[Top 10] Mobile Legends Nana Counters That Are Powerful (Best Heroes Against Nana in Mobile Legends, Ranked)

Nana is one of the most hated/loved ML Heroes. Find out who can counter her?

Nana is a Leonin, the dark forest's oldest inhabitants. She is a Mage Hero with extreme damage in an attack as a magical feline. Molina's Gift, her Passive Skill, is her greatest escape strategy, which transforms her into a cat that sprints away when she is down to her last HP.  Her first ability, Magic Boomerang, shoots a boomerang in a predetermined direction. Her second skill, Molina Smooch, allows her to plant a dummy-like character of Molina where an opponent morphs into Molina and is disabled for up to 2 seconds upon contact. Nana's ultimate skill, and one of the most powerful among Mages, is Molina Blitz, in which she releases Molina to deliver three sets of footprints that stump with impact in a designated direction, causing damage and stunning opponents for up to 3 seconds.

Nana is most hated/loved for her second and passive skills, which are essential for strategizing game-play and techniques. Nana's only relevant disadvantage or weakness is her slow mobility in comparison to other heroes. Her passive skill compensates for this, but it is insufficient if not well mastered, as Nana is an offensive hero who deals damage.  Nana has been adjusted, heading into season 25, at the time of this writing. Her casting range for skill one has been slightly increased, while her range for skill two has been decreased. This gives opponents an advantage, as they can avoid her skill two, which is a nuisance and hated by many. Flame Shot as your battle spell is a must-have if you plan on countering Nana’s Passive Skill in battle, by firing after her passive has been activated and used.

Knowing how Nana is utilized in her role, here are the Top Ten Best Counter Heroes Against Nana.


10. Franco

Franco is an amazing Tank Hero that resembles a Viking. He is equipped with a steel hook to lure in targets and a combination of hits with his hammer while an opponent is suppressed as his first and ultimate skill, while he pounds the earth and deals damage using his second skill. Franco’s Passive skill activates if no damage is taken within 5 seconds, where he gains movement and restores HP. 

Franco is equipped with skills that make him exceptional for a counter-attack on Nana, while also taking into account the fact that he is extremely durable. From experience, even if Nana hits her ultimate skill on Franco, he can still counter the effect by timing the impact of her skill on him and countering with his second skill. He quickly regathers and has an advantage in speed to get to Nana or even use his hook to pull her to him. Franco is strong, as is the case with Tanks, and has abilities and skills that allow him to lead in team fights, and play in the front line. 

As a Tank, Franco lacks damage in attack as opposed to strength in defense. That being said, it isn’t uncommon to see other heroes back Franco in attack when he counters Nana, to finish her off. Franco’s ultimate skill neutralizes Nana’s passive as well, where her sprint doesn’t take her as far as it would. The most notable strategy to master when playing Franco is utilizing the battle spell Flicker with his hook or to apply his ultimate skill while teammates catch up. This has a devastating effect and limits Nana’s effectiveness.

Why Franco is great against Nana?

  • His second skill disarms Nana's ultimate impact.
  • Ultimate skill renders Nana’s passive useless
  • Extremely durable

Best Items to use against Nana.

  • Rapid Boots - increases movement speed
  • Cursed Helmet - for protection against Nana’s damage skills
  • Athena’s Shield - to protect against burst in damage

Franco Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/10


9. Silvanna

Silvanna is a Princess of the Moniyan Empire and Imperial Knightess. She is dubbed the Queen of Lifesteal in Mobile Legends and shares that status with Marksman Hero Miya. Armed with a lance and blessed with magic damage, Silvanna’s first skill is a poke, which stuns an enemy and also allows her to leap on the second touch. Her second skill generates a forcefield, like a drill while providing a shield for her while dealing damage. Her ultimate skill allows her to leap through the air and trap an enemy while stunning them.

