[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Duo Combos That Are Great

Dominate battle with these duos.

10. Tigreal and Gord

Tigreal and Gord are a fantastic team to take into account when playing the game because of Tigreal's strong constitution and Gord's high AP damage. They are simple to utilize but deadly in attack. Make sure your adversaries are unaware of your ganks so Gord has the advantage he needs to precisely aim his Ultimate.

Why Tigreal and Gord are Great?

  • Low-Risk Champions

Tigreal and Gord are starter champions, therefore making them beginner-friendly champions that can nevertheless dominate a game if played correctly. Keep this in mind when introducing a new player to the game and helping them climb the ranks or, if you're a new player, understanding how the game mechanics work and how the roles are played.

  • Easy to Understand Mechanics

Being starter champions, Tigreal and Gord's skillset are very simple to grasp therefore making their duo less complicated to use. The important thing in Tigreal and Gord's combo setup is timing. Knowing when to move in and use your ultimate as Tigreal and when to use Gord's are crucial to their effectiveness as a duo. 

  • Reliable Combo 

Don't be fooled by their status as starter champions because despite having an easy to understand skill set, it can also be very dangerous to the enemy, as taking on Gord's ultimate in its entirety can mow down an enemy's health in seconds. This duo is great at scoring quick kills or reducing the enemy's team members and making them unprepared for sudden team fights.

  • Good Amount of Crowd Control

This duo can push, stun, knock up, slow, and pull enemies closer, making it a reliable duo when trying to disrupt enemy formations or setting up ganks for the rest of your team members. Utilize this duo's effectiveness on the field by knowing who to target and when.

  • Good Roaming Potential

Gord can leave his lane for a few minutes to link up with Tigreal and roam across the map. Their combined Crowd Control potential and Gord's high damage output from his Ultimate can significantly help teammates dominate their lane and secure objectives. 


9. Selina and Karina

I dub these two as the "Sisters of Death" because of their lore connection and incredible burst damage in a short amount of time. Coupled with their speed and ability to lock enemies in place makes them a deadly combination in any game.

Why Selena and Karina are Great?

  • Exceptionally High Burst Damage 

Being burst AP assassins, both Selina and Karina can clear an entire team in seconds and still have enough left to roam and score jungle creeps or obtain objectives. As both champions thrive off of jungling, it's important to share amongst each other the benefits of jungling or have a proper assessment as to what role either champions are going to play in the match.

  • Good Roaming Pair 

Karina and Selina are both exceptional roamers, able to get into lane and make quick work of their opponents before the enemy team can respond. Their combined might is beneficial when making plays that can steer the game to your team's favor. Know which lanes to visit as a duo and keep a close eye on the enemy's movements.

  • Complementary Abilities

Selina can set up her stuns and slows that will allow Karina to swiftly move in and gain a kill. Consistent use of this tactic will help your team get ahead of gold and exp so its important to position Karina and Selina in advantageous situations where they can both benefit from. 

  • Good Split Pushing Potential

Karina or Selina can choose to either stay in a team fight while the other can use the distraction to her advantage and push a lane. Their damage is enough to push through towers and breach the enemy's base while they're busy trying to win a team fight against your allies. Use this tactic wisely.

  • Top Tier Assassins

Both are high ranked assassins in the game making them incredibly reliable when picking off high value targets. Utilizing their high damage output is crucial to winning the game so remain consistent in roaming as a duo in order to dominate the enemy.


8. Tigreal and Guinevere

Tigreal and Guinevere are among the top contenders of this list because of their ability to keep an enemy in place and deal enough damage to eliminate them. Careful planning and coordination is key to their powerful gameplay. Be careful when making abrupt decisions and call your shots with skill.

Why Tigreal and Guinevere are Great?

  • Long Crowd Control Duration

Because of their skills' crowd control duration, combining the length of Tigreal's stun and Guinevere's knockup in both of their respective Ultimates will leave enemies waiting until they can make their next move. In some cases, never at all. Use this to your advantage when trying to set up teamfights or ganking potential targets. 

  • Easy Combo Setup

The combo itself is pretty easy to remember and prepare. Once the enemy team is in a position where they are huddled together, Tigreal can move in immediately and cast his Ultimate in order to pull enemies closer to him. All enemies caught by Tigreal's Ultimate are then exposed to Guinevere's Ultimate where she can knock them up and cause extensive AP damage to each target. Knowing when to move in is key to their combo, so remember to always keep your map awareness high.

  • Low-Risk Champions 

Guinevere and Tigreal are pretty easy champions to use and master so this combo duo is very friendly to beginner and intermediate level players. Use this combo duo when trying to learn more about the game without running the risk of gaining a loss.

