[Top 10] Mobile Legends Most Unused Heroes (And Why)

Underutilized Heroes that you may want to try.

Mobile Legends has a variety of different heroes to choose from. With over a hundred choices to one selection in a team of five, some heroes are unrecognized and not favorited despite their skill and abilities. Here are the Top Ten Most Unused Heroes in Mobile Legends, and why?

10. Diggie

Diggie is a scholar from Erudito in ML who has the power to travel through time. Diggie is renowned for changing into an egg that can be controlled upon being killed and respawning wherever the egg is. He is one of Mobile Legends' best support heroes, however, he has fallen behind others in his class.  In spite of this, Diggie still maintains a respectable level of significance as a top support hero.

Diggie works best with other heroes, preferably marksmen. His abilities allow him to set up a trap for other heroes to exploit, and because Diggie's damage is minimal, he effectively complements damage dealers. Diggie in egg form before respawn is also a maphack utility due to his ability to show the position of opponents near him.

Diggie is a great support with a relatively high death count, which is part of mastering how well he is utilized in his role with his skills. He is probably least picked due to this fact apart from having a low kill count and high death rate. Diggie has huge potential in assisting and is what users thrive on.

Why is Diggie Most Nerfed?

* Easy target 

* Low damage in comparison

* Surrounded by a pool of better heroes in support


9. Vexana

Vexana is supposedly an Evil Queen in a city that is part of the Monyian Empire. She is one of the least damage-dealing mages in ML but has the ability to shape the direction and outcome of the game if her unique skills are used correctly.

Vexana works best as a low-key mage who provides team support. For the most part, her ability as a damage-dealing mage is difficult to master. Her abilities include cursing multiple enemy heroes who fight for her after death. This is most likely her best skill, which distinguishes her from the other ML Heroes.

Due to better options in her role, Vexana is most likely the least chosen mage in ML. Having said that, she can still be mastered for her unique skills. Many users are unaware of how to take advantage of her and frequently use her with no in-game effect due to her low damage output. 

Why is Vexana Most Nerfed?

* Low damage skills

* Unique skills set hard to utilize

* Better mages in ML


8. Rafaela

Rafaela is a Moniyan Palace guardian. She is a high-level support who can be used in place of Tanks. She makes this list because she is a classic versatile support hero who is rarely used even though her skills and abilities outshine other support heroes.

Rafaela has team support skills in terms of health and mana regen, and she is a classic pick when adjusting to a team without a tank. She also has the ability to assist teammates in movement and to counter enemies in defense and attack by landing crystal-like shards on them which stuns them for a few seconds.

Rafaela is a versatile hero but her damage output most probably is the reason why she is least picked. She is less thrilling to play in comparison to other heroes and is an easy target for a variety of different heroes. She is also a difficult hero to master but amazing when learned.

Why is Rafaela Nerfed?

* Low damage skills

* Weak in offense

* Hard to master


7. Lolita

Lolita is a Mobile Legends elf hero. She is a Tank/Support and is most likely the least chosen in her class. Despite her potential, she is frequently outplayed by other heroes, contributing to her decline in popularity.

Lolita can be used in a variety of ways, making her versatile; however, her impact in games is difficult to see because she is overshadowed by other heroes as an easy target who is slow. Despite her tremendous strength, her skills have no real damage impact. She is primarily used for defense.

Though Lolita is slow, she is an amazing defensive hero and requires time and patience in capturing her potential as a game-changer. She is almost never picked and hasn’t seen any changes in her meta for quite some time now.

Why is Lolita Nerfed?

* High defensive skills

* Slower than others in her category

* Low damage output


6. Kaja

Kaja was a demon leader of the Celestial Palace. He was a Fighter/Support Hero in previous versions of ML but is currently a Fighter. Kaja was a popular pick in previous seasons of ML but ultimately lost all relevance with the trend and other heroes being released and meta updates.

Kaja has a unique ultimate skill which makes him invincible while suppressing his opponent with a ring forcefield. He is a tremendous support in this regard, with the ability to drag opponents in his desired direction. Playing Kaja requires patience as he is not a high damage dealing hero but his skills have strong disabling qualities that bring out the best in him.

Kaja has come a long way as a nerfed hero in ML, which probably led to his popularity decline. He is still a threat when utilized by those who have mastered him and still remains a relevant Fighter/Support Hero who is worth buying.

Why is Kaja Nerfed?

