[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Killer Heroes That Are Powerful (And Why)

These are the most powerful assassins that you should consider buying.

Killer heroes are best known as assassin heroes in Mobile Legends. They specialize in farming to build team gold apart from and in order to arrive at their desired goal of killing and/or targeting high damage dealing opponents. Assassins are matched and challenged by Tanks and Fighters who are durable against the lethal attack skills possessed by assassins.


10. Alucard

Alucard makes this list at number 10 due to being the King of Lifesteal in Mobile Legends. His first skill allows him to leap and smash his sword. His second skill is a whirl spin with his sword around him while his ultimate skill releases a wave called Fission.

Alucard is powerful due to his life steal abilities. He has amazing potential, but being the first released and oldest ML hero, he is also the most balanced, and this is a disadvantage to him against other heroes in meta updates, both past, and future. Mastering Alucard’s life steal against other heroes is key to understanding his gameplay, but no easy task to be done.

Some wouldn’t agree with Alucard being on this list but the fact still stands, as the King of Lifesteal in Mobile Legends, he is amongst the most powerful fighter/assassins in ML, capable of landing kills in a variety of different ways. New heroes and meta updates have seen Alucard lose popularity but he still remains a versatile/durable dual role hero. As a force in his own right, he is one of the simplest heroes to master.

Why is Alucard great for killing?

  • King of Life Steal
  • Dual role hero (Fighter/Assassin)
  • Durable/Versatile

 9. Karina

Karina wields twin blades in attack, with one passive and three active skills. Her first skill utilizes her in rapid movement, flipping, and twirling while delivering damage. Her second skill swipes her blades in a full circle around her, while her ultimate skill allows her to mark and charge at the opponents.

Although Karina has high mobility and lethal attack skills, she is currently nerfed in the current meta, heading into season 25 at the time of this writing. As an assassin, with high magic damage output, she is recommended to be built as a Tank, with defensive items instead of attack, due to her being extremely squishy and unable to deal damage if she cannot match up her opponents in the offense. 

Karina makes this list at number 9 due to her lack of attack as mentioned, compared to other assassins. Regardless of these facts, she is unquestionably a top-tier assassin, balanced in meta and whose skills are simple to master but strategies necessitate understanding and skill in order to maximize her true potential and in-game impact.

Why Karina is great for killing?

  • Ability to mark heroes
  • Extreme mobility
  • All her skills are high in damage


8. Selena

This list wouldn’t be complete without Selena. She has a passive skill that allows her to switch between two forms, increasing her stealth and mobility. Her first skill summons a demon, and acts as a trap, wherever she casts it. Her second skill fires a devil arrow in a chosen direction, which summons a demon upon hitting a target while her ultimate skill allows her to claw at a target with massive damage.

Selena’s skills are easy to master but require much map hack and other in-game skills to utilize her to maximum advantage. She is a first-choice core, with amazing potential in lanes as well. Her skills make her excellent in ganking, however, creating and utilizing her in strategies is a level that most new to her fail to achieve.

Selena has massive potential and is a most banned hero also in high ranks. She is a top-tier hero, who is balanced in her level of mastery, compared to her skill set. That being said, she may be squishy if the user concentrates on her damage output in build, as she is quite strong, compared to other heroes in her category, with disabling skills.

Why is Selena great for killing?

  • Burst in damage
  • Abilities to trap and charge
  • First choice core


7. Natalia

Natalia has one passive and three active skills, her passive allows her to conceal while her first skill utilizes her to dash forward in attack with her claw hand. Her second skill allows her to deploy a dust bomb, which slows down opponents and increases her speed, eventually making her invincible if her damage is dealt. Her ultimate skill allows the use of her passive skill, making her invisible for a longer period.

With the current meta and relevance of other assassins, Natalia has lost favor as one of the truest assassins in Mobile Legends. Her skills are not hard to master, and easy to understand when hitting further attacks and combos. She is perfect for sneak attacks, and her passive skill allows her to hack the map and poke opponents. Natalia is squishy but this can be overlooked, given her ability to conceal herself with her passive skill.

Natalia is most certainly a hero to master in Mobile Legends. She is simple to understand and utilize. The only aspect that requires mastery is how to apply her skills and abilities in various situations and circumstances. She can be matched and countered by a wide range of heroes, so not all outcomes are favorable.

Why Natalia is great for killing?

  • Unique concealment passive skill
  • Burst in attack
  • Ability to roam


6. Gusion

Gusion, the rebellious younger brother of Aamon is a game-carrying assassin, who manipulates and wields daggers through magic. His first skill throws one dagger out and returns, while his second skill does the same but to more daggers. His ultimate skill executes in the same way as his second skill, but he can be blinked to the opponent's location before all the daggers are returned to him, which is one of the deadliest single attacks in Mobile Legends.

Armed with a passive skill as well, Gusion can cast and stack runes on his daggers, which adds him to the list of overpowered and somewhat broken heroes. Even though being buffed and nerfed so many times, he still maintains command and relevance in the game. Mastering Gusion to perfection is no easy task, and probably second in hero mastery difficulty. 

Gusion remains a top-tier hero and fan favorite, who is balanced, in a sense that mastering him in timing and precision takes time and understanding. With a lethal burst in damage, Gusion is a squishy hero, best utilized in the jungle and early game. Mastering Gusion is a well-worth investment if you’re serious about ML.

Why is Gusion great for killing?

