[Top 10] Mobile Legends Gatotkaca Counters (Best Heroes Against Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends, Ranked)

Gatotkaca is a top dual role hero. Find out who are his best counters.

Gatotkaca is a durable Tank/Fighter hero who possesses an HP regen based skill set. He reigns supreme as a dual role hero, capable and versatile in playing multiple roles, including as a core/jungle hero. His first skill penetrates and deals damage in a straight line, by pounding the ground with his fist. His second skill is a dash, which stuns targets if successfully hit while his ultimate skill is unique, in which he leaps to a designated spot, dealing damage and stun to targets upon landing.

Gatotkaca is most hated for his ability to regenerate HP using his passive skill, which adds physical health and deals extra damage when successfully landing hits on opponents with higher HP. For this reason, Gatotkaca is favored as a Tank, who can lead in team fights and/or by setting team fights through the use of his ultimate skill.

With a common understanding of how Gatotkaca is played, here are the Top Ten Heroes who can counter Gatotkaca.


10. Tigreal

Tigreal is a durable Tank, who specializes in Crowd Control. Armed with a hammer, he stands the test of time as one of the most relevant Tanks in Mobile Legends. His first skill sends a wave in a target's direction while his second skill charges him in a direction, while sweeping a target on second touch. His ultimate skill draws in opponents before smashing the ground, dealing slight damage.

Tigreal is a perfect counter against Gatotkaca due to his durability, and the fact that his passive skill enables him to build stack in defense and damage dealt. It is important to note that Gatotkaca has the advantage over Tigreal but in a team fight situation, Tigreal’s crowd control skills stand out in setting the pace for high damage dealers to take advantage and capitalize.

Tigreal is a good pick in defending against Gatotkaca, but it takes mastery to know how to correctly utilize his strengths. Timing is also essential in matching up, where teammates have  the opportunity to capitalize on a set play by Tigreal, given Gatotkaca’s HP regen skills.

Why is Tigreal great against Gatotkaca?

  • Amazing crowd control skills
  • Durable
  • Ability to poke and set team fights

Best items to use against Gatotkaca

  • Warrior Boots - Increases armor when damage is taken.
  • Cursed Helmet - adds to durability and defense
  • Athena’s Shield - protection against damage

Tigreal Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/6


9. Franco

Franco is a top tier tank, with the ability to control games from the battle front. His first skill is a hook, which reels in targets to him. His second skill see’s him pound the ground, dealing damage. His ultimate skill see’s him pound an enemy multiple times with his hammer.

Franco is extremely durable, with the ability to pick up speed after using his skills. His most notable counter against Gatotkaca is the use of his hook, which is utilized after Gatotkaca has landed his ultimate skill. Franco is able to counter initiation and pokes set by Gatotkaca in bringing together a team fight.

Though Franco may be able to sustain damage taken from Gatotkaca, he lacks the damage in attack but makes up for this through team fights, where working together with mages or marksmen in his team proves to be a valuable counter against Gatotkaca. Franco makes this list for his ability to counter Gatotkaca in his roles, but it all boils down to skill and level of mastery.

Why is Franco great against Gatotkaca?

  • Durable
  • Ability to counter skills and roles
  • High mobility in comparison

Best Items to use against Gatotkaca

  • Rapid Boots - increases movement
  • Dominance Ice – It provides HP, Reduces Attack Speed, and HP Regen Effect
  • Oracle - Magic Defense, HP, and HP regen

Franco Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/10


8. Eudora

Eudora is a high powered mage in Mobile Legends, with the ability to manipulate lightning through the use of magic. Her first skill deals damage through a fork shaped lightning bolt while her second skill delivers a stun. Her ultimate skill is one of the most devastating amongst mages and deals high impact and damage by summoning lighting from above, which strikes down on an opponent.

Eudora matches up against Gatotkaca in terms of range and level of damage dealt. Gatotkaca is able to withstand damage from Eudora, only if he has full HP. Eudora stands out as one of the heroes with enough burst in damage to counter an attack from Gatotkaca but timing is extremely essential, given the fact that Eudora is simple and easy to master.

It comes as no surprise that Eudora has made this list, but is one of many mages capable of countering Gatotkaca. Vale, Nana and Aurora are amongst other mages who can successfully counter Gatotkaca and limit his in-game abilities and effects.

Why is Eudora great against Gatotkaca?

