Mobile Legends Best Gusion Skins Revealed (All Gusion Skins Ranked)

The Paxley Outlaw has a whopping 10 Skins to choose from.

Aamon's younger sibling isn't new to the Mobile Legends arena. In ML pop culture, he is famed as Lesley's suitor Gusion and is a notorious assassin that specializes in Burst/Magic Damage. In spite of the fact that Gusion may prove challenging to master, he's known to be an annoying force to deal with at his most accomplished. 

There are 10 available skins for the Paxley outlaw. They are all distinctive and further improve his burst through magic damage through visuals. If you want to master Gusion as a Main, then having at least one skin will prove overly beneficial.  Let's have a look through all Gusion skins in escalating sequence.


10. Moonlight Sonata (Ok)

See Moonlight Sonata in action: 

This skin is a portrayal of craftsmanship that doesn’t sway far from Gusions original theme. Despite no added perks, Moonlight Sonata stands out for the alteration in outfit colors and hairstyle. This change automatically boosts Gusions image on the battlefield as a feared hitman.

Many will resonate with the fact that Gusion is well-known as a hyper carry who peaks at his best during the late game. This skin is easily obtainable and worth the cost in enhancing his visual image that backs his attributes and what he brings to each game.

How to get Moonlight Sonata

This simple piece of elegance is worth only 269 Diamonds in Shop.

Skin Rating

Normal Skin - 1/10


9. Hairstylist (Good)

See Hairstylist in action: 

Handy with the blades, Gusion is depicted as a professional hair stylist in this elegant display of class. He is well attired in a nobel suit, resembling past subjects of royalty and is armed with scissors as blades. Hairstylist comes with enhanced skill visuals and an all new display scene.

There is no doubt that this skin can affect the outcome of a game through its powerful representation of Gusions imagery as an old fashioned hairstylist. His hairstyle also stands out with its white streak along black hair and is superbly complemented by his dark blue coat. The skill effects equally match the color of this coat, which ends this skin with fashion and style.

How to get Hairstylist

This taste of old fashion is available for only 599 Diamonds in Shop.

Skin Rating

Elite Skin - 2/10


8. Cyber Ops (Good)

See Cyber Ops in action: 

This is a Starlight Skin that displays the Paxley Outlaw as a futuristic cyber agent. It comes with skill effects changes and all new display animation. This skin rocks a punk style where Gusion is fitted in a futuristic armored outfit, with shades and rocks a new blue hairstyle.

Skill effects that are displayed through this skin bear a striking shade that almost matches Gusions outfit and hair color with a bluish emerald hue. It no doubt transverses through his deadly skill combinations and fierce reputation in damage. This is a very penetrative skin that certainly enhances gameplay. Worthy of obtainment for starlight members.

How to get Cyber Ops

Purchase a Starlight Membership if you haven’t yet for a chance to avail this striking skin which may come with additional Starlight perks. Initial Release 2018/10

Skin Rating

Starlight Skin - 3/10


7. Dangerous Liaison (Great)

See Dangerous Liaison in action: 

Feel the love and romance with this Valentine Themed Skin. Though old fashioned, Gusion remarkably stands out through this display of affection and is ready for a date. Don’t let the tenderness fool you though as this is a powerful imagery in battle.

Dangerous Liaison comes with a valentine themed scene display, all new display animation and skill effect changes. His blades are also designed as roses, which adds a superb touch to this classic display of fashion since his skills have a reddish pink skill effect. This is a must-have skin for Gusion fanatics and skin collectors.

How to get Dangerous Liaison

This romantic display can be yours for only 749 Diamonds in shop.

Skin Rating

Special Skin - 4/10


6. V.E.N.O.M Emperor Scorpion (Great)

See V.E.N.O.M Emperor Scorpion in action: 

This is a V.E.N.O.M Squad Model and is part of the V.E.N.O.M Squad series of skins which features other heroes as well that makes it a collectible by default. Its added perks include new display voiceovers, exclusive skill sound effects, new display scenes and skill effect changes.

