[Top 10] Reasons Why Mobile Legends is Bad and How the Developers can Improve it

Why is Mobile Legends so bad?

Mobile Legends is one of the top MOBA games played by different players all over the world. In fact, this is one of the eSports game that brings SEA Games to life. However, like other MOBA games out there, ML also has some issues that the developers should take care of. This list will show you the most common problem that the players encounter during the game. 

10. ML Is Annoying

How does it feel when you're in the middle of team fights, then suddenly you can't move your hero, skills aren't functioning even if you tap multiple times, and end up being killed causing frustration to your teammates? I know that you as a player experienced that many times. Sometimes it's your internet connection speed but there are cases that it's on the game itself. Developers frequently make game adjustments that cause bugs and lags. This problem can be addressed by the developers if they check lags by trial. 


9. Not All Cheats Can Be Detected

The game isn't unfair if someone is using a cheat. Sometimes enemies can see you in a bush they call a map hack. Some produce an unbelievable damage output, no cooldown skills, and more. Ml developers don't tolerate such unfair gameplay, but the problem is as time passes by, more and more cheat becomes available on the internet to the point that developers can't recognize the new one. It can be prevented if the developers create special software that detects cheating and analyzes gameplay from each team's point of view. 


8.  Report System Isn't Always Filtered

There are so many instances in which players report other players without any reason. They will be surprised by the decrease in their credit score even though they played a friendly battle in their recent match. On the other hand, there's also some time that a player reported an abusive player but ended up being ignored. That's the problem, the report system isn't functioning well. This should be solved if developers or workers of this game review a reported battle if there's a complaint, received not giving punishment without proper and fairly judged. 


7. No Training Ground Allows Players to Practice With Real Players. 

There's a training ground that allows the player to master and understand heroes' skills and passive, strategies, and skill combos. But the problem is, you're playing with AI. Your enemies are all AI. So how can you point out your mistakes made during a game if your enemies aren't thinking, and don't have teamwork and strategies? Okay, ML gives us another option, let's move to Classic mode where you're competing with real players and your rank won't be affected. Yes, you'll learn however your hero and overall match rate will decrease, and worst, your credit score will be affected. See? That's the problem. You have no place to learn before competing and fighting for your rank. Developers should create a place where players can master heroes with real players without affecting matches and heroes' rate, credit score, and rank. 


6. Skins Should be Available for Low and Non Earner

We all know that this game is a business itself and developers hired many talents to ensure the game continuously blooms. To make a profit, they produce different skins but the problem is its price is way higher that can't be achieved by young and unemployed players. Playing with aesthetic skins gives an additional flavor to different gameplay so many players invest money in this game. That's the problem, there's no place for "no money" players when it comes to skins. Developers should lower their skin price because they are already gaining profit passively in different ways. It should be a give and take between developers and players. 


5. Storage Should Be Minimize

Most players use their phones when playing Mobile Legends. They choose graphics according to their phone capacity. However, playing every day lessens storage. Frequent updates also eat up a lot of space on the phone. It's the problem that should be addressed because some players ended up uninstalling the game because of its heavy capacity. Developers should minimize their storage so low-quality phones can access the game smoothly. 


4. Frequent Release of New Heroes

There's no problem in releasing new heroes because it gives an additional choice to choose from during matches. The problem is releasing new heroes means nerfing the old heroes so that players will buy the new ones because it's great in terms of skills and damage output. Additionally, when they release a new hero, it creates bugs and sometimes laggy that greatly affect the battle. Like I said earlier, developers should do a trial and address some errors before releasing them to the public. 


3. Toxic Community/Players

"Toxic players", ranks as one of the reasons why Mobile Legends sucks! You as a player always encounter that. It frustrates you when you are doing your best to win but your teammate is just trolling, feeding enemies. It triggers you to encounter immature players saying bad words,  degrading you, and belittling your capability. Developers already addressed that but it's not enough. There should be a strict and heavy punishment for those toxic players. There should be an agent that reviews gameplay in their respective country because of the native language used by players. 


2 . The Game is Kinda Greedy

Mobile Legends is very expensive. Expensive skin, expensive heroes, expensive recall and spawn effect, expensive emote, and more expensive items in the store. They release heroes frequently and introduce them to you in a marketable way by buffing them and nerfing the old heroes so the tendency is you'll buy them at a golden price.  That's how developers gain profit and we can't do anything about it. This will be addressed by pricing items at a reasonable price enough for all players. 


1. Unbalanced Matchmaking

Solo players always encounter this. There's always unfair matchmaking. For example, a 40% win rate paired with 60% win rate enemies. Noobs will be more noobs and experienced players will always dominate the game. It sucks that it won't inspire players but demotivate them playing because of an unbalanced battle. Ending, new and noobs players have no place for high ranks. They're more likely wishing luck to win. It's so frustrating to aim for a higher rank. To solve this, matchmaking should be fixed. Experienced players should match up with the same level for everyone to enjoy the game and learn something with their co-players. 


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