[Top 10] Mobile Legends Eudora Counters (Best Heroes Against Eudora in Mobile Legends, Ranked)

Eudora is a high class mage. See who can counter her.

Eudora is a highly ranked Mage in Mobile Legends, who is capable of dealing explosive damage through the manipulation of lightning, by the use of magic. She possesses four skills, three active and one passive. Her passive skill thrusts a superconductor, which adds additional effects on successful hits. Eudora’s ultimate skill may be her most powerful, but her second skill paves the way for a successful skill combination. Her ultimate summons a massive lightning strike on an opponent in range but her second skill stuns the opponent through a lightning bolt, which gives her the time needed to land other successful hits, while favored with damage and passive. Eudora’s first skill is also essential, where she summons a lightning strike.

Eudora is most loved for being an easy hero to master with potential and abilities to carry a match. This is also the reason why she is hated, being a well mastered hero who is simple and able to take control of a match through her damage dealing abilities and combinations. Timing is essential when playing or battling against Eudora, or even alongside in battle for that matter.

Having been familiarized, here are the Top Ten Heroes who can counter Eudora.


10. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is a Tank in Mobile Legends who is most notable for his HP regen abilities, through the use of his skills. His skill one deals damage in a straight line, where he pounds the earth with his fist. His skill two is a dash, which stuns an opponent if hit while his ultimate skill is unique, where he leaps into the air and delivers damage and a temporary stun upon landing.

Gatotkaca’s ultimate skill proves to be the most lethal against Eudora, due to her slow movement and need to remain stable whilst casting her skills. As a Tank who is durable, he also has the defensive mechanism in place to withstand devastating hits from Eudora. Gatotkaca has enough artillery to take on Eudora head to head.

Gatotkaca and Eudora bear striking resemblance in terms of their skill set. The difference is in how these skills are summoned. Eudora through magic and Gatotkaca physically. For that reason, both have an equal chance in escaping or facing off when up against each other

Why is Gatotkaca great against Eudora?

  • Durable enough to withstand damage from Eudora
  • Escape strategy in place through skills
  • Ability to hit Eudora from a distance, by use of ultimate skill.

Best Items to use against Eudora.

  • Oracle - increase HP regen
  • Tough Boots - magic damage reduction
  • Antique Cuirass - reduces damage from opponents

Gatotkaca Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/41


9. Aurora

Aurora is a not so popular hero in higher ranks of Mobile Legends but most certainly one of the highest damage dealing mages. Her three skills deal magic damage through Ice on multiple targets within range, while her passive skill builds and freezes an opponent on full level.

Aurora is blessed with the same skills as Eudora, the difference is she uses Ice while Eudora uses Lightning. Eudora may be stronger, but Aurora is faster, that is another difference between them. Both of them bring an almost equal gameplay to the playing field, where it all boils down to skill and circumstances in utilizing them to ultimately determine an outcome.

Aurora stands as one of the most outstanding counter heroes to Eudora but due to the equal level in skills, it depends on team gold, as well as other factors. Head to head, it would almost always lead to an escape strategy being implemented whenever possible.

Why is Aurora great against Eudora?

  • Similar skills 
  • Faster in speed comparison
  • Damage abilities strong enough to wipe out Eudora in one combination hit

Best Items to use against Eudora.

  • Magic Shoes - adds movement speed
  • Enchanted Talisman - adds magic power and HP
  • Immortality - adds a second chance in escape or attack strategies

Aurora Official Mobile Legends Pagehttps://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/36

8. Saber

Saber is a high ranked assassin in Mobile Legends, most notable for his deadly ultimate skill, where he impales an opponent using his swords in an execution style. His second skill is a dash and swipe with his blades while his first skill releases ninja stars known as shurikens around him, which slows an opponent.

Saber alongside other assassins pose the greatest threat to Eudora, for their ability to sneak up in attack. Saber, whilst blessed with his devastating ultimate skill reigns amongst the supreme in this regard, where he is able to utilize his skills in a combination that proves deadly to Eudora. Saber’s skills have range in going up against Eudora.

Saber is a perfect counter against Eudora, but the same can be said for Eudora in countering Saber. It all boils down to circumstances and timing when matching up against each other. Saber can outrun Eudora’s ultimate skill through the use of his dash but stands defeated if caught in a combination strike by her.

Why is Saber great against Eudora?