  • Extreme burst in damage.
  • Ability to blink to designated areas
  • Mobility and speed


5. Lancelot

Lancelot, the prince swordsman’s skills have notoriety throughout the Land of Dawn. His first skill charges towards a target whilst dealing damage while his second skill conceals him while dealing damage over a triangular area where in a target may be struck three times. His ultimate skill also conceals him while he strikes forward with impaling force.

The fact that Lancelot’s ultimate skill has no auto-lock makes it a skill that is hard to master, even for experienced gamers. This see’s the need to utilize a combination of his skills, which requires much practice to see the full extent of his potential. Lancelot is a core hero, awesome for ganking lanes and providing team support as well. 

Lancelot's level of mastery makes him balanced, as an OP hero in ML for so long. He stands out amongst the list of top-tier assassins as a fan favorite. Though his skills require practice to master, he has one of the top combinations amongst heroes in ML and is a game carrier. He is also noted as a regular ban in higher ranks, where well-learned players may use him with mastery.

Why Lancelot is great for killing?

  • Amazing combo
  • First choice core
  • Extreme burst in damage


4. Aamon

The Prince of The House of Paxley and older brother of Gusion is still the latest assassin hero released by Mobile Legends at this stage, heading into season  24. His skills are actually the same as Gusion but he manipulates shards instead of daggers. Aamon’s skills don’t draw him toward a target, as is the case with Gusion.

Aamon’s skills are easier to master, in comparison to his closest resemblance Gusion. Both of them display the same level of damage output, but with differences that make each of them unique. Skills in map reading and controlling the jungle are essential in mastering Aamon. He is a core hero who needs to farm fast to maintain his pace in a game.

Though Aamon may be a skillful and crafted hero, he is currently nerfed in the sense that a variety of different heroes have been revamped and outmatch his last meta update. This, however, provides the much-needed balance, as he is no longer an OP Hero heading into Season 25, at the time of this writing.

Why is Aamon great for killing?

  • Amazing combo
  • Concealment in skills
  • High mobility and burst


3. Ling

Ling should come as no surprise to this list. A well-known assassin in ML, he has the unique ability to walk on and leap between walls, which can be applied in attack and offense strategies. His first skill allows him to leap between walls while his second skill is a sword charge. His ultimate skill is one of the deadliest in ML and allows him to cast a circle of destruction while in concealment.

Ling’s ultimate skill may be powerful, but it is also necessary to practice it. Though his skills may be easy to execute, a proper strategy is required to see the maximum effect. He is a first-choice jungler and excellent support in a team fight, as he can assess a situation before implementing his skills, which makes him feared and also, one of the most banned heroes in ML.

Ling's skills require much understanding of game-play and other heroes as well. Hitting at the right time is crucial, as there are a variety of different heroes who are capable of countering him. That being said, he is still feared and most banned amongst top ranks. Ling most certainly deserves a high spot on this list.

Why is Ling a great killer?

  • High burst in damage
  • Ability to scale walls
  • Amazing skills combination


2. Saber

As a top-tier assassin, Saber's first skill slows down opponents by releasing a circle of ninja stars, known as shurikens, around him. His second skill is a dash, followed by a sword swipe, which is useful in offense, while his ultimate and most lethal skill is performing an execution in hang time, where he lifts his opponents in an upward impaling maneuver while supposedly stabbing them at the same time. 

Saber is lethal in the jungle, where he may sneak up on and destroy an opponent. His abilities are instrumental in eliminating high-damage dealers such as marksmen and other fighters, and he is also useful when ambushing adversaries. His abilities work together to form one of Mobile Legends' most lethal combinations. He performs best as a jungler, pushing lanes would lessen his overall impact on the game. Saber is fantastic as a tool for implementing attack strategies, as he can counter almost every hero in the game, but he is weak as a high damage dealer on his own, it must be said.

Saber has been buffed in season 25 which is currently underway as of the time of this writing. His ability to burst into attack has proven fatal, as always. He is a hero who is seemingly always on the receiving end of a system update, regardless of whether or not his meta is updated as a hero. Saber ranks as a top-tier assassin and one whose in-game tactics are hard to implement compared to his skills, which are much easier.

Why Saber is great for killing?

  • Can counter a wide range of heroes
  • Equipped with one-hit skills
  • Ability to pursue enemies from a distance


1. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is similar to other assassins, but he excels in the current meta and outperforms his opponents on numerous levels. He can use his passive skill to mark and stack on opponents in order to strike them with one of his three active skills. As his first skill, he throws three ninja stars/shurikens at a target. His second skill is similar to his first, but he deploys shadows to deal damage. Hayabusa's ultimate skill combines skills one and two, allowing him to remain concealed while dealing lethal damage.

Hayabusa has been revamped going into season 24 at the time of this writing. He is best suited as a core hero, who is lethal in the early game and fades during the late game. He is an assassin who is notorious for single-handedly taking down Tank Heroes in a challenge. This speaks volumes about his damage output, in spite of the fact that he is a squishy hero. Hayabusa’s ultimate skill is an excellent offense strategy but has an impact on his overall performance when it is not utilized in attack.

Hayabusa checks all the boxes for an all-around hero. He is balanced in such a way that, while he is a high damage dealer with exceptional skills, these skills and strategies require time to master, particularly in terms of timing and precision when dealing damage. When unlearned, Hayabusa is a liability to the team because he is reliant on making game-changing plays.

Why Hayabusa is great for killing?

  • The ultimate skill is hard to counter
  • Passive skill allows mark and stack
  • High burst/energy in attack




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