[Top 10] Mobile Legends Roam Heroes

Cover the battlefield swiftly with these top roam heroes.

Roam Heroes are those who are swift and effective in covering the battlefield with speed in support, endurance and attack. Supports can help allies in goals and objectives. Tanks and Fighters have endurance and stamina to back up allies in the front-lines by poking and initiating. Attack roamers are those who have speed in attack and refer to assassins mostly. Depending on team composition, Roam Duties are usually covered by one of the three, depending on hero selection. Now here are the Top 10 Mobile Legends Roam Heroes.


10. Atlas

 Atlas, The Ocean Gladiator is a Crowd Control and Initiating Tank. He has a formidable skill combination as a top ganker who can disturb opponent composition and stage team interaction. As a meta favorite, he pairs well with damage dealers through a unique combination of skills that comprises Buff, Debuff, Area of Effect, Blink and Crowd Control effects. 

He is a great roaming tank, due to his durability and ability to gank lanes. Through his skill set, he may utilize the element of surprise in poking and pushing team fronts. His Second Skill (Perfect Match) enters an ejected state that enhances movement by 40% and deals 320–420 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage with a one second stun on contact. He can then follow up with his Ultimate Skill (Fatal Links) that deals 225–475 (+75% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to opponents and slows them by 40% for 3 seconds.

What makes Atlas Great for Roaming:

  • Skill Combination - His skill combo allows him to chase, then stage with crowd control and Area of Effect Damage. This is a superior skill combo in staging and initiating team encounters.
  • Mobility - Aside from his fast basic mobility, his second skill enhances his movement by 40%. It can be spammed in movement, and not only in attack.
  • Specialties - He can initiate with crowd control. These two factors are his greatest attributes as a roam hero.

See Atlas in action: 

9. Johnson

Johnson, The Wild Engine is an absolute roaming Tank and great support hero who can be best paired with damage dealers when cruising through the battlefield through his ultimate ability to convert into a mustang. His skills have Shield, Crowd Control, Area of Effects, Slow and Morph effects. He is a well known partner to Odette and Bane.

His Passive Skill (Electro Airbag) adds 300 (+700% Total Physical Defense) shield for 10 seconds when his HP drops below 30%. This allows him to support in action while also being able to stun and provide Crowd Control and Area of Effect Damage. His Passive Skill supports his Ultimate Skill (Full Throttle) may deal 300–400 (+160% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage–450–600 (+280% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby enemies, stunning them for 0.5–1 second which paves the way for team interaction or interrupting opposition formation and bid for territory. 

What makes Johnson Great for Roaming:

  • Ultimate Skill (Full Throttle) - This is a roaming skill, where he transforms into a mustang with the opportunity to move around the battle field.
  • Support - He can carry one passenger through his ultimate skill but also has crowd control and AoE that is a successful strategy in team encounters or in supporting allies in gaining territory and advancing in team battle.
  • Passive Skill (Electro Airbag) - This adds a shield when he drops below 30% HP. As a roam, it allows him to carry out his duties and retreat.

See Johnson in action: 


8. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca, The Man of Steel is a renowned Fighter/Tank who specializes in Regen/Initiation. His Ultimate Skill (Avatar of the Guardian) that can lock on a designated destination with range and view places him as a top roam hero though he is versatile and can flexibly take on other roles that include jungle and tank duties via his skills that emphasize Regen.

As a roam, his Ultimate Skill is a potent ganking tool from range. His ultimate skill grants him a spot on this list. He can set and initiate encounters with endurance through HP Regen that pave way for successful team engagement. Since he is versatile, Roam is one of the many roles he can fill, which includes Jungling and taking on other Fighter/Tank objectives.

What makes Gatotkaca Great for Roaming:

  • Dual Role - As a Tank/Fighter, he can take on various roles as a team support through roam. His skill set is versatile with flexibility.
  • Ultimate Skill (Avatar of Guardian) - This skill may be executed from range with the opportunity to follow up in dealing damage and initiating team strategies.
  • HP Regen - This is one of Gatotkaca’s specialties that must be utilized and mastered in seeing his impact in battle. It allows him to sustain damage and complements his other specialty in initiating.

See Gatotkaca in action: 

7. Aldous

Aldous, The Soul Contractor is a Fighter hitman who specializes in Burst/Support and can lock on opponents and fly through the battlefield. He can stack his First Skill (Blast Iron Fist) up to 500, which makes him a powerful attacker in roam, since his Ultimate Skill can take him to different locations across the battlefield with skills made up of Shield, Buff, Crowd Control and Damage attributes.