  • High ultimate skill damage
  • Ability to sneak up in attack
  • Ability to retreat in an attack

Best Items to use against Eudora.

  • Blade of Heptaseas - adds damage and debuffs armor
  • Magic Shoes - reduces magic damage
  • Immortality - grants a much needed second chance in retreat or attack

Saber Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/3


7. Lancelot

Lancelot is a high ranked, overpowered assassin in Mobile Legends. He is a skilled swordsman, where his first skill is a poke with his sword. His second skill is a series of strikes in a triangular motion while concealed. His ultimate skill see’s him strike his sword with impaling force, while concealed as well.

Lancelot's second skill reigns supreme in countering Eudora’s skills. This is due to his ability to conceal while striking those skills. Added to that is his insane burst in mobility, compared to Eudora who is slow and steady. Lancelot also has the ability to sneak up in attack, forcing Eudora into retreat, while attacking with seemingly lightning speed and precision.

Given that Lancelot is quite hard to master, this is the only issue hindering his total dominance against Eudora when going head to head in a clash. Lancelot most certainly has the upper hand against Eudora unless he is caught off guard. As a high damage hero, he is squishy and can be annihilated by a skill combo from Eudora.

Why is Lancelot great against Eudora?

  • Lancelot's skills provide concealment
  • Lancelot is faster in mobility
  • Lancelot is a high damage dealing hero

Best Items to use against Eudora.

  • Blade of Heptaseas - adds damage and debuffs armor
  • Queens Wings - increases life steal
  • Immortality - much needed second chance if caught in an attack by Eudora

Lancelot Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/47


6. Silvanna

Silvanna was a fighter/mage in previous versions of Mobile Legends but is now a fighter. She still deals magic damage as a fighter. Her first skill pokes her lance, which stuns a target. Her second skill see’s her spin her lance in a drill like motion which generates a shield while dealing damage, while her ultimate skill is a leap which stuns and traps an opponent.

Silvanna has the skills necessary to ambush and/or go up against Eudora in battle. Once trapped by her ultimate skill, Eudora is vulnerable to her second and first skills, which are lethal and life ending for her. Silvana’s second skill also provides a shield against Eudora’s attacks, while her slowness adds to an advantage in Silvanna’s gameplay.

Unless caught in a surprise attack, Silvanna has the upperhand in a clash against Eudora. She reigns supreme, and is blessed by a variety of combinations in skills that may be used in both attack and retreat. Eudora is slow while Silvanna has the ability to pursue her through the use of her first skill.

Why is Silvanna great against Eudora?

  • Silvanna has the element of surprise in attack
  • Silvanna’s second skill provides a shield against Eudora
  • Silvanna is faster in mobility

Best Items to use against Eudora.

  • Magic Shoes - reduces magic damage
  • Queens Wings - increases life steal
  • Immortality - much needed second chance in retreat or attack

Silvanna Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/90


5. Miya

Miya is a most liked marksman in Mobile Legends, known as the Queen of Life Steal. Her first skill allows her to duplicate arrows in hitting multiple targets while her second skill stuns an opponent. Her ultimate skill conceals her while increasing her speed in both mobility and attack.

Miya’s ultimate skill is the most well known in countering Eudora’s ultimate skill. It conceals her before she receives damage. Her speed in attack is also an issue to Eudora who cannot match it. Miya possesses the ultimate combination of skills necessary in countering or attacking Eudora. Speed and precision is essential in a successful counter by Miya against Eudora.

Miya is extremely squishy, as a high damage dealer. Eudora may easily implement a wipe out attack on Miya but she is gifted by concealment through her ultimate skill. Eudora must not attack Miya if her ultimate skill is not in cool down. Miya as the Queen of Life Steal has the ability to counter and launch a successful attack if Eudora misses out on hitting her ultimate skill with impact.

Why is Miya great against Eudora?

  • Ultimate skill provides concealment
  • Faster in mobility
  • Miya has high damage and high life steal

Best Items to use against Eudora.

  • Queens WIngs - increases life steal
  • Haas Claw - physical life steal
  • Immortality - much needed second chance in attack and retreat

Miya Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/1


4. Nana

Nana is a most liked/hated mage, whom Mobile Legends has tried to keep from being Overpowered or Broken. Her first skill fires a boomerang, while her second skill plants a dummy that shape shifts an opponent into Molina, her pet friend. Her ultimate skill releases three sets of footprints, which pound the earth in a perceived direction.

