[Top 15] Mobile Legends Most Powerful Heroes That Are OP

Bully the battlefield with Overpowered Heroes.

Although hero power is affected by meta updates, there are some cases and scenarios in which particular heroes remain enhanced despite meta updates. This list is assessed on heroes who have weathered the test of time in being relevant to battle as seasons come and go. Opinions may vary but these are genuinely Mobile Legends Most Powerful Heroes that are OP.


15. Uranus (Tank)

Uranus is tremendously durable, and this is his fundamental attribute where he specializes in Regen that results in his OP status. He has the potential to sustain high powered damage and is efficient as an offlane where he has the space to roam, harass and initiate team fights since his Passive Skill absorbs damage and converts it to HP.

He also has the potential to deal significant magic damage which reigns supreme as a Tank hero. Mastering Uranus requires learning to efficiently manage strategies that emphasize his regen abilities while pushing and staging team engagement for advancing into enemy territory and winning confrontations. If you’re really serious about ranking up, Uranus has great flexibility in solidifying a team's backbone in support through a variety of roles such as ganking lanes.

What makes Uranus powerful.

  • Durability - Uranus has the capacity to absorb and convert damage into HP, regenerating 3 to 14 HP for each stack, up to 10 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 20 times. This is a solid period of time that allows him to conquer the front lines.
  • Magic Damage - Uranus can generate magic damage that stacks and increases damage on opponents. He may also slow down opponents which adds to a lethal skill combination.
  • Skill Combination - The real masters in playing Uranus work off his skill combo that allows stacked HP regen and damage dealt. Timing and balancing these components will ensure successful team fights and push for territory.

See Uranus in action: 


14. Atlas (Tank/Support)

The Ocean Gladiator as he is known sits high up on the pedestal when it comes to Crowd Control and Initiation. His Ultimate Skill (Fatal Links) has the potential to disarm, stun and deal magic damage on more than one opponent. He is an ultimate ganker and tremendous support that can be relied on.

Playing Atlas requires timing and positioning. He has the speed and damage to launch successful team fights or initiations where if mastered well enough, can support damage dealers and carries to advance on opposition bases and other gameplay objectives. Atlas is a team hero whose greatest success lies in supporting other roles, especially damage dealers.

What makes Atlas powerful.

  • Crowd Control - Atlas can stun and suppress multiple opponents at once, which makes him an effective poke and initiating hero. His crowd control is essential in aiding team mates who can deliver higher damage such as marksmen and assassins. 
  • Front-liner - He is an amazing front-liner who is durable and has the ability to neutralize multiple opponents. His ultimate skill also provides him with speed in attack and mobility while his skills can disarm and stun opponents as well. Atlas is a terror in the front-lines.
  • Magic Damage - Magic Damage is the most superior form of damage, and this adds quality to the high level skill set that Atlas possesses. This ultimately enhances his potential against other heroes in the same category as him.
  • Skill Combination: Second Skill, Ultimate Skill then First Skill. That is the correct sequence in which Atlas skills work best in tandem. His second skill allows him to enter an ejection state and gain 40% in mobility. This is best used in pursuit. His ultimate skill chains and suppresses while his first skill pounds the ground to deliver damage. This is a lethal combination and most successful strategy to master with Atlas.

See Atlas in action: 


13. Gatotkaca (Fighter/Tank)

The Man of Steel Gatotkaca lives up to his name for his outstanding durability. He has the unique capability to build rage and convert to HP and after consuming his rage, he has the capacity to deal extra magic damage. As a dual role Tank/Fighter, his durability aids his flexibility and versatility as a utility hero who can take on a wide range of roles and objectives.

Aside from HP Regen and Durability, Gatotkaca is known for his unique ultimate skill that has in-depth range and crowd control. He can leap to designated spots while delivering a stun that has crowd control effect on multiple targets. His durability sustains him in this situation where he is recognized as a top initiator and poke hero alongside his astounding potential to absorb and deal damage. 

What makes Gatotkaca powerful.

