[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Crowd Control Heroes

Control the crowd with these heroes.

Crowd Control is referred to as CC in Mobile Legends. It is a skill description that showcases the ability to disrupt an opponent in engaging their skills or slowing them down. In general, it dismantles opponent gameplay strategy and paves the way for damage dealers to capitalize on. Here are the Best Crowd Control Heroes out right now. 


10. Tigreal

Tigreal, The warrior of dawn is the most basic CC hero in Mobile Legends. If you want to practice in engaging CC skills then Tigreal is your best option to employ in learning. His skill set has AoE, CC, Buff, Charge and Slow effects. He is definitely the best basic CC Tank in the game and unsurprisingly specializes in CC. 

His Second Skill (Sacred Hammer) and Ultimate Skill (Implosion) are his primary CC abilities. His Second Skill allows him to dash and  knock multiple opponents airborne on second touch, dealing 280–380 Physical Damage (+60% Total Physical Attack) while his Ultimate Skill draws in multiple opponents and disarms them, while dealing 270–430 Physical Damage  (+130% Total Physical Attack) and stunning them for one second. This is one of the best basic cc combinations in ML.

What makes Tigreal Great for Crowd Control:

  • Skill Combination - His skills have a basic combination that is easy to engage with strategy and tactics. When hit correctly, the combo has immense support capabilities that may assist allies through initiating team engagements or poking opponent front-lines. It is one of the best basic front-line combinations that may be used in various scenarios as a Roam.
  • Durability - Tigreal is a hero who is heavily durable throughout the entire course of battle. Since he is a Roam hero, this allows him to poke and offer assistance in the front-lines effectively in support of allies taking out team objectives and advancing in battle.
  • Mobility - His Second Skill is a Dash that provides him with extra speed in movement. Tigreal also gains additional movement after engaging his skills. His mobility grants him speed in employing his skills and in roam.

See Tigreal in action: 


9. Akai

Akai, the Panda Warrior is one of the best who specializes in Guard and Crowd Control. His skill set spans across CC, AoE, Blink and Buff abilities. He is well known for disabling targets and controlling their direction of movement through his skill set. Though quite basic, he is a very tactical hero who can be employed with versatile strategies in various scenarios.

His fundamental CC abilities are part of his First Skill (Head Butt) and Ultimate Skill (Heavy Spin). His Ultimate Skill has more effect of course. It grants him slow immunity with up to 70% mobility while dealing 200–450 Physical Damage (+100% Extra Physical Attack) to targets, with the capacity to knock and control their movement direction. His First Skill allows him to leap in a direction while dealing damage and knocking opponents airborne. Both these skills are best used as a combo.

What makes Akai Great for Crowd Control:

  • Skill Combination - Akai’s set of skills gives him poke abilities with the potential to control targets. His immunity aids in supporting him in the front-lines of battle, which optimizes him for the tank role in initiating and poking enemy fronts.
  • Immunity - His ultimate provides him with room for attack and support in engaging team interaction in the front-lines. It also provides him space to control the pace in the front-lines.
  • Mobility - His First Skill is a leap, which may be used as an aid in movement as attack speed or in retreat. It combines well with his preferred role as a Roaming Tank and provides an extra element in skill engagement.

See Akai in action: 

8. Minotaur

Minotaur, Son of Minos is a unique Support Tank who specializes in Crowd Control. He is well known for his unique ability to amplify skills through rage as his greatest asset. His skills consist of CC, Buff, Heal and Slowing effects. He is priced at a great deal of 15,000 Battle Points and is worthy as a versatile hero who can pair alongside a variety of other heroes and roles.

His primary CC abilities are within his First Skill (Despair Storm) and Ultimate Skill (Motivation Roar). His First Skill deals 280–355 Physical Damage (+60% Total Physical Attack) that can knock opponents airborne. His Ult is hard to master but once learned, is a game changer. He enters rage for 12 seconds, while his skills are amped for the duration. Meanwhile, he pounds the ground 3 times. The first two strikes deal 180–300 Physical Damage (+85% Total Physical Attack) to opponents within range and slows them down by 70%. The third strike deals 200–300 True Damage (+85% Total Physical Attack) and knocks targets airborne. These make Minotaur a great Tank who can be played in the front-lines or as a support in different engagement scenarios.

What makes Minotaur Great for Crowd Control:

  • Rage - This is best optimized in attack where an understanding of opponent skills and abilities are required. Mastering rage is the key focus for Minotaur users since it amps the rest of his skills.
  • Skill Combination - His First and Ultimate Skills are best paired in engagement where he can attack as an initiator while depending on his rage to set the pace for engagement through his cc attributes.
  • Buff/Heal - Minotaur can inspire allies through Buff/Heal abilities. This is essential in team engagement.

