[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Gankers That Are Hard To Kill!

The Element of Surprise!

Ganking is an attack and ambush strategy that engages the element of surprise. Gankers leverage speed and damage to take down or control opponents. They have skills that allow them to blink, dash, or teleport across short distances, and deal a ton of damage in a matter of seconds. Ganking may be a solo or a team effort, depending on the heroes in play and situation. Either way, it requires good timing, coordination, and map awareness. By ganking, you can secure kills, objectives, resources, while denying them to the enemy. Ganking can also create pressure, fear, and chaos among the enemy formations. It is an essential skill for any gamer who wants to dominate the scene.


Now here are Top 10 Best Mobile Legends Gankers that are Hard to Kill.


10. Tigreal (Good)

"For honor!"

Tigreal, The Warrior of Dawn is a distinguished roaming tank hero who specializes as an all time great in Crowd Control. His skills revolve around disrupting and controlling battle frontiers, where he excels in ganking as his core strategy through his skill combo. He is also versatile as a support and can adapt to situational gameplay where needed. He costs only 6500 Battle Points, which is 25,500 less than the average hero cost. Everyone should master Tigreal as Tank.

His skills are attributed with Buff, AoE, Slow and Charge effects and have a combination that is designed for ganking in gameplay. He can charge and knock opponents airborne through the use of his Second Skill (Sacred Hammer), while his Ultimate Skill (Implosion) draws in multiple opponents at once, while disarming and dealing 270–430 (+130% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. This unique combination is well mastered with the battle spell Flicker. 

What makes Tigreal Great for Ganking:

  • Skill Set - He can charge, reel in and disarm multiple opponents. This is a perfect ganking tool in staging the show for allied damage dealers to capitalize on.
  • Durability - Tigreal has a 100% rating in durability. His Passive Skill (Fearless) stacks when his skills are cast to generate a shield against basic attacks. This allows him to successfully gank and stage confrontations.
  • Mobility - While equipped with a dash that may be spammed in movement, Tigreal is fast on his feet and is buffed after engaging skills. This allows him to cover ground rapidly in battle.

See Tigreal in action: 

9. Khufra (Good)

"All shall succumb to my power."

Khufra, The Desert Tyrant has strengths in ganking that revolves around his durability and movement. He is a specialist Initiator/Crowd Control Tank who can stage team fights, then disarm and disrupt opponents through a skill combo. He also has range through a melee attack that is part of his basic skill. His skill attributes have Heal, Damage, Mobility, Crowd Control, Area of Effect, Slow and Buff effects. 

Khufra can launch himself in attack via his First Skill (Tyrant’s Revenge). He can then deal Magic Damage with the capacity to heal himself on dealing damage. This is his best feature in ganking. In addition, it may be combined with his Ultimate Skill (Tyrant's Rage) where he can pull opponents in a direction while slowing and stunning them for up to two seconds. His Second Skill (Bouncing Ball) then can be implemented after, as it provides movement and also Magic Damage that can slow opponents down by up to 0.2 seconds. The combination of this set of skills combined with Khufras endurance and survivability makes him a renowned ganker on this list.

What makes Khufra Great for Ganking:

  • Initiation/Crowd Control - He can launch from range, then stun and slow through the use of his skills, which is a dominant ganking combo. 
  • Mobility - Besides durability, Khufra is fast and has unique movement through his Second Skill (Bouncing Ball). This allows him to increase physical and magic defense while also dealing magic damage and slowing down opponents by up to 2 seconds. This is part of his skill set combination in initiation, and also enhances his survivability.
  • Durability/Endurance - His Passive Skill (Spell Curse) can heal Khufra by up to 8% on damage dealt. Adding to this is his tankiness and mobility. He has multiple retreat strategies and a durability rating of 95%.

See Khufra in action: 

8. Gatotkaca (Good)

"Muscle of iron, bones of steel."