  • Durability - He has the ability to build rage and convert damage taken into HP. He can sustain damage in the front-lines while taking on damage at the same time. If timed correctly with opponent cool down reduction, this is a deadly attribute.
  • Mobility - He is equipped with a dash and leap. The dash can increase his mobility and also stun targets, which plays to an advantage. His ability to leap through his ultimate skill also allows him to cover distances instantly.  
  • Utility Support - Gatotkaca is probably one of the most flexible heroes whose versatility captures the entire battle. He can back up in different situations, and can transition between Tank and Fighter roles. He can also be played as a core in the jungle. 
  • Magic Damage - He has the ability to deal physical and magic damage, which adds more force and energy to his already devastating skill set. The ability to convert damage enables him to build magic in stack damage.

See Gatotkaca in action: 


12. Kadita (Mage/Assassin)

Kadita is an annoying hero who has a high survival rate thanks to her conceal and HP Regen abilities. She also has burst damage that can be used in close encounters since she has the ability to conceal herself. She is not difficult to master but rather difficult to execute with mastery and precision in bringing out her presence as a mage/assassin dual role hero.

She is a force in the mid lane and can alternatively offer support with ease, especially in team fights,initiations and confrontations. She is a top harass hero for her ability to conceal herself and attack using her Second Skill (Breath of the Ocean). Kadita’s flexibility in support sets her in the realm of a tank while she has high potential in carrying matches through damage.

What makes Kadita powerful.

  • Durability - Her passive skill has the potential to heal. Kadita can restore 60% of HP every 30 seconds, which makes her one of the most durable mages.
  • Burst Damage - Her burst damage is lethal and reinforces her abilities as a Mage/Assassin. With her abilities to stun opponents, she can execute one shot kills through a combination of skills.
  • Flexibility - Her versatility may be limited due to her extreme potential in certain objectives such as pushing lanes but Kadita is an over impressive support hero who can adapt and take control of situations in game-play, even in the front-lines of battle as a Tank who can deal substantial damage.
  • Unique Skill Set - Her skill set is so unique that it takes time to fully envision what she is capable of achieving. Her ability to heal adds to her potential in attack, which makes her a total package who can easily turn the tides in battle.

See Kadita in action: 



11. Esmerelda (Mage/Tank)

Esmerelda is an extremely durable and versatile dual role Tank/Mage who is quite hard to understand and master with a difficulty rating of 80%. She has the flexibility to offer support in various roles and is known for being a regular OP hero depending on system updates.

She has the speed and ability to regenerate HP which makes her a formidable tank hero. While her magic damage reinforces her skills, she also has crowd control embedded within her abilities, which suits her in the front-line where she is best mastered as an offlaner who can pop up and reinforce team effort through adaptability in goals and objectives.

What makes Esmerelda powerful.

  • Durability - She has a rating of 85% in durability. Her Passive Skill can convert HP from the shield that she casts on opponents. Aside from these, she can gain mobility from engaging her skills, which aids her longevity.
  • Versatility - She is best played as an offlaner who is positioned in roaming and covering team effort as a utility. As a dual role Mage/Tank, Esmerelda has the unique ability to engage the front-lines while dealing substantial damage.
  • Speed - She is exalted by her skills in movement but lacks speed in attack. Esmerelda is exceptionally a fast hero who can cover the span of the battlefield faster than other heroes on her level.

See Esmerelda in action: 


10. Fanny (Assassin)

Fanny is extremely hard to master with a 100% difficulty rating in mastery. She makes this list ahead of other top assassins such as Gusion and Lancelot for her insane damage. Though hard to master, she is a terrifying menace to deal with and whose in-game absence often leads to losses. Many players depend on her to carry matches, which is something that you must be prepared to shoulder when selecting her. She is a hyper-carry hero.

Fanny ranks this low for her extreme difficulty in mastery combined with her softness as a high damage dealer. The key to mastering Fanny is through the use of her cables which gives her the unique ability to traverse the map at high speed with substantial threat as a lethal damage dealer. Complete mastery of Fanny is really hard to achieve for most which makes her a genuine must-learn for committed gamers.

What makes Fanny powerful.

  • Damage - Fanny is notorious for one hit kills. This is due to her ability to mark and stack damage on opponents. Tornado Strike is her highest damage dealer and can be automatically triggered when she has sufficient energy in close proximity to opponents.
  • Mobility - The use of her steel cables allows for her to rapidly proceed throughout battle. She is an amazing pursuit hero in this regard and can gank team fights with ease. She can also poke and initiate front-lines of battle but must have an exit strategy since she is a squishy high damage dealer.
  • Skill Combination - Fanny’s skills are unique. She has a unique set of skills that can easily take out opponents and farming objectives. Her skills provide her with extra speed in attack and damage, and are quite hard to master to full effectiveness.

