[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Long Range Heroes For Kills

Stay in range and in safety with these heroes.


10. Yi Sun-Shin

This battle-hardened naval commander is no stranger when it comes to war. Born and raised in the tumultuous City of the Dragon, Yi Sun-shin had to mold himself into the admirable leader of the Paenlong Fleet in order to combat the threats of piracy running rampant in his home country. Challenge his opponents with his trusty glaive and bow and inspire your teammates to rage against overwhelming odds.

As a long range attacker, Yi Sun-shin excels at targeting multiple enemies anywhere on the map with his Ultimate. He can pick off low health targets from afar by charging his second ability, Blood Floods. He can also immediately return to the battle by riding on his Turtle Ship which is available at your spawn point. This is a good tactic when trying to prevent the enemy from pushing a lane or providing immediate assistance to allies stuck in deadly teamfights.

What makes Yin Sun Shin a Great Ranged Hero for Kills.

  • Blood Floods Can Shoot Over Long Distances

Fully charging Yi Sun-shin's second ability, Blood Floods increases its range and damage. His projectile can pass through enemies and deal damage to each simultaneously as long as the skill connects. Use this when attacking enemies hiding behind creep waves or towers and at a advantageous position far from the enemy's attack range

  • Ultimate Can Hit All Enemy Champions Everywhere

When casted, Yi Sun-shin's Ultimate, Mountain Shocker, can hit all enemy champions on the map regardless of their location or if they're obscured by the fog of war. When finding out where the enemy is hiding or simply dealing damage to enemies well away from Yi Sun-shin's attack range, his Ultimate can become a formidable ability to use. Know when to use it though, as it has a long cooldown.

  • Benefits From Long Range Altercations

Because of his Ultimate and second ability, Blood Floods, Yi Sun-shin excels greatly at facing off opponents from far distances. This trait is especially beneficial in team fights as it not only allows him to strike opponents from a distance, but also ensure that he remains safe from enemy champions attacking from the back or a full-on assault upfront. 

See Yi Sun-Shin in action: 


9. Yve

This elusive yet deadly being from the stars can manipulate the reality around her by placing a Starfield grid that can slow or damage enemies that are within its immediate vicinity. She can also channel cosmic energies and summon constructs from the void to further her dangerous presence in the battlefield. Let none get in your way as Yve. Show them the true meaning of cosmic horror.

The Astrowarden can manipulate the space around her in order to deal damage or slow opponents caught within it. Her presence in team fights can immediately turn the tide to her team's favor once she sets her Starfield grid on the map. Not only that, but her high attack range from her abilities makes her a good harassing champion that can displace enemies and ruin enemy formations.

Versatile Long Range Ultimate

Yve can cast her Ultimate, Real World Manipulation, and create a Starfield grid that can damage or slow enemies over long distances, so long as their immediate location is on the created grid. Creating a path by holding down your finger on the screen and sliding it across will slow any enemies caught within the path. Tapping it will inflict quick AP damage to enemies within that square of the grid. Use these mechanics to your advantage when figuring how to best help your teammates in teamfights or sudden ganks. 

What makes Yve a Great Ranged Hero for Kills.

  • Remote Harassing Abilities

Both Yve's first and second abilities, Void Blast and Void Crystal, have very remote casting ranges that can continuously harass enemies caught within their attack ranges. These abilities also have special qualities that can give Yve an advantage, such as the additional movement speed gained from Void Blast if it hits an enemy or the additional slow enemies can be affected with Void Crystal should its main attack component connects. These abilities are important in ensuring Yve remains constantly moving and attacking enemies.

  • Spammable Long Range Ability

On account of her abilities long casting range, Yve's first ability, Void Blast, can be consistently casted on enemies dealing good amounts of AP damage while giving her the movement speed she needs to keep moving and avoid sudden attacks coming from bushes or the fog of war. Keep this momentum going by purchasing cooldown reduction items to further increase its reliability in battle.

See Yve in action: 


8. Layla

Is that a car's headlights approaching from a distance or a deadly laser cannon charging up? Most of Layla's enemies never seem to get a proper answer to that because most of them always end up dead before they could ever reach a conclusion. Sure enough, all of her allies are glad that they have this cute but deadly champion by their side because who knows who or what might she melt next with her barrage of energy based attacks?

Layla's a pretty fun champion to use and scales pretty well as a game goes on. Her high AD output combined with her ability to strike at targets from a far distance makes her a very reliable champion to use when poking or kiting enemies. She's also both beginner-friendly and a very reliable Marksman to use in high elo games, making her a powerful, all-around champion that's favored in any meta.

What makes Layla a Great Ranged Hero for Kills.

  • Far Attack Distance

Frequent upgrades of her Ultimate increases the attack distance of her second ability, Void Projectile, and vision significantly. Gaining a high enough attack distance can allow her to take out towers without ever getting close to its attacking vicinity. This mechanic is also useful for poking long range enemies or dealing damage to approaching Fighters capable of cutting down her health in seconds.

