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Mobile Legends Best Aiming Method
Aiming Method Options

What about Aiming Methods?

Aiming is a huge part of nearly every game you can think of. It’s integral because aiming means whether a player is going to hit something or not. In Mobile Legends, there are 3 kinds of aiming method: Free Aim, Advanced Aim, and Lock-on Aim. In this article, we’ll take a look at each one of them, weighing their pros and cons and then comparing them with one another. Understanding basic settings like these can give you a competitive edge that will help you become a better player.

Free Aim


Free Aim is the default aiming method immediately on use after installing the game. Since most beginners have little to no understanding of the game’s mechanics, it makes perfect sense to equip them with a simple aiming method that doesn’t require much effort from its users.

Free Aim has only one button: the attack button. Once pressed, the player will directly go over and hit the prioritized target. If an enemy hero is nearby, the indicator will automatically shift to that hero and the player will attack it. Because this aiming method is meant for newbies who are fresh on the action, it has the downside of lacking freedom and flexibility. For example, a player may not always want to focus on an enemy hero unit whenever there’s one goofing around. That player may just want to farm minions, hit turrets, or kill monsters. Compare to the other aiming methods, Free Aim can only serve to train new players at best.

If you’ve just downloaded the game and have no foundational knowledge about it, then this aiming method is the ideal setup for you. That is, at least until you get comfortable with the game dynamics in general.

Advanced Aim


Advanced Aim is used by most intermediate and professional players alike. Being situated in the middle, this aiming method grants a wider control without being too complicated. Everything is just right. This article presumes with confidence that Advanced Aim is the most commonly used aiming method.

When using Advanced Aim, two additional buttons will be placed on the left and right sides of the large attack button. These buttons are the Attack Minion Button and the Attack Turret Button. As their names suggest, pressing these will force the indicator to jump to the respective target regardless of whether there’s a nearby enemy hero unit or there isn’t. By integrating these additional options, you now have the choice to attack whatever kind of unit you want to. Because this is the only aiming method that gives you the choice to hit turrets, this is 

This aiming method doesn’t really have a notable disadvantage. It’s not at all difficult to use once you’re familiar with the game because it’s the type of setup that is well-balanced in functionality and complexity. Perhaps the only problem you can bring up about this aiming method is that it doesn’t give you enough decision power.

Lock-on Aim


Lock-on Aim is the most advanced aiming method of all. Used by some professionals and hardcore players who demand even more control in aiming, it’s definitely a method that can take you a long time to master.

The obvious advantage of Lock-on Aim is that it allows players to not only choose the kind of unit they want to attack but also the specific unit. With Lock-on Aim as your method, you can choose exactly which minion and enemy hero unit to attack. This setup uses the same layout as the Advanced Aim method, except it replaces the Attack Turret Button with Attack Hero Button. By pressing these buttons repeatedly, the indicator will leap from minion to minion or from hero to hero. Once it’s above the particular unit of your liking, you can press the attack button to proceed with attacking.

Why is this crucial? Because in top-level professional games, what separates the winning team from the losing one is the exploitation of the smallest details. Even though minions give gold when they die whether a player deals the finishing blow or not, killing them actually gives higher gold. In late game, when this sliver of advantage has accumulated, it can create a decent gap in net worth which can influence the outcome of the match.


So, which one is the best? The frank answer is Advanced Aim. Like mentioned, it is the most popular aiming method used by the majority because it allows players to choose what kind of unit to attack—minions, heroes, or turrets. A complex setup such as the Lock-on Aim doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option. And because other settings deal with the problem of specificity, some people even look down on the elaborate.

In pairing Advanced Aim with Hero Lock Mode and Low HP Priority, you get the most wide-ranging control than any other settings you could possibly configure. Hero Lock Mode will let you pick which specific hero to attack, while Low HP Priority will allow you to last hit the minion with the lowest health, gaining you extra gold in the process.

In the end, the whole thing is still a matter of preference. Choose the one that is suitable for your experience and get out there to perform. Keep in mind, though, that whichever you use, as long as you’re learning, will take you a long way.

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