See Fanny in action: 


9. Aamon (Assassin)

Aamon has significantly been impacted by meta updates since his recent release. His unique set of skills and abilities have placed him at the top of his category where it seems that nerfs and buffs don’t affect his wide range of attributes. As a list of powerful heroes that are OP, he ranks this low due to his lack of durability which is normal and usual for high damage dealers.

He is well endowed with a skill combination that provides him with extra movement and speed in attack. He also has the ability to conceal himself and deals tremendous burst damage in stacking succession. Aamon is a very established magic damage dealer who has the ability to carry matches. Mastering Aamon requires tactical strategy, since he is a very defined assassin with a one kill shot.

What makes Aamon powerful.

  • Burst Damage - Aamon has tremendous burst damage through the use of his ultimate skill that can easily annihilate an opponent with one hit. His other skills also generate burst damage which aids to life steal and HP regen.
  • Conceal - His ability to camouflage in movement places him as a highly strategic hero since he has the damage and speed to back this aspect. This improves his chances of ganking lanes, team fights and launching an attack from the cover of the jungle.
  • Speed - Aamon increases speed in attack and mobility when engaging his skills. This is clearly visible when in his concealed state. Graced with speed, he can rapidly take on jungle objectives or back up and gank in team initiation and engaging opponents. 
  • Skill Combination - Aamon’s skills work in perfect tandem. His second skill can conceal his movement while his ultimate skill can deal deadly burst damage. His first skill can deliver a combination of three strikes.

See Aamon in action: 


8. Saber (Assassin)

Saber makes this list in place of Guison for his ease in mastery and obtaining, where he is exceedingly simple to master and also costs a low 6500 Battle Points. He is the perfect hero to practice engaging in the assassin role, since he has all the traits that define an assassin in its very basic essence and form.

The wandering sword as he is known is a lethal finisher who has mobility and speed in attack. He can dash and pounce swiftly in attack and has a solid skill combination to back his movement speed. As an assassin, he is a very effective jungler/core hero who can take out jungling objectives in rapid succession. He may be squishy as a high damage dealer, but his OP damage more than makes up for this.

What makes Saber powerful.

  • Ease of Mastery - As mentioned, Saber is extremely simple to master for a hero of such high caliber. His damage and skill combination are easy to execute strategically and requires no technique.
  • Flexibility - Saber can transition into various roles if required, such as jungle and lanes but graced with speed and attack power, he is best utilized in the jungle with the potential to take out unsuspecting targets via ambush and other strategies.
  • Core Hero - He has the speed in attack and mobility to rapidly take out jungle monsters, turtle and lord. This also contributes to team gold and places Saber ahead in build which shows through his performance.
  • Skill Combination - Saber has a simple set of skills that require strategy over technique. Learning how to execute his skills in the right time and at the right place is crucial since he is a squishy hero as a high damage dealer.

See Saber in action: 


7. Nana (Mage)

Nana has been around for quite some time now and has been a favorable hero in terms of meta updates. She is an early-game threat in poke and burst with skills that deal damage in straight lines plus a notable second skill that can be placed as traps that replicate opponents into a carbon copy of a feline creature for up to five seconds.

She is a perfect support hero alongside Tanks and Marksmen for her accurate severe damage dealing abilities. She also has the unique ability to transform into Molina, a feline creature and scurry away when down on HP. This is an escape strategy to use when getting in close on the action. Her second skill is a very tactical placement skill but must be mastered with strategy.

What makes Nana powerful.

  • Ease of Mastery - Nana is a very well established mage with firepower and potential to assist teammates as a support. She is easy to learn and requires strategy over technique. She mostly requires positioning and timing.
  • Flexibility - She can aid as a support and also poke and harass the front-lines as a Tank. Nana is a support mage who can be paired well with a wide range of other heroes, especially marksmen. 
  • Range - Nana can deal damage over range and also position her second skill (Molina Smooch) with distance. She is a melee hero who has the range that can define the outcome of battle confrontations.
  • Damage - She is easily one of the top 5 damage dealers amongst mages for range and accuracy in landing her skills. Nana can deal continuous damage which greatly enhances her damage dealing potential.