Silvanna can suppress Nana’s ultimate skill with the use of her ultimate skill, whereas Nana cannot retreat while being trapped in Silvanna’s ultimate skill. Her second skill which generates a shield also defends her from Nana’s ultimate skill, giving her a chance to survive, if she can withstand further attacks. Silvanna is a perfect choice for countering Nana, but all her skills have to be used in tandem, with precision in timing and landing each skill respectively to full effect.

Silvanna and Nana are best paired together if that makes for a team effort. On the other hand, each of them has skills that can be outplayed and outsmarted on the battlefield. Both have advantages and disadvantages over each other with the ability to finish each other off, depending on the circumstances and situations.

Why Silvanna is great against Nana?

  • Ultimate skill renders Nana’s Passive Skill useless
  • Her Second skill can counter Nana’s Ultimate Skill damage output
  • Her leap and jump skills can catch a retreating Nana

Best Items to use against Nana.

  • Magic Boots - increases mobility
  • Concentrated Energy - adds damage to Silvanna’s skills
  • Oracle - provides resistance against Nana’s damage output

Silvanna Official Mobile Legends Page: http://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/90/skill


8. Layla

Layla comes from a family of arms. She is the first hero assigned to a new Mobile Legends user and so, she stands out as a basic hero who is easy to master. Armed with a cannon given to her by her father, her skills allow her to fire with range and damage, while also increasing her mobility.

Layla’s ultimate skill releases a column blast in a designated direction, this has the power to annihilate Nana, either before or after her passive skill. Aside from this, Layla's second skill slows down Nana in passive form, where she doesn't run as further as she can after being stunned. This requires timing and precision. In a one-on-one situation, if Layla can use Aegis as her battle spell, she has the ability to withstand Nana's ultimate skill and ultimately mount a counterattack.

Layla, as the most basic marksman hero in ML being able to counter Nana through her skill set, proves that she can be countered by a wide variety of marksman heroes. As is the case, understanding Nana's strategies and skills are crucial, in developing a counterattack strategy.

Why is Layla great against Nana?

  • Long-range ultimate skill
  • More mobility and speed
  • Ultimate skill disarms Nana’s Passive Skill

Best items to use against Nana.

  • Scarlet Phantom - increases attack speed and critical damage
  • Immortality - provides a second chance to attack Nana
  • Athena’s Shield - reduces magic damage

Layla Official Mobile Legends Page: http://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/18


7. Leslie

Leslie is one of the top marksman/assassins in Mobile Legends. Her ultimate skill is a sniper rifle, which locks on a target and unloads a round of shots. Her first skill activates a dash while concealed and her second skill allows her to stun and bounce away from a target.

Leslie is convenient as a core but doesn't quite match other assassins in farming. Against Nana, her ultimate skill renders Nana's passive skill useless, as she is sniped, and can be eliminated before going into a passive state. Leslie's first skill gives her the ability to outrun Nana's ultimate skill if the timing is correct. These may seem small, but play a significant role in countering Nana during gameplay.

Although other marksmen make the cut as being able to counter Nana, Leslie stands out apart from Layla. Given her speed and range, she has an advantage before initiating or responding to a challenge, unlike others who rely on circumstances to give them an advantage.

Why is Leslie great against Nana?

  • Long-range counter against Nana's Passive Skill
  • Ability to conceal and outrun Nana's Ultimate Skill
  • Ability to chase and mark Nana within distant range

Best Items to use against Nana.

  • Swift Boots - Movement and Attack Speed
  • Endless Battle - additional damage and movement plus mana regen
  • Immortality - allows a chance to attack

Leslie Official Mobile Legends Page: http://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/53


6. Zilong

Zilong is a warrior, sworn to protect the Cadiya Lands. As a Fighter/Assassin, his first skill allows him to flip his opponents 180 degrees over his head, using his spear. His second skill unleashes a dash, and fury of spear attacks, where the cooldown is immediately reset after eliminating a target. His ultimate skill gains him speed, momentum, and immunity, either in defense or attack. After every three basic attacks, Zilong unleashes his passive, which strikes an opponent an extra three times.