Gatotkaca, The Indonesian Bones of Steel is renowned for his specialties in HP Regen and Initiation. While his skills have vast attributes that include Buff, Heal, AoE, Slow, CC and Blink capabilities, his Ultimate Skill (Avatar of the Guardian) that enables him to leap to designated spots is what grants him a spot on this list aside from being a regular meta hero.

He is a versatile hero who can seemingly take on almost any role in ML as a Fighter/Tank who can gank from range through the use of his Ultimate. Added on to this is the fact that he is extremely durable via his regen specialty and has a high chance of survival in ganking gameplay that places him in the frontiers of battle. Gatotkaca is the perfect hero to stage confrontations from out of sight with impressive range.

What makes Gatotkaca Great for Ganking:

  • Ultimate Skill - This allows him to jump to the target location and deal 500-1000 (+300% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby enemies. The enemies will also be knocked airborne for 1 second. Those near the center of the area will be knocked airborne for a longer duration, while those on the fringes will be pulled to the center. This is a vital ganking initiation tool in any team formation.
  • HP Regen - His Passive Skill (Steel Bones) enables him to gain Physical Defense equal to 2% of his lost HP (up to 200). In addition, for every 300 damage he takes (calculated before damage reduction), he gains 5 Rage (up to 100). Once he reaches over 25 Rage, Gatotkaca’s next Basic Attack becomes enhanced, consuming all Rage to deal extra Magic Damage and recover. The extra damage scales with his Rage, level, and Magic Power.
  • Versatility - Gatotkaca is a Tank/Fighter who can be played flexibly in any role, either in the front or backlines of a team. He is a specialist initiator that works well in ganking strategies.

See Gatotkaca in action: 

7. Yin (Best)

"I am Yin, and always will be — no matter what."

Yin, The Martial Genius is a Fighter/Assassin who specializes in Charge/Burst. Though his skills consist of attributes that include CC, Buff, Blink, Burst and Speed Up, he makes this list for his unique Ultimate Skill (My Turn) that teleports an opponent into his lair for 8 seconds, while buffed by his demon Lieh in dealing stacked damage.

Aside from his Ultimate Skill, Yin has a great combination of other skills that perform in sync and allows him to dash, stun and engage a series of punches. This is buffed by his Ultimate Skill for a total of 16 seconds, 8 seconds in his lair and after. When attacking from blind spots, his ability to stun and deal damage is a sound ganking tool that favors him as a top hero in roaming.

What makes Yin Great for Ganking:

  • Versatility - As a Fighter/Assassin, Yin is flexible in positioning and duties. He can attack from any angle in different scenarios and is capable of sustaining the front-lines or ganking in mid-late confrontations.
  • Skill Set - He has a skill combination that works in tandem, with a dash, stun and ability to deal damage with CC and AoE effects. This unique combination gives him the edge in ganking through the element of surprise.
  • Mobility - While equipped with a dash that may be spammed when covering the battlefield, Yin has the mobility of an assassin while his First Skill enhances his movement by 60% when engaged.

See Yin in action: 

6. Vexana (Best)

"Hope will find a way even when all is forlorn."

Vexana, The Shimmer of Hope is a Mage who is also popularly substituted for a Tank. With the ability to deal Magic Damage, she specializes in Poke/Control with skill attributes that cover Damage, Crowd Control, Area of Effect. What makes her unique is her ability to summon a dead knight to fight for her through her Ultimate Skill (Eternal Guard). This is a powerful ganking skill if executed with positioning, timing and precision.

Vexana is versatile through positioning, timing and range. She can impact multiple heroes at once, which reiterates her Control prowess. She is perfect for disrupting opponent frontlines and pushing lanes. Though recommended for mid-lane, she is a sound roam hero and that paves the path for ganking strategies that speaks to her Poke Specialty. She can stage encounters where her Undead Knight provides an added layer of protection.

