[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Mages That Wreck Hard!

Mobile Legends Best Mages
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What about Mages?

Mages are the devastating forces in the game that can bring any other role down to their knees with pure, concrete damage. Unlike marksmen who take time before affecting the tide of war, mages can use their abilities to alter game dynamics early on by either picking solo kills or roaming to other lanes. Their huge damage comes in a single to few instances, vanquishing foes in a snap. To use mages well, precise skill targeting and strategic map movement are necessary.

10. Eudora

Eudora: One Tap, One Zap

Just because Eudora is the common mage you get in practice as a beginner doesn’t mean she’s cheap. Her ability “Forked Lightning” electrocutes enemies and marks them with “Superconductor.” As a result, her ensuing abilities, especially her ultimate “Thunder’s Wrath,” are amplified to the extent that she’s able to blast individual targets out of existence.

What makes Eudora great:

  • Her abilities have low cooldown.
  • She has crowd control.
  • She can delete heroes instantly.

See Eudora in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ged1S2ZZKqE&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

9. Cyclops

Cyclops: One-Eyed Catcher

Cyclops may be just another basic hero, but don’t let that fool you. He has high mobility because of “Planets Attack” and a low cooldown, target crowd control ultimate, “Star Power Lockdown,” that can easily set up kills for himself and his teammates. Because of this combined feature of movement and stun, Cyclops is an ideal mage for roaming.

What makes Cyclops great:

  • He has high mobility for running and chasing.
  • He excels at roaming and setting up kills.
  • He is decent at pushing waves.

See Cyclops in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF6W3CH-Jf0&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

8. Vale

Vale: His Damage Will Blow You Away

Vale makes haste and annihilates enemies by conjuring raging tornadoes and destructive cyclones. His unique feature: he can upgrade abilities on top of upgrading abilities. Meaning, his passive “Windtalk” enhances his abilities by either giving them crowd control effect or increasing their damage and range. Wisely combining both, Vale can blow multiple enemies airborne with “Windblow” then zap them to oblivion with his terrifying AOE ultimate “Windstorm.”

What makes Vale great:

  • He has godlike burst damage.
  • He is extremely agile and gains even more movement speed whenever he gets a kill or an assist.
  • He can be played with different styles.

See Vale in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtJsNWxxTSw&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

7. Valir

Valir: Hot, Isn't He?

Valir is the master of flames who scorches his enemies with fireballs. Being a fierce defender and a fiery offender, his ability “Searing Torrent” pushes nearby enemies all the way back for separation while “Burst Fireball,” in tandem with his passive “Ashing,” stuns and burns them. His ultimate “Vengeance Flame” not only removes crowd control upon casting but also enhances the range and damage of his abilities, making his foes suffer in inferno from afar.

What makes Valir great:

  • He can remove crowd control.
  • He can push threats away from himself or his allies.
  • His ultimate allows him to damage enemies from a safe distance.

See Valir in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kd_HgRCwkUg&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

6. Harith

Harith, the Good Cat

Harith is the only pure mage that can be played efficiently as a core position. He is great at farming and roaming because his ability “Synchro Fission” gives him low cooldown mini burst while “Chrono Dash” grants him mobility and shield. He is most feared, however, at level 4 once he unlocks his ultimate “Zaman Force.” Once activated, Harith turns into a machine and goes into a frenzy, breaking all laws of cooldown reduction, resetting dashes and bursts altogether.

What makes Harith great:

  • His buffs him and slows enemies on a path.
  • He has great mobility and durability due to his dash and shield.
  • He participates heavily in team fights.

See Harith in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIywbfehMqY&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

5. Kagura

Kagura: Umbrella Can Kill You

Kagura’s weapon, an umbrella, may be innocent in a league of blades, beasts, and magic, but it will be a grave mistake to underestimate it. Safe from a distance, Kagura can move “Seimei Umbrella” in a wide range, dealing short slow and serious damage to anyone along the way. Kagura can also switch position with her umbrella and dash to remove crowd control, which, combined with her long-range capabilities, makes her nearly uncatchable. Her ultimate “Yin Yang Overturn” is the cherry on top, unleashing her umbrella’s true power by bursting enemies.

What makes Kagura great:

  • She remains in the backline with reserve dash.
  • She counters crowd control to run from threats.
  • She has godlike burst damage.

See Kagura in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gux8t0nwykg&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

4. Aurora

Aurora: Not a Disney Princess

Aurora is a cold-blooded mage who freezes her victims to death with no counterplay whatsoever. Her passive, “Pride of Ice,” grants her unlimited reserve of stuns which she can use as an opening for her nasty one-hit combo. Aurora also excels at roaming and setting up kills on the sidelanes, providing her teammates an early advantage. In late game, her ultimate “Cold Destruction,” lives up to its name; it gives her the power to freeze multiple enemies and deal a chilling burst.

What makes Aurora great:

  • She has godlike burst damage.
  • She has long duration stun that can set up kills easily.
  • She is extremely functional, both in early and late game.

See Aurora in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwtWfd7PEts&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

3. Chang’e

Chang'e: Goodluck Pushing Her Base

Chang’e, unlike other mages, has neither combo nor crowd control to work with. How come she’s higher on the list? It’s because what makes her appealing lies in somewhere else: her exceptional ability in clearing waves, stealing enemy camps, and taking Lords using her low-cooldown yet potent ultimate “Meteor Shower.” Aside from being great at providing additional firepower way beyond the backline during team fights, Chang’e can turn a losing endgame around by being a relentless defender.

What makes Chang’e great:

  • She excels at clearing waves, stealing camps, and taking Lords.
  • Her ultimate is a super long-range burst.
  • She is a phenomenal defender.

See Chang’e in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3Hu91yevXE&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

2. Lunox

Lunox: She'll Make a Good Athlete

Bisecting the realm of light and the realm of dark, Lunox is an adaptive mage who uses her various abilities to turn any situation into a winning one. On her light side, she possesses durability, invulnerability, and high HP regen without compensating much of her damage output. On her dark side, she unleashes chaos to deal damage incessantly against her enemies until they perish.

What makes Lunox great:

  • She can switch from two different modes—defense and offense.
  • She can kill enemies in a matter of seconds regardless of their role.
  • She is a late game monster.

See Lunox in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdhq1193ORg&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

1. Pharsa

Pharsa: Five Skills In One Bird

Pharsa is the most prioritized mage in any professional Mobile Legends tournament for one reason: she’s multidimensional and excels at everything a mage could hope to excel at. Using her ability “Curse of Crow,” Pharsa can stun enemies and strike them down with “Feathered Air Strike,” a long-range burst that can be casted in any direction. On top of her crowd control and burst capabilities, Pharsa can also turn into a speedy crow for 5 seconds and fly above obstacles, giving her roam and chase features.

What makes Pharsa great:

  • She has godlike burst damage.
  • She can deal damage while remaining safe in the backlines.
  • She is extremely mobile and great at roaming to gain the early advantage.

See Pharsa in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anD07AraO_0&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

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