For collectors, this would be a prominent reason for interest in the V.E.N.O.M Squad Series for its complicated yet simple and powerful design. The skill effects match the color of Gusions outfit yet again with a purplish green theme that levels up his ferocity in battle. Its worth its price plus the ease of obtaining adds to it as a remarkable deal.

How to get V.E.N.O.M Emperor Scorpion

This Squad Skin could be yours for only 899 Diamonds in Shop.

Skin Rating

Series Skin - 5/10


5. Soul Revelation (Great)

See Soul Revelation in action: 

Here we find a Twilight Orb Theme. This is a sacred possession in Mobile Legends story lines. The lost prince is attired in an enchanting outfit that showcases elegance and power. It comes with all new display voiceovers, exclusive skill sound effects, all new display scenes and animation.

The skill visuals have a crystal like color that matches his outfit. This is truly a unique representation that is in line with Gusions Magic Heritage. The display in burst and damage is unlike any other on this list. This is definitely a deadly skin to utilize in late gameplay.

How to get Soul Revelation

This mystifying skin is available for only 899 Diamonds in Shop.

Skin Rating

Epic Skin - 6/10


4. Dimension Walker (Great)

See Dimension Walker in action: 

Walk through dimensions with this enchanted outfit. It is a brilliant display of power and is part of the 11.11 event giveaways that Mobile Legends hosts every November 11th. This powerful forcefield comes with all new display voiceovers, skill sound effects, plus display and animation scenes.

The red skill effects that come with this skin are superb and brilliantly aligns with his attire. The attire itself has a sense of royalty that resembles a knight but taken into a different context by its portrayal here. Gusion is a bringer of good fortune who can walk through portals and enter new dimensions. This right here is the most fun to play skin on this list. 

How to get Dimension Walker

This majestic skin is available through Limited-time Events.

Skin Rating

Special Skin - 7/10


3. Night Owl (Great)

See Night Owl in action: 

For those who love a good mystery, here is your time to figure out this mystery assassin skin. It comes with enhancements that include skin voiceover changes, exclusive skill effect changes and sound effects, all new display scenes and animation. The skill effects again match his outfit with a brilliant shade of purple.

Gusion is visualized in an old fashioned gladiator outfit with a hint of royalty. This may seem redundant but there is no better way to explain that this skin is yet again another powerful representation of power through Gusions skills and abilities. As a collector skin, it enhances the value of these balances amongst others on this list.

How to get Night Owl

This Skin is available through Limited-time Events.

Skin Rating

Collectible Skin - 8/10


2. K’ (Legendary)

See K’ in action: 

This is parcel in the second batch of the King of Fighters Franchise in Mobile Legends. It may be the most gothic skin available to Gusion and comes with added perks that include exclusive skill icons, animation, voice over and skill effects.

The skill effects take on flames, which is unlike any other in this skin. It is a strikingly outstanding display of Gusion in all his essence and will most definitely have opponents in retreat mode. This is a bad boy portrayal of Gusion, in all black plus the added flaming visuals. It is a must-have for collectors and Gusion Mains.

How to get K’.

This gothic skin is available through Limited-time Events.

Skin Rating 

Series Skin - 9/10


1. Cosmic Gleam (Legendary)

See Cosmic Gleam in action: 

This here is one of the most sought after skins for Gusion Mains. It is a powerful representation that combines his powers as an assassin and mage through his magic abilities and heritage. Obtaining this skin unlocks an achievement badge which adds more hype to it. Along with this, added perks include special recall effects, exclusive avatar border, skill icons, skill animation, voiceover changes, skill sound effects, skill effect changes and all new display scenes and animation. Now that is a lot of perks added on to a striking and mysterious outfit.

This is without a doubt the most powerful representation of Gusion, who has a reputation as an OP hero. This skin uncompromisingly enhances his skill set and abilities by a huge deal. The skill effects have an army camouflaged theme in greenish yellow that strikingly stands out and outshines other heroes in battle. This skin is a definite must-have for Gusion Mains and even skin collectors.

How to get Cosmic Gleam

Spin the Magic Wheel for your chance to obtain this skin. You may also win other prizes in your quest to obtain this skin. Oh, and you may have to pay a few diamonds to spin the wheel.

Skin Rating

Legend Skin - 10/10

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