  • Good Damage Setup

Guinevere's high scaling AP damage can eliminate low HP champions if her skill string is followed up correctly. When Tigreal set ups the fight, as a Guinevere player, remember to prioritize key damage dealers such as the enemy team's Marksman or Mage in order to reduce their strength as a team.      

  • Either Can Begin The Team Fight

A well-placed knock up from Guinevere's second ability can give the ally Tigreal the time he needs to position himself and grab  as many enemies as he can when setting up a team fight. Remember to strategize well with your duo partner and carefully predict the flow of battle.  


7. Khufra and Badang 

An all-around melee combination, Khufra and Badang can be an unexpected duo to play around with, but their power as a team is something to watch out for. Use Khufra's Crowd Control to assist Badang in delivering a flurry of fists that can put his opponents to rest. 

Why Khufra and Badang are Great?

  • Fun Setups

Badang can set up a fight by using his Fist Break to push opponents into his rock wall. Khufra can follow up by using Tyrant's Revenge to knock enemies up and keep them inside the wall using his Bouncing Ball ability, preventing them from escaping Badang's high damage Ultimate and helping him score kills in the process.

  • Good Amount of Crowd Control

Badang can send back or trap enemies with his skills while Khufra can prevent enemies from escaping, push them onto obstacles to stun them, or knock them up in place. These abilities are useful when setting up successful ganks or teamfights so keep an eye out for your cooldowns and enemy positions on the map in order to know when and where to strike next.

  • Good Roaming Potential 

Badang is a formidable roamer because of his high AD output and Khufra can leap past walls with his first ability, Tyrant's Revenge. Combined, this duo can make up for a nasty combination that can help set up tactics that the rest of the team can exploit from. 

  • Early Game Advantage

Khufra's skill set in the early game greatly helps in setting up team fights or ganks in the early game which Badang can easily use to his advantage. Remembering the strengths and weaknesses of this duo are key to obtaining supremacy in the early game.

  • Favored In The Current Meta

Both Badang and Khufra have good win rates across a span of games. They are effective champions that can produce plenty of good opportunities that will help players win matches. Understand the mechanics of these characters before playing duo matches with them and gain victory. 


6. Atlas and Hanabi 

A Marksman and Tank combo are among strongest duos in the game, but what makes Atlas and Hanabi stand out from the rest is their coordination. Applying Atlas' Ultimate with Hanabi's can make for disastrous results for the enemy. Position yourself well as a duo and make sure to create openings that will not only benefit you both as a duo, but as a team as well.

Why Atlas and Hanabi are Great?

  • High Crowd Control Combo

Both Atlas and Hanabi's Ultimates can bind enemies and displace them on a point in the map. This is exceptionally useful in setting up team fights with the added benefit of preventing the enemy team from reacting in time and immediately counterattack. As an Atlas player, your role in this situation is knowing when best to strike and where to drag your enemies and as a Hanabi player, your role is to immediately follow up on Atlas' attack by binding them in place and deal high amounts of Physical damage.

  • Widespread Damage

Both Atlas and Hanabi have abilities that can affect a wide group of people. Hanabi can toggle his auto attacks to bounce off of enemies and deal a fair amount of Physical damage to each affected target while Atlas can stun enemies and deal damage around his immediate area with his first and second abilities. Their combined skill kits are good when dealing damage around a wide area in a short time so keep this in mind. 

  • Good Snowball Duo

Both champions can play off each other exceptionally well when trying to maintain dominance of the game. Because of Hanabi's high AD scaling, Atlas can exploit that strength by launching fights from the enemy's flank and giving Hanabi the entrance that she needs in order to score kills and gain gold for her team. Towards the late game, Hanabi can become an unstoppable killer and Atlas a very effective tank that can ruin enemy formations. 

  • Reliable Objective Takers 

Taking advantage of Hanabi's roaming potential can be a huge boost to your team's standing. Pairing yourself with a formidable tank like Atlas can increase your chances of taking valuable objectives. To prevent Hanabi from being ganked by the enemy team, Atlas can use his second ability to skillfully glide across the battlefield and search for any unwanted visitors. This can create a team fight scenario where, if played correctly, could mean large bonuses for both Atlas and Hanabi. 

  • Great Roaming Duo

Atlas' second ability gives him a slight movement speed burst that he can use to set up team fights or move in closer to the enemy's location. Hanabi can follow up by maintaining a safe distance behind Atlas' Ejected State then quickly jump in for the kill once Atlas connects the stun from his second ability. This tactic is very useful when conducting ganks and thus making them a powerful roaming duo that the enemy should take careful note of.