Zilong is absolutely versatile and quite durable, given his outstanding defense mechanisms and strategies however, he is quite squishy as well, as an assassin, with major damage in an attack. Against Nana, Zilongs Ultimate Skill gives him an advantage over all of Nana’s skills. He beats Nana in speed and can dash toward Nana using his second skill after she has utilized her passive skill. 

Zilong no doubt matches up to Nana on so many levels, he has an added advantage when using Execute as his battle spell, as it is known to counter Nana’s Passive Skill. His speed is the overall key factor against Nana, who is slow and needs to aim and target in utilizing her skills. Sneaking up on Nana is the key strategy in dismantling her in-game impact.

Why Zilong is great against Nana?

  • Speed
  • Ability to ambush
  • Ultimate Skill can potentially counter Nana’s attacks

Best items to use against Nana.

  • Scarlet Phantom - increases attack speed against a slow Nana
  • Endless Battle - additional damage
  • Blade of Despair - increases physical attack

Zilong Official Mobile Legends Page:http://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/16


5. Saber

Saber was known as Duanmeng before he went to Laboratory 1718 to transform himself in order to acquire invincibility. As an assassin, his first skill releases ninja stars or shurikens, that surround him like a forcefield. His second skill is a dash, followed by a sword swipe while his ultimate skill is one of the most brutal in ML, where he charges an opponent and stabs with an impaling manner, before finishing off by crossing his blades.

Saber's ultimate skill, has enough damage to force Nana into her passive form. Being able to follow up with Saber's second skill proves a problem for Nana, who is slow. The same skill also counters Nana's second and first skill when utilized with precise timing and decision in direction. Saber's first skill is known to activate Nana's passive skill, as well as eliminate her if she is hit by it after her passive.

Saber may have the abilities and skills to counter Nana, however, the fact that Nana can easily outsmart Saber is a fact that can be proven. Having said this, Saber still remains one of the most outstanding counter heroes against Nana. He also reigns as a supreme assassin and is a top-tier hero in ML who requires skill in strategy.

Why is Saber great against Nana?

  • High mobility and movement
  • Concealment in ultimate skill
  • His first skill has much impact on Nana

Best Items to use against Nana.

  • Dominance Ice - extra defense
  • Blade of Despair - increases physical attack
  • Immortality - much-needed chance in attack/offense

Saber Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/3


4. Hayabusa

Hayabusa is a ninja born into the Shadow Sect of the Cadiya Lands. As an assassin, his first skill releases and shoots three ninja stars (shurikens). His second skill has two phases, in phase one, he dashes toward a target and releases 4 phantoms behind him, in phase two, he teleports to a phantom location while dealing damage. His ultimate skill is one of the most deadly in ML, where he blends into shadows and launches an attack with 12 strikes on an opponent. Hayabusa’s Passive Skill marks an opponent, which is critical when landing skills in attack.

Hayabusa is probably the trickiest hero not only against Nana but in ML as a whole. Against Nana, all his skills are able to counter not only in offense but in attack as well. Nana’s skills are useless against Hayabusa if his skills are timed in counter. Added with the fact that he may launch an attack while countering proves him a much worthy adversary to Nana. Hayabusa is the most feared in Mobile Legends currently, heading into Season 25.

Hayabusa is quite squishy, given his tremendous damage skills in attack. With that said, Nana can easily eliminate him if her skills are landed. Hayabusa however has a wide variety of options and strategies to choose from and adding his speed advantage, he stands out as one of the most effective counters against Nana.

Why is Hayabusa great against Nana?

  • Advantages in speed and mobility
  • All skills can counter Nana in offense and attack
  • Ability to sneak up on Nana

Best items to use against Nana.

