[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Ranged Heroes (And Why)

These are the best heroes who can deal damage from a distance.

Range Heroes are able to attack from a distance. This is a strength that can be capitalized on, to maximize their in-game impact. Marksmen and Mages are the most powerful ranged heroes. Let's discover the Top 10 Mobile Legends Best Ranged Heroes That Are Powerful (And Why)


10. Chang’e

See Chang’e in action: 

Chang’e is a high powered Mage in Mobile Legends who is equipped with speed and high burst in damage, with decent Crowd Control. She makes this list for her range and speed in closing gaps between opponents and her ultimate skill, that is a meteor shower.

Chang’e is a potential game changer when utilized well, as her skills provide her with a unique combination that can be used in ganking and poking as well. She has a long range in burst damage through her ultimate skill and is a high damage dealer who is squishy.

Chang’e is a tactical hero who is not quite easy to master in hitting her skills. Once learned, her power in attack can be utilized in laning, farming and even taking on Lord and Turtle. She is commendable as one of the most powerful heroes with damage.

Why is Chang’e a Great Ranged Hero?

  • Burst in Damage: Chang’e possesses a buff through her second skill that adds burst to damage
  • Magic Damage: Chang’e has power and range in magic damage
  • Speed: Chang’e is a high damage dealer that has speed in attack and mobility


9. Layla

See Layla in action: 

Why Layla is a Great Ranged Hero?

  • Easy to Master: Layla is easy to master as a basic hero
  • High Burst: Layla has burst in attack, that increases her mobility
  • Ultimate Skill: Layla’s ultimate skill has power and range that can eliminate multiple opponents

8. Granger

See Granger in action: 

Granger is a buff in the current meta. He is a long range shooter through his ultimate skill, with burst in his first skill together and a dash as his second skill, which gives him a unique set of skills that is underestimated when being learned.

Granger is an early to late game hero, which makes him durable and capable of dealing high damage through the use of his first skill. His dash makes it easier for him to pursue or defend during an attack while his ultimate skill has range and AoE, as it discharges a bullet bomb toward a predetermined spot.

Notable is the fact that Granger doesn't have manna, and lacks regen abilities compared to other marksmen but makes up for this in his overall durability as a high damage dealer. Granger's skills work in perfect synchronization when well learned and are quite hard to master in timing and situations.

Why Granger is a Great Ranged Hero?

  • Burst: Granger has burst in damage through his skill one
  • Mobility: Granger is fast in movement and attack
  • Early game hero: Granger is the only marksman who is dangerous from early to late game


7. Brody

See Brody in action: 

Brody, the Lone Star is a Marksman in Mobile Legends who is widely sought after due to his impressive arsenal of powerful abilities. His skill set makes him a utility hero, as he can be utilized in Damage, Poke, AoE, Buff and Burst Damage.

Brody has the ability to lock his ultimate skill on opponents within range, which makes his ultimate skill one of the most lethal amongst marksmen heroes. He is an early game hero with considerable high powered damage due to his stack but vulnerable in the late game as a high damage squishy hero.

When it comes to range and power, Brody has the potential to wipe out enemy teams, as his ultimate skill targets all opponents within range, dealing the most damage to the opponent with least HP and so on and so forth. Brody most certainly deserves a spot on this list.

Why is Brody a Great Range Hero?

  • Burst in damage: Brody has great burst in damage through stack, upon successive hits
  • Poke: Brody can poke through his basic and skill two which is a stun
  • Ultimate Skill: His ultimate skill can target multiple opponents within range


6. Lesley

See Lesley in action: 

Lesley is a sniper assassin, with Burst Damage, Poke and AoE attributed to her skill set. She has the ability to conceal and increase speed through her first skill and can snipe enemies from far within range through the use of her ultimate skill. 

As an assassin, Lesley is fast in mobility and has the advantage of farming on crit and minions in the early stages of battle. Her skill one enhances her damage output, while her ultimate skill locks on opponents, even those out of sight and delivers multiple lethal shots. Her burst and concealment combined with her ultimate skill makes her a powerful ranged hero.

Lesley is a high damage hero who is best played behind enemy lines due to her significant ability in range. Leslie is Queen of Crit Damage, which means successive damage increases as she delivers. This list wouldn’t be complete without Marksman/Assassin Dual Hero Lesley.

Why is Leslie a Great Range Hero?

  • Speed: Leslie has great speed in attack and mobility
  • Concealment: Her skill one allows her concealment as camouflage
  • Ultimate Skill: her ultimate skill is a sniper lock on that can even spot enemies in bushes


5. Pharsa

See Pharsa in action: 

This Princess of the Crow Clan in Mobile Legends is a Top-Tier Mage, with Burst Damage, Crowd Control, AoE and Poke skills and abilities. Her ultimate skill has the most range, where she is able to deal high burst damage over a wide range.