See Nana in action: 


6. Pharsa (Mage)

Pharsa is one of the mages with the most range in damage. She also has speed to match her damage, and specializes in Burst Damage, with bone-crunching magic burst damage that can easily smash through squishy heroes. She is also a good initiator along the front-lines of battle, which makes her an effective laner.

She has a rating of above 50% in difficulty, making her a fairly challenging hero to master. This might be as a result of her ultimate skill, which calls for manual aim. Pharsa is a lightweight severe damage dealer who requires control through placement and aim, both of which require timing. She has the ability to morph into a bird while gaining speed in movement with her active fourth skill, which might promote escape or attack.

What makes Pharsa powerful.

  • Burst - She has the potential to inflict substantial bursts of damage through magic energy through her skill set. Apart from Nana, this is the ultimate with the furthest range amongst mage heroes.
  • Speed - Through her fourth active skill, she has the potential to morph into a bird and fly. Her mobility is increased by over 40%. It is a very effective option for attack and retreat.
  • Morph Ability - As mentioned in the previous point, Pharsa can shape shift into a bird. This is a unique ability that grants her effective strategies in attack and retreat. She can also launch into attack while still in flight.
  • Range - Pharsa’s Ultimate Skill has vast range that can deliver damage and impact multiple opponents. This allows teammates to effectively launch into action.

See Pharsa in action: 


5. Kimmy (Marksman/Mage)

The first skill possessed by Kimmy may continuously deal damage and has no cooldown reduction. Additionally, it elevates life steal, and makes Kimmy the only marksman who can use a skill while in movement. Her life steal ability paves the way to her being an OP hero. She is a dual marksman/mage with the ability to deal terrifying damage.

She has the unique ability to convert attack speed into movement speed, which makes her a terrifying force to deal with when she is on the attack with her first skill. Since Kimmy doesn't have an automatic aim, timing and accuracy in aiming is essential. She has a hero mastery rating of 90%, which is a very high degree of skill and proficiency to achieve complete mastery.

What makes Kimmy powerful.

  • Continuous Damage - Kimmy’s first skill deals repetitive damage with no cool down and can be engaged while in movement. This is a unique perspective since there is no other marksman in ML who can deal damage while still mobile.
  • Life Steal - Kimmy regenerates HP on successful damage dealt. This is effective when spamming her first skill with continuous damage. Life steal plays a major pivotal role in mastering Kimmy since she is squishy by default as a high damage dealer.
  • Range - Kimmy’s ultimate skill has range that can be built in energy before launching, which delivers more impact on contact. This is perfect for following up on retreating opponents fleeing from her continuous damage.
  • Magic Damage - As a marksman/mage, this unique role has graced Kimmy with magic damage, the most superior form of damage. Magic damage has the potential to penetrate shields and counter various forms of attack.

See Kimmy in action: 


4. Moskov (Marksman)

If Miya had possessed greater speed in movement, she would have made fourth place. Moskov has occupied this position due to his relevance in life steal as well as his agility and speed in attack. Furthermore, he has a range that may impact numerous heroes and traverse the entire battlefield. He is a squishy high damage dealer due to his potential to deal monumental damage but makes up for this with life steal.

Wind of Nature in build items and Inspire as Battle Spell is a fundamental combination for the Number 2 Life Steal King amongst Marksmen. The combination of Moskov's passive ability, which increases damage by piercing several targets, his ability to teleport, generate life steal, and his potential to stun an opponent makes for an unbeatable combination. 

What makes Moskov powerful.

  • Life Steal - Moskov is second to Miya in life steal amongst marksmen. This ability allows him to use his speed in attack and blink ability to deal damage and pursue opponents or take part in team fights with a bigger presence and impact.
  • Speed - Moskov is fast and has the ability to blink to designated spots. He has speed in attack and mobility that aids his life steal potential.
  • Range - His ultimate skill can travel through the entire battlefield and deal damage to multiple opponents. It also has an aim feature but without a lock on.