Nana is annoying to play against, and naturally matches up to Eudora in any game, as both of them are mages. Her second skill provides much needed advantage in launching an attack against Eudora. Seeing that Eudora is slow, Nana’s ultimate skill has an advantage as well, in landing with precision, followed by her skill one boomerang.

Nana has all the skills set to go up against Eudora. Based on experience, Eudora is often switched to defend elsewhere if Nana is selected. Nana renders her useless in a game, and so experienced players switch her to see more impact in her game input.

Why is Nana great against Eudora?

  • Eudora is slow and vulnerable to her attack
  • Nana’s second skill is a nuisance to Eudora
  • Nana can sprint away on final HP

Best Items to use against Eudora.

  • Magic shoes - reduces magic damage
  • Enchanted Talisman - adds magic damage
  • Clock of Destiny - increases life regen

Nana Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/5


3. Balmond

Balmond is a high ranked fighter, and specializes in offense. Armed with an ax, his first skill is a dash, which stuns a target if hit. His second skill swings the ax in a 360 degree motion repeatedly while his ultimate skill pounds his ax into the ground, causing damage to targets within range.

Balmond matches up against Eudora on so many levels. Being durable, he is able to withstand attack. His first dash skill has the potential to retreat against Eudora’s ultimate skill, while his second skill may regenerate HP if he is hitting a target while receiving damage. All his skills in tandem have the potential to end Eudora if played with timing and precision.

Though Balmond may be a great counter against Eudora, he is also vulnerable if the opposing team takes the lead in gold, as Eudora has enough damage power to annihilate him. That being said, there is still much skill and expertise required in successfully countering Eudora with Balmond.

Why is Balmond great against Eudora?

  • Ability to withstand and counter Eudora’s ultimate skill
  • Faster in mobility
  • Much more durable against Eudora

Best Items against Eudora.

  • Queens Wings - increases life steal
  • Athena Shield - protection against magic damage
  • Warrior Boots - increases speed and physical defense

Balmond Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/2


2. Yin

Yin is one of the most banned heroes since his release and stands out as a top-tier fighter, with unique skills. His first skill increases his mobility while adding extra damage in a punch. His second skill is a dash, followed by rings, which stuns targets. His ultimate skill transports an opponent to another dimension, where Yin gains more energy and strength, with buffed skills.

Yin is a perfect counter against Eudora due to his mobility and damage in attack. The added use of his ultimate skill is a major advantage, as Eudora is quite squishy as a high damage dealer. Difference between them is their level of mastery, where Yin is harder to master in comparison with Eudora. Eudora being an older hero, who is very basic and easily mastered presents an uneven challenge in terms of hero mastery.

Yin stands out in the top ten but requires total hero mastery to successfully counter Eudora to the point where it affects her in-game impact. Eudora’s damage is a threat to Yin but can be handled if utilized well enough. Yin as the most banned hero in season 24 and currently in season 25 lacks hero mastery by users.

Why is Yin great against Eudora?

  • Unique Ultimate Skill
  • Much more durable than Eudora
  • Faster in Mobility against Eudora

Best Items to use against Eudora.

  • Warrior Boots - increases speed and physical defense
  • Athena Shield - magic damage protection
  • Immortality - much needed second chance against Eudora’s high damage

Yin Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/113


1. Dyrroth

Dyrroth is a tough and versatile fighter hero who is one of Mobile Legends' best life-steal heroes. He possesses a deadly combination of abilities. His first and second skills are a bash strike, a dash stun, and his ultimate transforms his hands into a deadly spear.

Dyrroth is extremely durable and blessed with life steal, which gives him an advantage over Eudora. He can also use his skills, which have range to escape Eudora’s ultimate skill. Eudora has high damage, which makes her squishy compared to Dyrroth. These are the reasons why Dyrroth is the perfect counter.

Dyrroth is also a situational hero, who can adapt to situations. This places him in a position where he can outplay Eudora on infinite levels, with a retreat strategy in his dash skills. Life steal and range in ability places him as the perfect counter against Eudora, while blessed with durability.

Why is Dyrroth great against Eudora?

  • Life steal abilities
  • Durability and endurance
  • Situational hero, who can adapt

Best Items to use against Layla.

  • Warrior Boots - increases movement
  • Windtalker - increases attack and movement speed
  • Scarlet Phantom - increases attack speed

Dyrroth Official Mobile Legends Page: http://https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/85


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