[Top 10] Mobile Legends Burst Damage Heroes

Burst into action with these top heroes.

Burst Heroes basically deal high damage and have low cool down rates. Accuracy is a requirement for Burst Damage heroes since they deal high damage in one engagement, and need to connect with their target for an in-game presence, either in support or directly. Now lets have a look at the Top Mobile Legends Burst Damage Heroes according to the current meta.


10. Nana

Nana, the Sweet Leonin comes in at this spot not only for her Burst Damage but her capacity to pair well with all other heroes in Mobile Legends, but also easy to counter as a well-known opponent. She is the definition of Mage/Support and specializes in Poke/Burst. Her abilities have death Immunity, Area of Effect, Crowd Control, Debuff and Burst capabilities.

Her Ultimate Skill (Molina’s Gift) is her fundamental Burst ability that also has Crowd Control effects. Molina is summoned by Nana, who directs her to strike the targeted region three times, each time dealing 440–660 (+160% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby opponents and slowing them by 50% for one second. Adversaries struck repeatedly will be stunned for one second.

What makes Nana Great for Burst Damage:

  • Ultimate Skill (Molina’s Gift) - This skill can deal Magic Damage with Magic Power to opponents with the opportunity to slow them down for 50% if strikes within one second.
  • Support - Nana is a utility hero with creative skills that can back up from range and even within close proximity due to her passive death immunity. Her Second Skill also allows her to poke and initiate in support.
  • Damage - She is equipped with a skill combination that is capable of one hit executions. Her damage also has CC and AoE that may be engaged in support of a wide variety of allies.

See Nana in action: 


9. Bane

Bane, The Frozen King is a Fighter/Mage who specializes in Burst/Push. He is a utility hero who can take on diverse roles and is known for his capability in regenerating HP and enhancing his mobility during gameplay. His skills consist of Burst, Damage, Heal, Area of Effect and Crowd Control attributes.

His Passive Skill (Shark Bite) is his primary Burst ability. Each time Bane uses a skill, he generates up to two stacks of Tidal Energy to his weapon. His successive Basic Attacks deplete a stack each time they are used, dealing opponents nearby Physical Damage equal to (+100% Total Physical Attack) plus 3.5 (+0.3 Hero Level) of the target's maximum health. (Damage dealt as a percentage of maximum HP damage allowed against creeps: 200 (+20 Hero Level).

What makes Bane Great for Burst Damage:

  • Passive Skill (Shark Bite) - As described above, this skill enhances his basic attack and stacks up to two times, increasing his Burst in damage.
  • Heal - Bane has the ability to regenerate his HP through the use of his Second Skill (Ale). Bane swigs his beer while obtaining 50% more movement speed, which degrades over 2.5 seconds and restoring 200 (+150% total magic power) plus 5–10 (+1.5% total magic power)% of his lost HP. Use Again: Bane shoots venom in the targeted direction, causing 250–450 (180% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to opponents in a fan-shaped area. This damage scales up to 150% with charging time. The cooldown of this skill is additionally decreased by 7% for every 100 Magic Powers Bane owns (0.07% cooldown reduction per Magic Power).
  • Crowd Control - His Ultimate Skill (Deadly Catch) summons and commands a group of sharks to charge towards the target, dealing 600–1000 (+100% Total Physical Attack) (+170% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage, knocking the victim airborne for 0.8 seconds, and slowing the target by 65% (decays over 3 seconds). Turrets are subject to 40% of the skill's damage.

See Bane in action: 

8. Yin

Yin, The Martial Genius is a gifted and versatile Fighter/Assassin who is expected to be a meta favorite for a long time. He is known for his Ultimate Skill that transports a single target opponent to another dimension and specializes in Burst/Control. His skill set has the following attributes, Buff, Burst, Blink, Speed Up and Crowd Control.

His First Skill (Charged Punch)is his key Burst ability. Yin obtains 60% enhanced movement speed, which wears off after three seconds. He has the ability to launch an upgraded Basic Attack that, for the duration, deals 25–100 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. Yin will launch another charged punch after using the improved Basic Attack to deal 360-560 (+200% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to foes in the way. The skill's cooldown is lowered by 35% when a charged punch is successfully engaged.