  • Wide Ultimate Damage Range

Layla's Ultimate, Destruction Rush, can kill enemies across a wide range and distance. Because of this quality of her Ultimate, she can immediately clear up overwhelming minion waves or potentially one-shot low HP enemies, preventing them from helping their team in crucial moments. Exploit the wide range of her Ultimate to your advantage by knowing which targets to hit and when. Make sure you hit as many enemies as you can with it as well.

  • Attacking Range Enhancing Abilities

In addition to her Ultimate, Layla can also cast her second ability, Void Projectile, on a group of opponents over a far range, dealing good amounts of AD damage while slowing them down as well. She can also cast her first ability, Malefic Bomb, to further increase her attack range by 3 seconds once it successfully connects with another target. Use this tactic when trying to kill enemies over long distances without ever risking Layla’s low HP.  

See Layla in action: 


7. Brody

In dire need of a heavy duty Marksman that can play aggressively even from a distance? Well, look no further, as the Lone Star is here to satisfy your needs. Watch as Brody releases high energy missiles that can topple enemy formations and destroy tower foundations in seconds. Realize Brody's true potential by understanding his skill kit that's deeply dedicated to dealing high amounts of Physical Damage. 

Understanding Brody's mechanics are crucial to making sure that his gameplays are consistently dangerous to the enemy team. He can pick off enemies from a distance while having enough left in the tank to pursue other important objectives on the map. As such, Brody requires constant decision making and carefl planning as to which targets to secure next.

What makes Brody a Great Ranged Hero for Kills.

  • High Damaging Long Ranged Skills

Brody's high damaging, long ranged skills give him the edge that he needs to dominate in the Early Game. He can kite approaching enemies, harass low health targets, and provide decent support to his allies should he choose to roam. Remember to exploit his power at this stage in order to make sure that he stays being a threat even at the Late Game.

  • Can Chase Escaping Enemies Over Far Distances

Because of his passive, Abyss Corrosion, Brody's basic attacks grant him a slight increase in movement speed in exchange for having a lower attack speed than most Marksmen. This movement speed boost is increased with every stack that he inflicts on his Abyss Mark, an innate ability connected to his passive. He can also slow escaping enemies or close the distance between them with his first and second skill, respectively. In addition to this, because of the length of his attack range, Brody can deal consistent damage to such enemies all the while remaining a safe distance from any potential counter attacks that the escaping enemy might be setting him up in.

  • Far Ultimate Distance

His Ultimate, Torn-Apart Memory, is able to hit all targets bearing an Abyssal Mark within 8 yards of him once casted- that's roughly the distance between the first tower on your side and the area just inches before the enemy's first tower. This long range Ultimate is very deadly and can affect multiple targets at once, making it a useful Ultimate to use in team fights or against crowded enemies over a long range.

See Brody in action: 


6. Lesley

Tuck your enemies to bed with Lesley's precision based attacks that can deal high amounts of Physical Damage in seconds. Her immaculate sniping skills will leave enemies wishing that they never entered her hitlist in the first place. Whether her enemies die within close proximity of her or from a distance make no difference because the last thing each and everyone of them will see is the same: a single bullet with their name written all over it.

Lesley's Basic Attacks have the capability to increase its attack range because of her passive Lethal Shot, so long as she does not receive damage in the next 5 seconds. She also receives a high critical chance on her next Basic Attack that can be converted to True Damage should it successfully connect as a critical hit. This quality alone makes her a very lethal Long Range Damager so remember to always use its effects when it comes up.

What makes Leslie a Great Ranged Hero for Kills.

  • Ultimate Can Reach Long Distances

Taking out an enemy champion from afar has never been so easy with Lesley. Simply casting her Ultimate at any enemy well within her attacking range will automatically target them which can expand towards long distances if the targeted enemy is moving. This is great for escaping enemies over long distances.

  • Ultimate Bullets Can Pass Through Terrain

To add to the lethal ability of her Ultimate, each of her Ultimate's bullets can pass through terrain without interruptions. Enemies hiding behind walls will have no place to escape once Lesley starts firing on all cylinders, so do keep this in mind when striking at targets that believe they're well protected simply because they're hidden behind the map's terrain.

  • Excellent Sniping Capabilities

Other than her Ultimate, her passive also allows her to score critical hits if she does not take damage after 5 seconds. Because of this, as a long range attacker, she becomes a very deadly element on the field of battle that can hit over long distances while dealing extensive amounts of physical damage as well.

See Leslie in action: 


5. Granger

As one of the Monastery of Light's top demon hunters, Granger's name is well known and feared throughout many demonic circles. His deathly stare is enough to put a shiver down his enemy's spine, much more when he whips out his trademark pistol that can hold 6 powerful shots. When all else fails, he can turn to his oversized violin and transform it into an instrument made for destruction. 