5. Kadita and Johnson 

They say you can't pair electronics with water, but Kadita and Johnson certainly serve as an exception to the rule. Kadita's water based abilities complement Johnson's technological protective measures so don't hesitate to play aggressively as it might just lead your team to victory.
Why are Kadita and Johnson are Great?

  • High Burst Damage Combo

Combining Johnson's vehicle mode with Kadita's burst abilities can be a force to be reckoned with in every game. Much like Odette, Kadita's large scale AOE is detrimental to the overall team composition of the enemy as it is able to eliminate key players in seconds while giving both Kadita and Johnson the chance to escape unharmed.

  • Crowd Control Combo

Johnson's Ability, Deadly Pincers, can stun enemies in place, helping Kadita position her Breath of the Ocean ability to knock enemies up and leave them vulnerable to attack. Carefully choose who to inflict this combo upon in fights and always remember to watch your corners for incoming enemy flanks. 

  • Good Sustainability in Fights

Kadita's passive regeneration and Johnson's durability are good factors to consider when planning on using this duo for fights as these traits can help them stay in the fight and deal significant damage to the enemy. However, for Johnson players, it is important to note that while Kadita can benefit from her passive, she is still a squishy mage that needs to be protected. In order to fully realize the effectiveness of this duo, Johnson must use every ability in his arsenal to protect Kadita from being overwhelmed by the enemy.

  • Good Ganking Potential

Kadita's strength comes from her abilities to deal damage in a short time. Johnson can exploit this by using his vehicle mode to transport her around the map and catch enemies unaware. With her high AP output and Johnson's incredible sustainability, everyone they come across with will be in for a very nasty surprise. 

  • Manageable Duo 

Mastering Johnson and Kadita can be a little complicated in the grand scheme of things, however it is not impossible. Both are manageable enough to use and dominate with despite not having a full grasp of their mechanics and abilities. Don't be afraid to go all out when using either and remember to stay on your toes as to not suffer from the enemy's plans.  


4. Valir and Vale 

These are two elemental beings capable of creating great carnage in little time. Alone they are formidable but combined they are unmatched. The only thing that's holding back is their mana pool of which a large amount is required in order to fully exercise their strength. Keep close watch of it when engaging in teamfights whether alone or as a group.

Why Valir and Vale are Great?

  • High Amount of Burst Damage

Both Valir and Vale have high scaling AP damage that they can use to put some real hurt on anyone unlucky enough to face them. Whether they're playing together on a lane or separately, both champions can thrive on their own, much more if their powers are combined. A few well placed skillshots from either champion can leave enemies running back to their base in an instant, so remember to exploit this power at every turn.

  • Highly Offensive Combo 

Having mostly offensive abilities, Valir and Vale's duo is a monster just waiting to ruin most people's games. Synergizing their abilities and knowing when to cast what is instrumental to making this duo work so remember to communicate well with your duo partner and assess what kind of combo you're planning on using against your enemies in order to achieve maximum efficiency. 

  • Complementary Skill Effects

Valir can push escaping enemies into Vale's Ultimate with his Searing Flames and follow it up with the destructive power of his Burst Fireball in order to increase the effectiveness of their damage as a duo. Likewise, Vale can knock up enemies with his upgraded Windblow, leaving them open for Valir to cast Burst Fireball against them and finish them off with Searing Flames or Vale's upgraded Wind Blade. 

  • Large AOE Abilities 

Both champions can cover a wide area to deal damage in, so remember to strike when the enemy is close to each other in order to score countless Wipe Outs and help your team gain the advantage that they need to win the game.

  • Exceptional Harassers

Having spammable abilities makes both Vale and Valir great harassers to any lane that they're in. This is easily exploitable in the early game and can become a game-winning tactic in the late game. It's important to watch their mana to prevent them from going overboard with their skill usage, so remember to stock up on mana items and cooldown reductions. 


3. Badang and Pharsa

Another good pairing that mixes both Physical and Magical prowess to their team's advantage. Badang's ability to trap champions inside of a stone wall combined with Pharsa's destructive rain of fire are undoubtedly a dangerous pairing. 

This works twofold for Pharsa and Badang, as Badang can push back enemies to protect Pharsa and help her maintain her distance as she keeps her attack up, at the same time ensure Badang's survivability in the fight by quickly tearing down the enemy's health before they have the chance to counterattack.

Why Badang and Pharsa are Great?

  • Destructive Burst Damage

Both Badang and Pharsa's Ultimate can dish out heavy damage within a short amount of time. Because of this, they are able to take out enemies immediately and leave the rest of their team unaffected or gain the advantage. 

