Mobile Legends Guide [25 Useful Tips Every Player Should Know]

Utilize these tips to Rank Up in Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends is a tactical game, instilled in the spirit of battle. Various factors stand out before and during a game, these range from


25. Farm First, Don’t Troll

Each participant at the start of the game determines this strategy. Core Heroes scout the jungle for creeps and buffs to enhance team gold. In lanes, minions heading to the other base are cleared for the same reason. This increases items purchased toward a hero's build, enhancing speed and attack.

Trolling early in the game increases the odds of being killed, which adds to the opposition's gold and helps them construct items to assault a weakened opposing team. Farm first to even the odds or gain team gold. The turtle is a vital source of team gold and should be emphasized when behind in gold count.


24. Focus on Objectives

As in any team sport or game, it's important to know your role. Each hero's role contributes to a team's win or loss in Mobile Legends.Knowing each hero category’s role is essential.

A Tank initiates, pokes, and sets up team fights and attacks. A fighter clears the Exp Lane to earn team gold. A mage deals massive damage and should push the middle lane. Marksmen with range are recommended for the Gold Lane, while assassins are utilized in the jungle and in assaulting squishy opponents.


23. Middle Lane

The middle lane is the most important lane in Mobile Legends. It ought to be guarded for as long as possible during battle.

The middle lane is a key strategic tower that enables a team to gain access to the enemy team's jungle. This results in stealing farm, which significantly impacts the gold count for and against, and determines which team levels up first in power and build.


22. Assassin Tip

Assassins are best utilized in the jungle, and ought to utilize the element of surprise in attack while concealed by the jungle. Assassins should only target tanks if they are low in HP or have utilized their core skills.

Assassins are high damage dealing assault heroes, and should prey on high damage squishy heroes in opposition. Taking out enemies is the best method to level up early in team gold but is a risk, as assassins are squishy as well and being killed has the same effect on the opposition.


21. Farming

Each team should have a core hero, preferably an assassin or fighter, depending on circumstances. This hero will have retribution as their match battle spell that enhances farming and team gold count.

Do not farm without retribution, as it limits potential gold that could be worth more. In late stages of the game however, farming may be important for power and build. Always make sure there is a core hero in each team, and be ready to take on this role if needed.


20. Read The Mini-Map

From the beginning to the end of a battle, you need to pay close attention to the mini map in the top left corner of the screen. Map hacks are legal if you can read the map.

Always know where your teammates are, where your enemies may show up and pay close attention to  minion waves in lanes. There are numerous advantages in reading the map, but the key point here is timing and reaction to the map.


19. Mind Games

Mobile Legends is a team player game, you’re playing against human beings with emotions and mental behavior. Mind games are part of multiple team sports, and should be emphasized in ML.

Playing aggressively intimidates your opponent, which psychologically impacts their system of thought and reasoning, especially in split second decisions. Intimidate and taunt opponents during battle, but play it clean. 


18. Shut Down

Certain players and heroes have a tendency to go on fire during battles. Raking up kills and assists while avoiding annihilation.. Shut them down.

In these cases, these heroes are the ones carrying the enemy team. Targeting them and limiting their in-game impact is crucial, as it diminishes the enemy drive and puts you in a position to take control of the battlefield by forcing a retreat.


17. Time To Kill Lord

Taking out The  Lord in Mobile Legends is a game changing play that can affect both teams, regardless of how well they have been or are playing, especially in late stages of the game.

The right time to kill The Lord is after a wipe out, by annihilating all opponents, or more better when the enemy core is taken out. It is also important to keep an eye on the opposition damage dealers, mages and marksmen when attempting The Lord.


16. Learn All Hero Roles

In your quest to get to Mythic, not all teammates will be accommodating and willing to adjust to your preference during the selection stage. It is a team sport, and understanding this goes a long way.

When selecting a team, not everyone may fill vital roles for various reasons. You must be versatile and able to perform diverse roles. It helps in ranking up, and improving your season statistics. As they say, don’t be childish and complain over what you can’t change.


15. Join A Squad

If you want to rank up fast in Mobile Legends, having a reliable team that plays well with each other is the fastest method to achieve this.

You can create a squad and ask your friends to join, or go into the in-game chat and find squads there to join. It makes the game more enjoyable and fun when playing with friends. Those in higher ranks most likely play in squads.


14. Battle Spells

There are 12 Battle Spells in Mobile Legends. Know your Battle Spells and learn which Spells are best attributed to certain hero’s attributes.

A Battle Spell may seem like a tiny part of the game but it is a game changer in battle, especially during the late stages of a game. Knowing your opponents Battle Spells and anticipating counter plays is vital as well if you wanna be a pro gamer.