  • High burst in damage
  • Range in attack
  • Unique skill set combination

Best Items to use against Gatotkaca

  • Arcane Boots - magic penetration
  • Lightning Truncheon - adds magic damage and cool down reduction
  • Genius Wand - adds movement speed

Eudora Official Mobile Legends Pagehttps://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/15


7. Sun

Sun is a fearless Fighter, with the unique ability  to clone multiple versions of himself as part of his skill set. He is a unique hero with four skills, excluding his passive. His first skill see’s him swing his staff, which summons a clone of himself. His second skill swings his staff in a direction which can transport him while creating a clone. His third skill launches him and his clones in a designated location while his fourth and ultimate skill summons multiple versions of himself.

Sun is a late game hero, this is a fact about him that must be understood to fully utilize him in a match. He stands out against Gatotkaca for his ability to retreat using his second skill, and also inflict damage, with the use of Inspire as his battle spell in a late game situation. He is the perfect counter for Gatotkaca but depends on timing when his full effect may be felt in attack.

Sun is a complicated hero who is easy to master. Understanding his complexity and meta build up is essential, if he is to be matched up against a durable hero with HP regen like Gatotkaca. Sun’s skills stand out as the most effective of any fighter hero in countering Gatotkaca. Knowing when and how to utilize these skills is key to a successful counter.

Why is Sun great against Gatotkaca?

  • High damage in attack
  • Unique abilities
  • Late game hero

Best Items to use against Gatotkaca

  • Warrior Boots - Physical Defense
  • Bloodlust Ax - Spell Vamp
  • Immortality - adds an advantage in attack

Sun Official Mobile Legends Pagehttps://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/27


6. Balmond

Balmond is a top-tier ax wielding fighter in Mobile Legends, known for his durability and damage. His first skill is a dash, which stuns targets for one second when hit. His second skill sees him swing his ax in a 360 degree motion while swinging his ax. His ultimate skill which regenerates HP see’s him slam his ax on the ground, dealing damage within range.

Balmond counters Gatotkaca on many levels, as both are extremely durable with the ability to regenerate HP.  He is also capable of initiating retreat strategies through the use of his skills, as well as initiating a team fight if his team is in range to support. The match up between Balmond and Gatotkaca boils down to timing, knowing when to attack and retreat.

Both heroes stand equal chance in a standoff while Balmond stands out more for his speed and mobility. Balmond has the upper hand in poking, initiating and retreating against Gatotkaca. Notably, Balmonds dash can counter Gatotkaca’s ultimate skill and re-initiate a fight, gaining an upperhand in the process.

Why is Balmond great against Gatotkaca?

  • Durability
  • HP regen abilities
  • Retreat strategies through skills

Best Items to use against Gatotkaca

  • War Ax  - increases physical attack
  • Blood Lust Ax - spell vamp, increases damage
  • Cursed Helmet - adds protection/shield

Balmond Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/2


5. Silvanna

Silvanna is a top life steal hero in Mobile Legends. She was a Fighter/Mage Hero but has been degraded to a Fighter now. Armed with a lance, she still strives on magic damage. Her first skill is a poke with her lance, which can be followed up with a leap on second touch. Her second skill spins her lance, generating a  shield, while dealing damage. Silvanna’s ultimate skill, Imperial Justice, sees her leap a distance and delivers a stun upon landing. This is also a trap, in which the target is locked for up to four seconds when the target is caught in range.

Silvanna still has mage-like abilities despite being classed as a fighter. For this reason, she is relatively quite squishy, but bears the skills necessary to counter Gatotkaca. Utilizing her ultimate skill when Gatotkaca’s skills are in cooldown is the reason that timing is important. The amount of damage Silvanna can deal is secondary if Gatotkaca can get away.

Both heroes stand an equal chance when matched up against each other, with timing being the most essential factor in determining an outcome. Silvanna stands out as a hero capable of countering a fight initiated by Gatotkaca. Timing and execution of skills in tandem are necessary in gaining the upper hand.

Why is Sivanna great against Gatotkaca?

  • Top life steal hero
  • High magic damage
  • Ability to counter a fight initiation

Best Items to use against Gatotkaca

  • Feather of Heaven - deals extra magic damage
  • Necklace of Durance - increases life steal
  • Athena’s Shield - protection against damage

Silvanna Official Mobile Legends Page: http://https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/90


4. Ruby

Ruby is a Fighter/Tank Hero, with unique life steal skills and abilities. Armed with a scythe, Ruby’s first skill sends a shockwave forward, while slashing at a target. Her second skill swipes her scythe twice, which pulls opponents toward her. Her ultimate skill attacks a wide range, and stuns heroes within range.

Ruby’s skills match up against Gatotkaca for her life steal abilities. She is also an initiator, specializing in crowd control, through the use of her skills. She is an hero who is capable of taking damage from Gatotkaca’s ultimate, and building energy off it, launching a counter attack with her skills, which match up to Gatotkaca’s skills on assumably all levels.

