[Top 10] Mobile Legends Most Difficult Heroes (And Why)

Heroes that require time and skill to master - worth it.

Heroes are also ranked from easy to hard in difficulty to master. A select few require time in learning to master them to full potential. Here are the Top Ten Most Difficult Heroes in Mobile Legends.


10. Johnson

Johnson is a top-tier Tank Hero in Mobile Legends and is a unique hero as well. He has the ability to transform into a racing car and carry one other hero in car form. Johnson is extremely strong and robust, with a shield as his second skill and a hammer that can be thrown as his first skill.

Johnson is a really fun and cool hero to play. Racing him along lanes to crash into enemies in attack is a trademark passage of play for him. This skill however requires timing, precision, and getting used to. Johnson may be hard to control in racing car mode. He may also have a hard time penetrating enemy lines at the right time. This is the key factor behind underutilizing such a classy hero.

As mentioned, Johnson is extremely strong but doesn’t have enough power in damage. It is extremely important that he is at the right place at the right time. As an initiator in team fights, he is outstanding, but without backup, he will be just another death statistic.

Why is Johnson difficult?

* Playing him as a racing car requires attention to detail

* Though strong, he has no substantial power in attack

* Difficult to utilize his ultimate skill


9. Wanwan

Wanwan is a top-tier Marskman Hero in Mobile Legends, as well as one of the most heavily banned in the current meta. She is armed with pins, which she throws as shard-like arrows or darts that penetrate and inflict significant damage on opponents.

As a top-tier Marksman Hero, Wanwan is deadly in attack damage but relevantly weak as well. Her speed in movement gives her an edge over other opponents. Wanwan is difficult to master because her ultimate skill is only activated when the opponent's HP is at a critical level and when she has landed at least one hit on her target. This is quite hard to achieve and many find this a hindering factor when using Wanwan.

The fact that Wanwan’s ultimate skill requires more than just timing and precision can seem frustrating for new or inexperienced users. Once learned, she has the potential to carry matches and wreak havoc throughout matches. Wanwan’s speed as mentioned earlier is key to finding her potential.

Why is Wanwan difficult?

* Hard to master her ultimate skill

* Though strong in attack, she is weak

* Her ultimate skill requires a lot of time to master


8. Beatrix

Beatrix is a top-tier Marksman Hero in Mobile Legends. She is equipped with a high-powered gun called Renner that has four different firing modes and potentially heavy damage for a marksman hero.

The fact that Beatrix has four different guns that have four different firing modes makes her one of the most complex heroes to master in terms of mechanism. Though she may be easy to attack in terms of her durability, her damage output is insane and critical at the late stages of a match when team fights are bound to occur. 

Beatrix is certainly the most difficult  Marksman Hero to master due to her different skill set and modes. Understanding each of her weapons brings out the best in her but could take time and effort to get used to. She would be rendered useless or not used to her full potential without mastering this.

Why is Beatrix difficult?

* Unique skill set

* Understanding how to switch weapons effectively and efficiently

* Understanding which weapons to switch to in different scenarios


7. Kagura

Kagura is a Mage Hero in ML, armed with an umbrella that she uses as a weapon while utilizing the umbrella to manipulate magic in the form of the Chinese Philosophy of Yin and Yang. She is rarely chosen as opposed to other mages due to the complexity of playing her.

Kagura is blessed with high damage and blink when utilizing her skill set. This is easier said than done though. Knowing where to position her when blinking and also, when to execute her burst in damage takes time to learn and understand. Her skill combo works in perfect succession with one another but can be countered if not executed well.

Kagura is one of the most difficult mages to master in ML due to her complex skill set. That being said, she is one of the most worthwhile to learn as she is unique and blessed with huge damage from a mage standpoint, which is essentially the greatest in any team.

Why is Kagura difficult?

* Complex skill set

* Timing and precision in execution are crucial

* Easy target when she is defenseless


6. Hanzo

Hanzo is one of the most deadly assassins in ML. He is armed with a sword as well as the ability to summon and utilize demons to his advantage. He was once a most banned hero alongside Helcurt but meta updates have rendered him balanced.

Playing Hanzo requires skill in reading areas of the map to execute his skills. Skillful calculation is also required in bringing out the best in him as a top-tier hero. The fact that he is insanely weak in defense brings the need to successfully utilize his skills.

Hanzo is most certainly one of the most deadliest assassins in ML. He is almost always expected to carry a match. His presence being unfelt leads to a downfall in team gameplay. The key takeaway here though is that he is a diverse hero with an in-depth knowledge of ML required to maximize his potential.