13. Enemy Damage Dealers

It is required that you identify enemy damage dealers and keep them under pressure, especially in team fights. Damage dealers tend to take the back line as they are squishy by default ML standards.

Limiting your enemy damage dealer's impact in a game goes a long way to determining the outcome of a game. Reacting to their reactions is also important, as consistency is important on the battlefield.


12. Don’t Feed

Feeding is the act of being killed in battle more times than you should, and/or in unreasonable periods of time. Being killed 5 times in 2 minutes of battle is unreasonable.

Learn to play behind and progress with enemy lines when you’re being outplayed. Do not rush your opponent on the back of feeding, as they are most likely to be stronger in build, power and attack. You cannot carry all games when playing Mobile Legends.


11. Push Lanes

Laning is the most important phase of Mobile Legends. It is important that you push lanes throughout all stages of the game, despite your role.

The impact of pushing lanes is realized in the late game, especially when teams are locked head to head. Pushing lanes and gaining access to enemy territory is essential for ambush and access to enemy jungle.


10. Strategies

Different heroes have unwritten combinations and strategies that can be emphasized and utilized during battle in Mobile Legends. Learn to master these strategies and suggest hero combinations during the pre battle selection stage.

A classic example of hero strategy is Johnson and Odette, where Johnson can bump into opponents while carrying Odette who utilizes her ultimate skill. This exists amongst multiple heroes, and should be learned, to have in-game impact.


9. Overconfidence

Overconfidence is a mental human behavior that leads to wrong and false projections of future events. It exists in all walks of life and ML is no exception.

Learn to keep a cool head during battle, especially in the late stages of battle. Trying to take out enemies by ambush in the late game is an example of this. Always keep in line with team mates and execute your role.


8. Skill Timing

As stated in a previous tip, it is essential that you know each hero and their capabilities in Mobile Legends. In this regard, it is vital that you time their skills and know when they are in cool down.

Understanding timing and knowing when to pull back or attack is a game changing strategy that is less emphasized but utilized by winning teams. Learn to watch your opponents and see when their skills are in cool down, this is the best time to pursue them.


7. Hero Versatility

As stated in a previous tip, it is essential that you know your hero. In the same way, you should know what your heroes are capable of, and which roles they can take on by default and defunct.

Knowing your hero’s various roles helps, due to the fact that random team mates will expect you to fill these roles without the time or means of informing you. It is extremely vital that you learn to read and adjust to your hero in terms of their capability and availability.


6. Practice

If you have a hero that has a win rate of less than 40%, it is officially recognized in Mobile Legends that you lack skill and mastery with that hero.

Practice makes perfect and there are different modes of battle that can help you understand and better utilize your heroes. From playing against A.I to practice mode against a dummy opponent, mastering a wide range of heroes is a key strategy to ranking up.


5. Emblems

There are 9 distinct emblem sets, one corresponding to each hero's role and the abilities they possess. They are built to complement your capabilities and provide various effects in addition to that.

If you’re serious about ranking up fast and effectively, then build your emblem sets fast. Focus spending on your emblem sets, as they greatly enhance your arsenal. Furthermore, you can set custom emblems for each specific hero by assigning talent points.


4. Know System Updates

System updates occur so very often and it is essential that you understand how in-game mechanics and hero updates will affect your in-game experience.

Selecting a recently nerfed hero would be a devastating move in higher ranks. With that as an example, incorporate it into all aspects of the game. Know system updates, analyze and implement them with and into your in-game strategies.


3. Know Your Items

Items are a significant part of Mobile Legends, as all games won or lost are through obtaining items and utilizing their advantages into strategies and game plays.

If you know your items, you can build against your opponent. This requires skill and a great level of understanding, as selling your items during a game impacts your build against opponents. Initiate your opponents based on your build, while knowing your strengths and weaknesses.


2. Focus On Yourself

Don’t rely on teammates when ranking up in random teams. Focus solely on yourself, and how you can improve the team's game and strategy, then work with players that sync in with you.

In any rank of the game, you could be playing with players who know next to nothing about the game. Learn to carry yourself and identify reliable teammates in early stages of the game, then focus on working with them in taking out objectives.


1. Know Your Heroes

In any game or sport, knowing your opponents is crucial, as it enables you to negotiate and apply counter tactics based on what you already know.

This concept applies to Mobile Legends. Knowing your opponent's heroes' abilities helps you anticipate counter plays to shut them down from having an in-game impact. It may also help when choosing an hero during the selection process, as you know how the opponent can be outplayed.


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