Ruby is the perfect hero to counter Gatotkaca. As they both share the same roles and abilities. Skills and timing are essential in unlocking Ruby’s life steal abilities, also, she has much more mobility and speed over Gatotkaca. Ruby is the perfect hero to counter Gatotkaca, for a fighter/tank user.

Why is Ruby great against Gatotkaca?

  • Life steal abilities
  • Advantage in speed and mobility
  • Ability to counter Gatotkaca’s ultimate skill

Best Items to use against Gatotkaca

  • Haas Claw - physical life steal
  • Endless Battle - increase speed, extra damage
  • Athena’s Shield - provides extra protection

Ruby Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/29


3. Wanwan

Wanwan is a top-tier marksman, and amongst the common most banned and feared, depending on the meta of the game. Her first skill fires a  pin, which stuns and returns as a boomerang, adding damage and slowing down an opponent. Her second skill is a burst, which increases her movement, while her ultimate skill places her in a concealment mode, while firing rapidly, locked in with insane speed. Her ultimate skill is unlocked after her first skill is locked in on an opponent who is  50% in HP.

Wanwan is most hated for her ultimate skill, and stands out as a top counter for Gatotkaca also due to her impressive ultimate skill abilities and range in attack. With her range in attack, she has the power to ultimately mark Gatotkaca from a distance and disarm his HP regen abilities. Also, she has an advantage in speed and mobility against Gatotkaca, who may be mistimed by novice users.

Wanwan is quite a hard hero to master due to her ultimate skill but she is essential in disarming a poke or initiation set up by Gatotkaca. Her ultimate skill is her biggest advantage, and placing her in situations where it is activated against Gatotkaca greatly impacts team fights and ultimately the outcome of the game.

Why is Wanwan great against Gatotkaca?

  • Range advantage
  • Unique ultimate skill which disarms Gatotkaca’s life steal abilities
  • Advantage in movement speed and ability

Best Items to use against Gatotkaca

  • Windtalker - increases attack speed and movement
  • Swift Boots - increases movement and attack speed
  • Corrosion Scythe - increases damage

Wanwan Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/89


2. Moskov

Moskov is second to Miya in terms of life steal amongst Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends. His first skill allows him to dash to a designated destination, while his attack speed is increased. His second skill knocks back a target upon hit while his ultimate skill throws a large spear which travels through the whole map.

Moskov is a fast shooter, his skills one and two are noted as his most deadly when used in tandem. When using the battle spell Inspire, it gives him the advantage needed in an attack against Gatotkaca. He is blessed with life steal abilities as well, apart from amazing speed and knock/stun amongst his abilities. For these reasons, he is able to counter and disable Gatotkaca’s abilities.

Moskov is undoubtedly one of the top ranked marksmen whose skills are pretty basic. Timing and positioning are essential in utilizing him to full effect. Given his easy level of hero mastery, speed and abilities as a ranged hero to dash, knock and stun, he counters Gatotkaca in all forms of battle.

Why is Moskov great against Gatotkaca?

  • Life steal abilities
  • Range in attack
  • Speed and mobility

Best Items to use against Gatotkaca

  • Endless Battle - increases speed/extra damage
  • Wind of Nature  - unlocks immunity and adds speed
  • Berserker's Fury - deals extra damage

Moskov Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/31


1. Miya

Miya is the Queen of Life Steal in Mobile Legends amongst Marksman Heroes. Armed with a bow and arrow, her ultimate skill places her in a state of concealment, and increases her mobility and speed. Her first skill duplicates her arrows while her second skill shoots an arrow upward, which then lands at a designated spot and breaks out into multiple arrows.

Miya is the perfect match up against Gatotkaca, given her range in attack and her abilities to conceal and increase speed and mobility. Since Gatotkaca strives on HP regen, he has a hard time generating HP when matching up against a fast shooter like Miya. She is also able to counter his ultimate amongst other skills through her ultimate, which paves the way for a counter attack.

Miya is an all-round lethal counter against Gatotkaca and stands out with Inspire as her battle spell and wind of nature in her build. This gives her insane speed in shooting, while also activating her passive life steal abilities. She may also take on more than one hero through the use of her first skill.

Why is Miya great against Gatotkaca?

  • Passive life steal skills
  • Speed and mobility
  • Range in attack

Best Items to use against Gatotkaca

  • Swift Boots - increases attack speed
  • Wind of Nature - increases protection and attack speed
  • Berserker's Fury - deals extra damage

Miya Official Mobile Legends Page: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/1


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