would be a good time to master him.

Why Yin is Great and Worth Buying.

  • Unique Ultimate Skill: Yin’s Ultimate Skill is devastating when well-mastered and is a game changer
  • Unique Skill Combo: Yin has a high damage combo that regens his HP and buffs him in stack damage
  • Versatile: Yin can be played in a variety of roles to suit circumstances


5. Thamuz

See Thamuz in action: 

Thamuz is renowned for his burst in damage and durability in sustaining damage. He is a top-tier fighter and is frequently banned in higher ranks of Mobile Legends. He is an all round hero in Mobile Legends and best utilized in the Exp Lane.

Thamuz is an excellent choice, as he has regen, CC and blink integrated in his skills. His ultimate skill allows him to blink to designated areas while he is fast in mobility and versatile, as he can be played as a core in the jungle, in roam or in the Exp Lane.

Thamuz costs 32,000 Battle Points or  599 Diamonds and is well worth the price. He is readily adjustable to different team line ups and can take on a variety of different roles as mentioned earlier and even in the front lines as a Tank.

Why Thamuz is Great and Worth Buying.

  • Versatile: Thamuz is extremely versatile and can function and adapt to a teams need
  • Durable: Thamuz has regen skills that refills his HP
  • High Burst Damage: Thamuz has high burst in continuous damage


4. Julian

See Julian in action: 

Julian is a recent hero in Mobile Legends, and is the fourth and final member of the Forsaken Light. He is a unique  Mage/Fighter who has no ultimate skill, as his third skill can be leveled up immediately. Each of his skills also has an enhanced version.

Julian is quite hard to master but well worth the effort once you get used to his unique style and progress in gameplay. He has a variety of different combinations of skills that can be utilized in both attack and offense. He costs 32,000 Battle Points or  599 Diamonds.

Julian is a must have for his versatility but is quite squishy and requires decent mastery and understanding of his gameplay to see true potential. He is best utilized in the Exp Lane or in the Mid Lane during early stages of the game.

Why Julian is Great and Worth Buying.

Versatile: Julian is a Fighter/Mage that can be played in a variety of roles

Skill Combo: Julian has a variety of different skill combinations that can be utilized based on situations and circumstances

No Ultimate Skill: Julian has enhanced versions of his skills one and two while his ultimate skill supports and enhances


3. Beatrix

See Beatrix in action: 

Beatrix has it all. She is the Marksman Hero in Mobile Legends with the most guns and arsenal. She has 4 different guns with 4 different second and ultimate skills while being able to carry two guns at the same time, also making her the most complex marksman in ML.

Beatrix is the ultimate total package for the reasons above. Her skills come complete with long range, short range and explosive attack items which makes her insanely versatile. She is hard to learn but very well worth it if you’re serious about ranking up.

Since Beatrix is a high damage dealer, she is extremely squishy and easy to kill if marked. She has a dash as her second skill that can be utilized in retreat but is best paired alongside a Tank or Mage in pushing lanes or team fights. She costs 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds.

Why is Beatrix Great and Worth Buying.

  • Unique Skill Set: Beatrix has an attack for all kinds of situations
  • Fast: Beatrix has burst in mobility and attack
  • High Damage: Beatrix is one of the marksman with highest damage


2. Nana

See Nana in action: 

Nana is one of the most loved Mages in Mobile Legends for her cute appearance and cheerful personality. She is also a high damage dealer with the unique ability to transform into a cat and sprint away when her HP reaches a critical level.

Nana has high damage and is fast in mobility. Her combination of skills are also tactical and have high impact in CC and AoE. Her ultimate skill which stomps three times is best utilized after her second skill that transforms opponents into dummies.

Nana costs 6500 Battle Points or 299 Diamonds and is a fun hero to play. She is often banned depending on meta updates but is definitely a must have hero due to her popularity, where teammates know how to utilize her as an advantage in games.

Why is Nana Great and Worth Buying.

  • High Damage: Nana may be small but she has high magic damage in CC and Aoe through her ultimate skill
  • Unique Transformation Ability: Nana can transform and sprint away when down to her last HP which makes her hard to kill sometimes
  • Price: Nana is a top-tier mage whose pricing is far lower than those in her caliber


1. Ling

See Ling in action: 

Ling is a top-tier assassin and renowned for his ability to walk and leap between walls in Mobile Legends. His ultimate skill alone has high damage in CC and AoE, including concealment making him one of the most deadliest damage dealers in Mobile Legends.

Even with Ling's unique attributes and damage in attack, he is still the easiest of all the complex heroes who deal the highest damage in Mobile Legends. It is for this reason that he makes this list at number one. He is often banned and a popular choice for experienced ML gamers.

Ling costs 32000 Battle Points or  599 Diamonds, which is reasonable for a hero of high caliber. He is versatile in providing support and ganking lanes but best played as a core, as it rapidly increases his build items and provides him the opportunity to map hack by using the walls.

Why Ling is Great and Worth Buying.

  • Special Ability: Ling is the only hero in ML who can walk on walls
  • Versatile: Ling is a complex heroes who can be utilized in a variety of ways, in both attack and offense
  • High Damage: Ling is one of the top damage dealers in Mobile Legends.

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