Aside from his First and Ultimate, his Second Skill (Contract: Explosion) has 30% Damage Reduction and 20% extra movement speed, which is the fundamental reinforcement behind Aldous as a roam hero where he can back up or pave way for his damage. He can also clear lanes rapidly and is a hero who can be played with versatility and is flexible in carrying out different roles, even in initiating team encounters.

What makes Aldous Great for Roaming:

  • Skill Set - His skills set is superior for roaming. Especially since his Ultimate Skill takes him to different parts of the battlefield. His ability to generate a shield and stack in damage also enhances his abilities in ganking, staging, pursuing and retreat.
  • Buff - Aldous can stack in damage and buff that increases his immunity and mobility.
  • Mobility - While Fast on his feet, he has multiple buffs that can enhance his movement.

See Aldous in action: 


6. Kadita

Kadita, the Ocean Goddess is an optimal roaming Mage/Assassin who specializes in Burst/Charge. She can be countered by a variety of popular heroes and is quite hard to understand and master but has suitable roaming skill effects that include Heal, Blink, Area of Effect, Crowd Control, Burst and Invincibility attributes.

In terms of Roam, her assassin abilities mixed in with her mage damage provides many advantages in ganking and backing up. She can utilize the element of surprise through her burst abilities where her Ultimate Skill (Rough Waves) summons multiple waves to deal 300–360 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to multiple opponents while gaining a 60% enhancement in movement speed. She is a great crowd control hero with burst damage.

What makes Kadita Great for Roaming:

  • Passive Skill (Thalassophobia) - restores 65% of HP lost within 4 seconds after taking damage. 
  • Skill Combo - Her skill combo allows her to utilize the element of surprise in ganking lanes, as an assassin with mage like abilities. She can cover vast areas swiftly and has burst and invincibility that allows her to successfully stage gameplay.
  • Mobility - Kadita is a roam suggestion since her skills grant her superior mobility in engagement.

See Kadita in action: 

5. Alice

Alice, The Queen of Blood is a Mage/Tank who specializes in Charge and Regen. She is a unique hero in terms of understanding, with a high degree of mastery required. Her skills comprise of Buff, Blink, Area of Effect, Crowd Control and Healing abilities. She is a renowned ganker through roam for her unique skill set detailed below.

All her skills are effective in roaming. She is an effective ganker through the use of her skill set. Her First Skill (Flowing Blood) allows her to teleport with the potential to deal damage. Casting a sphere of blood energy in the desired direction, Alice deals 400–600 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all opponents in its path for two seconds. Her Second Skill (Blood Awe) In addition to immobilizing enemies for 1.2 seconds, deals 270-395 (+90% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to adjacent foes. The targets will experience a 70% slowdown once this impact ends for 0.8 seconds. Her Ultimate Skill (Blood Ode) enters the blood-draining stage, continually using 50–160 Mana, and every 0.5 seconds delivering magic damage to nearby opponents equal to 90 (+20% Total Magic Power) + 0.5–2.5 (+0.05% Total Mana)% of the target's maximum HP. Each time she deals damage to an adversary, she additionally regenerates 60–100 (+10% Total Magic Power) HP, compared to merely 50% of the HP for other opponent. 

What makes Alice Great for Roaming:

  • Skill Set - She has a rare skill set that can pursue and hinder opponents through Crowd Control and Area of Effect. She is superior as a Tank with Mage like abilities.
  • Blink - Her ability to teleport aids her in staging team engagements, retreat or pursuing fleeing opponents.
  • Ganking - Since she can blink and deal damage through CC and AoE, she is a superb ganker who can utilize the element of surprise in ganking lanes as a roam hero.

See Alice in action: 

4. Estes

Estes, The Moon Elf is a Support Hero who specializes in Regen/Guard. He is the only primary healer in Mobile Legends and is deserving of a spot on this list. His skills have the following attributes, Buff, Heal, Slow and Area of Effect. He lacks damage but has crowd control skills that can slow down opponents and increase his mobility when backing up allies.

His Ultimate Skill (Blessing of Moon Goddess) grants nearby allied heroes Moonlight Immersion. Estes' "Moonlight Immersion" will be improved in the ensuing 8 seconds, and he will continue to regain 1230–1470 (+210% Total Magic Power) HP while aiding his allies in HP Regen. This is his primary healing ability that aids allies as a guard through regen when roaming.