See Minotaur in action: 

7. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca, The Man of Steel is well-known for his Passive Skill (Steel Bones) that allows him to gain Physical Defense equal to 2% on HP lost, up to 200. He gains rage up to 100 for each damage at 300. When Gatotkaca has more than 25 Rage, his subsequent Basic Attack will be boosted, using all of his Rage to deal more Magic Damage and restore HP. The skill ultimately buffs and heals him, which stands him out as a formidable and durable Fighter/Tank.

Crowd Control is present within his Second Skill (Unbreakable) and Ultimate Skill (Avatar of the Guardian). Unbreakable is a minor cc skill where he is able to dash in the direction of targets and stun them for up to 1.5 seconds. His Ultimate Skill on the other hand is an outstanding CC skill where he may leap to a designated destination, dealing magic damage and knocking opponents airborne for 2 seconds. This is great for initiation and highly effective in complementing his Passive Skill. 

What makes Gatotkaca Great for Crowd Control:

  • HP Regen - His Passive Skill is his greatest asset since it allows him to build rage and effectively take on multiple opponents. It aids his Ultimate Skill in attack after engagement.
  • Ultimate Skill (Avatar of Guardian) - Gatotkaca’s Ultimate Skill is one of the most effective cc skills in ML with the potential in range and an element of surprise in engaging.
  • Versatility/Flexibility - As a Dual Role Hero, Gatotkaca is a utility hero who can fill almost any role and take on any objective. He is a great support, core, tank, fighter and the element of surprise behind his skills gives him an assassin like potential.

See Gatotkaca in action: 

6. Khufra

Khufra, The Desert Tyrant is a Support Tank who specializes in Crowd Control and Initiation. He may be the most complex CC Tank with more tactical skills. His entire skill set comprises Heal, Damage, Buff, CC and Slow Effects. He is one of the best tanks who can initiate and sustain damage in the frontlines during confrontations, certainly a must-have for Tank Users.

His First Skill (Tyrant’s Rage) and Ultimate Skill (Tyrant’s Revenge) are his CC skills. His First Skill can launch him in a direction where he may deal continuous damage. He has the opportunity to knock opponents airborne if contact is reached. His Ult is a renowned CC skill that can target opponents and lock them in around him while dealing damage and stunning them for up to 1 second. Both these skills are best paired in tandem as a skill combination.

What makes Khufra Great for Crowd Control:

  • Skill Combination - He has a solid skill combo that can be engaged in both initiation and cc. This is a tactical advantage that is complex with astonishing results when well learned.
  • Continuous Damage - His skill set offers damage that spans on with time that allows for further team engagement off his primary cc abilities. All of Khufra’s skills scale with damage increase.
  • Mobility - Khufra is preferred as a roam hero. His skills also grant him speed through his initiation skill in launching and unique movement through the use of his Second Skill (Bouncing Ball) which allows him to  bounce around as a ball.

See Khufra in action: 

5. Kaja

Kaja, the Nazar King has long been debated as the best Crowd Control hero in Mobile Legends though this is technically impossible since his skills focus on AoE and he doesn’t have any fundamental CC abilities. He specializes in Control and Charge, essentially through the use of his Ultimate Skill (Divine Judgement) and Second Skill (Lightning Bomb).

His Ultimate Skill has the ability to suppress and drag one opponent. This is his fundamental Control ability. His Second Skill has damage potential, where he leaves a trail of 3 explosives upon dash. As a combination, he may dash toward an opponent then employ his Ultimate Skill to drag opponents across his explosive trail. His First Skill (Ring of Order) has AoE and Slow Effects where he may regenerate +100 HP as well. His Passive Skill (Wrath Sanction) is a buff that stacks up to 6 times when dealing damage. It is through this unique combination of skills that ultimately places Kaja on this list. Though not a primary CC hero, his skill combination grants him CC-like abilities that even beat CC heroes.

What makes Kaja Great for Crowd Control:

  • Skill Combination - Kaja has a perfect combination that may be used in tandem. With a strong AoE present, he may affect multiple heroes at once.
  • Area of Effect (AoE) - AoE is what enhances Kaja’s CC skills. It impacts multiple heroes at once, slowing them down thus placing Kaja in the unique role as a Fighter/Support.
  • Versatility/Flexibility - Fighter/Support is a unique role that only Kaja possesses. This grants him potential in all aspects of battle from the front lines, to back, and even as a core if required.

See Kaja in action: 

4. Vexana

Vexana the shimmer of hope is a Poke/Control Mage who can transition as a support tank as well. Specializing in Poke and Control, her skills focus on Damage, CC and AoE. She is well known for her unique Ultimate Skill (Eternal Guard) that allows her to summon a knight to fight beside her for 15 seconds.