Why is Hanzo difficult?

* A unique skill set which requires decision making

* Powerless in defense

* A game carrier who affects a team's performance


5. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is a high-burst damage assassin in ML. As a ninja, he resembles a samurai warrior. He is armed with shurikens and the ability to summon phantoms and mark opponents with stacking abilities that prove lethal. 

Playing Hayabusa is frustrating. His first skill allows him to mark an opponent. Utilizing his first skill while executing his second and ultimate skill is essential in his gameplay and well, quite hard to understand for newbies. His ultimate skill also requires precision, where he releases 4 phantoms to attack opponents while given the opportunity to blink to a designated spot, which is also quite confusing.

The key aspect of Hayabusa’s difficulty is understanding how his skills work in synchronization, as well as how to strategically place him in different scenarios. Once these are learned, he is a force in his own right and one of the best, less picked heroes who have more of a chance to shine out against opponents.

Why is Hayabusa difficult?

* Understanding his skill set.

* Timing and precision are required in different scenarios

* Utilizing his skill set to full effect is a task in itself


4. Selena

Selena is a top-tier assassin who uses magic to summon demons in her skill set. She is quite a unique hero in her own way, with the ability to annihilate opponents and make her mark in every match.

Though Selena is a top-tier assassin, utilizing her to her full potential requires timing and thinking ahead of the opponent's moves. She has two forms where she increases in stealth and movement, which require timing or risk a cool down effect which will give opponents an opportunity.

The key takeaway for Selena being a difficult hero is underutilization as a result of no timing in her skills. With that said, her presence is crucial in seeing a team's success, as she is heavily relied upon when chosen.

Why is Selena difficult?

* Her skill set requires more focus on timing

* Her skill set requires understanding opponent's gameplay

* She is complex and easily rendered useless


3. Ling

Ling is a top-tier Assassin Hero in ML. He is also unique, as the only hero with the ability to scale or walk on walls in ML. Ling is most certainly one of the most feared and most banned heroes in ML, depending on meta buffs and nerfs.

Understanding which walls Ling can walk on is an essential part of his game. Timing and precision in executing his ultimate skill are also crucial when it comes to utilizing him effectively in matches. A game where Ling is picked without his presence being felt is a waste and loss for the team.

Subsequent to meta updates in ML, Ling's effectiveness heavily relies on user's level of skill. Though a top-tier hero, mastering him is a concern, as he is a popular hero who can be countered or rendered useless to a team when played by less experienced users.

Why is Ling difficult?

* Common and easy to counter for skilled and experienced players

* Scaling walls is an issue if uncertain of which walls he can climb

* Executing his skills requires precision and timing as he is not a one-hit assassin


2. Gusion

Gusion is a top-tier assassin and fan-favorite amongst ML users. He is equipped with daggers that he uses magic to manipulate. His skill set comes with magic damage as well, which makes him one of the most deadly assassins in the game.

Gusions skills require finger precision and timing to maximize his full potential. This is quite hard to master, as his skills require more than just aiming or targeting. Underutilizing Gusion is a major setback for any team that depends on assassins to carry a game. This is followed by the fact that he can be easily countered in the late game if the opposing team manages to keep up their level of farming.

Gusions peak gameplay comes from understanding his combo and utilizing it at the right time. As a first-choice jungler, the whole team can be let down if he is not playing well enough and accumulates too many deaths.

Why is Gusion difficult?

* Hard to master skills

* Less versatile

* Farming is essential, too much emphasis on farming


1. Fanny

Fanny is a top-tier high-damage Assassin Hero in ML. She is equipped with steel cables that she uses to levitate herself while swinging through the battlefield like spiderman. Fanny is notably one of the most banned and most feared assassins in ML.

Fanny is super hard to master. She is unique, the only hero that can swing through the battlefield. Utilizing her steel cables takes time and patience in getting used to, as she cannot just swing anywhere without support. Also, understanding that her direction in swinging changes depending on her hits in attack is frustrating.

Fanny is definitely a top choice for any team but the level of complexity in understanding her moves can either render her useless or useful. Once the enemy team catches on that the user playing Fanny is inexperienced, she is a liability and the main target. Using Fanny revolves around understanding the use of her steel cables.

Why is Fanny difficult?

* Utilizing her steel cables takes time to understand and practice to master.

* She is weak, apart from the life-steal advantage she has upon successful attacks.

* She is a game-changer when mastered and when unlearned. She impacts the outcome of a game regardless because her skills require her to dive into enemy lines.


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