Granger's capability as a Long Range Damage Dealer comes from his Ultimate where he can fire 3 explosive shots that can slow down hit targets and deal extensive Physical Damage to their wellbeing. Do remember though that timing each cannon shot is important as to not waste its long cooldown. He can also do a slight sidestep before firing each round, which is a good mechanic to use when dodging impending skillshots from enemy champions.

What makes Granger a Great Ranged Hero for Kills.

  • Long to Medium Range Explosive AD Damage

Both Granger's 6-shooter pistol and 3 shot super cannon can deal high amounts of AD Damage to enemies unlucky enough to face him. He can also increase his base AD Damage by using his second ability, Rondo, wherein he'll be able to dash towards a chosen direction before gaining the additional damage. His super cannon, Death Sonta, can also hit enemies over long distances while providing a slow debuff that can allow him to line up his shots better or have his allies get over to the target immediately.

  • Ability Synergies Assists Greatly In Long Range Chases

Granger can synergize his first ability, Rhapsody, with his second ability, Rondo, so that all 6 shots from his pistol can reach the enemy target before they could escape from his attack range. It's worth noting that his dash ability can immediately be available again for every successful enemy hit from his Rhapsody ability. Use this when trying to hit enemies over an advantageous distance or when chasing targets across a long range.

  • Explosive AD Damage Scales Well

Granger's base AD damage makes him very strong in the Early Game, scaling pretty well as the game further moves into its late phases. Because of this, Granger is a reliable damage dealer that can melt enemy and tower health in moments as well as giving him the opportunity to snipe out targets within the attack range of his Ultimate or Basic Attacks.. Purchase high damage items to further increase his lethality in the game and always stay on the enemy's tail when starting engagements.

See Granger in action: 


4. Beatrix

A one-woman army with an arsenal of weapons, Beatrix is capable of mowing down enemy defenses and taking out crucial targets in fatal fashion. Her mechanical prowess gave rise to 4 amazing and destructive weapons that she can use against her enemies. She can strike from a distance, blow a location up, kill up close, or rain death upon her targets with a barrage of lead. Beatrix is not just a simple pink-haired genius with a penchant for mechanical technology, for within that bubbly exterior lies something deadly just waiting to be unleashed.

Beatrix's Long Range Damager potential comes from her use of her sniper rifle Renner, where she can deal large amounts of AD damage upon fully charging her auto attack and Ultimate. Her Renner weapon is one of the strongest physical damage dealing abilities that the game has to offer. Make the most out of it by buying high AD scaling items and carefully positioning yourself to a location that you can hit opponents at. 

What makes Beatrix a Great Ranged Hero for Kills.

  • Renner Has High Range and Damage

Beatrix's sniper rifle, Renner, can hit targets over a long range and deal large damage to targets simultaneously. Renner is an effective weapon when dealing with champions that has good poking capabilities because of its high damage that can hit enemies back while doing it from a safe distance.

  • Renner's Ultimate Can One-Shot Opponents

When fully charged, Beatrix's Renner can cast a powerful Ultimate that can immediately cut down an enemy's health significantly over a long distance. However, this ability has a high risk, high reward situation because of how exposed Beatrix will become once she starts charging up Renner's Ultimate. Good positioning and precision is key to making the most out of this Ultimate.

  • Renner's Range Can Poke and Harass Enemies

Because of its long range, Beatrix can poke and harass enemies when using Renner, which is helpful when preventing the enemy from gaining dominance on a lane or freezing lanes to your advantage. Beatrix can also avoid being ganked by enemies because Renner's long range prevents her from overextending and pushing deep inside enemy territory.

See Beatrix in action: 


3. Kimmy

This rebellious youth has access to a powerful chemical gun that can continuously shoot weaponized blobs at enemies. Splatter her foes with a well-directed series of lengthy and powerful shots and have her go on a lethal joyride with her trusty jetpack. Just remember to always keep it moving forward and avoid getting pounced on by hard hitting enemies. 

Kimmy has a very unique attack animation in the sense that her attacks need to be held down and directed towards a certain position. In exchange for having virtually no attack speed at all, she can't automatically attack targets well within her range. She also suffers from not being able to carefully pinpoint as to which target she should attack so when attacking as Kimmy, remember to keep a straight line of fire. Regardless, her Long Range Damage capabilities are one of the most reliable when it comes dealing extensive amounts of damage to enemies.

What makes Kimmy a Great Ranged Hero for Kills.

  • Ranged Attacks Benefits From Both AD and AP

Kimmy can thrive off of both AP and AD items because her skillset can combine both damage types seamlessly. This elevates her Long Range Attacker status to new heights well above most Marksmen champions in the game. Knowing which item build and emblem set will synergize well with her unique skill kit is important to drawing out the most of her damage.