  • Both Champions Benefit From Engagements

Whether it's Pharsa or Badang who secures the kill for the team because of their combo makes no difference, as they can both thrive off of each other's accomplishments and keep the team's momentum going until they can bag the win. Don't hesitate to move in when both champions are present in the playing field.   

  • Fast Charging Combo

Badang and Pharsa's Ultimates have a good amount of cooldown on them, allowing them to immediately use their combo and dominate the enemy team. Keep their cooldowns in check to know when it's the time to strike and remember to keep moving between lanes and provide assistance where it's needed the most.

  • Good Amount of Crowd Control

Pharsa and Badang's combined skill kit has a large range of Crowd Control that can easily lock enemies in place or displace them. As such, this combo can be hard to flee from, especially with Badang's ability to construct stone walls and Pharsa's increased mobility when using her extra ability. 


2. Aldous and Angela

The Collector and the Doll. Combined, they make for a powerful duo that can set the playing field. With Aldous' incredible damage potential stemming from his first ability and Angela's skillset which allows for sustainability for his allies, this duo can be incredibly fun and very dominant to play with.

Map awareness and careful consideration of the enemy team's composition are key to a productive duo game from these two so always keep an eye on your map and ensure you get plenty of objectives to get ahead.

Why Aldous and Angela are Great?

  • High Durability Combo

Angela's ability to possess another hero and provide them with a shield synergizes well with Aldous' ability to create his own shield as well. Angela can also provide Aldous with constant health regeneration, helping him last longer in fights and increase his stacking.

  • High Mobility Combo

Angela's passive allows her to gain a short burst movement speed whenever her skills hit an enemy. This movement speed burst can be passed onto the ally that she is currently possessing. Pairing this with Aldous' 2nd skill makes this duo great at chasing down targets and securing kills for your team. 

  • Fair Mix Between Offense and Defense

Angela's ability to provide shields and healing synergizes well with Aldous' offensive abilities which he can also trade in to play a more defensive role, such as stacking Angela's shield with his in order to tank more hits and move in closer to the enemy. Not only this, but Angela's abilities can also deal a decent amount of damage which is highly beneficial for Aldous when scoring kills and increasing his stacks. 

  • Reliable Combo for Comebacks    

A suffering Aldous can rely on a strong Angela player to get his game back on track. Angela's skill kit excels in assisting allies and providing them with a good amount of protection. If in the early game, Aldous is extensively getting ganked and losing ground, Angela can provide assistance by babysitting him for the duration of the game, giving him time to load up on stacks that significantly empowers his first skill.

  • Good for Emergency Team Fights

If the rest of the team is caught in the middle of an unsuspected gank, Angela and Aldous can merge together and immediately head to the scene of battle by combining the effects of their Ultimates. Because of this, they can immediately respond to any allies in need of assistance before their team is wiped out.


1. Odette and Johnson

 If you've played a match before in Mobile Legends then you've probably seen this combo around a lot, and for good reason. Odette and Johnson's combo structure is deadly to any unsuspecting enemy on the map. It's simple but very destructive.

Do keep in mind that the combo may fall short if Johnson fails to do his role. For Johnson players, remember to keep out of walls and maintain a direct route that will prevent you from hitting any unsavory obstacles in order for Odette to fully exercise her destructive abilities.

Why Odette and Johnson are Great?

  • Easy To Understand

Odette and Johnson's combo structure is simple enough for any player to understand, no matter their skill ceiling. This makes this pairing viable for a wide pool of players in the game. As long as one understands how either champion's mechanics work, then players won't have a problem with this combo.

  • Extremely Fun

Not only is this combo pairing simple to get, but it is also one of the combo pairings that is extremely fun to play with, whether you're Odette or Johnson. Capitalize on every successful moment when using either and just go all out whenever you feel like it.

  • Incredibly Deadly

Odette's high AP output and Ultimate reach combined with Johnson's stun is a lethal combination that can put enemy players in their place if they're not careful. Rack up on kills and dominate the enemy by using this combo pairing.  

  • Hard to Counter

There's almost no viable counters to this combo pairing because of how fast they can deliver punishment. Once an enemy or a whole team gets hit by Johnson's stun then it's over in seconds. However, this isn't an invitation to use this combo pairing to immediately score wins. Careful consideration of which enemies to target on the map are still to be taken with utmost importance as to not risk both Odette and Johnson's lives.

  • Good Combo for Ganking

Because of Johnson's speed when he's in his Vehicle form, both champions can get to any point in the map in seconds, able to provide assistance to a losing lane or help his team secure objectives, gold, or exp from the enemy team.  

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