What makes Yin Great for Burst Damage:

  • First Skill (Charged Punch) - This skill can be used when Yin is in his enhanced form from his own dimension for enhanced impact. It is a lethal damage skill.
  • Skill Combination  - Yin’s skills have decent burst and control that may set and stage further engagement from himself or allies. It is also a major gank weapon combination that may work well in many scenarios amongst many other heroes.
  • Ultimate Skill (My Turn) - After a brief delay, Yin turns into Lieh and draws an enemy (not including pets or clones) into his domain for up to 8 seconds. The two are immune to the effects of other heroes' skills when in the domain. Lieh has more powerful abilities and longer-lasting physical and magical defense that lasts for 8 seconds. If any of the two heroes dies, the realm will end before it should. If Lieh defeats the enemy, he will recover 20% of his maximum health, exit the domain with the cooldowns of Frenzy Strike and Instant Blast (Lieh) reset, and he will stay in battle for an additional 8 seconds as Lieh. The skill will go on a 3-second cooldown period if Yin is unable to entice his target into his domain.

See Yin in action: 

7. Aldous

Aldous, The Soul Contractor is a feared Fighter, specializing in Burst/Support. He is known for his ability to lock on targets and fly through the battlefield through the use of his ultimate skill. His versatility defines a well-rounded fighter, with a skill set that consists, Shield, Buff, Cooldown, Blink and Damage.

His First Skill (Contract: Soul Steal) is his underlying burst ability. Aldous harnesses his inner strength to boost his next Basic Attack, dealing Physical Damage equivalent to 200–450 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage as well as five times as many Soul Steal stacks. He will earn [12/12/10/10/10/4] stacks of Soul Steal (up to 500 stacks) if this attack kills an enemy hero, siege minion, enemy turret, or [Lord/Turtle/]enemy hero. Minions and Creeps receive 300% more base damage from the upgraded Basic Attack. In the event that an enemy Siege Minion or other non-hero unit dies nearby, Aldous gains an additional 5/2 stack(s). 

What makes Aldous Great for Burst Damage:

  • First Skill (Contract: Soul Steal) - This skill, as detailed above can be stacked up to 500 times and is Aldogs major source of damage. Focus on stacking up this skill early for major damage output.
  • Ultimate Skill (Contract: Chase Fate) - For 5 seconds, Aldous has vision of every opponent hero. If Aldous uses this ability once more during this period, he can rush in the direction of a selected enemy hero. Aldous will deliver 400–750 (+target's 10% Total HP) Physical Damage when he hits that opponent hero, and he will also knock the target back for a second. During the dash, Aldous has the ability to obstruct the target's Recall Recall and Arrival Arrival. Use this skill once again to reverse the dash and blink in the chosen direction.
  • Passive Skill (Contract Transform) - Aldous receives a 500 (+3 Contract Soul Steal Soul Steal stack count) shield for three seconds after every two Basic Attack attacks. This effect can only be activated once every 5 seconds.

See Aldous in action: 

6. X-Borg

X-Borg, The Firaga Armor is a Fighter who specializes in Regen/Burst. He is known as a durable hero who can sustain large sums of damage through the presence of his armored state. He can perform ranged attacks with his basic when in his armored state. Within his skill set lies Buff, Area of Effect, Crowd Control, Burst and Blink abilities.

His Ultimate Skill (Last Insanity) is his core Burst ability. X.Borg accelerates in the targeted direction while turning and firing a stream of bullets that slows foes by 25% and deals 200-250 (+130% Extra Physical Attack) (+90% Total Magic Power) Physical Damage seven times. When he smashes into an opponent hero, he pauses and slows them down by 40% extra. X.Borg's Firaga Armor will explode 3 seconds after the skill's initiation, dealing [300–700 (+enemy's 15% Total HP) True Damage to adjacent opponents]. The Armor will only do half the damage if it is destroyed before it can self-detonate. When his armor explodes, X.Borg will dash a short distance in the direction of the joystick, enter an armorless state, and remove all of his debuffs.

What makes X-Borg Great for Burst Damage:

  • Ultimate Skill (Last Insanity) - This is a well known Burst Skill that may also be used in setting up and paving the way for team interaction and engagement. Through Crowd Control and Area of Effect attributes. The total damage, as detailed above, may impact multiple opponents as well.
  • Firaga Armor - This gives him enhanced durability where X-Borgs energy bar is divided into two. One in an armored state and one without. He can deal ranged damage when over 50% but can only deal close range attacks when less than 50%.
  • Regen - XBorg can regenerate HP with successful kills and damage dealt.