* Low damage output

* Low skill range

* Mage-like abilities as a Fighter/Support


5. Lapu-Lapu

Lapu-Lapu in ML is a warrior from the fictitious Veneto Islands and depicts Philippines National Hero Lapu-Lapu, the first Philippines National Hero to fight against foreign invasion. He is a fighter who utilizes swords in attack.

Lapu-Lapu was a major terror in previous versions of ML but hasn’t been up to date with other heroes in ML, including the new. His visibly terrifying skills don’t match the level of damage output. With a decent skill combo, he is still worth the effort, for seasoned ML players. Understanding Lapu-Lapu’s low damage output is key to successful gameplay.

Lapu-Lapu has probably been placed in the shadow of Paquito, another Filipino-inspired hero. Whether on purpose or not, the fact still stands that Lapu-Lapu is outdated in terms of upgrades and buffs. Understanding how to play a Fighter Hero in defense is key to his game in the current meta.

Why is Lapu-Lapu nerfed?

* No power in skills

* Change in skills no longer give buff

* No damage in skills


4. Argus

Argus is an immortal fallen angel and in-game storyline brother of Rafaela. As a Fighter in ML, he specializes in Offense. Argus is notably one of the revamped heroes in ML who lost popularity after the hype around his release.

Argus is a major powerhouse who is durable and quite easy to master his unique skill combo. His ultimate skill gives him extra HP, which makes him seem immortal. He is best played as a core and as a gank as he has no real power in pushing lanes apart from holding off an attack. Timing is crucial for his ultimate skill and requires attention in perfect execution.

Argus is a one-of-a-kind hero in ML and mastering him is worth the effort. Regardless of his diminishing popularity, he is well built and up to date against new ML heroes and those who are revamped. The fact that he is less used makes him a good pick against opponents who may have no experience in challenging him.

Why is Argus Nerfed?

* Difficulty in utilizing skills

* Vulnerable against a variety of popular heroes

* Weak in attack


3. Bane

Bane is a Sea Captain dubbed Lord of the Seven Seas. He is a Fighter with magic damage and regen abilities and one of the least picked amongst frequently updated heroes whose hype comes and goes with system updates.

Bane is a really weak hero but blessed with massive damage. As a core, he is absolutely relentless as a gank, unmarked in the jungle. His skills provide him with speed, burst and health regen, which makes him weak and thus, utilized better in offense. Reading gameplay is a must to maximize Bane's output in a match.

Bane has been around for quite a while and is unevenly balanced in damage taken and damage output. This is due to his skill set, which gifts him with a unique offense in HP regen. Understanding this and capitalizing on it is key to mastering Bane.

Why is Bane Nerfed?

* Weakness in defense

* Unbalanced in meta

* Basic attack has no range


2. Ruby

Ruby is a villager from the forests of the Monyian Empire who dedicated her life to defending humanity against werewolves. She is a Fighter/Tank hero who specializes in Crowd Control and is one of the best dual role heroes who remains unused.

Ruby is an excellent life-steal hero, her crowd control skills give her the ability to set attack plays as a Tank and her mobility stands her out as a Fighter. When played correctly, her life steal skills are her greatest advantage as she has no real power in attack. Ruby is perfect when played alongside a marksman as her skills provide enough depth for long-range shots.

It takes patience in learning to play Ruby and understanding how to utilize her life steal is key to mastering her. Her strength doesn’t stand out and so timing is essential. Despite her dual role advantage, she is unpicked most probably due to her low damage output.

Why is Ruby Nerfed?

* Low damage output

* Slow in speed

* Stack in life steal takes time


1. Faramis

Faramis descends from a long line of physicians as one himself and stands out as one of the greatest in the Moniyan Empire. He is a Support/Mage hero who is almost never picked and has been that way since his release.

Faramis has speed but no attack power whatsoever unless in ambush plays or team fights. What makes him unique is his ability to respawn as an opponent after death. Despite this, he is still one of the weakest in both defense and attack. Utilizing Faramis in team fights is crucial.

Faramis most certainly stands out as a hero that has been overshadowed by others. In a game where players aim to stand out in kills and streaks, he is a proven unused hero in high-ranking matches. Despite all the negativity, Faramis is still a unique hero and a great hero to master when ranking up.

Why is Faramis Nerfed?

* No damage output in skills

* Weak against new system updates

* Weak in both defense and offense


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