What makes Vexana Great for Ganking:

  • Poke/Control - These are her specialties, since her First and Second Skill can deal continuous damage to multiple heroes. She can gank and initiate team confrontations through these specialties.
  • Flexibility - Vexana is quite fast and can be substituted for a Tank on occasion. She is a roaming hero who is dominant in pushing lanes and ganking via initiation or joining in team fights. Ultimately, she is a high quality roam hero.
  • Ultimate Skill (Eternal Guard) - This is what makes her unique. She can summon an undead knight to fight alongside her for 15 seconds. The knight can also knock enemies airborne when summoned and deal damage over vast ranges with area of effect.

See Vexana in action: 

5. Lylia (Good)

"It's time to go to the Eruditio, for some fun!"

Lylia, The Little Witch is a powerful mage with renowned mobility. She specializes in Push and Burst, which speaks to her magic abilities. Her mobility and magic damage makes her a lethal roam support hero in the mid-late stages of battle. Her skills are ranged with Buff, Speed Up, Area of Effect and Slow attributes. She is perfect for poking and pushing lanes.

Lylia can stack in speed and increase movement by up to 35% via her Passive Skill (Angry Gloom). Her Ultimate Skill (Black Shoes) can teleport her, which adds to her survivability and potential to gank in close on the action. Above all, she can release energy fields that have detonation effects in burst damage and area of effect, this is her greatest advantage in ganking, since she can impact multiple heroes at once and pave the way for confrontations.

Why is Lylia Great for Ganking:

  • Push/Burst - Her Passive and Ultimate Skill have Burst potential. This can be leveraged in ganking, since Lylia is capable of continuous damage. Lylia is capable of high bursts of energy in damage and lethal through magic damage which allows her to push and harass opponent fronts, as well as gank in or lead in gank strategies.
  • Mobility/Movement - This allows her to survive encounters or ganking scenarios. Lylia is a fast paced hero and carries a tempo and presence that resounds the need for speed in gameplay. She can easily catch opponents off guard through this prowess.
  • Teleport - Her Ultimate Skill (Black Shoes) restores her HP while allowing her to teleport after 4 seconds. This is her most powerful ganking tool, as it utilizes the element of surprise through positioning and creates ganking strategies.

See Lylia in action: 

4. Fanny (Excellent)

"Sir, what's your command?"

Fanny, The Blade Dancer, is the hardest hero to master in Mobile Legends due to her unique playing style where she swings through battle assisted by cables. She is a Charge/Finisher Specialist with skills that consist of Buff, AoE, Charge, Burst and Blink attributes. She would make the number one spot on this list if she was easier to master, given that her skills are centered on the art of ganking in team fights or through poking and initiating.

She can cast a cable every 2 seconds via her Second Skill (Steel Cable) that enables her to swing through battle with the ability to deal damage upon contact with a target. This is her number one ganking tool and strategy that when combined with her Burst and Damage, ranks her as one of the best in utilizing the element of surprise from any angle in battle. Fanny makes this list due to the fact that all her skills and attributes are attributed to ganking.

What makes Fanny Great for Ganking:

  • Mobility - Fanny has an attack speed ratio of 100% since she can immediately engage in attack through the use of her Second Skill (Steel Cable) when ganking or attacking from the cover of the jungle.
  • Damage - She is capable of high energy damage, that is a combination of her Second and Ultimate Skill. She has HP Regen attributes that enables her to deal striking damage as a Finisher, with the potential to survive as a squishy damage dealer.
  • Skill Set - Her skill set is unique and matches the art of ganking in all its essence, either through the element of surprise or straight forward, utilizing her value and specialties in Charge as a Finisher.

See Fanny in action: 

3. Nolan (Excellent)

"Gaze upon the edge of the void."

Nolan, The Cosmic Wayfinder was part of 2023 Project NEXT and Mobile Legends 7th Anniversary. He is an assassin who specializes in Charge/Burst and has skills that encompass Damage, Area of Effect, Mobility and Remove Crowd Control attributes. His mobility and damage stands him out as a top ganker while also being able to survive and escape closely knit situations.