See X-Borg in action: 

5. Edith

Edith, The Ancient Guard is a unique Marksman/Tank who specializes in Crowd Control and Burst. She is an excellent choice for the Express Lane and contributes well to team gold in that capacity, with an extra advantage against opponents in that lane. Her skill set is made up of Buff, Crowd Control, Area of Effect, Charge and Morph abilities.

Her Ultimate Skill (Primal Wrath) is her major burst ability though it is a charge. Edith can amass Wrath inside Phylax in proportion to the damage she takes, calculated before damage reduction. In Active state, Edith launches herself forward from Phylax, pushing foes in the area back. She then ascends into the air and launches a series of ranged Basic Attacks that each deal 35–65 (+75% Total Physical Attack) +25% Total Magic Power Magic Damage. In this state, Edith also picks up new abilities. Based on the Wrath she has acquired, Edith gains 350-650 (+5% Total HP)-350-650 (+20% Total HP) additional Shield, 50%-150% extra Attack Speed, 10%-30% Hybrid Lifesteal, and converts each additional Physical Defense and Extra Magic Defense point into 3.2 Magic Power when in flight. Up to 8 to 12 seconds are spent in the flight state.

What makes Edith Great for Burst Damage:

  • Ultimate Skill (Primal Wrath) - Her Ultimate has morph and buff abilities that can stage and initiate contact either in support or directly, as detailed above.
  • Unique Composition - She is a unique Tank/Marksman who can set and burst into damage. She is also recommended for the Express Lane and is a major advantage in gold count when she is played in that lane. It also provides a team strategy since she is a Tank/Marksman being played in the Fighters supposed lane.
  • Passive Skill (Overload) - Following the use of each ability, Edith and Phylax experience a 3-second Overload period. During this time, all Basic Attacks will cause chain lightning, an  additional Magic Damage equal to (+30% Total Magic Power) +target's 4% Total HP. Damage from chain lightning to minions is boosted by 300%.

See Edith in action: 

4. Wanwan

Wanwan, The Agile Tiger is well known for her complex level of gameplay. She is a marksman who specializes in Burst as a Finisher and has a unique movement where she jumps from place to place. Her skill set comprises Buff, Blink, Area of Effect, Crowd Control, Remove CC and Burst abilities.

Her Ultimate Skill (Crossbow of Tang) is her fundamental Burst ability and probably the most lethal on this list. [Passive: Every time the Crossbow of Tang is upgraded, creep-damage increases by 20%–40%.] [Active:] Wanwan draws her crossbow and fires arrows for 2.5 seconds against [an enemy hero]. Physical Damage: 70–90 (+35% Total Physical Attack) each arrow. If Wanwan kills an enemy hero while her crossbow is drawn, she will switch to targeting a different target, draw her crossbow for an additional 1 second (maximum at 3 times[, up to 5.5 seconds]), and speed up her attack by 30%. Tiger Pace Tiger Pace will be activated when Wanwan reclaims her crossbow or when she eliminates an adversary hero. Only after all [3] Weaknesses of an adversary have been hit is when the Crossbow of Tang can be cast.

What makes Wanwan Great for Burst Damage:

  • Ultimate Skill (Crossbow of Tang) - This is a lock on ultimate skill in a state of concealment as described above. It is one of the most lethal amongst marksmen when a team is on fire and pushing for dominance over battle territory. It is the most superior ultimate finisher amongst marksmen.
  • Passive Skill (Tiger Pace) - This is the reason for Wanwan’s unique movement that enables her to utilize her basic and First Skill more effectively.
  • Remove CC - Her Second Skill (Needles in Flowers) instantly eliminates all crowd control effects on herself, activates Tiger Pace, and releases deadly needles that deal 150–250 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to foes nearby.

See Wanwan in action: 

3. Bruno

Bruno, the Protector and well-known football ambassador in Mobile Legends is a 2023 meta marksman who specializes in Burst as a Finisher. He has a perfect combination of skills that work well in synchronization that emphasizes attack speed. His skill set comprises Buff, Damage, Slow, Blink, Crowd Control and Burst attributes.