Pharsa’s Magic Damage is her greatest advantage in attack but also leaves her vulnerable to opponents. She has a unique passive skill that enables her to fly, which can be utilized in pursuit or retreat that completes her unique set of skills. When utilized with precision, she is a dominant force on the battlefield.

Pharsa definitely deserves a spot on this list for range as a powerful mage hero. She is quite difficult to master, as she is a situational hero, who best strikes when opponents are retreating, since her ultimate skill leaves her wide open to attack. 

What makes Pharsa a Great Range Hero?

  • Ultimate Skill: her ultimate skill deals great magic damage over a wide range
  • Unique Passive: her passive skill allows her to turn into a bird and fly
  • Poke: she has the ability to poke and initiate team fights due to her passive


4. Kimmy

See Kimmy in action: 

Kimmy makes this list for her impressive mage-like damage as a unique hero that can decide between Mage or Physical Build depending on circumstances. Her ultimate skill equips her with long-ranged missiles while her other skills provide her with continuous damage.

Kimmy is an absolute troublemaker in battle, she has a dash as her second skill that allows her to pursue or retreat while she is the only marksman hero in Mobile Legends who can deliver damage while moving. Her greatest asset is her lifesteal upon successive hits and her farthest range skill is her ultimate, that fires hit seeking missiles.

Kimmy is a powerful and unique marksman that makes this spot based on her damage and potential in-game impact. She is a tactical hero, and understanding this reveals her strengths, as is the case with Mobile Legends, high damage heroes are squishy.

Why is Kimmy a Great Range Hero?

  • Switch Builds: Kimmy can be built with Mage or Physical items to boost in-game impact
  • Movement: Kimmy is the only hero who can deal damage while mobile
  • Magic Damage: she is the only marksman/mage


3. Beatrix

See Beatrix in action: 

This masterful gunner is the marksman with the most arsenal in Mobile Legends that gives her a variety of different skills for different game-play and situations. She is able to switch between a grenade launcher, a sniper, a shot-gun or two machine guns with a different basic and ultimate skill for each of the guns, making her unique and of a high standard in hero mastery.

Beatrix is a flexible hero, with versatility but lacks durability, as a high damage hero. Her range skills come through the use of her sniper and grenade launcher, which both deal tremendous damage. Her most remarkable damage is from her dual machine guns that can immediately eliminate more than one opponent.

It should come as no surprise that Beatrix is on this list. She is a frequently banned hero who is also hard to master in order to reach full potential. Her range and burst in damage is unquestionable, as she is a top-carry hero in Mobile Legends.

Why is Beatrix a Great Range Hero? 

  • Unique skill set: Beatrix has 4 weapons that each have different basic and ultimate modes
  • Speed: Beatrix is extremely fast in mobility, and also has a dash as her second skill
  • Burst: Beatrix is known for her burst in damage, that can wipe out an entire team


2. Moskov

See Moskov in action: 

Moskov is the marksman with the longest range through his ultimate skill but sits at second place due to the fact that he has no control over his ultimate skill after launch. He is second in life steal to Miya as a marksman with incredible speed in attack and movement.

Moskov is a top ranked hero who is a frequent ban throughout all ranks of Mobile Legends. His range is in his ultimate skill that launches an arrow that can travel the entire distance of the battlefield in a straight line. The arrow explodes upon hitting an opponent and deals significant damage to other enemies within close range.

Moskov is certainly amongst the most powerful heroes in Mobile Legends for his speed and life steal abilities. He is easy to master in skill but takes time to master skills in positioning and offense, as he is a high damage squishy hero.

Why is Moskov a Great Range Hero?

  • Life Steal: Moskov is second to Miya as a Top Life Steal Marksman
  • Speed: Moskov is extremely fast in speed and attack
  • Burst: Moskov has high burst in mobility and attack


1. Hanzo

See Hanzo in action:

Hanzo is without doubt the hero with the longest range in Mobile Legends who is also a powerful assassin with incredible stealth and motion in movement. His ultimate skill launches him into an astral projection state where he leaves his body through a demon that he controls as a predator in search of prey.

Hanzo has been a long time banned hero in Mobile Legends besides Helcurt. Mobile Legends players will not deny the fact that his ultimate skill is one of the most feared in the game. It deals enormous damage as a thorn that spikes from underground and can travel a great distance.

Hanzo beats Moskov to number one on this list for his ability to remain in control of his ultimate skill after launch. He is best camouflaged in bushes before utilizing his ultimate as he is always marked by opponent assassins in finding his launch spot. Hanzo is a squishy high damage dealer.

Why Hanzo is a Great Range Hero?

  • Fast: Hanzo has tremendous speed in mobility and attack
  • Unique Ultimate Skill: Hanzo has the ability to protect himself while dealing damage through his ultimate skill. It is also an element of surprise
  • Burst Damage: all of Hanzo’s skills are attributed with burst, from early to late game 

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