What makes Estes Great for Roaming:

  • Skill Set - As the only Primary Healer in Mobile Legends. He is a major factor to any team he is a part of. Positioning and timing brings out the best in his skill set.
  • Crowd Control - This pairs well with his healing abilities. He can slow down and stun multiple opponents, which paves way for allies to utilize and turn into successful strategies.
  • Mobility - While quite fast on his feet, his skills also enhance and buff his movement speed after engagement.

See Estes in action: 

3. Rafaela

Rafaela, Wings of Holiness is a roaming support who specializes in Regen as a Guard. Unlike Estes, she can support allies from anywhere on the battlefield through a unique skill set that has Burst, Area of Effect, Slow, Heal and Crowd Control effects. 

Her Second Skill (Holy Healing) is what makes her an outstanding roaming support. Rafaela summons Holy Light, which restores 150–250 (+45% Total Magic Power) HP to herself and the most afflicted allied hero in the area as well as 100–125 (+35% Total Magic Power) HP to adjacent friendly heroes. Additionally, allies gain 30% mobility, and they will also get slow immunity for 1.5 seconds. The Movement Speed benefit increases by 1% for 20 points of Magic Power, up to a maximum of 80%.

What makes Rafaela Great for Roaming:

  • Skills - Her skills regenerate HP and movement speed for her, and her allies anywhere on the battlefield. She can provide crowd control and AoE support in slowing down opponents and staging team plays.
  • Regen/Guard - Her skills allow her to guard allies and support them in their objectives. She can impact the battle field regardless of where she is on the battlefield.
  • Crowd Control - This is an integral part of her skill set that allows allied damage dealers to captivate on.

See Rafaela in action: 

2. Diggie

Diggie, The Time Keeper is a renowned Support Hero who specializes in Guard and Poke. He is a major team contributor to initiating and disrupting opposition frontiers and composition, including map hack abilities as the only hero who doesn’t respawn at base. His skills have Buff, Area of Effect, Crowd Control, Damage, CC Immune and Speed Up attributes.

His Ultimate Skill (Time Journey) grants nearby  allies (including himself) a 650–880 (+300% Total Magic Power) shield and Control Immunity for three seconds while removing all debuffs from them. For 0.5 seconds, he additionally gets a 50% movement speed boost. His Second Skill (Reverse Time)  slows the target enemy by 80% for 4 seconds while marking the target for 150–400 (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. The target is then pulled back to their original location. The pull will be quickly activated if the enemy leaves the circle. These are his primary support skills that enable him to effectively support and aid allies in objectives when roaming.

What makes Diggie Great for Roaming:

  • Skill Set and Combination - Diggie has a superior supportive skill set that can aid damage dealers and create team formations in attack and clearing team objectives.
  • Mobility - He is fast on his feet and has buffs that may enhance not only his speed, but that of his allies.
  • Map Hack - He is the only hero who does not respawn at base. During this period, he may roam and reveal opposition locations on the map before respawning with a boom.

See Diggie in action: 

1. Zilong

Zilong, The Spear of Dragon is a Fighter/Assassin who specializes in Damage and Chase while regarded as the most elite lane pusher in Mobile Legends owing to his strike combinations. He also has a special buff where allies are granted extra movement when more Oriental Fighters are in the team. He is versatile in all aspects of battle, and considered a late-game hero with skill attributes that consist of Buff, Heal, Blink, Crowd Control, Damage, Debuff and Speed Up attributes.

His Ultimate Skill (Supreme Warrior) and Second Skill (Spear Strike) are his primary advantages in roaming. Supreme Warrior grants 40% movement speed, 45%-75% attack speed, and slow immunity for 7.5 seconds while getting rid of all slow effects on himself. He is able to activate Dragon Furry per two Basic Attacks for the duration of time (instead of the previous three). Spear Strike allows him to charge a target in range, dealing 250–450 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and for 2 seconds reducing their Physical Defense by 15–30. The same victim is then the target of a Basic Attack. If Zilong eliminates a target, Spear Strike's cooldown is reset. These allow him to roam, gank, support and foster a wide range of objectives and tasks.

What makes Zilong Great for Roaming:

  • Skill Set / Combo - His skill set is a combination of strikes that have attack speed which may be transformed into movement speed in roaming, ganking and backing up allies.
  • Versatility/Flexibility - He is a utility hero who can take on a wide range of goals and objectives as a Fighter/Assassin.
  • Movement Speed - Zilong has mobility that may be enhanced through the use of his Ultimate Skills. He also has range embedded within his skills.

See Zilong in action: 

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