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Uranus: Gold and Bold

What about Tanks?

Tanks are the big beefy heroes who soak up tons of damage in order to give their allies time and space to operate. However, their role extends beyond simply taking one for the team. Another important responsibility of tanks is to roam around the map to help teammates by picking kills and making advantageous plays. To use tanks and to properly carry the weight of their duty, effective map movement, sound decision making, and proper initiation are necessary.

5. Grock

Grock, the Tank Under Your Bed

Grock is a tank who is as solid as he looks. Being able to increase his defenses and HP regen whenever near a wall, he can venture deep into enemy territories without an ounce of fear. As if that’s not enough already, Grock can also become invulnerable to crowd controls by using his ability “Power of Nature,” which gives him the authority to antagonize enemy carries farming in the jungle.

What makes Grock great:

  • He is an exceptional frontier.
  • He can inspect suspicious locations for his team.
  • He can block paths using “Guardian’s Barrier.”

See Grock in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeV7fzbii8s&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

4. Hylos

Hylos: Six-Pack Pony

Hylos has a single distinct ability: for every 1 point of mana gained from items, he will gain 1.5 points of HP. What this means is that once itemized, his HP can go blasting through the roof, able to reach beyond the 5,000 threshold. Hylos then makes good use of his large HP by leading the team using his ultimate “Glorious Pathway,” an ability crucial in team fights as it creates a path that boosts ally movement and reduces enemy movement.

What makes Hylos great:

  • He has the highest HP in the game.
  • He can use both his mana and HP to cast abilities.
  • He can debuff enemies in team fights through itemization.

See Hylos in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw0EzI5Ht_o&ab_channel=TopGlobalAnakosan

3. Khufra

Khufra: The Bouncer Who Won't Let You Pass

Khufra is the perfect counter to all excited, agitated, and elusive heroes. Using “Bouncing Ball,” Khufra fortifies his defenses and knocks anyone who tries to cross him into the air, making him the most feared tanks among dodgy marksmen and speedy assassins. On the other hand, Khufra’s other abilities are reserved for initiation: “Tyrant’s Revenge” allows him to jump some distance and land on top of targets while “Tyrant’s Rage” gives him AOE stun.

What makes Khufra great:

  • He counters assassins and marksmen.
  • He has decent roam potential.
  • He can set up kills using his ultimate.

See Khufra in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvttk3Pzghc&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

2. Atlas

Atlas: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Atlas excels at contributing to team fights more than any other tank. His ultimate, “Fatal Links,” is unarguably the best ability for initiation as it binds all nearby enemies with chains, pulls them close, and drags them up into the air in cold blood. On landing, all his victims receive a ridiculous 50% reduction of both movement speed and attack speed while he gains increase in defenses thanks to his passive ability “Frigid Breath.”

What makes Atlas great:

  • He is a phenomenal initiator.
  • He punishes enemies with his debuffs.
  • He is mobile and has great roam potential.

See Atlas in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wphg5VPNVPE&ab_channel=AxeMobileLegends

1. Baxia

Baxia: Rock and Roll

Baxia is the king of durability and roam who counters all other tanks and all regen heroes. One of the most functional hero in the entire game, Baxia’s “Baxia-Shield Unity” turns him into a spiky rolling shield that can accelerate forward and jump through walls until he crashes into an unwitting prey. Meanwhile, his multifaceted passive “Baxia Mark” reduces all incoming damage by 25 and reduces HP regen of his targets by 30%, negating enemy lifesteal abilities and lifesteal items alike.

What makes Baxia great:

  • He counters tanks and regen heroes.
  • He has outstanding mobility and roam potential.
  • He is super tanky thanks to the additional 140% damage reduction provided by his ultimate.

See Baxia in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPzZ5-SQT2M&ab_channel=MobileMoba

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