His Ultimate Skill (Worldie) is his root Burst ability. The target enemy hero is hit by Bruno's Energy Ball, which does 250–450 (+83% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and knocks them back. After that, up to 10 times, the energy ball bounces amongst adjacent opponents, dealing 150–270 (+50% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage each time. The enemy's Physical Defense is also decreased by 4% to 8% for 8 seconds (maximum of 3 stacks) after each hit.

What makes Bruno Great for Burst Damage:

  • Ultimate Skill (Worldie) - This skill has a burst effect with Control Effects that can be executed from range. It is a Finisher when Bruno is able to spam his basic attack or can aid in team support, which makes it an effective Ultimate Finisher according to the current meta.
  • Passive Skill (Mecha Legs) - Bruno gains 2% enhanced Crit Chance each time he deals damage with his skills that can be stacked up to 10 times. He has higher Physical Attack but only gains 80% extra Attack Speed from all sources.
  • Attack Speed - Bruno is a hero whose basic skill increases with each hit, especially when triggered by his First Skill. Each time he retrieves the rebound from his energy ball, his attack speed and power increases.

See Bruno in action: 

2. Harley

Harley just might be the fastest attacking Mage/Assassin in Mobile Legends due to his ability to teleport and return to a designated area on second touch. His attack speed is his greatest asset, where he specializes in Burst/Poke. His skills include Debuff, Area of Effect, Buff, Blink, Speed Up, Burst and Slow attributes.

His principle Burst ability is found in his Ultimate Skill (Deadly Magic). Harley launches a magic ring of fire at the targeted enemy hero, slowing them by 40% for 1.5 seconds and dealing them 200–400 (+60%Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. For four seconds, the magic ring surrounds the adversary, giving Harley the opportunity to strike it and inflict further damage. At the conclusion of the duration, the magic ring will detonate, dealing 100–200 (+30% Total Magic Power) damage along with 50% of the enemy's damage sustained during the duration as Magic Damage.

What makes Harley Great for Burst Damage:

  • Ultimate Skill (Deadly Magic) - This skill can be executed with range. His other skills also aid in executing this skill where he can teleport and deal continuous damage with his First Skill. His Ultimate is a lock-on skill with continuous damage.
  • Mobility - Aside from his teleport skill, Harley has decent flexibility in movement through attack and burst speed that may be translated into movement speed. 
  • Second Skill (Space Escape) - This is a major asset for Harley. He leaves a magic hat at his location and blinks headed in the determined direction, improving his Movement Speed by 30% for two seconds. It can be tapped again within 4 seconds to get back to where the hat is and lose the speed boost. 

See Harley in action: 

1. Vale

Vale, The Wind Talker makes this spot for being the only hero whose skill effects may be manually controlled to choose between Crowd Control and Area of Effect. He is a utility support who specializes in Burst/Crowd Control and has a skill set that encompasses Buff, Speed Up, Area of Effect, Crowd Control and Burst attributes.

His Ultimate Skill (Windstorm) is the main source of his Burst Damage. In a predetermined region, Vale conjures a whirlwind that slows nearby foes by 40%. After 1.5 seconds, the windstorm explodes, causing 800-1200 (+160% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby enemies. Vale has the option of specializing in either Damage Increase or Crowd Control as he levels up. Through proper positioning, Vale is a force to be reckoned with.

What makes Vale Great for Burst Damage:

  • Specialties - His specialties may be optimized to suit each battle  through the use of his Passive Skill. This is a unique ability that only Vale is capable of amongst all other heroes in Mobile Legends.
  • Passive Skill (Windtalk) - When Vale reaches Lv. 4/6/8, he has the option to choose which skill he wants to enhance and each skill is capable of being enhanced once. He can select one of the specializations, in Burst or Area of Effect, for the chosen skills for each enhancement. Whenever Vale accomplishes a kill or an assist, he adds one stack of Windtalk, improving his movement speed by 8.  It can be stacked up to 10 times.
  • Skill Combination - His Second Skill (Wind Blow) has Crowd Control and Area of Effect attributes that deals 410–610 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and for 2 seconds, while the whirlwind is active. It slows down foes by 40% and can opt between an airborne or stop on hit effect when leveling up. This is a major initiation/poke tool that paves the way for his Ultimate and other damage skills.

See Vale in action: 

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