See Moskov in action: 


3. Balmond (Fighter)

Balmond is a very consistent hero who ranks high in meta updates and has been an OP hero who has spanned over a very lengthy period since his release in 2016, which gives him this spot ahead of the King of Life Steal amongst Fighters, Dyroth. He would have been placed at number 2 but his level of damage falls short of that honor. Balmond is a beast, he is a very formidable fighter with assassin-like abilities.

Durability, versatility and flexibility to adapt and take over multiple goals and objectives properly describes Balmond in all his potential. He costs only 6500 BP which adds to his significance. On top of all this, he is very easy to learn and master in strategies and gameplay. He may be the perfect hero to practice the fighter role.

What makes Balmond powerful.

  • Damage - He specializes in damage and can deal continuous damage that regenerates HP. This is Balmond’s core strength that provides him with flexibility and versatility.
  • Durability - Added on to his ability to regenerate HP is his capacity to sustain damage as a fighter. Balmond is as tough as they come and is equipped with a dash that may be used as a retreat strategy.
  • Speed - Alongside his dash is his attack speed that influences his movement. Balmond is faster than most in his category and can close distances rapidly. This adds to his potential as a great ganker.
  • Versatility - Balmond was originally a Fighter/Assassin but is now a Fighter. Despite this downgrade, he still possesses assassin like abilities and has the durability and speed to swiftly attempt to cover various team goals and objectives in battle.

See Balmond in action: 


2. Alpha (Fighter/Assassin)

Alpha is a formidable Fighter/Assassin who has been consistently favored by meta updates. He is easy to learn and master but harder to successfully execute in strategies. He is still a renowned fighter when it comes to sustaining and dealing damage. Also, he would have tied or beat the number 1 hero on this list if it wasn’t for the difference in their release date.

He has the potential to regenerate HP on successful damage dealt and has a high survival rate in engagement. His blink and stun abilities on top of this allow him versatility and flexibility. Alpha is a game carrier and his presence is either missed or felt in battle. Mastering Alpha requires proper positioning and strategy since he can be an easy target if not played well. 

What makes Alpha powerful.

HP Regen - He can easily regenerate HP on successful damage dealt which is a major advantage since his skills place him in vulnerable situations. Alpha has a high survival rate for his continuous damage that contributes to HP Regen.

  • Versatility - As a Fighter/Assassin, he can complete a variety of battle objectives and tasks with ease. He has the flexibility to back up in situations and encounters and can be played in multiple roles, either as a core in the jungle or clearing the express lanes.
  • Crowd Control - Alpha’s skills can deal damage and slow down multiple opponents at once, which places him in the realm of poke and initiating front lines. His high chances of survival backs these aspects.
  • Skill Cool Down - His skills have a really low cooldown rate of 3 to 4 seconds for his first and second skill, and less than 16 seconds for his ultimate skill at peak. This also contributes to his high rate of survival. 

See Alpha in action: 


1. Zilong (Fighter/Assassin)

Zilong takes the #1 slot on this list due to his prolonged OP status. His significance, which has lasted for almost a decade, is increased by the fact that he was one of the first characters launched in Mobile Legends. Although he excels at pushing and clearing lanes, he may be used as a utility across a wide range of battlefield goals and objectives.

Utility defines this dual role Fighter/Assassin. With speed in attack and mobility, Zilong is an outstanding warrior who has the potential to rapidly take out objectives and team goals. He can clear jungling objectives, gank lanes, deal damage and has the speed to harass and survive close encounters. He is an excellent support in all dimensions and aspects of battle and is widely regarded as a late game hero. Placing Zilong at the top of this list is a really close race between others in the top 5, especially Alpha.

What makes Zilong powerful.

  • Speed - While his Ultimate Skill enhances speed in mobility in attack and movement, Zilong is a fast hero with range in attack that enhances his potential to cover distances.
  • Damage - Zilong can deal strike combinations that increase impact and intensity with each strike. At his peak in the late game, he can unleash substantial game changing damage, especially in ganking and clearing lanes.
  • Utility - He is a dual role hero who can adapt to situations with flexibility. He can also cover a wide range of goals, objectives and is an excellent support. He is best mastered as a core and in pushing the express lane though.
  • Life Steal - He regenerates HP with successful damage dealt though timing is necessary since he is still a soft high damage dealer. His life steal strategy may be relied on in close encounters.

See Zilong in action: 


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