  • Blade of the Heptaseas - adds damage in an attack
  • Hunter Strike - added movement and damage
  • Immortality - gives an offensive chance if Nana lands skills in attack

Hayabusa Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/21


3. Gusion

Gusion, the younger brother of Aamon, is an outcast of his Noble Paxley Household in the Moniyan Empire. He uses magic to manipulate and control daggers. His first skill throws a single dagger at a target in phase one, and returns to him while moving him behind the target in phase two, dealing damage. His second skill throws multiple daggers toward a target in phase one and returns to him in phase two. His ultimate skill and one of the most feared in ML dashes him toward an opponent while unleashing daggers in phase one, then recalling the daggers in phase two, which deals extreme damage. Gusion’s Passive Skill allows him to deliver additional damage in stack, and refill his HP.

Gusion is blessed with all the necessary skills to counter an attack from Nana. He can dash to avoid her second skill and has the speed and range to counter her passive skill. Gusion's ultimate skill may even bypass Nana’s passive skill, where she does not transform and become invincible but is instead assassinated on the spot. As a top-tier assassin, Gusion is most certainly a headache for Nana users.

The fact that Gusion is squishy as a high damage dealer is a reason why he is vulnerable to Nana’s attacks. He is also a hard hero to master, as all his skills come in two phases and require timing and precision in hitting them correctly to deal full effect in damage. That being said, once learned, Nana is an easy target, as her skills are limited, compared to Gusion, as well as a lack in speed in comparison.

Why Gusion is great against Nana?

  • A variety of skills and strategies against Nana
  • Mobility and movement
  • Ultimate Skill overpowers Nana’s Passive Skill

Best items to use against Nana.

  • Calamity Reaper - adds magic damage to Ultimate Skill
  • Concentrated Energy - magic lifesteal
  • Holy Crystal - adds magic to Passive Skill

Official Guison Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/56


2. Lancelot

Lancelot is a Prince Swordsman. His skills notably enable him to dash and conceal. His skill one is a poke, or a stab, in a dashing motion while his skill 2 allows him to deliver damage in a triangular pattern while in concealment. His ultimate skill launches him with impaling force in a designated direction.

Lancelot is probably the most skillful against Nana in a variety of different ways. His first skill is a dash, which enables him to outrun Nana's second skill. His second, and ultimate skill also have similar attributes, which gives him enough room to counter all of Nana's skills and initiate a counterattack.

As a Nana user, with over 800 games and a 51% win rate, I'd have to say Lancelot is the most attributed hero with skills that can easily counter Nana. The fact that he has no Nana and a fast cooldown rate add to his advantage in launching a successful counterattack.

Why is Lancelot great against Nana?

  • All his skills can counter Nana's damage
  • Fast cooldown of skills
  • High mobility

Best items to use against Nana.

  • Tough Boots - sustain magic damage
  • Ice Retribution - escape crowd control effects
  • Immortality - added advantage against a high-damage hero like Nana

Lancelot Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/47


1. Alucard

Alucard is a demon hunter from the Moniyan Empire. His first skill allows him to leap and hit with his sword. His second skill sees him twirl with his sword, 360 degrees, and deals damage within range. His ultimate skill releases a wave, which notably activates his life steal, and comes in two phases.

Alucard makes this list at number one due to his durability and ability to withstand and counter an attack by Nana, compared to all other heroes in this list. Notably, his ultimate skill has the ability to surpass Nana's passive skill and immediately eliminate her. Aside from that, all his other skills enable him to take on damage from Nana with the ability to retreat in a counterattack, going after Nana instead of seeking refuge.

Alucard is the King of Life Steal in Mobile Legends, who is both versatile and durable. Invading the middle lane from the jungle is a major success strategy for Alucard, in initiating a fight against Nana. His abilities to leap stand out the most, both in offense and attack against Nana. Alucard makes this list at number one due to his easy-to-master combinations that may outplay and out skill Nana on any level.

Why Alucard is great against Nana?

  • Ultimate skill can surpass Nana's passive
  • Ability to avoid Nana's skills
  • Ability to withstand and counter Nana's skills

Best items to use against Nana.

  • Blade of Despair - increases physical damage
  • Scarlet Phantom - increases speed
  • Endless Battle - additional damage to combinations

Alucard Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/ru/hero/7














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