Nolan can regenerate energy via his Passive Skill (Dimensional Rift). This same skill also enhances damage and slows down opponents. In ganking, his skill set allows him to charge via his Second Skill (Gauge) and his Ultimate Skill (Fracture) grants him immunity from CC and deals continuous damage while enhancing his mobility. He is a deadly ganker who can lurk and attack, with speed through his Charge/Burst abilities and Physical Damage as an assassin.

What makes Nolan Great for Ganking:

  • Charge/Burst - Nolan is great for bursting into attack via the element of surprise or joining in on team fights. He can deal high bursts of damage with the potential to regenerate HP, which allows him more engagement.
  • Skill Set - His combination of skills allows him to execute ganking strategies with a high success rate. They grant him mobility and damage, which are the two basic elements of ganking strategies.
  • Passive Skill (Dimensional Rift) - This grants Nolan endurance, since it replenishes his HP. He is a great pursuit hero with speed and continuous damage. This same dimension also grants him retreat strategies.

See Nolan in action:

2. Karrie (Excellent)

"I've been waiting for too long."

Karrie, The Lost Star is the only marksman on this list due to her attack speed and ease of mastery. She is Finisher/Damage Specialist with movement and attack speed, which makes her a top gank hero especially in the mid-late stages of gameplay. Her skills have Buff, Mobility, Damage and Burst which are the core dimensions of the ganking strategy.

Bear in mind that Karrie is easy to master and also easy to counter. In spite of this, she is capable of hyper carrying battle and has mobility and versatility in positioning that allows her to gank from anywhere on the map, especially in team confrontations. Additionally, she can poke and disrupt opponent gameplay. Her skills are so easy to master, as they buff her basic attacks and provide depth for attack. Her strengths in Damage as a Finisher is what makes her a lethal ganker.

What makes Karrie Great for Ganking:

  • Mobility - While equipped with a dash as part of her second skill, Karrie is fast in mobility and buffed by multiple skills.
  • Attack Speed - Her Ultimate Skill (Speedy Lightwheel) buffs her attack speed and mobility. It is unstoppable when paired with Inspire and Wind of Nature. It deals continuous damage with finisher potential. Perfect for attack via gank. 
  • Positioning - Karrie is versatile in positioning since she has an attack speed focus. She can execute or take part in almost any scenario with ease of understanding and execution. In regard to ganking, she has the capacity to gank from any position, while also equipped with retreat strategies.

See Karrie in action: 

1. Joy (Excellent)

"Time to drop the beat of the flash!"

Joy, The Flash of Miracle is the fastest hero in Mobile Legends since her 2022 release. She is an exciting character to play, with her fast tempo and combination of hits that stack in damage succession. As an assassin, she specializes in Chase/Damage and has skills attributes that cover Buff, Speed, Area of Effect and Damage that speak to her ganking potential through her skill combo.

Her Passive Skill (Humph Joys Angry) enhances her mobility by 100% and can deal 80% extra damage. Her Second Skill (Rhythm of Joy) improves her mobility and grants her immunity to control effects. These are her assets in ganking, and especially when combined with her Ultimate Skill (Ha, Electrifying Beats) that increases movement by 40% while dealing a combination of hits in succession. This combination of skills speak to the ganking role, when executed with intention.

What makes Joy Great for Ganking:

  • Skill Combination - Joy has a skill set that stacks in energy and power. When at her peak, she is a fast tempo hero who can poke, harass, push, gank, and perform a wide range of objectives. She is a utility hero via her high energy skills, especially in ganking.
  • Mobility - This is at the core of ganking, and Joy’s Passive Skill allows her to chase and deal damage. As an assassin, it adds value to her ganking abilities.
  • Chase/Damage - Joy specializes in two of the core elements of ganking. She can also use this to poke, harass and push opponent front-lines, making her a multifaceted hero who can be played in various dimensions, given her ability to cover the battlefield at an electrifying pace.

See Joy in action: 


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