Her First Skill (Deathly Grasp) is her initial CC ability where she engages a Phantom Claw that deals 200–300 Magic Damage (+60% Total Magic Power) to opposing targets in a straight direction and terrifying the first contact target by 1%. The Phantom Claw will then erupt, dealing 120–220 Magic Damage (+40% Total Magic Power) on all targets in range and terrifying them for 1 second. She is formidable in the front lines of battle where her skills impact and render opponents vulnerable with enough time for allies to capitalize.

What makes Vexana Great for Crowd Control:

  • Ultimate Skill (Eternal Guard)  - When Vexana summons an undead knight, it has the potential to stun multiple heroes then for the next 15 seconds, serves as a threat to any opposing threats.
  • Damage - As a Mage, Vexana is capable of vast damage. Her skills have slowing effects that allow them to be employed in synced order up to her Ultimate Skill where the summoned knight has high impact damage.
  • Versatility - She is capable and flexible enough to play in both the front and back lines of battle. She can poke and control the pace of battle from the front or support in damage from the back.

See Vexana in action: 

3. Nana

Nana, the sweet leonine is a Poke/Burst Support Mage who should be owned by everyone in Mobile Legends. Her skill set grants her Immunity, AoE, CC, Debuff and Burst. She is a consistent ban since she pairs well alongside almost all other heroes in gameplay. She is a utility damage hero who can be played from any position in almost any scenario.

Her Ultimate Skill (Molina Blitz) is her greatest CC asset. She can strike a targeted area three times, each time inflicting 440–660 Magic Damage (+160% Total Magic Power) while also slowing down opponents by 50% for 1 second. If hit repeatedly, they will be stunned for 1 second. All her other skills work in sync, and at her peak, she is capable of one hit combo’s. She can be paired alongside all other heroes through cc.

What makes Nana Great for Crowd Control:

  • Skill Combination - Nana’s Skill Combination is a one hit combo if hit correctly with timing and precision. Her Second Skill may transform a target into a dummy while her First and Ultimate Skills have enough damage power to immobilize and extinguish squishy opponents.
  • Flexibility/Adaptability - As a Support, Nana is flexible in roam and may even take on Tank Roles in the front lanes. She has the ability to poke and disturb opponent objectives in addition to substantial damage, cc and aoe effects that allies may capitalize on.
  • Passive Skill - Her Passive Skill allows her to transform into Molina and sprint away when low on HP. This is an extra line of defense that allows her to engage in team confrontations with a higher chance of surviving.

See Nana in action: 

2. Vale

Vale the windtalker specializes in Burst and Crowd Control. He has a lethal combination of skills that encompasses Burst, Crowd Control, Area of Effect and Buff. He is a one hit combo mage who has the speed and potential to back up and gank lanes as a roam suppo. 

His primary CC skill is his Second Skill (Wind Blow) deals 410–610 Magic Damage (+80% Total Magic Power)  and slows down opponents by 40% for 2 seconds. When leveling up his skills, Vale can opt between knocking opponents airborne or having a stop on hit effect. He has the unique option to optimize his skills with a choice between Area of Effect or Damage. 

What makes Vale Great for Crowd Control:

  • Burst - Vale has outstanding Burst in Damage. So powerful that he is a feared one hit combo mage. This also enhances his movement through attack speed that allows him to get within range of opponents.
  • Skill Combination - His Second Skill can stop an opponent in movement while his First and Ultimate Skill have the potential to follow up in burst damage. This is a one kill combo that is a threat against all other heroes in ML when hit with precision and timing.
  • Passive Skill (Wind Talk) - This unique Passive Skill allows him to choose between AoE and Damage when optimizing his skills. Additionally, it can also increase his mobility by 8% and stacks up to 10 times.

See Vale in action: 

1. Valir

Valir, the son of flames, will go down as one of 2023’s Top Bans. He is a superior mage, specializing in Guard/Damage with skills focusing on CC, AoE, Damage, Immunity and Buff. This complex set of abilities grants him versatility as a utility mage who can deal damage and immobilize numerous opponents at once. 

His Second Skill (Searing Torrent) is his fundamental active Crowd Control ability. The firewall that is created deals 80–120 Magic Damage (+24% Total Magic Power) to opponents within range every second. Those who are directly hit are slowed by 25% for 1 second. His Passive Skill (Ashing) also plays a pivotal role in Crowd Control. It stacks at 0.6% 3 times and delivers 6% continuous damage.

What makes Valir Great for Crowd Control:

  • Skill Combination - He has an above average skill set with long lasting effects that resonate well with his cooldown reduction. His Ultimate Skill (Vengeance Flame) also removes CC effects and hypes damage and mobility.
  • Damage - He is capable of continuous damage that may be spammed through a low cooldown rate. His buffed state also allows him to charge in attack with range, speed and attack power.
  • Buff/Immunity - His buffed state through the use of his Ultimate Skill can be employed as an attack or retreat strategy. It also grants him immunity to CC skills which is essential in the front-lines against Tanks in staging team confrontations.

See Valir in action: 

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