  • Ultimate Can Damage Over Long Distances

Maximum Charge, Kimmy's Ultimate, when fully charged, can hit targets over long distances, dealing a combination of both AD and AP damage to those unlucky enough to get caught in its crossfire. This damage can spread over to other opponents close to its initial target, making it a good Long Range ability to use against crowds or jumbled enemies. 

  • Long Range Versatility

Kimmy can switch between firing modes due to her first ability, Energy Transformation, where she can fire Chemical Balls that can deal both AP and AD damage per shot instead of her usual chemical bullets. She can use this when kiting approaching targets or attacking escaping enemies from a range that she is comfortable with. Likewise, because of the range of this ability, Kimmy can also subsequently harass enemies that are overwhelming her lane without ever leaving the safety of her creep wave. Although it is worth noting that proper positioning is key to unlocking this ability’s full potential, so do keep that in mind. 

See Kimmy in action: 


2. Pharsa

This mistress of magic makes the rounds again with her long-range, high damaging abilities that can disrupt enemy formations and severely deplete enemy health. Her aerial magic missiles can put some real hurt that can be quite beneficial to your team that is engaged in an active team fight. When all else fails, she can always make a quick exit by using her extra ability that allows her to morph into a fast flying bird.

Of course as a Mage, Pharsa is still quite squishy and can be very mana dependent but that can be arranged by positioning yourself in areas that are out of reach from the enemy and buying items that can improve your mana pool extensively. Her capability as a Long Range Damager best comes from her Ultimate in which she can attack enemies from far distances. The damage she can conduct from that range makes her a top contender to put into this list.  

What makes Pharsa a Great Ranged Hero for Kills.

  • Abilities Can Cover Long Distances

All of Pharsa's abilities has good distance coverage on them that can damage enemies from a far distance. Her Ultimate, Feathered Air Strike, has one of the most destructive and farthest attack range of all Mage skills in Mobile Legends. Use her skills when trying to gain dominance over a lane or scoring quick and efficient creep kills from a distance.

  • Explosive Long Range Attacks

Aside from its range, Pharsa's abilities are also pretty strong, being able to deal high amounts of AP damage within seconds. This is evident with her Feathered Air Strike, which can deal 3680 AP damage stacking with her total magic power at full level. This makes her presence very terrifying especially in team fights and when enemies are closely bound to each other.

  • Long Range Attacks Create Ganking Opportunities

Hitting enemies while hidden in bushes or in the fog of war is one of Pharsa's best tactics. Because of the range of her abilities, she can efficiently eliminate team formations without the enemy noticing her enter the fray. So long as she maintains a safe distance from potential targets who could gank her, Pharsa can dominate in the long range.  

See Pharsa in action: 


1. Hanzo

Merciless as he is deadly, the Shadow Sect disciple can launch sudden ambushes at his targets without ever approaching the field of battle. This demonic hybrid can channel the powers of hell to further increase his combat prowess and tear through his opponents with lethal force. When facing the Akuma Ninja, the only sensible move to do is run, that is if it's even possible to outrun a shadow.

Hanzo excels best as a Jungler because of his ability to immediately devour jungle creeps after a consecutive number of basic attacks. Because of this he can quickly clear jungle keeps and keep moving towards high value targets that he can eliminate. His Long Range Damage potential comes from his ability to transform into his Demon Pneuma form, in which he is able to control a demonic shade of himself that comes equipped with brand new abilities and can travel for very far distances. However, this ability can leave Hanzo unprotected so knowing which place to cast your Demon Pneuma form is important.

What makes Hanzo a Great Ranged Hero for Kills.

  • Long Distance Damage Dealing

Hanzo can eject himself via his Demon Pneuma form where Hanzo's base body will remain in one spot while his Demon Pneuma can roam around the map and deal damage. Use this tactic when initiating enemies from a safe distance or supplying lanes with immediate help without running the risk of being flattened by the enemy.

  • Demon Pneuma Form Has High Damage

In addition to being able to attack from a range, Hanzo's Demon Pneuma form can also deal high amounts of physical damage to enemies, making it an exceptional assassination ability against low low HP targets. Remember to properly assess which spots to best hide yourself in before summoning his Demon Pneuma form in order to maximize its total attack range and damage.

  • Ranged Jungling Gameplay

When achieving his Ultimate, Hanzo can safely roam the jungle and claim beneficial additions to himself and his team. He can score buffs, secure objectives and additional gold and invade the enemy jungle, potentially scoring a kill by attacking the enemy Jungler in crucial moments- all this while maintaining a safe distance from the battle. His ranged jungling gameplay, which stems from the overall distance coverage from his Demon Pneuma Form, is beneficial in creating advantageous opportunities that you can thrive off of. 

See Hanzo in action: 


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